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Archives: October 6, 2012

Guatemala: Protest Leaves 6 Dead

Guatemala: Protest Leaves 6 Dead

Jay Nixon could make presidential bid in 2016


Jim Lehrer Forced To Report On His Own Botched Debate Moderator Performance On Tonight's 'NewsHour'

(New Obama ad) Mitt Romney's Disdain For The Middle Class: He Said It, He Meant It

For the first time, Democrats aren’t trying to win Missouri’s electoral votes. Why?

A feel-good story about an autistic kid and the community that has grown with him - pics

Romney suspends campaign to address crisis

I think Nitt's so-called 'win' at the first debate is already old news

DC Metro Ordered To Display Pro-Israel Ads That It Worried Might Incite Violence

GOP 2008: "Country First!" GOP 2012: "Me First!"

Foxconn's iPhone plant "paralyzed" as thousands strike

Mexico finds 50 skulls in sacred Aztec temple

Traders See Signs Of Squeeze Behind L.A. Gasoline Spike

South Park: "Raising the Bar" episode


DAMN. I apologize, Mr. President.

I Had No Idea - Victoria Jackson

The Navy’s New Class of Warships: Big Bucks, Little Bang

I think Romney handed Obama the youth vote with his Big Bird comment

Another 4,946 Democrats and 2,290 "Republicans" Registered to vote in Florida on 10/4

Mitt! Mitt! Open the window!

Oh No. I stayed up too late. Rock IV just came on on ION

The Death of a Salesman.


I teach

"Governor Romney, why can't we see your taxes?"

I am starting to reconsider my initial dismay about the debate. This might just turn out to our

Question from California to Massachusetts

Axed Cartoonist (Tom Tomorrow) Blasts Village Voice Ownership, ‘Bain Capital of the Altweeklies’

I'm actually laughing out loud thinking about how many votes Romney will lose over BIG BIRD

Mitt hearing the 7.8% Unemployment News

Citizenship question ordered off voter form - Judge says imposing inquiry is burden

The Usual Suspects have been taking

There is now a successful defense to the "Gish Gallop" strategy

Roland Martin vs. Mary Matalin on Romney's 47% Apology

I've never posted here

Did anyone see the Rmoney/Rayn rally yesterday popping champagne & fireworks?

For the bikers

What do you think the most memorable moment of the debate was?

67 million viewers vs. 3 million viewers. And we wonder why Obama never mentioned the 47%

Married Lesbian Soldier Killed In Suicide Bomber Attack

Linda McMahon Lobbying For WWE Helped Deregulate Wrestling Amid Scandals

Married Lesbian Soldier Killed In Suicide Bomber Attack

Second term presidential debates are always problematic for the incumbent...

An Open Letter to Big Bird

Police run over, kill suspect, and send family bill for repairs to patrol car

NKorean soldier defects to SKorea across border

The Big Bird story has gone international - Germany, France, Brazil

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Oct 6th

iOS 6 - Hmmmmm...a small oversight...not talked about...

This image sums up Mitt's post-debate bravado

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Explains the Second Amendment

Mitt Romney Misled the Middle Class About his Tax Plan:

NYTs OP-Ed by Charles M. Blow: Don’t Mess With Big Bird

I think I'm gonna start watching Sesame Street again

Evolution, Embryology, Big Bang Theory Are Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell

Toon- Monsanto Farmers

When I was a kid ... it was all about PBS.

Pakistan's Imran Khan starts anti-drone protest march

More and more, it seems Republicans are the ones -

On Friday, October 5, 2012, the President signed into law...

MAD Magazine once again hits it out of the park...

When did humans and Neandertals stop having sex?

The winning card--Obama and Democrats need Social Security and Medicare

Updated Bikini Graph Jobs Report - image

Does the Castle Doctrine (no duty to retreat if attacked in one's home)

Latino And Black Unemployment Rates Fall At Faster Clip, Boosting Obama's Election Chances

Is Jack Welch working for Karl Rove? (in accused Obama of altering jobs numbers)...

'Mandatory' - Coal Workers forced to attend Romney rally Without pay

From Bill Moyers' FB page...unemployment line

Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck leaving Fresno's KMJ

Akin and McCaskill both seek the mantle of Harry Truman

LOTS of talk about Led Zeppelin lately ....

One man shot dead in anti-terrorist operation in Strasbourg: source

Krugman: Constant-demography Employment (Wonkish But Relevant)

VIDEO: GOP Caught Training Poll Challengers in Illegal Voter Suppression Tactics

No Sherlock, Mitt

Long-timers: What was the deal with the election in 2004

Chesapeake Energy's Fracking "Land Grab" Across America

In the movie version of your Life's Story, which actors would play your parents?

New ‘social purpose corporation’ designation allows for-profit firms to incorporate social and envir

"A Ripple of Hope"

On Fox hypocrite Rumsfeld loses trillions but says others should be embarrassed

The Sound of Crickets: Conservative Sites Silent about GOP Voter-Registration Fraud

1% chance of WMDs, we invade Iraq. 97% chance of---

Mes Aynak Petition Update, Mining Video

Can anyone explain to me why there hasn't been any town hall meeting in this campaign on both sides

The Fate of Humanity Is at Stake -- Why Are Romney and Obama Too Cowardly to Talk About it.

I Was a Secretly Gay Jehovah's Witness: How I Tried to Pray the Gay Away

If Fuxx Noise had been around in 32 C.E.

Have TV networks, AP already called 19 states?

Check your Facebook status RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

AP: Calif. gas prices will rise, then fall next week

Rosario Dawson: “There Is a Sadness to the Latino American Voter”

Had my first hour of the weight loss session yesterday.

Pakistan's Imran Khan: If Elected, 'I Would Shoot Down US Drones' {audio @ link}

Mike Papantonio is right on the money about the first debate and the state of the election

Wisconsin: Scott Walker uses federal dollars to snoop on state residents Romney’s Clean Energy Whoppers

Sad Pictures Of Kids Locked Up In America

Romney Campaign and RNC spending $12 million this week on ads

Weekly Address: Congress Should Keep America Moving Forward

Syrian Forces Attack Rebel Stronghold Near Palace

New Zealand, Cuba Agree Boosting Bilateral Ties

I want a Save Big Bird/ Vote Dem Donkey Today T-Shirt

Dishonest - Obama for America TV Ad

Govt. to Argue Detention Based on Arabic Flashcards Was Justified

BBC interviews Nobel laureate Toni Morrison on race in contemporary America

Sioux scramble to buy sacred land

Could Richard Carmona (D) win Arizona's open Senate seat?

I bet you $10,000 that Willard will...

Akin has also fought to end pensions for everyone else all while he draws one himself.

Just in case: A good explanation of how the BLS calculates Unemployment

The painful lessons of the Central Park Five and the jogger rape case

Thousands rally to demand reform in Jordan

Mitt Romney intensifies EPA attack

Another image of Jim Leher's big day

There is one very funny outcome of the Debate.

Catholic theologian preaches revolution to end church's 'authoritarian' rule

Questions: Did the new unemployment report include part time jobs for the first time in history?

Today’s College Football Thread (10/6)

THIS is what Obama must do in his next debate. (Do you agree? Thoughts?)

New Yorker cover: Empty podium represents President Obama

Holy shit there's a lot of people in China

Apparently, Obama cut the unemployment numbers in half in just over a few days ...

Dark Money Group Told IRS It Wouldn’t Be Political—Then Spent $1 Million on Campaign Ads

Issue 2, I am confused

No Income? No Problem! How the Gov’t Is Saddling Parents with College Loans They Can’t Afford

Drop in Jobless Figure Gives Jolt to Race for President

Americans give up?

NYT: Romney Claims of Bipartisanship as Governor Face Challenge

On C-SPAN now: Current state of voter ID laws

Chavez v Capriles: The 2012 Venezuelan presidential election

Jedi Master Worm

Attn: Seniors! Threatening to fire Jim Lehrer

No plans to cut abortion time limit, says Cameron

Another debater the American Press absolutely would have fell in love with

Rebels Say West’s Inaction Is Pushing Syrians to Extremism

Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?

Does the presidential debate format favor the GOP worldview?

The greatest debate strategy ever.........

Republican strength in Congress aids super-rich, president's affiliation has no effect

when Job creators get tax breaks, they put it in the Caymans

Americans can be indefinitely detained - NDAA supported by court

Senate Races feeling good

Hey Applegrove - I was out riding this morning, saw this, and thought of you.

Ali Velshi takes on Jack Welch

Scratching the Surface: Engineers Examine UV Effects On Skin Mechanics

Neither Party is Perfect.

The PPP Twitter Page Needs Some DU Love

"What's At Stake in This Election?" - Robert Reich

'Tunneling of the third kind' experiment could search for new physics


Pope’s Butler Sentenced to 18 Months for Stealing Documents

Fukushima Reactor 3 Explosion, Reactor 2 Core Melt, Possibly Because TEPCO Couldn't Break the Rules

'the world's angriest cat'

The GOP is in Full-On Loser Mode, So Let's Bury Them All In Anvils

Does anyone else have trouble posting to facebook from OP link?

20 banned books that may surprise you

Right-wingers’ hilarious excuses for the jobs report

Romney gave aid to PBS while MA Governor (aka another flip flop)

Obama calls on Congress to act on tax cut, housing

Social media analysis: Who really won the debate?

Experts Challenge Super Food Claims: Healthy-Giving Properties of Broccoli, Blueberries,

Mailers Mislead on ‘Obamacare’ Opt-Out Amendment

Vision loss linked to caffeinated coffee in new study

Mitt Romney Campaign Euphoria Ends After Jobs Report

Is This Famous Photo Fueling Rape Culture?

New Obama Ad (calling Romney 'Dishonest') features footage from debate, Romney ad..

Judge throws out atheists’ lawsuit over ‘Year of Bible’ resolution

How on earth did Danny Glover end up in the crap awful Mysteria?

GHF-Funded Filmmaker Calls on International Community to Save Mes Aynak

Venting about living near the ex in laws

House Science Member Says Earth is 9,000 years old

Obama Ad Calls Romney ‘Dishonest’

U.S. States Make Opting Out of Vaccinations Harder

'Religious freedom' sends the wrong message to the wrong people

Bipartisan Coalition Launches Controversial Ad to Defeat Sheriff Arpaio

Wow - where did this come from - Florida folks keep an eye on this

GOP Rep. Disses Catholic Nuns Who Spoke Out Against GOP Budget: They ‘Want To Try And Divide’

even their bots lie

Ryan has time for $100,000 checks, but not to debate

Romney: Slave To His Own Mendacious Appeal

WaPo's Sally Quinn says belief in god is required for American Citizenship

Is Mitt Romney a Liar? Please Share.

Kansas secretary of state faces recall effort -- YES!!!

what is up with the New Yorker cover?

Who voted today ?

Madison Politiscope: Liberal group creates blog for Wisconsin's 'dumb senator'

You Don't Know Jack (welch)

BRILLIANT: Animator of The Simpsons & Family Guy Creates "Why Obama Now"

Anyone know what Olbermann is doing?

New polls show Obama crushing Romney among swing-state Hispanics

Wall Street Journal Got It Wrong . President Raised 181mill In septemeber

Obama and the Democrats raise a record $181 million combined in September

Seven new "Mitt Romney's Dishonest Debate" ads from the Truth Team

Rachel Maddow - Mixed messages on voter ID as Pa. slow to obey court

10 Songs Guaranteed To Annoy Conservatives

Rachel Maddow - US court forces Ohio to reinstate early voting

222-Pound Teacher Humiliated by Six Year Old

Romney backer Sheldon Adelson drawing fire over plight of Israeli newspapers

Obama, Democrats raise $181 million combined in September, highest monthly re-election total

Is being ill-mannered becoming the norm? I'm referring to that passive-aggressive,

Judge delays ruling on state's bargaining law

George Takei: "We've got to be actively involved in the electoral process."

TYT on Romney cheating scandal

"Do you know how to do simple math, Mr. Romney? Maybe you and the Countess Von Backward could

Rachel Maddow - Alabama Republicans to invade Ohio with Romney message

Stupid Sacks of S*** of The Week: Log Cabin “Republicans”

National Women's Trade Union League of America

Open Primaries - anybody have an opinion?

TAIBBI-Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest While Media Drools

What 1.8 Million Donors and $181 Million Raised In Sept. Alone Means For The Obama Campaign

I told kitteh that Money Boo Boo lied like a mouse during the debate

Matt Davies - Draws The Sesame Street Of Mitt's Sick Dreams

Needs some DU lovin'! Halfway down the right side of page.

Did Mitt Eastwood The Debates?

Rep.BROUN/m.d. chairs Science sub-cmte, votes by the Bible, believes all science = lies

Rachel Maddow - Good jobs news drives Republicans to delusion

Romney's 10-point Socialist agenda widely applauded after he wins second debate with Obama...

Square root of WTF.

NASA & SpaceX Hangout

Reagan-Mondale Debate #1-Mondale Closes A Huge Deficit For Naught

Dog tracks down hospitalized owner more than 2 miles away to pay visit

Why the [blank] do comedians tell the truth?

Can someone explain to me the importance of the whole "Romney crib sheet" theory?

The Last Word - Romney’s big health care lie

Letterman Seriously Rips Romney on Tax Returns, calls him a "Felon" (go to 2:45 min mark)

You Don't Know Jack (Welch) - great blog post!

Obama campaign REFUSES to disclose plans on Social Security, says discussion belongs with senators

I just watched the Movie Hesher...

If Mitt Romney becomes President...

My yard signs are finally out - Obama/Biden and Dan Kildee (Michigan 5th congressional district)

Bees make blue honey by harvesting waste from M&Ms manufacturing

The Last Word - Romney's 'extreme makeover

Big Bird in a 1930's era soup kitchen line or unemployment line or some-such line

NEEDS TO GO VIRAL - Ezra Klein on The Last Word takes apart Romney Healthcare plan

RoboRomney Mitt Romney agrees with you.

I'm going to post something really offensive, and then I'm going to delete the OP

The Conspiracy theory ???


If the Employment Numbers can only be explained by Conspiracy...

Boy Scout Hazed, Bullied and Denied Eagle Scout Rank Because He’s Gay

What happened to era veteran?

More Good News: CBO Reports Deficit is down another $200 Billion

Willard's Christmas card

Another Bud $elig "Fuck You" to Baseball Fans

Does anyone think

Ask me anything of an adult nature


WHAT? We have to go to *class*?

hey i have 4 gold tablets that i need special decoder rings to read

Mal meets mini-Mal

Corp for Public Broadcasting gets $450million/yr from feds - Pentagon spends that in SIX HOURS

Tom Morello and Crosby, Stills & Nash do "This Land Is Your Land" 10/3/2012

Syrians furious at NATO for not bombing Syria

GOP: "We Deserve Better"

Patriot games is on television, I forgot how black and white a view this movie took of right and

ST Louis Post Dispatch ENDORSES OBAMA: "Romney will say anything that will help him win an election"

Fledging Electric Car Market In Turmoil

Joseph Stiglitz responds to jobs numbers conspiracy, calls allegations 'literally absurd'

LOL: Mitt Does In The Bird

We’re No. 1! (In climate denier coverage)

One of the best Education videos I've seen...


Why are teachers so angry? Here's a short video...


Steven Sears, executive co-producer of Xena, Warrior Princess, on Romney's debate:

There was perfect retort on the Obama phone thing...

Costa Mesa Mayor Proposes To Shut Down Soup Kitchens To Deal With Homeless Problem

a biography of the day--dorothy day

Regarding posts with only a thread title and a naked uncommented link in the message text:

today in women's herstory

Dubuque Reich to Life director doubles down

A hoarder had these ducks... ducks that had NEVER been near water.

"Never interrupt your opponent when he is setting himself on fire"

What happens when Obama and Boehner walk up to the edge of the "fiscal cliff"?

quotes of the day-christabel hankhurst

Walmart associates launch first ever strike

‘These kids cannot be drinking and having guns,’ mother says

Song: My Favorite Things (Conservative Version)


Bill Maher On Obama's Debate Performance: 'Looks Like He Took My Million And Spent It On Weed'

Latest Threads

Mrs Crabhead

WaPo - "Will Romney's debate lies become the story?"

good ?

We're the Government and we Built All These

Brought To You By The Letters "F" & "U"

Democrats say Romney lied during debate — and it is going to cost him

As of today, wheat-free for 3 months

Gov. Patrick Announces Federal Funding to End Veteran Homelessness

Now about those tax returns, WHERE ARE THEY MITTWITT?

Thompson, Baldwin say more aid to veterans a priority

This Is Hysterical On SO Many Levels: Paul Ryan Lets The Birthers Down Gently

Coffee Party Radio: Obama/Romney Debate–Employment Debate Sat 12–2PM CST

Interview: Brent Huffman, Mes Aynak, Filmmaker

Swing State Maps & Five Thirty Eight Forecast for 10/6/12

Copy of BHO's birth certificate

Who's watching the Oreilly Stewart debate?

Republican Congressman: Science Is ‘All Lies From The Pit Of Hell!’

No Chris Hayes Bush didn't say Gore sighed the media did

Romney backer Sheldon Adelson drawing fire over plight of Israeli newspapers

I would wager, if I did that, that there is already a shortage of Big Bird and Sesame St. character

Gallup tracking - President 49 RMoney 46

Mitt Romney: The Exclusive Chick-nterview

Billionaires planning town hall astroturfing to demand cuts to Social Security!

Plouffe questions Romney's disavowal of "47%" remarks

Obama: At a rally today Obama said he didn't recognize the Mitt Romney at the debate.

Sir Humphrey Appleby meets the Tea Party

Likeability for Dummies: How to fool them into liking you

$5.39 a gal. in CA.

In 1969, Big Bird was teaching kids their ABC's. Where was Mitt Romney?

Corporations are an apex predator

Remember when Kerry stomped on Bush in the first debate?

i finally found it! billy madison debate videos....

Romney tax cuts would be very deep--hurting the poor on disability, etc.

Costume or disguise?

With Hilarious Droppings Like These, Mitt Won't Be Able To Clean His Windshield For Weeks!


Unemployment drop, GOP obstruction, & the problem with bipartisanship

Mitt Romney is lying to somebody. The question is, is it you?

Could I vent a bit?

Scientists Adopt Tiny Island as a Warming Bellwether

First Lady Michelle Obama: The Importance of Confidence, Compassion, and Self-Care

Ex-Defense Chief (Robert Gates) Says Hit On Iran Would Be Disastrous

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 6, 1955

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 6, 1955

Obama close to raising $1 billion after near-record September tally

I'm not concern trolling but...

Someone should analyse the primary debates frame-by-frame to see if Romney cheated there too.

Luke Skywalker says that Romney is from the dark side, A 'Snake Oil Salesman' who 'Must be Defeated'

From Conan O'Brien Romney guns down big bird

Anna Kendrick's audition tape for membership into the DU Lounge.

Did Obama throw the debate out of boredom?

Congressman: Science is Satanic

Time To Get a Grip

Not sure I am following the right-wing spin re: Libya. Help me out.

Romney practiced that smile “for hours.” Think about that for a minute

Awesome Obama endorsement from St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I am filling out my election ballot and I'm not sure about State issue 1

One Last Plea: Get Over The Damn Debate and Stop Obsessing About Every Damn Poll

NBC Tells Obama Campaign Not To Use Its News Footage In Ads (Andrea Mitchell in the most recent)

The tense stand-off at big bird's compound

STUDY: "Free Birth Control access dramatically decreases abortion rates"

J. Philippe Rushton, author of controversial essay on race and brain size, dies at 68

Lest we Forget...

Willard Romney ($) Still Faces A Demographic Headwind

Islamists protest after King dissolves parliament

This is when politics gets really painful for me....

Arkansas Republican: Slavery was ‘blessing in disguise’ that ‘rewarded’ blacks with U.S. citizenship

Mitt Romney: American Parasite

Great question about Voter ID

If we are going to talk about unemployment rates, let's talk about the ones that are more important

TCM Schedule for Monday October 8 - Star of the Month: Spencer Tracy


"You're Wrong Mr. President, I Really Did Build It!"

Nicely put...great!

It's morning in America again...

FiveThirtyEight=October 6th Update

Nate Silver's 538 Blog for 10/5/12

(Abu Hamza etc) Terrorism Suspects Extradited From Britain Appear in New Haven Court

Seeing numerous DUers try to spin the debate

I was up all night working on a new show

which mitt?

A minor email exchange with a wingnut over the debate:

Religious Vote Remains Election Factor, Obama, Romney Faith Advisers Say

Memo to Current TV morning news lady: Nevada

Romney Claims of Bipartisanship as Governor Face Challenge

Melissa Harris-Perry To George Will: ‘I Hereby Give You Permission To Set Down White Man's Burden'

" we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL"

Faith groups launch campaign to counter controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad

Big Bird Says: "Come Fly With Me!"

Israel downs unmanned aircraft

So I post that I am looking for some light labor work around the house, and a rightie says that

Santorum: "Maybe Romney wants to eat Big Bird"

Paul Ryan wags tongue in defense of Romney's lying debate performance?

Question for DU'ers in Swing States regarding ads

The Real Reason Conservatives Hate PBS (from Reddit)

Gravis Marketing Has Willard Romney Winning The African American Vote In C0 -60%-40%

HE IS!!!

FOX Fair and Balanced? Not in this case!

Quotes From the Founding Fathers Regarding Religion

Atheism’s growing pains

Gravis Marketing Has Willard Romney Winning The African American Vote In CO 60%-40%

Can someone talk me back down to Earth?

I think it's time to ask once again??

And the winner of the Wednesday debate is.....

You've got to be kidding me (offensive language warning)

Why no substantial ads about Romney's switch-hitting?

If you haven't already seen this, you really shouldn't miss it.

Ass't Leader Rep. Jim Clyburn: “I Love and Respect Alan Grayson”

The Nation: Re-Elect the President

I am a Dummy!

Stop sending ME your crap, Republicans

Big Bird's Counter Attack on Romney at Presidential Debate

The Hill - Climate Issues Finally Enter 2012 Election, But Not At Presidential Level

Preserve Marriage Wash. Buys Facebook Likes from Thailand

Downed drone: Iran testing Israel's capabilities

The "Robb is a bigot" thread (edited)


Scientists Trace Human GHG Output Back To Roman & Han Empires Through Ice-Core Methane Data

Charlie Pierce On Global Warming, Hantavirus, And Paul Ryan's Proposed 19% Cuts For NIH

On 4th Attempt, Coal-Fired Australia Passes Carbon Tax

There Will Be Blood - A Pictorial

minute 45... Kerry Washington

2012 Driest Year In Satellite Record Since Launching of MODIS System - NASA

The Debate Was NOT The Election

Mitt Romney's Clean Tech Lies Infuriate Environmental Community, Green Energy Industry

World Bank Head To Refocus Efforts On Climate Blahblah Environmental Concerns Blahblah

Holy. Crap. If losing that debate was a strategy, it sucked.

Do the American people understand the danger that lies ahead?

Can we all agree to stand our ground after the next debate?

'Muslim Lier?' Poor speller vandalizes Obama's Des Moines headquarters

Mongabay - Nary A Mention Of Climate Change During U.S. Presidential Debate

"You can kill things and still like them" (not in MY world)

Texas Teen Tells 911 It Was 'Weird' to Kill His Mother and Sister

NASA Satellites Show Massive Deforestation In Virunga National Park, DRC From 1999 To 2008

All democrats should remember the President is not a good debater plain and simple

Why doesn't anyone talk about raising the cap for social security?

Understanding what Romney was doing at the debate

Obama and Democrats raise record funds, poll holds steady

Instead of worrying, let's fight hard. Here's some good news.

Climate Central - Record Heat & Drought In American West During September

Article below ansers question I had for a while.. Why did West Virginia.. so blue for so many years

Deductions to churches should not be 100% deductible.

LCV Targeting "Flat Earth 5", All R; 3 Likely D Pickups, 2 Toss-Ups; Other Green Groups Stepping Up

Melt Pond Modeling Assists Accuracy Of Ice Loss Estimates - Pond Melt Rates 3X Bare Ice



Experimental Acidification Renders Chilean Marine Snails Unable To Detect, Avoid Main Predator

My dear Henny Penny, that is not the sky is merely a nut dropping to the ground...

The New Golden Age Of Oil That Wasn't - Energy Bulletin

Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

Is America Man Enough to Vote?

Why Obama Now

Afghan Govt. Stunned By Apparent Exxon-Mobil Withdrawal From Planned Tajik Basin Project

Romney Style - Hilarious Gangnam Parody

Labor's Pains: Election sound bite free zone here: we'll be back with more election blather after th

Strapped Dog To Roof of Car? Check. Threatened Big Bird? Check.

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Obama 47, Romney 45

Isanti County road rage: Gun permit wasn't at issue

Ohio newspaper: Don't support GOP candidate involved in 'nasty' race

What is happening with gas prices? Check out the national map

Thom Hartmann debates Reaganomics, Keynesian economics, and military spending with caller (9/28/12)

What is a good free word to pdf converter? nm

Ipsos/Reuters Daily Election Tracking: Obama 47% - Romney 45%

Did you like "Steel Magnolias?" Are you going to watch the re-make Sunday night?

Romney: "I said, ‘Billy, God bless you. I love ya.’ He died the next day.”

Cleveland PD endorses Sherrod Brown D-OH

Look it's a Demonic child!

did you know the Hubble telescope just passed over Corpus Christe Texas?

Mes Anyak: Chinese schedule destruction of ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan

CRS: lower tax rates appear to create greater income disparity. Do not create jobs or GDP growth.

Mitt Romney Isn't Telling the Truth

After debate, Frank Luntz on Bill Maher Thinks that Obama "at this point" will win

Obama Campaign Does Debate Cleanup On Social Security Answer

Detroit police association warns public, they enter Detroit at their own risk.

It seems that Eddie Haskell has grown up – and he is Mitt Romney.

Latino Jews, Combining Religious Traditions And Hispanic Heritage

More from Ipsos/Reuters poll: Obama still more liked than Romney despite poor debate

I just received this mailer from the Romney campaign here in NC...

Why Obama Now....this is great!

Why Obama Now....share with your friends....

Trick or Treat

Four of Romney's big debate lies in one video

Turkey prime minister warns war is near as his forces pound Syria for third day

Why is Andrea Mitchell pissed that she is the star of the Romney lying ads?

The Nation: The Corporate War on Labor

I propose Dental Care for all

Matt Taibbi: Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest

"The Revisionaries," new documentary coming out that looks good.

CNN Censorship: Oops, Ahmedinejad calls for respect and peace in part of UN speech CNN censors

DUers having a political discussion about their favorite candidate, Obama

Politifact says Obama statement re Romney's equating Trump to a small business gets a 'false' rating

Voting Machines Can be Hacked by Remote Control ...Salon

The delivery is in! Come get your brains, people!

Anyone else going to see Obama in Keene Ca on Oct 8th?

Tracking polls too closely affects Voter Enthusiasm which in turn affect Election Results

Hapiness lies within you

I Have A Question Re: Polling And Methodolgy

Seven-Eleven will be the President

Mes Aynak Update on the petition...

Dawkins on Sophisticated Theology

Any opinions from this board on this issue?

Mark Shields' comments on JK role in debate prep (his own correction. .)

I apologize to the OP, who seems sincere.

Can Folks Here Stop Panicking Till A week or two later ??

I hope everyone has a fun Saturday, but...

Do the "controlled" debates actually matter? I want unanticipated questions, honesty if you will...

Mark Hammil says Romney is a Snake Oil Salesman Who Must be Defeated

Hey baby! Women speak out against street harassment

Miz t. vs the Church Ladies

Dear Media: Mitt still hasn't delivered

Does anyone know the name of the blond woman hosting MSNBC earlier today?

No Appetite for Good-for-You School Lunches

Was Mitt given amnesty?

Mitt Romney lies so much that he CANNOT breathe ... he absorbs oxygen

Iran already has nuclear weapons capability

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #12

Well, I have learned one thing about the mood stabilizer drug Lamictal...

My grandkids are omnivores.

Paul Ryan the takers and makers. Which is he?

What happens when you place a scientific article on Drudge's website

What would we be talking about if Obama had "won" the debate

108 people today

CREEP - For political junkies and/or those of you old enough to remember

I've been thinking about the upcoming town hall debate

I think this could be important

Obama +2 in Wisconsin??

Funniest Big Bird Memes

Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

I got an (pro-Obama) email from Magic Johnson - you probably will too but still this is pretty cool

New Obama re-elect odds at 80.2%...

Fun with street preachers.

"I'm now giving Mitt Romney another look." Have you heard these callers to NPR

Do you remember the "Twilight Zone" episode where aliens got a neighborhood to mistrust each-other

UK terror suspects appear in US court

The card said: "President Romney" on the front....

Taxcuts have put a heavy burden on the Democratic Party...

Old vice-presidential debates on c-span now

How do you rate yourself politically?

You will LOVE this Romney supporter...

Virginia Tech player finds scissors on the field...

Where are the Obama signs?

Romney's Debating Technique - Gish Gallop

Does anyone remember DUer "Newsman Matt Drudge"? He was an all-timer, and we need ...

US, Peru boost military ties to fight terrorism, drugs

US, Peru boost military ties to fight terrorism, drugs

Ignore any poll that's coming out in the next few days...

I realize yard signs don't win elections.

More than any other reason to detest Mitt Romney,

The War Room with Jennifer Granholm - The Ballot Bandits

Anyone watching the debate with Jon Stewart?

30 day Capstar flea pills??

The Polls show a lot of movement in different directions ... I don't know what to make of it.


Tim Garvey, Kansas State Candidate, Explains Anti-Obama Facebook Rant

I teach

Chávez reelection at risk as Venezuela's oil heartland moves on

Human rights tribunal dismisses nude Stephen Harper painting complaint

What do you when your father invites you out to dinner and you're held hostage

One Fundamental Standard To Be POTUS

Got Your Back

went to dinner tonight

Ad: Josh Mandel, The No-Show Treasurer

I know a woman who hugs without asking all the time.

If you haven't seen Maddow interviewing....

Unlike the Corporate Media, Citizens Aren’t Buying Romney’s Debate Lies

It pisses me off that our local Veterans Home has to have food drives! Do they do that

Rmoney - worse than

PPP: Wisconsin now a statistical tie

Organize! Vote!

Romney's debate showing puts Europe on edge

THIS is why you should never play Dodgeball with Ninjas...

Amazing Souza Photo

Well, Romney has the bimbo vote

Some bad polling from Colorado

Put down that Duckie!

Wiping a hard drive

"Creation science" carries the same intellectual heft as "dragon anatomy".

The Promise

Has anyone heard from El Supremo??? After an EPIC FAIL by his team,

What are you reading the week of October 7, 2012?

Congress, particularly Cantor, Ryan, Boehner & McConnell are at 10% in the polls. When

Here's a LINK to HuffPo's Stewart vs O'Reilly debate LIVE-BLOG

O'Reilly: "We should not have gone into Iraq"

Graph showing Cuba is poor but healthy, also Cuba vs. Florida

Sunday Talk Shows

Tall, bright, affable, yellow bird seeking a new employment opportunity in public sector.

FDR in 1936 warns of people like Romney: "Let Me Warn You..."

Obama still more liked than Romney despite poor debate

Security increased in Shanghai after Federer death threat

You and I both knew that there was going to be a bump in the road.

212 Doors today (my biggest day ever!) 51 contacts! I think I'm tired, but still inspired.....

Obama's post-debate polls are like Disney stock. A little "up and down," but ahead in the end.

Good news from Dr. Richard Carmona! Bill Clinton is coming to AZ!

WTF is an undecided voter?

Biden Palin debate on C span NOW -- Biden is great!

Will the jobs report blunt any MittTwit debate gains? Seems like it may be happening.

Al Gore wades into British Antarctic row

Fahrenheit 9/27

Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

Happy sights in Shaker Heights, Ohio area...

FL Rmoney ad I just saw alleges that Obama will raise middle class taxes by $4000 on each family.

Former WWE employee BURIES Linda McMahon.

Blaze Foley: Never made an album, got shot in a bar at age 39. Amazing voice.

Juan Williams "Obama didn't lose and Romney told whoppers"

Another 5,377 Democrats and 2,889 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 10/5

New Obama ad: "Dishonest"

Terry Francona named Indians Manager

After A Great Debate Walter Mondale Closed A Fifteen Point Lead To Four Before Losing By Eighteen.

PPP: Obama still ahead in Wisconsin by 2-points...

It costs a fortune to raise a kid. Today mine asked me to spend $ 4.95 and repaid me for a lot

Despite Romney's Debate Performance, Obama still comes out on TOP

(Video) Bill Maher: Can We Stop Pretending The Economy Is A ‘Complete Shambles’?

Jon Stewart Trounces Bill O’Reilly in a Debate Full of Surprising Substance

Sister wives?

Jon Stewart Trounces Bill O’Reilly in a Debate Full of Surprising Substance

True The Vote, Tea Party Voting Group, Targeted By Congressional Inquiry

Mitt Romney Style: more effective than the debate and all ads combined

Stewart vs. O'Reilly (Corporate Tax Breaks vs Food Stamps)

MA: Asbestos workers protest Brown’s office, release letter backing Warren’s work

Big Bird Is Just The First Of All That Will Be Out Of Work If....

Are Liberals Really '50-50' Over The Jon Stewart-Bill O'Reilly Rumble

Slight bit of good news from GOP Hell...

Just watched the Biden Palin debate in C Span.

"No, Romney Did Not "Move To The Centre" In Debate"

Anyone know what a "Twitchy" is?

I Think the Reproductive Freedom Issue will come up in one of the next few debates

OK, can you really call somebody a moonshiner if he has a license?

Bill Clinton in Tempe for Carmona rally Wednesday

It looks like most of the gains we made after the Democratic convention have been erased

Quiet night in Austin tonight???

Dark Money Group Told IRS It Wouldn’t Be Political—Then Spent $1 Million on Campaign Ads

The CDC study on guns...shut down.

So,...for the last weekend of Oktoberfest I made schnitzel sliders on pretzel buns with red cabbage

I can't believe it! My school won Homecoming!

So why can't I be paid a living wage again?

Good news from PPP and Reuters

Why do you like the DU? I love being ahead of the news cycle. I can post my ideas

Andy Borowitz - "Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy of Nonstop Lying"

Shades of the Inevitable: Arkansas Republican Speaks Kindly of Slavery.

Analysis from Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight 10/6/12 (mixed review)

What Gun Owners Do

Arkansas Republicans' comments on slavery, Muslims stir controversy

This Is So Predictable- Republican Pollsters And The Romney Bounce

Imagine What Fox News Would Say

Sesame Street has been outsourced

More from Big Birdgate

General consensus on Alert results being posted in reply to an alerted OP/reply outside Meta?

Make a difference - VOTE

Why Romney's Attack On Dodd-Frank Is BS? Look at his biggest contributors...

So I am at the craft fair selling my jewelry I made today..............

New Study Confirms Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate Will Reduce Abortion Rate

The Love Song

Introducing my new friend and neighbor..Please welcome him...Lynyrd Skynyrd!(long: dial-up & pics)

Foxconn denies China iPhone plant hit by strike

Has anyone used Rosetta Stone to learn a new language?

"Frank: Romney made 'literally no sense' on Dodd-Frank" By Peter Schroeder at the Hill

SNL Doing Debate Skit...

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog. Can anyone around here speak dog?

GOP seeks world's strictest abortion law

Republican Cretins Are Spamming PPP- They Can Use Some DU Love

Just read on Daily Kos that Feds charged 91 in $430 Million Medicare Fraud.

Arkansas Republican: Anyone that cannot be rehabilitated in two years should be executed

31 months, 5.2 million jobs. #progress

It was the cute one in the overalls, officer

Jobs Report Boosts Obama’s ‘Stock’; Romney’s Drops

I've never felt so priviledged to be in cambridge.

Will Republican Party repudiate cranks? Not likely. They ARE the GOP

Here's Some Depressing News for GOP but Making Everyone Else Smile :))))

Obama: 'Thank Goodness Somebody Is Finally Getting Tough On Big Bird'

More Good News: CBO Reports Deficit is down another $200 Billion

November 3rd, National Mall... Million Muppet March

A current image of standing up to a bully