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O.K., everyone go online and bring up the debate, turn the sound off and just watch

David Plouffe: Obama Didn’t Bring Up 47 Percent Because It’s Been ‘Chewed Over’

Socialism and Syria

Best line: "five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big bold idea is 'nevermind.'"

Three words; Town Hall Debate

This is what we are dealing with in regard to undecideds

What happen???

One Big Question: How did previous debates affect Presidential Elections?

The President was trying to abide by the AGREED upon format, so he dialed his responses

You don't need subsidies, tax breaks, or corporate welfare if...

My head hurts.

Kos: A loss, but not a game-changing one

the untruths mr romney told tonight will come back to haunt him

CNN's focus group and snap poll...

Survival tips for men: How to ask a question to a woman

Does anyone think Obama lost significant ground in Ohio tonight?

Obama is doing well with the fact checkers...Romney not so much

Shit just got real

damn chris matthews

I wonder what Ryan thinks about Romney's centrist shift?

Who let Romney get into Honey Boo Boo's stash of Go-Go Juice?

I attended a presidential debate watch party this evening

Salon fact checking

Come on, everyone should've known that Romney would be like this

Perhaps we witnessed the "Setup" like in the film, "The Sting"

We may be visited by both Khan and Q this season

anyone notice

Mitt on his tax plan:

LOTS of good news in this debate.

People have already started making pics about Romney being anti-PBS. I love it.

How could this possibly have been complicated?

No one should EVER let a lie go unchallenged. Do so at your own peril /nt

MSNBC poll on debate

Do You Want to Win the Battle or the War?

How did Etch A Sketch Man again LIE and FLIP and GO MODERATE tonight? (Didn't see ALL of it.)

Did Romney make a gaffe that could hurt Scott Brown?

Do these debates even matter?

If Obama had gone for the knockout and got it

Got My Ten So Now I Can Say Hi

Tonight could have been Rmoney's death knell

Romney's failure of the debate: he still hasn't defined himself

First Presidencial Debate - Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney

Five thoughts, One lesson.

He lied to my face

The path to forgiveness.....

I think that Ed Schultz got it right tonight. Where as the president?


Romney didn't win the debate I watched.

Is it proper community standards to call President Obama an "asshole"?

complete, complex analysis of the debate, taking all questions and answers into account:

What was his secret weapon tonight?

Obama 348, Romney 190: UAH astrophysicist, who got it right twice before, predicts electoral results

Take a deep breath and move forward. And look on the bright side ...

Never thought I'd say this but

Tweety is rewarding Romney for being excitable during the debate

Florida opens criminal probe into voter registration firm

I missed the debate tonight.


Romney on the economy "this is a very tender topic". LOL! He opened with that during

We new going in the that press will say Mitt won

Just donated

Have you all seen this AMAZING video?

Like me.....Anyone who is concerned about their future and is close or in their mid 50s

Mitt Romney's Economic Plan: Win, Then Do Nothing (Photo)

Eric Fehrnstrom just contradicted Romney post-debate re: pre-existing conditions

CNN poll--54% approval for Rmoney BEFORE THE DEBATE

Mitt Romney Gives Obama All The Lies He Needs to Hang Him With

What it boils down to (the debate)

Big Bird won the debate.

Mitt Romney Gives Obama All The Lies He Needs to Hang Him With

Jim Lehrer lost this debate.

My article: The Flip Flopping Say Anything to Win Romney is BACK! - 1st Debate Recap

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

"I'd like to bring money from overseas back to this country."

Is it possible for a Democratic candidate to win a Presidential debate?

We have a chance for Biden to really shine vs. The Budget Munster, Paul "Rand" Ryan next week

The negative response from a lot of folks here is comforting in a way.

Quick recap of presidential debate

Neil deGrasse Tyson on cutting PBS

Mitt Romney Adopts New ‘Ronnie Ferocious’ Persona For Debates

Should the Obama campaign expose the fact that Romney is a draft dodger?

I don't think this debate is devastating...

Cable News Ratings Q3 2012: MSNBC Breaks Records, CNN Up From Last Quarter

Well, that explains Obama's passive performance...

Anyone else see Romney wiping his sweat with the white hanky during the debate?

The Reality Is That Mitt Lied About Everything He Would Do And Stands For And ----

I gotta big bird for ya Romney!

I really can't believe what I just watched

8 undecideds on MSNBC thought Rmoney won debate,

Top Romney Adviser Admits Romney LIED in Debate Tonight

Rmoney's going to get a lot of big checks tomorrow.

Mildly reassuring headline from the (Republican) Chicago Tribune

Al Gore won the debate when people watched. Then, the M$M played back the tape and Bush won!

Trust we Americans. We know snake oil when we see it.

"Big Bird" has been trending on Twitter all night.

Romney takes his debate talking points from

Romney back stage: "Red Bull is a helluva drug!"

"Governor, how do tax breaks help unemployment if the wealthy stash their money in the Caymans?"

The opening of "Lawrence" needs to be a TV ad...

cnn breaking news:romney DOMINATES debate

They all heard something they never heard before...

Romney and PBS

Fox Headline: "No Knockout Punches, But Plenty of Jabs..."

The funny thing is, 90% of America has already moved on to something better...

Obama challenged Romney's lies

Mittens killed Big Bird tonight.

What's the point of lowering tax rates...

Hmmm... Kerry played Romney in the Debate prep, right?

How Did Voters React to the Debate?

Mitt Romney Lost The Election Tonight.

So Mitt dresses himself in a NEW set of "facts" and impresses the MSM enough to call him the winner.

The art of political etch a sketch we were warned we would see appeared tonight

Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, October 3)

Jim Lehrer blasted for his performance in first presidential debate

Lets have some fun-What will Fox and friends say in the morning?

I'm not an artist, but I play at being one in my basement, along with YoungerGreenKid. (PIC HEAVY)

I'm not a troll----part two


This PBS thing is a BFD...

Romney was a well oiled Power Salesman tonight

Anniversary or not I hope Michelle

Barbara Streisand is back in the movies! Trailer for the Guilt Trip.

Hee hee-- Julian Epstein's tweet re nitt's performance

Charlie Rose -the debate aftermath...will log the main talking points below. not great news. Long!

How Would You Describe The Debate???...

Get to work...

Gergen on CNN: President Obama Surprised Romney Was Lying

How to Pay for $5 Trillion in Tax Cuts

Ted Kennedy vs. Mitt Romney - "My opponent is multiple choice"

Fact checkers won't change dick about the shit storm we saw tonight

One of the worse things about the debate tonight ...

Romney Kills Big Bird Thread (PICS)

MSNBC became FoxNews tonight

The President is a very cool chess player>whenever he seems weak, he is setting up a checkmate.

NPR: Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

An Asshole and a Gentleman

The hangover...

Can someone get together or find someone to get together a video of Romney's lies

Last post before I go to bed- did Romney do anything to help with his battleground state issue?

Welcome to TN Mr. President

Obama would never outright call Romney a liar... not his style

I wonder what Romney's sons think about their Dad calling them liars on national TV? :)

Undecided before debate- but this helped me choose

Editorial: Romney wins on style, Obama on facts

so...wasn't Chris Hayes' takedown of Ghouliani delicious?

Obama could have done better in this debate but he didn't have a gaffe that could be used against

"Who's debate arguments do you agree with and trust more?"

Silver lining tonight: Romney's debate expectations are thru the roof now.

Debates aside - Let's not forget, Friday's unemployment numbers will be a game changer.

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

I'm going to wait and see what the post-debate polling says...

Pat Neshek of the Athletics loses son 23 hours after birth

Well just came home from a debate

So Did Mitt Use Any Zingers In Tonight's Debate?......

Anyone catch Romney's circular logic on Simpson-Bowles?

Willard told the whole planet his sons are liars.

The thing that's going to hurt Pres. Obama (and the poll numbers) is the media spin.

This explains Romney's apparent change on tax cuts

Mitt Romney Killed Big Bird Tonight. Nuff said.

Jeff Greenfield--"as one sided [a debate] as I've ever seen"

Tonight's debate has lots of good Romney v. Romney clips for an Obama ad

The State I'll be watching is Ohio...

Preventing the Reagan effect

What do you think Romney was on?

Mitt Romney: I love Big Bird, but I will fire Big Bird

Someone Please Cite a Presidential Election Where A Debate Turned The Election Completely Around?

I've lost all respect for Jim Lehrer

Please Watch The Debate Again!!!

So what was Romney on tonight?

Something else we can say with confidence tonight...

I've Tivo'd the debate so no spoilers everyone okay? Thanks!

Mitt the father

rMoney: "...I will fire Big Bird..." EXCELLENT...please google Romney Big Bird

Rev. Al on MSNBC tonight regarding Romney's lies: He gave a good testimony, but he'll be indicted.

As I watch the debate for a second time, with the sound turned on for the middle half

Rmoney's Debate Strategy....

where were his zingers?

Ann Romney: If Elected, Mitt's Biggest Challenge Will Be Maintaining His 'Mental Well-Being'

Romney found a way to take the value out of fact checking.

Why were there no questions on women's rights, gays or immigration in tonight's presidential debate?

maybe tonight was to keep the big donors sending $ Romney's way

Ok listening to this on the repeat

The Etch-a-Sketch Has Oficially Been Shaken

Obama was very wise not to follow our advice tonight

There was one issue that mattered tonight

If your looking for some great Romney/Big Bird images here's a link to a TON of them

Do not get into a numbers argument with a liar and a con man (Mitt Romney).

So, about that CNN Snap Poll

Top Romney Adviser Admits PreExisting Conditions NOT Covered

Presidents Mondale, Dukakis, Perot & Kerry

I don't know??????

All in a day: My 11-year-old son weighs in on the debate; my oldest daughter shakes FLOTUS' hand

The only good thing about tonight is that expections for President Obama is that expectations

Another 5,072 Democrats and 2,185 "Republicans" Registered to vote in Florida on 10/2

I Got The Impression Listening To Rmoney That He Was The .....

Why George Galloway is suing NUS

I have a good friend who puts her money where her mouth is,

Two Words: Wrong and Republican

Missed Obama Zinger thread: contributions welcome

Remember "The Count" from Sesame Street?

Who cares who is on that stage with Our President

Were Massachusetts Schools Rated Number One Of.....

I'm speechless.

Has anyone been online...Big Bird is the big winner tonight.

Let's see now... cut PBS funding but keep tax breaks for the oil companies? Did he really say that?

At Debate-Watching Party in Suburban Ohio, Voters Are Less Than Thrilled ~ NYT

Let's spin this as 'The Sesame Street' Debate

Romney lied his ass off, CNN skewed their insta-poll, and Ed-MSNBC blamed Obama.....

PLEASE watch debate again, on C-SPAN,

Is it possible Mitt Romney does not understand that Sesame Street EDUCATES MILLIONS of Children?

Mitt said Turn off PBS?

Ha ha ha ha ha! Big Bird Takes To Twitter And Responds To Mitt Romney

I keep wondering how Bill Clinton would have handled Romney.

Fact check: Romney, Obama face off over education spending

Mitt needs to take a lesson in counting from this guy:

Chris Matthews: ‘Where was Obama tonight?’

DAMN YOU MITT!!!'d that Big Bird zinger work out for ya, mittens??

Twitter: Romney's 'Big Bird' reference explodes online

Obama winning Google Debate Poll against Romney

A visual representation of the debates

I did it backward.

Granholm Reacts To Debate: "Democrats, Progressives Don't Be Worried"

Muppets against Mitt Romney

This is like 2000 all over again.


Warrior queen's tomb in Guatemala gives up Mayan secrets

World-Herald Poll: Majority now back recognition of gay unions

Romney Ran Through A Backyard Full Of Rakes Tonight

The simple truth about tonight's debate

Mike Malloy's live commentary on the 10/3 presidential debate (4 segments)

CNN Quick vote: Who won Wednesday night's debate?

It's up to all of us to save Big Bird

My two cents: Two interesting things I noticed during the debate.

I thought the debate was kind of blah and that neither of them won it.

Joe's up next

The tax plan that Romney denied was his is STILL on his web site!

Romney Fires Big Bird

Reconciling the Lies. It is like Christmas Morning.

Did you know you could get such a grand reception by just making stuff up?

Obama was smart NOT to mention the 47%

Please give me the list of Romneys flips to the center and his lies. Didn't see it all.

Plans to print a gun halted as 3D printer is seized

Analysis: China's currency foray augurs geopolitical strains

Republican climate sceptics face battle for re-election as green groups hit back

Time to "Buy" Obama shares on Intrade

First Debate Ad is out: 'Mitt Romney: What a Guy'

Facts Matter and Mitt Romney Didn’t Deliver Them

Team Obama went on a reconnaissance mission in the 1st debate. The attack is coming. So chill.

Get a grip folks, & stop comparing the debate to a ball game

Fry’s, Smith’s Ratify Union Agreement

The Romney B.S. Express

Meijer to Hire 12,000 for Holidays

Occupy Sesame Street!!!

Ancient Remains Show Female Metal Worker

Tell me how would one prepare to debate Joe Isuzu?

Remember Tweety also thought Obama was too

Non-Hispanic whites are the most likely to be "entitlement" recipients

Only in America--health status and whether or not one is insured

a minor complaint about Huffpo

Supervalu Attracts Buyout Barons

Just LOOk at those union workers destroying our economy!

The Debate Pundits - They wanted a deathmatch

David Gergen on CNN - President Obama thrown off his game because Mitt Romney was "flat out lying"

A Guardian oddity


Obama not himself - could he have taken something to help him relax - and it did the job too good.

Image never were truer words spoken

Romney calls press conference to apologize for his lies

C'mon, you're going with hacks like Karen Tumulty when you declare Romney a winner in the debate

Very Funny. The black panel. Race baiting Gop style

* * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tobin S. * * * ! ! ! !

The Real Reason the US Fears Iranian Nukes

Results of Dial Group Session Show Support for Obama's Quiet Approach

New Romney ad here just called him "a common sense conservative."

KitchenAid Apologizing After Tweeting Joke About President’s Dead Grandmother

Romney's secret plan, it turns out, was to appear moderate.

Buster Posey wins NL batting title...

They are saying Romney won the night

Romney will kill Big Bird

Big Bird says

Romney went to the debate as a win/lose contest. Obama went to the debate to discuss the

The punditry is all saying Romney won, but every clip shown makes him look like an asshole

Dial groups from debate show support for Obama's quieter approach

The difference between listening and watching

Reduction through Attrition

Watching this mornings soundbites of the debate. Not bad!

Obama let us down

When a Republican runs against a Republican, the Republican will win every time. - Harry S Truman

Paul Krugman- Romney's Sick Joke

Please help me understand.

Let's stop complaining about Jim Lerher, shall we?

So where are the lie detector results?

Why are people attacking those who thought Romney "won" the debate?

FYI. Big Bird has been trending over night on twitter.

When Romney said "I never got a tax break for shipping jobs overseas"... I wish Obama would've said

Huffington Post has dropped the POTUS Electoral Outlook to 290 and Mitwit 191

18 minutes in I changed channels.

Romney turned his back on the tea party last night. I'm wondering what will be heard from them.

Criss Matthews "Mitt won"

David Axelrod: "The President was answering the questions he was asked..."

Favorite World War II bridge movie?

The GOOD news: Nate Silver has it Obama 86.1% - Rmoney 13.9%

Horsey Toon: The Debate, Summarized

U.S. works to shut down tech support scam

4 Disturbing Ways Big Banks Have Turned Colleges Into Money-Grubbing Institutions

"Ohio high court: Police get leeway to question juveniles."


If Pres. Obama HAD mentioned the 47% comment...

Hopefully, this will be like a Rocky movie


I wanted Jim Lehrer to push back on Romney -- Mitt fired him 5 minutes into the debate

IMHO, willard made one HUGE gaffe last night.

Romney did a great job

We Should Have Learned By Now That The Only Time Rmoney Tells The Truth Is.....

The consensus analysis from this morning's news shows is that Romney lied...

The other Vacation the Romney Family Took

Give a store your e-mail address, it'll find you on Facebook

Rush (the band) nominated for Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!

It was like watching a car salesman and an automotive engineer

So, what are your suggestions on how to win and what can I do to help?

I am firmly convinced - Romney is a Sociopath, with a capital S

I don't know if there's an effective strategy when debating someone

I Love Obama, but..................

People are so proud to declare unhinged lying as winning. Lowering standards.

Keep the sound off EXCEPT during debate clips

RobMe supporters are acting like November is gonna be Reagan/Mondale part II . . .

Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria

I Follow The White House Press Corps On Twitter & They....

My take: Mitt was a bully and Obama was too passive.

Romney didn't win by lying. He won by GETTING AWAY with lying.

Romney Shines In Denver, Obama Camp Says So What

My objective debate analysis.... Boring! Zzzzzzzz.

No undecideds know that Obama lost last night's debate.

What does it take to get a moderator that actually controls the debates?

Aspirin may 'slow elderly brain decline', study finds

Romney debate strategy in one short video...

Four Qaeda militants killed in U.S. drone strike

Romney Post-Debate Fallout: Aide Says States Will Have To Cover Folks With Pre-Existing Conditions

'No proof' vitamin D stops colds

What will the reaction in Freeperville to Romney's performance last night

'50-hour genome' test for babies with genetic diseases

A Farm Bill Only Monsanto Could Love

Black mamba venom is 'better painkiller' than morphine

cnn looks like romney headquarters

Atwater, California declares fiscal emergency

Nobody "won" that debate because there wasn't really a debate

+++ NFL Picks / Week Five +++

Where have I seen this President before? Why did he appear to "phone it in"?

Is there any doubt Bill Clinton would have creamed Willard last night?


This Far-Right Supreme Court Is Reason Enough to Vote Obama

Why Don’t Americans Care About Democracy at Home?

Losing a debate is not the same as persuading someone on a policy.

We just saw our quarterback get sacked last night so what are we going to do


How many here have already voted?

The media won't push it for us, so we've got to push it ourselves. Two words: ROMNEY LIED!

Keiser Report: Dirty Deeds of Wall Street Rat

John Nichols tweets...

my conservative newspapers take on the debate....surprising

Just donated to OFA

Lack of specifics

Body Language Expert: Romney ‘Hyperactive,’ Obama ‘Measured’ in Debate

CNN post-debate survey shows lopsided decision for Romney doesn't move the polls an inch

Corn: Romney used a Monty Python ("It does not!") defense. Axelrod: Romney played "a shell game."

If Obama Retains A Small But Measurable Lead, It Means That The Election Is More Or Less Over

New Obama Ad! -- Mitt Romney's Debate Performance: "Mostly Fiction"

Nutcase alert: "Israel, Now or Never"

Soooo, To The Romney Campaign, "Zinger" Must Mean "Lie"...

So specifically, what lies did Romney tell?

A reminder from Keith O

FactCheck does the job on Romney's claims. Says he tended to exaggerate!

Romney Won and the Truth Lost

Like Hillary Clinton Says "Let's All Take A Deep Breath."

Obama was counting the number of times Romney lied in his notes.

Mr. Rogers on PBS Funding

the biggest problem: enthusiasm gap will widen again

Tom Toles- The Debate: The Perfessor vs Lemon Dog

The glaring political elephant in last night's debate

The sad fact about last night is the President could have put this election away, he didn't. Now we

Awwwww 2

Cute response from a Romney supporter

MittNIO told some Lies last night

We need to turn the tables on them.

What really happened here.....

Jobless claims inch higher, but beat expectations


We saved 716B in Medicare by targeting fraud and waste.

Unanimous Agreement on Debate: Replace Jim Lehrer With 'Replacement Refs'

Mitt wants to kill Public Broadcasting? Which costs more: PBS or the Marine Corps Marching Band?

John Kerry won the debates in 2004

“Obama is depending on people's intelligence. Romney depending on their ignorance.”

Joan Walsh: The president stays professorial, while Romney gets feisty – and dishonest


James Carville

So, my family left Yosemite six weeks and two days ago.......phew......

I intend to ask Republicans this. "Which Mitt Romney are you voting for?"

"This may go down in history as the Big Bird Debate."

CNN's David Gergen: Romney was "sort of flat out lying."

Romney lied & lied & lied &

Rift Grows Between Israeli Leaders Over Relations With U.S.

An Aurora Shooting Survivor Makes A Powerful Gun Control Ad

Sixty million people watched the "debate" but

Funny - the "Fair & Balanced" news source says "Debate Re-Energizes Campaign 2012"

Berlin: From 'Poor but Sexy' to Rich and Unaffordable

Obama did Romney hurt himself?

Interview with Economist Joseph Stiglitz 'The American Dream Has Become a Myth'

People who watch the debates have already made their decision. Those who don't watch...

Why Didn't The President Mention The 47% And Bain Capital?

LOL. So Glad Obama Don't Listen To Handwringers on Du

Romney's plan to cut the deficit:

Prez's Supporters Wrong To Wring Their Hands Over Debate Performance

Can we trust a habitual liar to be President?

So lemme get this straight.....

Romney was at his best and worst last nite simulltaneously...Alas Obama was at his worst

Is there anyone here who has been on a high school or college Debate Team?

WTF: CNN Debate Snap Poll: People Surveyed: White, 50+, & from the South!

How relevant are debates in 2012?

Tomorrow's jobs report better be +six digits

Last Night Just Confirmed To Me While I Loathe Most Republicans

THE "BIG BIRD" DEBATE: SHARE graphics & tweets here!

romney's behavior

Democratic Pollster: Romney Scored Some Points But Not Enough

Anyone here know anything about

In context: Baldwin's "damn right" statement

A clip of Romney bullying a helpless old man could really turn this thing around

Romney: Elect 87% Democratic Congress and you can have great schools and healthcare in spite of me.

McCaskill surges in polls as Akin’s abortion comments draw fire Read more here: http://www.kansasci

Cinnamon Roll Cake update...

"The Big Bird Debate" aka Romney's "Big Bird Debacle"

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes

Romney's strategy: Pretend that Obama is/was Bush

First Lady's 'BlogHer' post from Denver and her thoughts on the debate

Did Jim Lehrer ever show up last night?

My opinion of the debate last night.

So Rmney won the first debate...

Have they fired Bobby Valentine yet?

Seeking Living Wage & Humane Conditions, Immokalee Workers Bring Fair Food Fight to Chipotle

" The MEDIA Perception Seems To Be That Somehow, By Being Aggressive, Romney Won "

Chuck Toady working hard to push the Colorado in play, leaning R meme

the object is to win the election, not the debate.

And lo the oak trees shall bring forth acorns abundantly...

Obama did brilliantly last night at the debate


Duckworth v Walsh Debate Schedule

Last night may rally some republican but what will it do to the far-right base?

Chill Out DU: A former trial attorney's thoughts on the debate

FDR's answer to Romney

Mitt Romney vows to fire Big Bird to save 0.00014% of the budget

Romney wants to cut PBS Funding - SH*! JUST GOT REAL - ELMO UNHINGED

Mitt Romney vows to fire Big Bird to save 0.00014% of the budget

Big Bird Won--Jim Lehrer LOST.

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

ROMNEY MEGA-GAFFE: "I maybe need to get a new accountant."

Mitt's swatting at mosquitoes when he goes after Big Bird.

It is your civic duty to VOTE!!!!!!

This is the Bain approach

Papantonio: Fighting The Koch-Controlled Courts

Donate to 'Obama for America' today . . .

Why the debate was bad: He gave THEM our hope (& change).

Quinnipiac CT Poll: "Obama Widens Lead Over Romney To 12 Points"

Chris Matthews made some good points last night

Smelly Moderator

LOL! Fox News poll has Obama winning the debate! Voting still open:

Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes

After listening to 3 hours of call-ins on Cspan this morning You'd think Mitt won.

Simon Singh threatened with legal action for criticising health magazine


From Team Obama: Mitt Romney's Debate Performance: "Mostly Fiction"

Philippines arrests Gloria Arroyo on plunder charges

Obama praises Romney: "I suspect that on Social Security we’ve got a somewhat similar position"

Orlando Cruz becomes boxing's first openly gay man

“Is the reason Gov. Romney is keeping all these plans secret because they’re too good?”

Does anyone know how much time each side used last night?

Study: Omega-3 Supplements May Actually Affect Aging

How to find out information about friends overseas who may have been harmed?

When Romney said X, I wanted Obama to say Y....?

HuffPost wants to declare Romney the winner with it's big headlines however...

Why is one of Obama’s great lines tonight not being talked about?

The rose-colored glasses salesman is getting rich this morning.

NPR pissed me off with their pre-debate coverage

There is nothing that will change my support of Barak Obama however.......

Last night something happened that has not happened in 45 years - what was it

Al-Shabaab is executing Somali journalists for the crime of reporting on sports

THIS is why Mittens did not win.

Paul Krugman: Romney’s Sick Joke

Here's the RNC's New Attack Ad Targeting Obama's Debate "Smirk"

The Only Failure I Saw Last Night Was the Media Left!!

Skinner please check your real mail box

Ten Awesome Ladies to Dress Up As This Halloween *can* debate a liar by calling out their LIES. Claiming the style won over substance meme

Anyone here remember the 2008 debates?

SNL skit about undecided voters

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's Presidential Debate

** Gets out staple gun and posts sign promoting DU's new Diner & Gas Station **

Rasmussen: OBAMA (+2)


"Hey Romney! ... I'll be whatever height I want, thank you."

I adore and respect both Joe and Michelle

So if Obama had acted like Romney last night..

I usually go with the MSNBC pundits, but this time I am not so sure

Romney's Persona

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave of Fact-Checks

I keep telling you: We're in an Era of Lying....

Romney's Tax Plan

Josh Marshall: Mitt's Vulnerability - His campaign agenda is based on a massive deception.

Large liars with loads of money win.

"Romney Pie"

Direct from Facebook............

Mitt Romney's Debate Performance: "Mostly Fiction"

Silly rabbit the arts are for the rich

Gallup: U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment Rate at 7.9% in September

Your gun doesn’t make me safer

Romney: The Bull in a China Sweatshop

Please help - I need the Big Bird Will Work for Food pic resized for FB cover photo

...those people who are less fortunate and can't care for themselves are cared by one another

Gish Gallop > Actual Debate Technique Of Throwing A Torrent Of Lies At Opponent.

Punish CNN for Bogus Poll: Remove Candy Crowley as a Moderator

Mitt Romney vows to fire Big Bird to save 0.00014% of the budget

Romney Won Debate #1 - So What!

Word cloud from the debates

Best Summary Of Debate Yet

Pic Of The Moment: Winning A Debate, Romney-Style

Did a live chat with Kitchenaid, registering my disgust at their tweet.

Think Progress: Romney told 27 lies in 38 minutes

Elmo and The White House Chef...

Two reasons why Willard wants to kill PBS

Rebranding the Repukes

After Last Night's Debate - Where The Campaign Is This Morning

Many of us expected President Obama to mop up the floor with

Jonathan Chait: Romney's Successful Debate Formula: Lying

During the debate romney tries to draw Obama into 'blame-it-on-China'. Doesn't succeed.

Romney lacked substance last night (among other things).

Rasmussen: No Romney Bounce At All?

What is wrong with Democrats?

At First Debate, Mitt Romney Admits That He Would ‘Absolutely Not’ Support His Own Tax Plan


The most beautiful web ad I've EVER seen. Get your kleenex ready...

Ohio State students can use an email as ID when voting.

About last night. What matters, what doesn't.

New Pic floating around Facebook on Sesame Street

"When your opponent believes he is stronger, let him attack first, so that he will expose his

Mitt's Meaningless Victory

Republicans Run Pirate Bay Skyscraper Ad Campaign

Apparently Mitt Romney wants to replace Obamacare with Obamacare

Romney's Pivot Fake to the Center

Obama Campaign: Romney Won Debate Because HE LIED!

Big Ed still mad

Obama (last night) was to Romney's bully lies as Kerry was to Swiftboating

What we got. - Mitt Romney's file:

A few observations on last night's debate

President Obama Killed Bin Laden.Willard Romney Wants To Kill Big Bird

Romney still has a big hole to overcome


Mitt Gives Away His Game

My suspicion when this is all said and done

There's a difference between winning a debate and winning the presidential election

why did Obama say 5 million jobs?

When you are the incumbent, you can't be the attack dog.

Al Gore blames Denver and its thin air for Obama losing the Debate

Obama needs to say that he was off his game, and that it will not happen again.

whatever the "strategery" was, it looked to this progressives like Obama pulled punches

I'm sorry, but I think Romney really did an excellent job

Rolling Stone: The First Debate: Mitt Romney's Five Biggest Lies

Fox news must be clearing a time slot for Romney

forget the stupid "gish gallop" terminology.. call it what it is: "speed lying"

If Obama did what I think he did last night, he is absolutely brilliant.

I'd like to know if anyone else has ever felt this way.

The fucking whining

Promises are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Why did Obama debate taxes with Rmoney

Sesame Street a' la Romney: Delicious.

If nothing else last night's performance demands better moderators

Next time someone tells you Democrats should "reach out" to Republicans tell them this

Jim Lehrer Debate Moderating Performance Savaged

Axelrod: Romney Was ‘Vigorous’ But ‘Devoid Of Honesty’

Toon-Big Bird

The "Gish Gallop"

Whoops. New Orleans prosecutor arrested after joint falls from his pocket in court

Debating a liar: perceptions are everything

OK what should Obama do now? You all say he should not address his performance, what now?


I think people are overly concerned here about the debate.

Not Just Email: Your Voice Mail Can Be Hacked, Too – Here’s How To Secure It

Do People HERE Realize That At The Debate Last Night: Mitt EXPOSED Himself?

Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states

Romney's the most brazen liar in politics

Black mamba venom is 'better painkiller' than morphine

How many times did Romney say "the federal government deciding what treatments you can receive"?

One guy owns the Harlem Globetrotters & Washington Generals...

woman’s health insurance will pay for grs

When Obamacare is fully in force, will insurers

Romney Admits Pushing Misinformation In Debate

Move along, nothing to see here.

Do you think Biden needs to be even more kick ass with Ryan next week because of last night?

At the next debate, Obama should say: "I've seen so many different Mitt Romneys in this campaign

Introducing KARAMAH, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights

Gallup Shows Unemployment In Sept down to 7.9%

Does anyone know anything about La Hunta Colorado? What's it like?

Big Bird is still trending on Twitter...

New Headlines!

"Janeane from Des Moines" Just on Stephanie Miller/ Current TV is a film Punks GOP in Iowa

Romney said the role of gov is to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the american

This is what I think Obama should mention in the next debates

Romney's Flag Pin Is Bigger Than Obama's At Debate... And What's With That Strange Blob?

The Plumline: Romney won big. Here’s what to watch for next.

Romney releases the specifics of his plan:

Who has to work hardest to say the things that they think the Prez should talk about?

Romney publishes the specifics of his plan:

Romney's big Medicare lie takes center stage in debate

Sesame Street tweet today:

Romney economic plan in a nutshell

Thank you MIRT, current, past and future. I appreciate your service.


GOP Blocked Bill to Punish Companies that Move Jobs Abroad

Out of the mouths of babes: Friend's young child refers to Romney as "Myth Rob Me"

You may want to redo your picks. TCU's QB suspended for DUI.

A Chair, Perhaps?

'Jim Lehrer got his hair cut last night.' - Alex Wagner

In chess;

Google settles book scanning lawsuit

New campaign effort.

CNN Poll: Latinos show big support for Obama policy

Camas couple 'lynches' a chair to show their disapproval of Obama

If I am one of the undecided idiots who cannot make up their mind who to vote for, and I see the

An annoying lie in CNN coverage of debate poll

I'm sure everyone here knows this, but I just feel like stating it once more:

It doesn't matter if Romney lied

Let's take a minute and discuss what good things President Obama said during the debate


"That's simply not true Governor, and you full well know it"

Akin failed to report 10 years of Missouri state pension payments

After last night, it looks like Romney could win ...

All The Times Jim Lehrer Got Steamrolled By Mitt Romney

Indisputably True Facts About Hedgehogs

Isn't PBS an example of "the government" doing something better and cheaper than commercial TV?

Watch pres in denver live

Pakistan Struggles With Smuggled Buddhist Relics

The left leaning pundits got played like fiddles...

The Silent Jim Lehrer Twitter Account

Should Obama "poke the bear" in the next debate?

Mitt's Words vs. Mitt's Website

Snow in Northern Plains as cold shot charges towards East Coast

The Backfire Effect: why Obama didn't call out Romney.

Just Why Exactly Is Obama Not Supposed To Get Angry?.......

Romney did not Fall into Obama's Trap

Same reaction they had to Republican Convention speeches

Instead of Wake the F*CK up,

Show your support for PBS on social media

You wouldn't want this to happen, would you?

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 4, 1997

More than a win for Mittens

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 4, 1997

Romney Admits Pushing Misinformation In Debate

Romney's Five Biggest Lies (Rolling Stone)

Strong Debate Performance Does Not Seem Likely to Change Political Calculus

Obama at Denver Campaign Stop

Craig Crawford: Obama Throws A Game

LA Times Fact check: Romney repeats erroneous claims on healthcare

Romney may have won 'the debate' but he's not winning Ohio

Men Who Rock!

Did anyone else see Ann and family snub the Obamas on the stage after the debate?

CEO To Workers: No To Obama

K, human behavioral ***SCIENCE***; a lie left UNCHALLENGED is the truth to a person deciding

Yes the narrative has changed after last night

What Kind Of World Do We Live In Where You Can Declare A Debate Win For A Blatant Liar?.....

Obama: Guy On Stage Was Not The ‘Real Mitt Romney’

Alaska Voter Registration Deadline is October 7, 2012

The People’s View: Oh, Great! CNN’s “Debate Polling” Only Tracks Old White Southerners

Feds charge 91 healthcare providers with billing fraud

I hope Obama is setting Romney up for a sucker punch

Einstein letter, set for auction, shows scientist challenging idea of God, being 'chosen'

Mitt has a history of winning debates, Obama doesn't

This is the first "good day" Mitt Romney ever had and he's been running for President for 6 years

Romney didn't come prepared with "zingers," he came prepared with LIES!

Madison crowd gathers for Obama rally

Queens Paralyzed bank manager terminally ill with brain cancer fights for her right to die

I remember the Concern Troll Epidemic of 9/26/08 like it was yesterday

Paying the price for religious illiteracy

Mo. Rep. Akin failed to report state pension

I have a question about debate moderators...

The Optimal Presidential Debate Format

Winner, in my eyes

Goebbel's "Theory of the big lie" - "A lie so colossal..."

Colorado - October 9th Last day to register to vote for the General Election

CONS wetting themselves over one debate

Gallup: Obama 49, Romney 45

How did THIS happen? Gallup has Obama's approval at 54% today!

"Trust" - new Obama TV ad calls out Romney on debate lies

Obama challenges Romney's candor post-debate

Gallup -Obama -49% -Romney 45/Approval/Disapproval 54-42%

Obama and Colorado

"mr. president, you're entitled to your own airplane... but not your own facts!"

Big Bird...I got your back..

Edison wants to restart one of San Onofre's nuclear reactors

What is that on Romney's flag lapel pin?

Video: Republican Party Training ‘Poll Challengers’ In Illegal Voter Suppression

Shipping jobs overseas and offshore accounts: Mitt trips up Mitt

Arizona Voter Registration deadline is October 9th

Video: Republican Party Training ‘Poll Challengers’ In Illegal Voter Suppression

Hidden Camera Video: Republican Party Training ‘Poll Challengers’ In Illegal Voter Suppression

President Obama: "Thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on Big Bird."

I'm over it. Can't wait to see Key & Peeles take on last night.

Untangling a little of last night's BullMitt

You really need to check yourself,

Obama Camp’s Post-Debate Plan: Expose ‘Serial Evader’ Romney

Everybody's Beautiful - Miasha

I said it last night- Obama won on the take-aways from the debate

I'd like to see a massive national support of PBS in honor of Mittens.

I think Romney "won" last night in the same way that Winger had a "hit" with "Seventeen."

OBAMA RESPONDS: 'When I got on stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney'

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Oct 4th

CNN Picked Up One Of My iReport Quotes On The Presidential Debate

What we got last night was a "bait and switch"

Who's the best James Bond? (We'll settle this once and for all!)

The Beginner’s Guide to Unschooling

Ok Andrea let Sinunu spew

Thom Hartmann: What the media TELLS you about the debate WILL have a bigger impact then the debate

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Lies In 38 Minutes

Joe Biden...

At beginning of next debate, Obama should say

Hubby said, "You get to rehearse for a debate, ...

Did Romney's flag pin

Is there a fact checking website...

Romney’s $5 Trillion Tax Dodge

Some interesting finds on FB

Obama Mocks Mitt Romney: 'Thank Goodness Someone Is Finally Getting Tough On Big Bird'

Romney’s policies are still deeply unpopular, which is why he relentlessly obfuscated about them

Hopeful article

Why did Romney lie so much?

I Just Got A Call From The Republican National Committee, Polling The Presidential Election...

I'm curious what the historical record is of debates swinging an election

So. Sununu FINALLY looks and sounds as unhinged

Hidden camera captures GOP training "poll challengers" in illegal voter suppression.

Steve Benen: The triumph of style over substance

Hawaii 2012 General Election Voter Registration Deadline October 8, 2012?

Anyone watching Andrea Mitchell?

The next three debates have more favorable formats

Ali-Frazier ll, Ali-Norton ll, Ali-Spinks ll

Mittoon: I hope one of us made my position clear...

For those that think it would have been successful for Obama to challenge Romney on his lies

From Bob “I maybe need to get a new accountant.”

Pres. Obama focused on painting Romney as a figure to be mocked, not feared

Armed men fends off attackers -- again

Went in for part 2 of my heart test. Did not go as planned. :^(

Thom Hartmann: If you make a living sitting on your butt, waiting for your dividend check...

Someone please post the "Chill the Fuck Out" pic.

John Sununu (R Lebanon) Said The President Was Lazy

Remember this: Once you tell a lie it is hard to keep track of what you said.

You don't say?

I was thinking about this bully tactict, this talking over people and pushing lies came from...

The Great Liebate.

Michigan Voter registration deadline Tuesday, Oct. 9th

That upward-facing smile of ecstacy on Romney's face

YOUTUBE!! Let rMoney discredit rMoney!!! Bring out a monitor and hit rMoney with his lies

I'm bummed. I'm forever banned from giving blood.

A few rays of sunshine

Oh Shit....

PBS CEO Calls Romney's Debate Remarks 'Stunning'

My real disappointment is not with the President, but with the political pundits afterward...

The debates didn't sway any voters, but it energized a demoralized Republican base to come out

The dominant media narrative today is 'Romney Lied' That's a clear win for Pres. Obama.

The President today in Denver, CO.

Papantonio: Traditional Media Creates Phony Election Horserace To Make Money

The farm bill gamble could be costly

Being a Religious Minority (in Public Schools)

Today Democrats are disappointed and Repubs are happier than hogs wallowing in shit...

"Well Grant, we've had the Devil's own day, haven't we?"


Sorry but John Sununu is one of the most arrogent discusting, rude guests on TV.

Romney Won the First Debate - If His Assertions Were True.

Romney must be a genius

Jeremiah Johnson came to mind....

Gallup: Obama's job approval rating jumps to 54%

Maybe Obama was awakened in the middle of the night for some important decision, and

Are there any good times this month to ask for a raise?

California Gas Stations Begin to Shut on Record-High Prices

A few thoughts on the debate

A Nationally-Televised Presidential Fail

Obama campaign: Adjustments will be made in debate strategy

I missed the debates ...Went to bed early

Texas Last Day to Register to Vote October 9, 2012

Do People Want Poltical Entertainment More than Political Substance?

The Baseball Project: "They Are The Oakland A's"

Chill Out. That "Debate" Will Not Make Americans Fall in Love With Mitt Romney

If it had been Gore instead of Romney saying those things......

Obama: 'When I got on the stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney' Dubious Denver Debate Declarations

Utah By Mail Voter Registration Deadline: October 9, 2012

Romney channeling the con man in Music Man

TOON to send to the Repubs you know today

Sen. Bernie Sanders Reacts to Debate

A Joke going around on the Internet today...

Romney Debate Win: He Proved He Could Sell a Junk Car With No Engine as a New Cadillac

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Rating Reaches 54 Percent, Highest Mark Since ‘09

Libarary Ebooks Part II: Showcasing 400-Plus Local Authors

Is there any reason to fear military retirements will be cut off as well as Social Security?

Romney - a ruthless businessman

Something I hope to hear from Vice Pres. Biden at the next debate:

Dipshit Sununu on Obama: ‘When You’re Not That Bright You Can’t Get Better Prepared’

Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states..

Madea's got to protect Big Bird now

Maasai Women End Traditional Female Circumcision

Hey, Remember Rick Perry Calling Out Romney As A Liar During A Debate?

man people are really dim around here today LOL

snow in the forecast!

Mitt Romney, Used Car Salesman (now with blank for your Photoshopping pleasure)

Media's Mitt

The primary was the flip.... last night's debate was the flop.

Poll: Hispanics in Florida favor President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, 61-31

Are the VP debates As Watched ??

Infectobesity: is obesity transmitted through a common viral infection?

Romney and Obama debate for the first time – as presented in live GIFs

The Glib Factor

Turn your chair around and face away from the TV!

Singer Sarah Brightman Outbids NASA for Space Tourist's Seat

Home Improvement Down The Years.

Obama campaign: Adjustments will be made in debate strategy

David Corn: Why Obama Didn't Mention the 47 Percent Video

Tammy waiting for POTUS on the UW Madison campus.....

chill out people

President Obama at a campaign rally in Denver, CO, Oct. 4th - pics

I think the American people are getting and processing campaign info MUCH differently than last time

I am new here

AFL-CIO registers more than 450,000 new voters from union households

POTUS soon to arrive at UW Madison campus.....

What Mitt failed to mention about Medicare...

I will crawl naked over broken glass to vote for Obama.....

Monthly jobs report tomorrow!

Andrea Mitchell Visibly Shocked After Sununu Calls Obama ‘Lazy,’ Asks Him If He Would Take It Back

Mitt Romney's 10 Most Baseless Claims At The Denver Debate

Obama vs. Romney -- Debate Analysis

Nate Silver: Based on Historical Data, Romney can expect about a 2 point bump by next week

Frightening Ideas

Hello again DU.

Did President Obama extend the 9/11 Nationa Emergency or let it terminate in Sept?

Axelrod: "He may win the Oscar for his performance...but he’s not going to win the presidency."

The State of the Race

Am I the only one disgusted with how rude Rmoney was to Jim Lehrer?

Why is Hillary going to mop the floor with Romney?

The last televised Presidential Debate...

Obama Camp’s Post-Debate Plan: Expose ‘Serial Evader’ Romney

OK, The First Debate is Over. So Where Are We?

The Romney debate motto

Mitten's bi-partisan bullsh*t

Why did President Obama hold back last night?

Obama is not a fighter

What's the perfect definition for "Lie Like Romney."

Not going to the Freep site but I would think they would be pissed today.

President Obama Is Popping Up Again At Intrade -Up to 68.7%

Some thoughts about last night


Should Obama use the same strategy of not countering lies, himself, again in the next debate?

Last night, Mitt Romney lost. (Debate analysis from UK Telegraph)

A closer look at Obama’s “$90 billion for green jobs”

Steve Schmidt -Campaign Adviser ($) Said Obama's Performance Was As Bad As Bush's 1st Debate

The CNN Poll was not only of southern whites


Tomorrow morning's jobs report is very important

The only thing Romney didn't say during his tax lies in the deabte is "Read my lips"....

Who is Hugo Chavez Frias?

DO SOMETHING POSITIVE . . . I promise you will feel better.

We need to stop aiding and abetting Republican propaganda


In Fallout After Debate, Obama Asks, Which Mitt Was That?

My recent NRA "survey" call (aka fund drive).

How Mitt Won The Debate

Who Is The Idiot On MSNBC Dissing Al Gore?

What's with Al Gore? Is he trying to compete with Chris Christie?

Thom Hartman: "I've got five BOYS..."

Where is Mitt?


Did anyone think it was weird that Romney said the word 'poor' about four times in a row last night.

Now about those "Zingers"

Here is a link to a local (St. Louis) news station that

Big Bird Tweets

Shit just got real!

What the hell does "trickle-down government" mean?

The Pathological Liar...

Romney was debating the empty chair

Obama's plane just touched down in Madison.

Romney Campaign Says Obama Will LOSE Next Debate Because He's 'NOT THAT BRIGHT'

6 percent have voted in early voting states

The last supper

My favorite moment from last night's debate

Biden: Romney Changed His Position on Tax Cut.

What Obama Should Have Said But Didn't

Obama's remarks on being a one term president

GO GET EM!!! Randi

Did Romney call the President "boy"? Gotta listen to Thom Hartmann's show on Now re the debate.

What Obama Should Have Said But Didn't

Ann Romney to guest host "Good Morning America"

I'd like to see the breakdown of what both men & women thought of this debate...

Anyone else here going to or thinking of trying out Josh Marshall's TPM Prime?

California DUers Gas Price Check ... WTF

What is the "i" for in ipad, iUniverse, Apple Ios?

Texas Gay Couple Told to Leave or Die

Obamacare Contraception Mandate Does Not Violate Religious Freedom, Federal Judge

So my "best friend" called me today to gloat about the debate.

OMG!! Rmoney killed Big Bird. That bastard!!

"Democratic Pollster: Romney Scored Some Points But Not Enough"

MiddleFingerMom is marshalling his minions...

After a while, what looks like a win, may be a disasterous loss.

Am I Fucking out of my mind? Because there is a part of me........

On the other hand, it is just the first quarter

MSNBC body language expert has Obama analysis? Really?

All gun owners aren't created equal, nor should they be treated equally

Gun control laws not seen as stopping "mass murders:"

Big Bird is not happy today.

Paul Krugman- A Test Of The System

Live stream of POTUS' visit to Madison:

You know, it was his 20th anniversary. And you know what that means....

Campaigns are about contrasts...

Ok, so let's just say Obama was off his game last night. Why? What happened?

Regarding first debate: I've got the President's back

PA House Republicans walk out to prevent Corbett- Sandusky investigation

Let's help destroy Mitt with Twitter

When PBS gets too uppity (must see! LOL)

Anybody have any thoughts about Romney's new "Trickle-Down Government" meme?

Turn on Bashir right fugging now -Mitt the mendacious sells America a Lemon

Eat cake, lose weight

President Obama’s take on last night’s debate (you’re going to LOVE this)

Trickle down government?

What's that smell?

Andy Tenenbaum's current electoral vote map & article

Where were the zingers last night? Mostly unused

Next POTUS debate Town Hall format,

Living in the Age of A-Holes...

Romney's Bird Is Coming Home To Roost!

Medicare fraud case: 91 professionals arrested

8-Year-Old Big Bird Fan To Mitt Romney: 'You Find Something Else To Cut Off!'

Mitt Romney wants to be on the Public Dole

Why the attack on Big Bird? For those of you who don't speak DOG WHISTLE, I'll translate:


I don't know who Margaret and Helen are but I think I love them

55 Years Ago Today, October 4, 1957..Sputnik

Caption This...

Reuters/Ipsos poll taken AFTER the debate. Obama 48- Romney 43

If Romney Wants To Cut Off Big Bird There Are A Couple Of Things That We Need To ----

I was in DC last night--did NOT watch the debate--saw Molly Ivins

At Obama's second inauguration I would suggest

Obama doesn't have the luxury of having a single debate

Thanksgiving is coming.. Anyone got a picture of Mitt

The Three Top Lines of Attack Against Mitt Romney

2nd trailer for Spielberg's 'Lincoln'

C-Span's side by side provides better perspective.

Ok, someone explain to me why cutting the tax rate on high income earners, and closing

Report: Obama Hauls In Record $150 Million In September

Didn't Rmoney look like he was constipated?

Obama may have known a good jobs number was coming out tomorrow. Maybe why he was passive.

Big Crowd in Madison 'Ten's of Thousands'!! WATCH LIVE: President Obama in Madison (Crowd Pic)

Republicans: Defenders of free speech?

And now, here's Mitt's new campaign song

About Last Night

Report: Obama Hauls In Record $150 Million In September

Obama Attacks Swiftly on Twitter, Jabs Romney on Swing Sites

anyone here from alabama?

55 years ago, October 4, 1957 ..Sputnik

Obama rally Madison WI~ Livestream

One thing some posters dont seem to get about critics like me

Mitt Romney Backflips On Romneycare

Workers told to write Romney checks by coal CEO who made miners serve as Romney backdrop

Michael Eric Dyson: Obama Played It Safe Because Fox Called Him ‘Angry Black Man’ Night Before

Could this be why RMoney was so "excitable" last night?

SuperPAC Attacks Romney With 12 Sad (and Hilarious!) Sesame Street Images

Countering Right Wing Talking point: "Obama is cutting $716 billion from Medicare"

Rollingstone: The First Debate: Mitt Romney's Five Biggest Lies

Romney claim Obamacare will "kill jobs" another RBL (Romney Big Lie) CBO says mimimal impact on jobs

To those who predicted Obama's debate strategy, performance, and today's right hooks

It becomes clear

The race isn't going to tighten much after yesterday

8-Year-Old Big Bird Fan To Mitt Romney: 'You Find Something Else To Cut Off!'

Space "chorus" recorded by NASA probe

Honduran judges rule against privately run 'model cities' project

Woah... the Public Broadcasting Service comes out swinging!

Honduran judges rule against privately run 'model cities' project

Sheriff Arpaio: 432 Sex Crimes Ignored - 432 Victims Silenced

Tweety was Angelo Dundee screaming, "Get Off The Ropes!!!!"

A great image off of facebook

(MI Sec of State) Ruth Johnson ordered to attend hearing on citizenship ballot issue

A DUers posted Obama's vacation days versus Bush's vacation days

Huge crowd in Wisconsin to see the President - pics

Good pictures from Stephanie Miller. Pepper spray Oscar

The 7-11 near my work (Walnut Creek, CA) is completely sold out of Obama coffee cups

We have been there, we have tried that, we are not going back, we are going forward

Honduras tolerates death-squad style groups: panel

Honduras tolerates death-squad style groups: panel

I think the president got his groove back

Please "Like" Martin Bashir on Facebook - he's supporting our POTUS in the face of MSM spin

Just got my Medicare card. Tell me anything!

Areva, China pull out of UK nuclear bid

The most devastating ad Obama can run

Romney to Outsource Big Bird's Job to China - Photographic Proof:

don't crack down on wall street but crack down on sesame street

Hey Chicago Du-ers! Please weigh in!

Is it worth borrowing money from China for?

Curt Schilling might be forced to sell his bloody sock from the 2004 ALCS

Oil Sheen Mysteriously Appears Off Louisiana's Gulf Coast

Mitt does Shakespeare --

On eve of protest, King Abdullah dissolves parliament

Oops!! Romney Called Out Scott Brown as the GOP OBSTRUCTIONIST He Is

Mitt's Lyin' Sandwich Special served between two slices of "F You" to The Media

I needed this picture of Obama

Ron Reagan: "Mitt Romney lied his ass off"


Hey DUers. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems connecting with Gmail or Google.

Republican runs Anti-Obama ads on The Pirate Bay

Did The President Just Say In Madison Wisconsin - "Don't Boo - Vote".......

Let's not forget that the next debate is in the town hall format.

New Mexico Republican official caught training polls challengers to suppress votes

Romney's debate performance is not surprising - since such a setting rewards bald faced liars.

Romney will have to go through Snuffleupagus to get to Big Bird.

My heart is just bursting with pride!

"Bodily functions" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bodily functions".

As of 2:12 pm PST Big Bird is still trending on Twitter. nt

Here's to WKOW in Madison. The best live stream I've seen in a long time. The camera work

Obama's approval on Gallup Daily Tracking highest ever at 54%

Dr. Richard Carmona for Senate in Arizona!

Boykin: Israel Should Strike Iran Before Obama Is Re-Elected

President Obama: Mitt will get rid of regulations on Wall Street...crack down on Sesame Street

I'm sure this debate has been studied multiple times by now. I am

7-Election 2012

Honolulu Civil Beat: HAWAII - (OBAMA +32)

Study: More young people will vote this year than in ’08

Shoe fly

"That Big Bird Comment did more to Harm Romney than anything Obama could have said last night."

Just got polled on my cellphone (FL-09 - Grayson)

Mitt is still fucked™

Romney gave all of us a hair cut last night

Page scrubbed showing Rmoney with cheat sheet.

I am trying, but I can't get past Obama's terrible performance last night.

"Once you say 'lie' then the argument is over."-Chris Matthews

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/04/2012)

My random thoughts from last night

I always cringe at least a little when I post in other Groups/Forums.

Workers at San Onofre Nuclear Plant Report Culture of Fear, Deep Mistrust

Mitt’s meaningless victory

What in the world is going on? Two uncles in one day.

Was there anything in that debate that people will remember past the weekend?

8-Year-Old Big Bird Fan To Mitt Romney: 'You Find Something Else To Cut Off!'

Wall Street Stunned By Romney's Bank Comments

My debate analogy - based on Rocky III

Why are right wingers so quick to unfriend liberals on Facebook?

Obama seeks to change campaign mood after poor debate reviews

Spectacular news - the lost kitten made it home!!!!

Reading University's Atheist Society 'Thrown Out Of Fair Over Blasphemous Mohammed Pineapple'

A pyrrhic victory at best...

Workers at San Onofre Nuclear Plant Report Culture of Fear, Deep Mistrust

I watched debate on c-span

Romney’s Own Website Refutes His Claim About Tax Cuts For The Rich

In Council Bluffs, Joe Biden stands by 'buddy'

Obama Is Ali

Photo: President Obama speaks to 30,000 in Madison, WI

Rejected by Religions, but Not by Believers

DU this poll!! Who belongs in the White House?

I'd Rather Win The Election Than A Debate

This meme needs to go beyond Big Bird!

A Catholic Case for the Reelection of President Obama

Mexican cafe gets death threats after refusing Romney visit

Memo to Barack: You have our love,votes, and support..BUT DON'T mess WITH SOCIAL SECURITY!!

Mr. Romney: You snookered them last night, but we still want to see the tax returns

Rasmussen: WASHINGTON - SENATE (Cantwell +20)

Will Rmoney have to go into rehab after the election?

Elect me class president and I promise to eliminate all homework & add candy bars to lunch menu.

Sometimes you just want a basic car, no options.

Romney Rally in Tampa Bay FL tomorrow!

"Anyone here ever competitively run the outdoor one-mile race ?" Some thoughts on the debate...

New Reuters Poll: Romney Makes Small Gains from Debate

President's MEDIA strategy for last night's debate: Remember "the private sector is doing fine?"

Why the entire left needs to recognize and expose the Gish Gallop before the next debate:

"He sheds his personas like a snake shedding its skin"

Happy feast day of St. Francis!

There's only one rule in a heavyweight championship fight:

Did Romney Cheat at the debates?

And Big Bird will lose his health insurance too !

Hugo Chávez stages last major rally before Venezuela election (Rightwing Telegraph source)

Romney Won the Debate, but Lost the Election = by Mike Hersh

Terrific news - Goba the lost kitten is home!

All Things Considered is beginning to turn...

Woman of the Week: Mimi Chakarova

I'm pretty tolerant of liberal use of alerts -

Fantabulous news - the lost kitten is home!!!!

Your light and vibes worked - Goba the lost kitten is HOME!!!

President Obama & 30,000 of his supporters at the University of Wisconsin in Madison - Awesome pics!

Anyone else notice that election coverage changed AFTER Obama declined the Iranian War Push?

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder: “I Want Alan Grayson to Be My Congressman”

Hidden camera captures GOP training "poll challengers" in illegal voter suppression

Martin Bashir - The two faces of Mitt Romney and the ugly remarks of John Sununu

New Jeans and Fleece Deals Made in the USA on SALE

Mitt's Health Plan.

Big Birds Response To Rmoney......

Image captures violent death of a star

Romney Style (parody video)

Leave Big Bird Alone. Picture included.

Romney acted like a rich boarding school 7th grader on a debating team who tried to say everything

Remember that Romney said he likes to fire people.

Wal-Mart workers on strike (First time in Wal-Mart’s 50-year history)

Well I know now we are doing the job right

Some proof of Repuke hopes for an appearance of the Angry Black Man last night

I've figured out my intense dislike of Mitt...he reminds me of the worst of the CEOs

Rmoney lies throughout debate. Right-wing group claims lie detector test failed.

Melting permafrost CO2 may cause another 0.25C rise whatever we do now

Ponder this: Did Obama deliberately choose not to call out Romney's lies?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 6 -- The Essentials: Directors Acting in Another Director's Movie

I have the president's back.

Lot's of why's, when's and a suggestion or two....

POLL: What is going to end up hurting Romney the most?

Found this interesting, debate tactic: Gish Gallop...

Non Specific Deity, Save me.

Music Video: The Debate

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 7 -- Tonight on TCM: Eve Arden

Trust me, I got this....

Did Reverend Al just call out Jim Lehrer?

Martin Bashir - Obama’s poor command of stage vs. Romney’s poor command of facts

And Jake Tapper floats the "last 4 years, the President has lived in a bubble" balloon.

Local crowd prefers Obama, but criticizes debate (Santa Fe newspaper)

Martin Bashir - Woodhouse: If Romney ‘was speaking last night, he was lying’

Obama's Approval Rating Soars To Its Highest Point In Three Years

Romney to the rich: "You'll be fine with Obama."

TMZ: Jim Lehrer: I felt kinda disrespected

"Wutz wrong wit dis fuccin' guy?"

Romney's energy claims at debate match many of his other claims: They're bogus

President Obama campaigning today said, "We didn't know Big Bird was

Rats and mold at Guantanamo prompt request to postpone hearing in Sept. 11 case

I have a bad feeling about how SNL is going to play this....

Study: Denver had nation's highest number of presidential ads after conventions

Can somebody PLEASE compile and post a Romney Flip Flop Video ....

Romney lost the debate when he dismissed the moderator and made his own rules

Invisible Children as a "Trojan Horse"

“It’s not my job to worry about those people”.Those 9 words spoken by Romney need to be in a TV ad.

Warnings over EU nuclear safety

The New “Golden Age of Oil” That Wasn’t: Forecasts of Abundance Collide with Planetary Realities

Luke Skywalker speaks out on Romney

Was 'Latest Threads' doing something weird last night (debate night)?

Papantonio: Republicans Full Of "Dog Hope" After Debate

EU in favour of tougher nuclear insurance

Didn't watch the debate. Don't care. Trust Obama & Don't Romney.


Anyone know what to do if you're seeing spots?

Grover fired by Romney! (That would be Sesame Street not Norquist - sorry!)

On October 8th, 2012, President Obama will travel to Keene, California (free tickets)

grown man caught on video imitating limp of 10 year girl

The President's stop in Madison

Daily KOS first POST DEBATE POLL: Obama gains amoung Independents

Meanwhile in Las Vegas....

Here was my take on the debate last night, as a looney lefty

Obama ad hammers Romney for lying about his tax plan during debate

Red Sox target John Farrell to replace Bobby Valentine

Here we go again. I'm reposting this because we have to keep the faith.

Low Mississippi River Reveals Sunken WWII Ship

Listen to the complete Adele James Bond Theme

Props to Hifiguy for the best description of Mitt: Bullshit on stilts

Obama September Fundraising Tops $150 Million, Sets Record

Only a Republican could...

Cat for sale

Let's congratulate Mitt...

LOLOMGWTFBBQ... Lovehoney Announces Fifty Shades of Grey - The Official Collection

Republicans should fear LGBT people. Why?

Sioux Racing to Find Millions to Buy Sacred Land in Black Hills

President Obama lost WHAT in that debate?

Just got back from Madison, WI Obama rally

Western Oregon is in Drought Officially!

Oh My God, That’s Disgusting! A Story of Violating Workers and Cleanliness in LA

Presidential Debate Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment- Mitt Takes Big Bird out with a chainsaw?

You know you are tired when...

Fakers Use Wheelchairs to Dodge Airport Lines

No one's taking the bait.... (Daily Kos toon)

Even Andrea Mitchell has her Dog-whistle Limit

Did I understand Willard correctly? He will kill Sesame Street and fire Big Bird?

Have they calmed down on MSNBC yet?

Nielsen: 67.2 million watched debate

For all the armchair debaters

Do We Want Obama To Win? If So, Then Let's Move Onward.

My Extremely low information voter friend had this to say about the Debates

Compulsive about keeping busy.

Board (NLRB) finds Hotel Bel-Air violated labor law by failing to bargain to impasse with union

One guy has a day job. The other guy has been running for the office for 6-7 years.

Political Masterpiece by the President Last Night.

Twitter Big Bird

Board finds NY State construction company violated labor law by unilaterally withdrawing from obliga

Rob Zerban beats Paul Ryan in fundraising 3rd Q

Twitter will destroy Rmoney. Use it.

Tweety, Halperin, Leonhardt, Brafman on the debate - Barbara Simons (Broken Ballots) -Charlie Rose

Romney lost big last night

The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice

As I posted earlier, chill out.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 October 2012

Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama with 54% approval rating.

Sununu on Obama: ‘When You’re Not That Bright You Can’t Get Better Prepared’

*Interview on NewsHour w debate watchers in Florida,

(Democratic) Candidate slammed for World of Warcraft fandom

The angry black man is so 2008

Bum on the deficit:

Fortune: Fact check: Obama isn't killing small banks

Phily teacher kicks girl out of class for sporting Romney shirt


Hilarious... Chinese cartoon reenactment of the debate

I posted this in LBN

Parole Granted to Former Manson Family Member Bruce Davis

Reading the news after last night's debate...

The Pawlenty Rule

Re R$: We're expecting reason from a millionaire with a persecution complex...

As bummed out as I was this morning I know one thing

I think Chris Hayes may have caused Rudy Giuliani to Shit his Pants last night on MSNBC

Phrases guaranteed to get the poster on my "ignore" list...

In human affairs there is only one thing I know to be an absolute immovable fact:


Miller Lite Redefines "LGBT" With Gay Ad

When I'm shocked, I look for meaning

Bush Lawyer: Proposed Romney Torture Policy Is ‘Indisputably Illegal’

Romney tried some razzle-dazzle, but that's all it was. Reminds me of Richard Gere in"Chicago".

The unbelieveable fake Glen Beck shows us how he cries on cue! Devastating video!

Critics of Pres. Obama's debate style aren't going to spend the next week grousing about it . . .

Ann Coulter is on a daylong rewriting of her own history tour

Watching 'The Insider' & their lead story was the debate, it was very cool!

It's really interesting to read the TRANSCRIPT

I want to thank the Juror's for my recent alert.

Bob Woodward believes Obama was distracted last night. Something "big" internationally was happening

Last thought for Chris Matthews.


New Ad Questions Romney’s Ability To Serve As Commander-In-Chief

MiddleFingerMom is marshaling his bodily functions...

Fukushima Update: Hysterical Reports Dropping to Safe Levels

Who's next, Mitt? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny?

"float like a butterfly sting like a bee"

Romney lied about Health Care cost increases being driven by the ACA

My childhood indulgence now sucks

Obama's Big Challenge - Can He Bounce Back?

I've heard of jump seats on an airplane, but this is ridiculous.....

If I were Joe Biden.........

I just had an epiphany regarding why Obama did not attack Romney during the debate.

List of Repukes who want to cut PBS and their challengers

I contributed to Obama's campaign as soon as the debate was over! Did you?

The Free Gaza Movement Shows Its Anti-Semitic Face (UPDATED)

Please remember this:

How did Chris Matthews act on Hardball tonight?nt

Chris Rock on Twitter

Bad Hare day.

Nate Silver: Romney’s ‘field goal’ in debate #1 not a game winner

More texting with lobbyists in Orlando, Florida.

Einstein Letter, set for Auction, shows scientist challenging the idea of God, being 'Chosen'

I was collared by a 96yr old man today...

So, I feel that this morning pulled the plug on the life-support for whatever "liberally biased

A dangerous trend,

An 11 year-old boy has discovered one of the most exquisitely preserved wooly mammoths ever found.

The local snooze media's biggest comments have

Very low tax rate historically. Where are the jobs?

Obama and his anger translator

Sign up to stay in the loop on what's up at Walmart (first ever strike)

TYT: Hilarious Christian Right Contraception Video

We've got your back, Mr President

"Instead of regulating Wall Street Mitt is gutting Sesame Street" or something to

Americans Enjoy Aggressively told lies

Groups to distribute anti-corruption leaflets outside Orlando banks

worth revisiting! The publisher of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, is offering the sum for the skinny

Crowd Size Question/Comparison

sports analogy debate verdict: a called strike.

Rape culture 101

It's almost over....sigh

Romney gains after debate ... with Republicans (Obama with independents)

Free birth control cuts abortion rate dramatically, study finds

Mitt Ramney does not deserve the NRA endorsement

President Obama Remarks in Denver, Colorado - Full Speech

Don't forget Mitt's "fire" comment!

Michael Moore Went On A 24-Tweet Rant Hammering Obama's Debate Performance

NJ Gov. Christie says he's not anti-union

I believe the reason most liberals were upset about last night's

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Rocky Mountain Lie & a new Kitty gif

An alternative hypothesis regarding President Obama's debate performance last night

How misinformation spreads

Canadian online pharmacy ordered to stop marketing to U.S.

Anybody in Michigan seeing any Pete Hoekstra ads?

Let's get one thing straight....

Venezuela election: Chávez holds mass rally on final day of campaigning

Try CNN - Jennifer Granholm vs Newt Gingrich

Maddow is showing clips how Mondale skewered incumbent Reagan in debate.....

Some things should NOT make me smile

I can see Granholm as the head of the DNC...nt

I don't think these kind of ads belong here

D.C. officer has unexpected pit bull encounter

When I finally see her up close, I realize I would never have pegged her as a voter

Imagine if your words could move markets and start wars

What I would like to hear in Obama's summary statement next time

Expanded 2012 Presidential Debate - Denver, Colordo - October 3, 2012

Walmart Warehouse Workers Fight for the Future of Work

Ask any Olympic champ -- timing is everything

FB will be the death of me...........

It's No Wonder Obama Was Off His Game

G.O.P. Operative Long Trailed by Allegations of Voter Fraud

Lehrer reminded me of 'this' guy from Office Space ...

Paul Ryan outraised by House opponent (D-Rob Zerban)

The 7-11 vote is in

"He'll get rid of regulations on Wall St., but crack down on Sesame Street"

People, I don't give a flying **** at a rolling donut who pundits say won the debate

Federal Judge Approves Scaled-Down Florida Voter Purge.

Mexican cafe gets death threats after refusing Romney visit

Thousands protest in Turkey over Syria mandate

Welcome to CANADA!

Message for Jeb Crow Shrub: Hey, Jebster, you'll never be Prez!1

Has anyone seen polls of last night's debate broken down by gender?

Nielsen: 67.2 million people watched first Obama-Romney debate

This GD post needs some love

Did I see something in Michelle Obama's expression just before the debate started ?

Limbaugh asks "Will Leftists Riot If Romney Wins?"

I hate to admit it, but I enjoy "Sons of Anarchy".

Romney swaps with Obama!

The ED Show - Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird

ya know, he's got a good point

I'll miss Big Bird.

Free Jon Bon Jovi concert in Denver Sat Oct 6 in support of Obama

Anybody who gets the willies from an "Angry Black Man" probably was never an Obama voter anyway

Obama: I debated an Imposter!

Vice President Joe Biden's Post-Debate Remarks (VIDEO:)

What to do if challenged by a GOP pollwatcher.

Best graphic I've seen to date describing last night's debate

Punjabi atheists unite in Canada

Occupy Sesame Street!

Ho Lee Shit... On The Theory That Maybe Obama Is Doin A Rope-A-Dope ...

TiVo Declares Big Bird Moment "Tops" of Last Night's Presidential Debate

Libor Gets Religion

Hey!!! let that fu#*er bleed slowly.....

Do you think we will have any problem lowering expectations for next debate?

Stop the attack on Social Security.

The ED Show - Mitt Romney transforms himself again

Historically Dry Conditions Lead to Continued Fire Danger

Disturbing FB post by a good friend - EQUATING BOTH SIDES in this race!!!


"Mitt Romney is the Ron Jeremy of politicians, every day he's in a different position" -Bashir

Does Du alert a person if their post has been alerted on, but left alone?

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won the first MLB Triple Crown in 45 years yesterday

Elizabeth Warren for MA | Radio Ad: Model Justice


The first debate went to Governor Pinnocchio for his spirited defense of a string of lies

Jim Lehrer's Mea Culpa: Explains What Went Wrong

Chris Hayes has to stop staring at Alex Wagner.

The ED Show - Romney's $5 trillion lie

Osama bin Laden movie to air weekend before election

So Willard Romney Was Against The 47% Before He Was Before Them

Lying for the Lord - Mormon style

Willard drops by FOX's No. 1 race-baiter's show for post-debate exclusive interview

speaking of Big Bird and the gang... Is it true Cookie Monster is now known as the Veggie monster?

Image: Mitt's foreign policy experience compared to Obama'

Psst, if a person behaves belligerently to the host on the cable shows....

Big Bird GIF

Mitt's needless, almost goading cruelty

Big Bird you are fired...

Could "Romney Lose The Mommy" Vote Over The Big Bird Debacle?

"An Unhelpful Debate" Opinion at the NY Times

About that Debate last Night...after much thought, I will admit.....

Daryl Hannah Arrested in Texas Protesting Pipeline

Romney Surrogate,John Sununu, Calls Obama Stupid On Fox News And Lazy On MSNBC.

Am I the ONLY one really bothered by the mentioning of firing Big Bird?

Hey Bay Area DUers, want some Blues and BBQ Saturday in San Jose?...

An early preview of Mitt Romney's Christmas card, courtesy of Mad Magazine :)

Why Let the Rich Hoard All the Toys?-N. Kristof

Romney's Biggest (And Least Discussed) Lie of the Debate

You know, by NOT bringing up the 47% last night...

The ED Show - Romney unleashes torrent of lies at debate

Flip Flopney at his best...

Todd Akin Failed To Report State Pension

Can anyone name a program that is for us regular folks or

Big Bird gets Seamus'd (updated w/Mitt's response to new jobs data)

Romney Celebrates Debate Performance by Citing 'Non-Partisan' Analysis from Cheney-Backed Think Tank

My apolitical coworker's comments about the debate lifted my spirits today

One of the biggest myths Romney told


Elizabeth Warren for MA | Radio Ad: Model Justice

My friend was murdered.

Venezuela twitter trends tonight after the closing of campaigns:

My husband who SLEPT through last night's debate has set my blood pressure to 1000

Well I'll Be Damned.

You know what kind of ad I'd like to see?

By now, Obama surely knows what tomorrow's jobs numbers are

NHL cancels first two weeks of regular season

Mr. Rogers has a message for Mitt regarding Big Bird

Cold War Biological Weapons Tests . . . In St. Louis.

Okay, I Bought The Books, "A Song of Fire and Ice" **NO SPOILERS**

Big Bird Now Featured In Game About Romney's Dog

"Romney Won Using a Debate Technique Called the 'Gish Gallop'" by AmBushed at the Daily Kos

Rachel Maddow - Legally bereft, war on voting adopts strategy of deception

I wish Obama had said this in his closing remarks:

I went with my son to register to vote today.

Free Birth Control Cuts Abortion Rate Dramatically

Kountze Cheerleaders Win The Right To Pray Another Day, For Now

Everything I ever needed to know about Economics rant

"Jobs, jobs, jobs"

Kountze Cheerleaders Win The Right To Pray Another Day, For Now

Has anyone seen the Atlas Shrugged trailer?

I like PBS, I like Big Bird, I actually like you, too.

Oh wow!!! Everyone has to see the rerun of The REWRITE on The Last Word

BREAKING: GOP Adopts a New Mascot!

Ha ha it appears rmoney's 1st debate will be remembered by big bird!!!!!

*Nate Silver just updated chances for PrezO to win to 86%!

"Like a bull to a Matador" was a description of how Romney approached the President

FUCK MITT ROMNEY!! Nate Silver has President Obama up to 86% for the win!! Highest ever!!!

After listening to the radio and watching a few news shows today... there is a common theme

Rachel Maddow - Romney dissembling a debate challenge for Obama

Commander in Chief

Wow. The Daily Show is so yesterday.

Jon Stewart was spot on

The fundamentals of this election have not changed

Obscene Phone Bust

School board to apologize for yearbook slur printed 42 years ago

Business Insider: Jobs Report tomorrow could be 8.2% Unemployment

So far Obama lead down 1 to 2 points post debate

I just noticed something...

Obama And Romney Draw Large Post-Debate Crowds

This is what Obama did to Romney.

Consignment store percentages -- what's fair?

Romney backtracks on 47% comments 17 days later.

According to Bloomberg, the unemployment rate is a full 1.0% lower than a year ago

Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine

Romney On 47 Percent: ‘I Said Something That’s Just Completely Wrong’

Idea: Change your FB Profile Pic to a Muppet until After Election

Latest Obama supporters!

Cool group. Snowblink

Cool new group. Snowblink

They both were oxygen-starved.

No matter how I try

SURPRISE!!! NRA Endorses Mitt Romney

New image from the DNC: BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTERS 'B and S'

Fishink website

I Did Things Backwards

"So, About That CNN Snap Poll" by the SilverMonkey at Daily Kos

Snoopy and the Apollo 10 Gang Go to Space

At 8:31am tomorrow, my mood about the debate will change drastically

Consignment store percentages -- what's fair?

"Romney’s policy vagueness pays off" by Ezra Klein at WP

Another 5,307 Democrats and 2,247 "Republicans" Registered to vote in Florida on 10/3

Link to my appearance on Arlene Barshinger's new radio show, N the Queue.

A quick, easy to digest, summary of Romney's debate lies:

"..he stabs you in the face but does so in a way that makes you thank him and shake his clammy hand"

I think in the 2nd debate......

Mark Belling steps in it again...

Tomorrow's Job Report And The Political Spin

Jim Lehrer wanted contrast at last night's debate...Romney(latter) Vs. Romney(former)

Romney DIDN"T work across the aisle in MA as he claimed in the debate