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"...he thought he spoke english too!"


On reddit a multi-millionaire's AMA

Another 2,485 Democrats and 986 "Republicans" registered to vote in Florida on 10/1.

California AG Kamala Harris mentioned as potential Supreme Court Justice.

Drudge already gave up on the Obama "bombshell".

Let me know if I shouldn't do this...

Michelle Malkin fuming over fizzled Obama "bombshell".

Tucker Carlson Reported Obama Video In 2007 On MSNBC, Slammed Politicization Of ‘Unjustifiable’ Crim

here it comes....NBC/WSJ poll: Obama maintains lead, but Romney within striking distance

Alarming breast cancer rates among troops reported

Need a place to hang and play drinking games for the debate?

Lizz Winstead on Drudge's " #Romshell

Romney is promising empathy and zingers at the debates.

When did Hannity

Not sure if I can fight one more day.

Excellent piece on voting machine concerns on CBS 4 Miami tonight.

More Racism from an RMoney Representative

It's the only card the right-wing has left - the race card

Great Pic - Obama before his first Presidential debate in 2008

You know what ACTUALLY IS still secret from 2007?

Who is Justice Soda My Ear?

great new music video supporting gay marriage

I don't know if anybody else will agree with this, but for a while now I've had this glimmer

Wayne Powell's hard hitting new ad: "Bought and Paid For"

This is how you quickly do the math on the Romney-Ryan tax plan

Obama is dominating 7-Eleven's 7-Election promotion (62% to 39%):

The worst part of being unemployed...

Hannity/Drudge remind me of that scene from "Blazing Saddles"

Conservative media release old video of Obama in failed 'explosive' exclusive

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary, Barack and Michelle Obama!

Anatomy of a Political `News’ Hit (RE: Drudge "bombshell")

On the lighter side, what is one of your favorite sitcom's?

Obama 348, Romney 190: UAH astrophysicist, who got it right twice before, predicts electoral results

Romney is paying Ex-Black Panther Preacher to Travel with and Pray at Campaign Rallies

Jerome Ersland is Appealing his Murder Conviction

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson open to running for president again in 2016

Another Romney Flip Flop--Romney WON'T deport young illegal immigrants allowed to live & Work Here

my autistic son asked me who would be better for pres

Thanks, Apple, but I've had enough cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Sacramento Black Panther Turned Preacher To Stump For Romney

The God “in Whom we live, move and have our Being” is also called PRESENCE and also AWARENESS.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, October 2)

What are some of the oddest accents you've heard?

Maybe the most unintentionally hilarious comment about this Obama tape...

Drudge to release radical new scientific theory tomorrow at noon.

Empathetic zingers, Romney-style.

I don't want to get paranoid . . .

Ryan should announce a "Medicare to work" program

10/02/12 The Last Word - Rewriting Romney's Debate Strategy - video link

Archae appears at the Cross-Time Cafe again...

Pulpit Freedom Sunday -- Should the Church Be Tax-Exempt?

Jon Stewart & Co. Mock Voter ID Laws Intended To Resolve ‘Nonexistent’ Problem - video link

Eliminate the deficit instantly

L.A. repeals its ban on pot stores

You gotta watch this video! This guy tears Hannity a new a$$!

Washington State use to be proud of having Boeing in its state

My take on "the tape."

Todd Akin In 2008: Doctors Give Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant (VIDEO)

Alan Jones Debriefing

Something strange in the polls?

Time for all of us to make a big deal about Drudge's homophobic hypocrisy.

Wanna chat with the BBC? Here's how.

how much gasoline does usa export daily

I hope McCaskill wins, but if the voters of Missouri

Daily Caller Uncovers Stunning New Obama Tape

New Study Affirms Less Copyright Restrictions Benefit the Economy, Amid Renewed Calls for SOPA 2.0

GOP's new October Surprise-Obama's "racist" Katrina tape

Study: Stupid Photos of Adorable Cats Boost Workplace Productivity

Oregon Farmer Eaten by Pigs

The Secrecy Must Be Stopped: Congress Members Probe USTR on the Confidential TPP Negotiations

Okay. I'm thinking I need a bunch of skeptics here.

What I wish Elizabeth had said . . .

I have a cabin with a surface well and need some advice...

Why is it ok for these fools to bring up Rev. Wright but we can't talk about Mormonism

How To Lose Your Job To A Robot

Federal Report Calls for Cuts, Ignores Americans’ Retirement-Security Crisis

"All God's children are not beautiful."

Nun Breaks Into Nuke Plant

Former US President Carter: Venezuelan Electoral System “Best in the World”

Trudeau Says He Will Seek Leadership of Canada’s Liberals

Active Presidential Website


Scott Brown = perfect date for Chrissy (Suzanne Somers) in Three's Company

Bombs hit Syrian government Aleppo, many casualties

China firm sues Obama over blocked US wind farm deal

Pass It On: What Romney Did At Bain Is The Same Thing Gangsters Did In Goodfellas...Rolling Stone

NRA role in training gun owners under scrutiny in Oakland County

All Mitt has to do to "win" the debate is stay at or above room temperature

Women brought all politicians into the world--

If the Obama tape is the other side's October surprise, I hope they have something else planned.

Anatomy of the "Obama Tape" and why it won't work.

Why is that idiot bicyclist in my lane?

Homophobia found in only one species

Romney Invests In “Number One Geopolitical Foe” Russia

Who won the Paul Sadler-Ted Cruz debate? Heh-heh-heh-heh.......

Rachel has story about Repubs stopping their new voter sign-up in five states

Clive Palmer to unveil Titanic II design in New York

An ‘Impossible’ France?: Experiment Could Deliver Blow to One of Capitalism's Biggest Myths

Daniel Radcliffe grows horns.

Nowhere in this Scott Brown ad does he ask the pertinent questions

Controversial Stuart yard signs upset neighbors

There is nothing WilLIARd Rmoney could say in a debate

Toronto transit for sale: Private operators are accountable to shareholders, not riders

I'm assuming Obama & his team have watched Mitt's previous debates with Ted Kennedy etc.?

Post from Scott Van Duzer (Pizza Guy)

Lawsuits part of effort to get state officials to comply with (MI) medical marijuana law

Judge Declines To Block Missouri Disturbing Worship Law

'Friends' posting lovely Rmoney propaganda to facebook...

Poll exclusive: President Obama winning message war

Hardliners, Weapons-Makers the Real Winners in Japan-China Dispute

where would you send someone that wanted to consolidate their debt?

The 10 Most Dangerous Religious Right Organizations

Mes Aynak Update: Archaeologists under attack

Oh Man Joe Madison is on FIRE this morning over the latest Wright flap

Meet the Bank CEO Fighting to Foreclose on a Wheelchair-Bound Cancer Patient

NBC/WSJ/Marist: FLORIDA (Obama +1), VIRGINIA (Obama +2), OHIO (Obama +8)

Dutch abortion boat heads to Morocco

Columbus Dispatch: Mandel's account of confrontation differs from evidence (VIDEO)

Would the "trash thread" feature be helpful in Advanced Search?

Venezuela: Diosdado Cabello thinks Capriles is ahead. Suggests terrorist attacks and false flags.

Website calls on people to become 'bat detectives'

Obama 348, Romney 190: UAH astrophysicist, who got it right twice before, predicts electoral results

Paul Rosenberg, AJE: The mask of sanity is slipping from the GOP





Ann Coulter......... disgusting

Mitt Romney Considering Infamous Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO To Replace Geithner


10 things that used to be free

Too Little Nitrogen May Restrain Plants' Carbon Storage Capability

MORNING JOE talking about Romney needing to decide if he should pull out of Ohio...

GOP Voter Registration Strategy ... 'Taking a Poll' to Screen Out Obama Supporters

They wouldn't fit on Mt. Rushmore, so........

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat

David Cone calls Ichiro’s bat a "chopstick"...

Iranian police clash with protesters over currency plunge

About time! New York Charges JPMorgan with Mortgage Michael Collins

Two things I expect to hear from Rmoney tonight

Veteran Class Certified in Drug 'Guinea Pig' Case

Romney releases 2nd direct-to-camera spot

Are headlines suppose to mislead the reader?

Happy Birthday, Rev. Sharpton!

Court Tosses RNC Challenge to Cash Rules

What do you hate to see your taxes being used for?

Mitt Romney Style Gangnam Style Parody!!!

U.S. Private-Sector Employment Increased by 162,000 Jobs in September, According to ADP

Inquiry Cites Flaws in Counterterrorism Offices

I Bring You Good Tithings -DemocracyCorps/Resurgent Republic Poll -0bama (D) 51% -Romney ($) 44%

How Romney gets fired up

NPR poll: Obama with a 7-point lead among likely voters nationally

Sexual Objectification: Stop Daily Rituals.

Buckeye State Poll- Obama (D) 51% -Romney ($) 43%

BREAKING: ADP Sep. 2012 Employment Report - 162,000 Jobs Added in September

Sunshine State Poll -Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 46%

Old Dominion State Poll-Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 46%

FL Poll-Bill Nelson (D) 52% -Cornelius McGillicuddy IV ($) 41%

Girl, 6, suffers severe burns while styling hair

Republicans Underwater

Tom Toles: 'The one thing he couldn't bear to hear'

VA Poll-Tim Kaine (D) 49% Macaca ($) 44%

The Bobblespeak Translations

David Harvey on Rebel Cities

Study: Bald Men Perceived To Be Better Leaders....

Akin - Government Has No Business In What Employers Agree To Pay Employees/End Of Minimum Wage

I trust our President, don't you?

Akin in 2008: Doctors Give Abortions To Women “Who Are Not Actually Pregnant” its “common practice.”

The Mes Aynak Petition 6500 signatures

The National playing two concerts for Obama in Ohio (today and tomorrow)

Back to Clinton?

Seen the coal miners in these ads?... they were told that attendance at Romney's rally was mandatory

U.S. private sector added 162,000 jobs in September, more than 153,000 expected

Daily Caller/Drudge video fallout, another disaster created by and for Republicans

Mitt Romney is getting in some last minute prep work for the debate tonight (pix)

NY freshman murdered by boyfriend (trigger warning!!)

"Republican brand: Still ‘dog food’" on The Fix (Washington Post political blog) by Aaron Blake

The Tale of Tommy & Mitt A short video

Right-wing racial panic

DCCC Cancels Three Weeks of Buys in Seats It Feels Are Safe

"Romney does have a low bar,"... "The public expectation is that Obama is going to clean his clock."

Joe Scab really excited this morning. MITT CAN WIN! THE POLLS ARE TIGHTENING!

Aren't all the people who respond to the racist dog-whistles

Condoleezza Rice During Katrina: 'We Clearly Have A Race Problem'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Debatable

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Voter frauds

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

How Desperate Are The Republicans To Resurrect The "OMG-Obama Is Black" Video?

Get ready for the MSM to go all out shilling for Romney tonight...

Did you hear Zbigniew Brzenzski posit his "conspiracy theory" about the anti-Muslim video on

Would someone please remind the ReTHUGS who are

The Cutter Memo: What to Expect in Tonight's Debate

Sean Hannity Confronted Over His Relationship With Neo-Nazi Hal Turner

Despite record profits, the Banksters are glum about their future


Scott Brown / Elizabeth Warren Debate Debacle

You Can't Lead A Good Life On A US Factory Job Anymore

An ‘Impossible’ France?: Experiment Could Deliver Blow to One of Capitalism's Biggest Myths

Firm hired by Florida GOP knew weeks ago of possibly fraudulent voter registrations

'striking distance' media dreams of horse race.

Ahead Of First Debate, NPR Poll Shows Romney Within Striking Distance

Can this be true about the DNC convention? A friend wants to know.

NY AG prosecutes banksters for mortgage fraud; Analyst says banks should move their HQs

Drinking game for tonights debate.

LOL! Poll has Obama up by 7 but headline is 'Romney within striking distance'

Republicans Underwater

Wife just called The local Board of Elections.

The US Is The Only Country Where A Majority Approve Of Drone Strikes

The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media

Michael Moore @ KVML Banned Books Week 2012

Mitch McConnell has done a great job for the Republican Party...

New Orleans Prosecutor Drops A Joint Out Of His Pocket In Court Read more: http://www.businessinsid

'It was so transparent, what they were trying to do. Mitt Romney has been taking heat for weeks now'

"I'm Still Somplace' (A wonderful letter of solace on the death of a pet dog)

Fiscal Cliffs: Can We Drive The Rich Over One, Leave The People Safe?

the 'Conservative American' will always be presented as the more Authentic American.

RCP is at it again

Whose bright idea was it to schedule the debate on the last day of the baseball season?

How The Hell Can The Polls Be Tightening & Rmoney Be Within...

Rutgers Poll: Obama has 17-pt. lead over Romney in NJ

No Joy on Wall Street as Biggest Banks Earn $63 Billion

Online schools face backlash as states question results

Any self-employed out there? Any HSA users?

Employment Rise on Restaurants in U.S. Doing Quick Service: Jobs

Drudge's never seen Obama is Black tape was not only covered in 2008, but also made Politico's top..

Happy 20th Anniversary to the First Couple

BO: Twenty years ago today, I married the love of my life . . .

Everybody...Do the Snoopy dance! Hubby and I did!

Why Do Republicans Get Their Underwear In A Bunch Over So Called Hyphenated Americans

2,437,163 died in America in 2009

Rasmussen: OBAMA (+2)

Absentee military ballots - maybe there are fewer overseas/deployed this cycle

U.S. Quick Service Restaurants Drive Employment Gain

Drumbeat: October 3, 2012

Momentary Flabbergastation

Drumbeat: October 3, 2012

Chelsea Clinton Exited Wall Street to Seek Career With Meaning

I don't like Ed Rendell

Fiscal Cliffs: Can We Drive The Rich Over One, Leave The People Safe?

BREAKING NEWS: Romney claimed he "never managed" Bain Capital!

Finally convinced my Mother to vote for Obama!

Good for her!

The Fading Rangers could be forced to play the Wild card play-in game at

Auto Rebound Steers U.S. Economy Back From Lehman Debacle

Keep It Quick? Whistleblower Manning trial drawn out indefinitely

NY Jets Owner: I’d Rather Have Mitt Romney Win than the Jets

Dead, wounded as Syrian shells fall inside Turkey: witnesses

For all of you Denver Bronco fans out there...

Assange: "From today WikiLeaks has decided to intervene in the U.S. federal election."

CNN: Release Of Obama Vid Showed A "High Level Of Coordination" Among Daily Caller, Drudge & FOX

Do you have an offshore bank account?

** LEAKED ** Romney's pre-written and rehearsed "Zingers" !

Allergy rises not down to being too clean, just losing touch with 'old friends'

French state to reimburse abortions by 100%

99 deg F in Tucson today. Meanwhile, in Montana:

The new "Amazon" tax goes into effect this week

I gave this guy $10,000 to help my business...

Okay! Who broke the Lounge?

how much Candy Crowley fail should we expect tonight? (How much snooper fail LOL)

PA. Still Paying for Radio Ads telling people they can't vote without a photo ID

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: Video touted on Drudge Report a 'desperate attack to change the subject'

I Hope President Obama Beats Willard Tonight Like He Stole Something

It's hump day, ask me anything...

The POTUS = Bruce Lee, Willard = Chuck Norris

Jobs are for We, The People. Budget Cuts are for Billionaires. Who Will Prevail?

For a limited time only the Lounge Jewelery Store has a special on quartz watches.

Jetblue: Free Flights For Disgruntled Voters

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 3, 1967


Is Bill Clinton still campaigning regularly for President Obama?

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 3, 1967

I can't wait for the self destruction tonight!!!

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Debate

So Tea baggers.

What Are the Religious Issues to Watch for in the Debates?

PERFECT TOON - in advance of tonight's debate!

Should Willard Romney Explain Why Matt Drudge Is An Auxiliary To His Campaign?

Unmasking the most influential billionaire in U.S. politics

"I had this impulse to hug him, so I did. And I cried. I think I even got tears on the VP's jacket!"

Why We Are So Rude Online

Poll: Most Americans don’t think Scientology is a religion

Turning 'Republican' Into a Bad Word

This is what this debate comes down to:

Bush Lawyer: Proposed Romney Torture Policy Is ‘Indisputably Illegal’

Judge dismisses Pa. suit over ‘Year of the Bible’

Here we go again. The GOP are jumping all over Biden's the middle class has been buried comment.

Areva quits race for Britain's Horizon nuclear project

Nate Silver: Expect a Small Romney Bounce Over the Next Week

They were definitely planning on stealing Florida. A quick employment ads search showed:

A comprehensive list of GMO foods to Boycott and the companies that make them.

Hydroponic greenhouses on top of supermarkets !

Nokia mulls selling its headquarters

Won't do a bit of good, but I just contacted all four major tv stations in this area

The 3 Laws of GOP-botics:

How many star members have you on "Ignore"?

What will Romney do after he loses the election?

The Rude Pundit: What Obama Should Say, 2012 (Rude Version)

Another shoe about to drop on Paul Ryan

Saw my first Crossroads ad this morning, and I have to say that Rove

Cartoon my daughter sent me

Impact of ACA on Social Security?

Toon - "We decided we needed a portrait of Jesus more in tune with our politics"

headline on CNBC: "Stocks Climb on Upbeat Economic Data"

Jury Did Good, Ladies And Gentlemen

Need Help - Seattle radio station carrying the debate tonight?

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. suspended amid sex scandal

The Warren/Brown/Gregory Debate

I love my crows!

I am so glad I no longer live in a swing state

Keep this in mind about Romney and his "debating skills".

Why the Allen West torture incident matters and is 100% fair game

Mark Halperin on MSNBC mocking the Drudge "Obama Race Speech Bombshell"

A Simple Plan - Great Results


How will Romney address the "who's your model SC Justice" question tonight?

Who Could Have Prevented the Murder of Jill Meagher? (Hint: Not Jill Meagher)

Newsday Sports Section "The Rant"

The Entire Oil And Gas Industry Is Watching A Tiny Town In Wyoming

Long before `legitimate rape,' Akin alleged abortions on non-pregnant women

The new Obama video is ‘devastating’, but not to Obama

Romney's 'You Didn't Build That' Attack: An Epic FAIL (Greg Sargent in WaPo)

Republicans skip around like water bugs...

Wow. GREAT JOB: President Obama has lost Hannity and Carlson for sure!

Romney/Ryan 2012--It's time for Ludicrous Speed!

Voodoo Economics: growth by lowering tax rates while also raising revenue by limiting deductions

Exclusive: President Obama Considered Putting Osama bin Laden on Trial if Taken Alive

During tonight's debate, I hope Obama slaps Romney and says "skin that smokewagon"

Paging Bill Ayers! Pick up the white courtesy phone!

I have a question for DU dads.

My uncle has started referring to Obama as "Heusein"

Anyone Else Have a Special Debate Menu Tonight?

BASHIR: Romney going into debate: "stuck at the corner of 47th and Bain"

Buckeye State Poll- Brown (D) 50-Mandel ($) 41%

Happy-Happy-Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to Barack and Michelle


Geraldo and Matt Drudge to release "shocking bombshell surprise"

Enlighten me: What is the faux outrage from the right about Biden's "buried" comment?

WHERE is the ad combining these two??? (would this be a good ad?)

Hey Mitt Romney - over here, click on this. Got something to show you!

The Rude Pundit has advice for Obama in tonight's debate

Syrian rebels: Thanks for the black market weapons now give us a no fly zone

State prosecutor (Illinois) arrested for biting man's ankle in an Adult store

Obama 348, Romney 190: UAH astrophysicist, who got it right twice before, predicts electoral results

Anybody here watching Revolution on NBC.

About those loose seats on American Airlines....

TV Anchor Gets Called Fat, Takes Down Bully on News Segment, Receives Support of 1,000's

New Photographs of Barack Obama, His Friends, and His Girlfriend, at Occidental College

PIOMAS September 2012

Romney’s deduction cap would touch sensitive tax breaks

Fan Sites for Pop Stars Settle Children's Privacy Charges with FTC

Reince Priebus on twitter

Sproul Says GOP Had Him Disguise Involvement in Voter Registration Scandal

Some charter schools don't feed their students free lunches. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is cool with that.

Former Penn State assistant coach McQueary files whistleblower suit

Julian Assange and Wikileaks Campaign Directly Against Obama!

Is DU gonna go into DefCon mode tonight the way we used to on DU2?

Heads up ASAH!!!

Jack Black does Mitt Romney on the Letterman Show.

An Oldie (not really) But A Goodie (definitely)

The Republican Cult Position

Tucker Carlson Calls Media "Throne Sniffers" For Debunking His Dopey Video.

Rachel Maddow - GOP war on voting succeeds despite legal failures

Hateful Romney fans responding to Obama poster

Immigration vs Corporation

Rachel Maddow - Right tries to wring racial outrage from 'well covered ground'

Wow! Alex Wagner really gave it to Romney

Bill Clinton on Warren: MA will cast the deciding vote for the party that will decide the Senate

Gallup -Obama -49% -Romney 45%/Approval/Disapproval 50-44%

Webb drops the hammer on Romney

NBC/WSJ/Telemundo: Obama up 50 among Latino voters

Thirty years of trickle down...

(R)asmussen -McCaskill (D) 51% Aikin (?) 45%

The Raiders of the Lost Ark in one .gif. The Enitre Movie from start to finish

Rachel Maddow - Republicans resurrect Rev. Wright racial panic

"Freedom River" (1971) Orson Welles... Amazing. This Cartoon As Relevant As Ever

!This is how you know Romney is getting crushed in Ohio!

Sproul Says GOP Had Him Disguise Involvement in Voter Registration Scandal

Barack Obama is going to come off like a nice guy tonight; Romney like a dick

kpete's pic of the day...

AWESOME!! Flying over a Romney rally at Wings of the Rockies Air and Space Museum, October 1

Stephanie Cutter is really, really good.

50 years of Bond girls. Some of you will hate me for this.

Rush Limbaugh is in full racist rant this morning.

GOP gives up voter registration (map)

Can we have a state of your state election update?

Toon: Proper voter I.D. Please..

Governor's debate tonight, too - Dalton/McCrory - UNC-TV

Charles M. Blow tweet LMAO

The Last Word - Damage done: Mitt Romney and the ’47 percent’

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's taxes and the debate

Who Is Counting The Votes?

Republicans Break Ranks Over Pre-Debate Obama Tape Ressurection

PA Wake Up Call - Safe Senate Race Narrowing

A debate in 20 seconds.

FOX NEWS LITE Anchor Said Romney Is Competitive In Michigan And Only Losing 49% -46%

Awwwww...My very own little Obama puppet...

Iran preparing internal version of Internet

The Big Dog does it again: 'couldn't believe' Romney's 47% comments

The Last Word - Rewriting Romney's debate strategy

Broken News, Broken News...Mitt may be a no show.


You do realize - they've got nothing. Nada. An old video? Same old racism and hatred...

Another Charles M. Blow tweet LOL

Bizarre Species of Miniature Dinosaur Identified

Rupert Murdoch faces shareholder revolt at News Corp annual meeting

WATCH: The Expedia Commercial That Will Explain Fatherhood, Make You Sob

"new NASA objective could go public not long after the Nov. 6 presidential election"

Polls Show Romney’s 47 Percent Moment Breaking Through, ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Fizzling

Sullivan Says Carlson's 'Brilliant Writing' Has Turned Into 'Racist Demagoguery'

How many Star Members do not have you on ignore?

Well, I did it. I joined Lifetime Fitness.

Fairness Should Mean Punishment For Michigan State Student Who Falsely Alleged Hate Crime

Introducing the only bike DOG rack approved by Mitt Romney.

Advice for the Obama fundraising people:

Thom Hartmann: FINALLY...a politician who'll stand up to the Banksters...

How NOT to promote abstinence...

Jackson Jr.’s Wife Says He May Not Return To Work Until After Election

According to Hannity/Carlson, I'm a racist or bigot.

Documentary details abuse of deaf boys in Catholic boarding school

U.Va. analysis: Obama has already won

Will you watch the debates live or just highlights online?

Wall Street’s Professional Pundits Game Out An Obama Victory

Walter Rhett: Romney: United We Hate

Amazing seal encounters

Bush-Appointed Judge Upholds Obama Administration’s Birth Control Coverage Rules

JetBlue: Free flights out of the country for disgruntled voters

Op-ed: Can Romney Dodge the Gay Question Again?

One Term More. A Musical Parody.

What a journey…..

Anyone planning on NOT watching the debate tonight?

Akin in 2008: ‘Terrorist’ doctors give ‘abortions to women who are not actually pregnant’

Need some help re:stolen gun

Teddy wins it! Teddy wins it! OH MY GOD Teddy wins it!

My prediction for tonights debate

What are good sites that rate House Elections? I got NYT and Real Clear Politics..

There may be another reason Romney is having trouble in Ohio.

Current Host Openings: You Know You Want To!

Julian Assange: Bail cash decision delayed

Meet A Romney Extremist In Virginia

And now for something completely different. Check out the video for the song "REAGAN".

NRO gave NASA two Hubble-sized space telescopes!

Im not saying this was done on purpose but really?

Bookies Taking Action on Inevitable Romney Debate Gaffes

I need to do something unique at work and I don't know how.

Paul Ryan Promises Focus on the Family that He Will Fight Gay Equality

Here is the schedule and the topics for ALL the debates

Civil Beat Poll - Obama Gets Aloha in Hawaii

But what do they waaaaant? They have no message!!

New Marquette Law School Poll: Obama leads by 11 in Wisconsin

Half the Sky - part 1 was on last night, did anyone see it?

Should City Councils and other legislative bodies be allowed to open with prayer?

Corporations are "people", except when they're on trial

I Made the Drummer Cry

I've worked in an academic environment for years, and I don't see Word macro viruses hardly

Thom Hartmann caller - I lost my teaching job after 33 years!

Nats fans: Teddy won, finally!

Fast and Furious Scandal: New Details Emerge on How the U.S. Government Armed Mexican Drug Cartels

Oh, Yes, They Did! Mitt Romney Mocked In 'Gangnam Style' Spoof

The high cost of an obit

Three Congresswomen Are Serious About Stamping Out Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military

Poll: Obama Maintains Wisconsin Lead

One in the Eye for Those Who Want to Steal Your Right to Vote

Obama, Dems enjoy favorability edge

Mother Jones: "The NRA Surge: 99 Laws Rolling Back Gun Restrictions"

How do nations combat youth underemployment? [article]

Show Me State Poll-McCaskill (D) 46% Akin ($) 40%

Brain fog with Osteoarthritis.

FLOTUS just wrapped up speech in Reno, NV. Est crowd = 3800.

Romney: No We Can't!

Hej from Stockholm, Sweden

Onion- Campaign Adviser Recommends Throwing Old Blanket Over Romney For Debates

Transfer laptop Windows 7 to SSD

The Other Believers: Mark D. Hatcher, a black atheist

Why isn't the MSM talking about polling on Mitt's 47 percent comment?

Turkey says it has struck targets in Syria in response to mortar strike across border

SO FUN!! Teddy wins first Presidents Race

Inside the Mind of Worry: Why Our Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts

Are contract clauses stating religion of arbitrator discriminatory?

Todd Akin says abortions are given to women who aren't pregnant

Calgon! Take me away!

Obama Romney love

Howard Fineman says someone who knows someone told him that

MSNBC/Telemundo Poll: Obama beats Romney 71-21 among Latinos

Former NFL player Matt Willig on marriage, Catholicism & a gay teammate


Announcing's 2012 Debate Dashboard. RSVP Now To Plug In With Us As It All Unfolds!

Go ahead. Treat yourself. Read it again. It's so much fun...

Poll: Obama leads Romney by 50 points among Latino voters.

Gloat Free Baseball Score Supplemental Edition: What's possible today

I'd like to dedicate this video to kick off tonight's debate festivities

Granholm: 'I was high on democracy' (video at link)

Democracy Now debate format to include Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson

A little shameless....with a pay-off

A Record 24 Million Latinos Are Eligible to Vote, But Turnout Rate Has Lagged That of Whites, Blacks

This Is How You Turn A Debate 'Zinger' Into A Beautiful Moment

Buy a new car, vote for Obama

Marriage for All Families: Stories from Maine

Yeah… That bullshit line is going nowhere

DU is about the least welcoming forum for newcomers I've ever come across

Remember when republicans tried to turn "liberal" into a dirty word?

Your Order Is Up

Refinery problems send California gas prices skyrocketing

Steak Baby!?!?!?!

Teach A Man To Fish

WHOA! These Celebs Are Actually Asking You To NOT Vote!!

Dear Republicans, Don't Blame Mitt Romney. Blame Your Lousy Agenda

media wars: sub sub script DU slander

MSNBC President Phil Griffin on Whom He'd Poach From Fox News and Why Obama Avoids the Network (Q&A)

Prices ROSE after MI's GOPer govt repealed the state's item pricing law. Thanks, GOPers!

I'm skipping out of work early...

You Can't Fix Stupid, But...

Humorous food for thought (from the film "Rushmore")

Little Help Please? - re: Fox News

S. E. Cupp, the conservative, uh, host on "The Cycle" is such a dingbat. Why is she on television?

Where is YOUR state on the issue of legalizing marijuana?

Thank You, Daily Caller, for Your Dud of a Story

I will NOT be watching the debates tonight

Former residents say goodbye to contaminated Kansas town

EPIC FAIL: Romney campaign counters Michelle Obama with Commit to Mitt rally (LOL!)

The right's desperate display

Does Obama need to win Florida and VA in order to win the election?

What are those spidery black things on Mars?


Romney Up a Point in Polls...

Watch BEFORE tonights debate and pass it on - From Obama Campaign

Polls Show That Romney's 47 percent Comment is Breaking Through..:Talking Points Memo

Cute alert

Five Obscene Reasons the Rich Keep Getting Richer as Middle Class declines

I/We support equality for EVERYONE! A quote from Jay-Z

Doctors: Operation on Colombia leader successful

Official List of Zingers That Obama Could Use on Romney

The Obama Bombshell has hoisted the Right on their own petard...

What good is having a tailgate if

Darn...President Obama goes first and liar goes second

LOL Watching Martin Bashir regrading the bombshell Obama tape

Remember this gem from Drudge?

what are the drinking game rules for tonight?

(This is beautiful) Happy 20th Anniversary Barack and Michelle

Romney Campaign Confirms He Would End Obama’s DREAM Directive

Anti-tax crusader (Grover) Norquist to join fight against new U.S.-Canada bridge

On Media Bias in Venezuela

Highlights of rhe Lounge soccer seaon.

On Media Bias in Venezuela

Funny from Canada: Rick Mercer Zip Lines

This Bumper Sticker makes me sick

Turning 'Republican' Into a Bad Word

Dalai Lama: A Role for Nuclear Power in Development Process

Floating homes of the future

Gay-cure therapy law challenged in court.

"Fuck Obama". Jury votes 3-3 to let it stand.

Recording a GREAT album right now...

Martin Sheen Slams Romney And Ryan, Says Conservatives Turning To Racial Attacks On Obama

Rasmussen & PPP: Both show MCCASKILL (+6) in MISSOURI

Romney’s ‘you didn’t build that’ attack: An epic FAIL

Gays Control FBI, CIA, Trying to Subvert Christians, Rightwinger Claims

How does one break a story now that was first reported back in 2007?

The last time I was this nervous in this fashion, I was awaiting my blind-date for the Junior Prom..

What to Expect in Tonight's Debate by Stephanie Cutter (pdf file)

Balanced coverage or western bias against Chávez in Venezuela?

Copper State Poll-Carmona (D) 45% Flake ($) 43%

I'm going dark after the debate

Has romney spent even MORE time in the tanning booth?

Will Rmoney use a zinger? And more importantly...

Gregory Beclowns Himself With Awful Performance Moderating Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown Debate

For those who don't venture into the Lounge, just wanted to say:

The star of tonight's debate will be....

Jim Garlow, is the Preacher of the Skyline Church

Joan Walsh: Right-wing racial panic

This might be enough to turn me vegan, ...

AZ: Democrat Richard Carmona leading Republican foe Jeff Flake 45-43

Honduras commission seeks justice in coup

Honduras commission seeks justice in coup

Lost in migration: Earth's magnetic field overdue a flip

This is one sick guy! Kills his cat because he's "feeling suicidal"

I want car dealers that were former QBs to have all of their income taxed at the highest rate. nt

Reminder: the debate will be carried by PBS. Moderated by PBS' Jim Lehrer.

Costa Rica to ban hunting for sport

Costa Rica to ban hunting for sport

Costa Rica to ban hunting for sport

Strike Supporters Shut Down Illinois Walmart Warehouse

Congressmen Call Hearing On Libya Security Measures - Darrell Issa leads charge

Romney Was Big Booster Of Failed Homeland Security Effort

Could you imagine being so rich, you don't know you own 2 railroads?

Obamas mark anniversary... on Twitter

Toronto's plastic bag ban to go ahead

Ohio early voting turnout in 2012 up big time over 2008

(Change We Can Believe In?) BREAKING: Is Krugman Heading To White House Job?


Critic of 'Obese' Anchor Stands By His Words

Phishing call?

Mitt's 47% Nightmare

A Slightly Less Dumb Fish In a Very Stupid Pond

Views of a Red State Democrat in Colorado

Documentary on Women, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Poll: “You didn’t build that” was a net positive for Obama - quote made voters like Obama more

Wayne Powell's tumblr page!

Miguel Cabrera is on the brink of a triple crown

Will Obama Go for the Knockout or Play it Safe?

Wayne Powell's tumblr page!

Best Cartoons Skewering Mitt Romney

I just voted for a 2nd term for President Barack Obama!

Debate airs live on: C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX, FoxNews, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC (9:00 pm ET)

Romney Zingers List...

Things that make me want to run a few fuckers through a wood-chipper:

Thom Hartmann: Voters in PA got their voice back - sort of...

Where online can I watch the debate live?

Is anyone else nervous? (A talk me down thread)

Juan Williams Grows A Pair---Calls Hannity Out-'For Throwing Dirt At President To See What Sticks'

what TIME are the debates?

Is Krugman headed to a White House Job in a second Obama term

PAULIE BOY Campaign Mail I got

LOL!!! Morning-after Debate Comic Relief: Mitt Romney GANGNAM STYLE!

Purina's gonna steal my joke today, so here... (pic)

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs guy) may not be a repug after all. Our email exchange:

Anyone ever used that green powder vegetable substitute that you get at the health

Quebec nuclear reactor shutdown will cost $1.8 billion

LOL!!! --- Romney campaign has a train wreck of an excuse ready for losing the debate

Michelle 3800, what'sername 700 in Reno this week.

Hey Freepville !

C&L: Juan Williams Calls Out Hannity For Throwing Dirt at Obama to See What Sticks

New member here

Attention Stephanie Miller/Current TV fans - Stephanie has a special, pre-debate show, tonight

Pesticide Use Ramping Up As GMO Crop Technology Backfires

Who is Hugo Chavez Frias?

Photos: Prepping For The Debate

It will not be about who wins the debate but..

Anti-teacher-union “Won’t Back Down” flunks at box office

Fox just called the debate for Romney!

Fox right now: "Romney looks more like a president than Obama" (The Five)

VIDEO: Brad on Thom Hartmann TV With the Latest on the PA Photo ID Ruling and the GOP Voter Registra

So mrs mittens thinks mittens "arguing" with their 5 sons when they were raised

help please ..... can you watch current TV on line?

Path to 270: Drunken Irishman's 10/03/12's election estimate

When a school board calls for the president of the Chamber of Commerce to step down,

I guess Elad has a time machine

Musical Note! Who can read this?

Bolivia takes Chile to court over territorial dispute

Willard Mitt Romney throws J. Willard Marriott under the train

Honey Boo Boo Promo for South Park Episode.

Mass Insight poll: Elizabeth Warren edging Scott Brown by 4 points in Senate race

MSNBC: Report: Pres. Obama has "genuine disdain" for Romney

Murder Rates Keep Rising in Venezuela (Video)

"Heckuvajob" Brownie: Obama played race card over Katrina.

Battleground polling snapshot: Romney regresses

Come to Mike Malloy's Debate Party.

'Why the US Demonizes Venezuala's Democracy'

I saw that the Prez was standing in front of the Hoover Dam recently.

UN says 4 peacekeepers killed in ambush in Darfur

The Christian tradition I was raised in stands up!

Romney Rally Crowd Full 10/1/2012

Okay, so, here's my debate prediction...

Sneaky Trick

I cannot, in good conscience, vote for Barack Obama on November 6th

Hey El! Time to book your airline tickets for Baltimore!!

Heard this on Martin Bashir's bumper music

Hope is Greater than Fear

BofA Says Chavez Defeat Bets Are Overdone in Bond Market

For EFerrari: The real Frida look: Frida Kahlo’s clothes go on exhibit in Mexico after 50 years lock

Josh Hamilton and the Rangers choke it all away..

Detroit to fire water workers | The Detroit News |

Thank you (McCaskill for Missouri 2012)


Mexican troops arrest two over killing of U.S. border agent: officials

sooo...are you guys watching the debate tonight? Can I watch with you?

FTC gets a $163 million judgment against scareware operation

OK then. Student denies butt chugging cuz he's a Christian

CNN.COM is back to being Fox Lite

A few more from Chicago (@night):

Poll: Latinos support the freedom to marry

GOP Caller to Seniors: "Obama a Socialist Muslim, Will Get Rid of Your Medicare!"

Comments from the Dallas Morning News blog:

L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L...

Rep. John Lewis (D-Conscience): “Alan Grayson Will Never Let You Down”

last winter photos... (100 paces)

State settles lawsuit on dead voter purge

Did you know there is a Mitt's version of reality?

Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis raise concerns (radioactive particles with the zinc cadmium)

Dear MSM and Journalists: "Zingers" is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the POTUS job description.

It's gone viral-almost a MILLION hits in one day.BIG deal for the Gay Civil Rights movement. please

Just a little information on the University of Denver:

Colorado Vets See Spike In Cases Of ‘Stoner Dogs’

I hate Tom Brokaw.

Burned-out Conn. bell factory resumes production (180-year-old)

BAZINGA! The Official Mitt RMoney Debate Zinger Scorecard Thread - rate 'em & grade 'em

Flip-flop avatar standings...

Commander: Possible Attack on Iran to Speed up Israel's Annihilation

Who are these ‘undecided’ voters?

Iran will produce highly enriched uranium if nuclear talks fail: MP

I expect that there will be a lot of DU juries tonight.

Senator Obama Talks About Empathy, GOP Has a Cow

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 October 2012

A name change in wildlife agncy leads hunters to conlcude that hunting will be banned

Land acquired over past decade could have produced food for a billion people

Famous Failures

DNA Test for Babies Pinpoints Mutations, Speeding Diagnosis

Brian Williams just now: "Andrea Mitchell will be fact checking for us tonight."

Berkshire Hathaway to sell railroads it didn't know it owned

Presidential Debate Prediction

barry commoner--a feminist environmentalist

Progressive Canadians...DON'T drink Justin Trudeau's Koolaid.

Team Romney Reminds America that Bush Fiddled While NOLA Sank

I got an unusual email today from a politician asking for money ..for 2014..

Caption Please...

What's with the Troll-Fest?

Ohio Votes Early: Day One


If Mitt complains about having gas, you'll know why

Mike Luckovich cartoon: The Great Debate

Did I just read Money Boo Boo eats babies?

Presidential Debate 2012 Live Stream: Where To Watch Obama Debate Romney Online

Remember, the MSM will be invested in creating the perception that Obama lost the debate...

Republicans in tight Senate races run from Mittens

Anyone ever work with Ischia starter (or any starter, for that matter)?

Toon: I can See That Fraud!

Debate night chat thread

I don't believe at this point, there are so-called undecided voters


caught a few minutes of c-span this afternoon, with, apparently, some sort of panel discussion

Black & Asian students At University of Texas hit with balloons filled with bleach

I hate football, but...

WTF is with ABCNEWS -Presidential Debates 2012: Obama, Romney Set to Spar Amid Video Controversy.

Debate drinking game

I wonder how much Bain paid the networks to fawn over Romney

Forget the debates - Go Orioles! Go Red Sox!

What? No threads about the Tigers folks? Place your bets

Civil Rights Leader Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) Urges You to Support Alan Grayson's Moneybomb

a group of the 47% that have not been talked about. Yes, those Veterans and Those who deserve

Akin's Campaign Stands By Claim of Abortions On Women Who "Are Not Actually Pregnant"

I was just watching Chris Matthews. What's up with . . .

"Skin in the game"?

What’s all this fuss I’ve been hearing about the presidential erection?

Pizza guy's upset because a pizza might cost a person 14 cents more.

Why Don’t Americans Care About Democracy at Home?

2 cents- on the debate

Teen girl used Twitter to fake own kidnapping

New Yorker Saves By Skipping Laundry for 3 Years, no toilet paper either

Will you please help save a wildlife corridor in Los Angeles?

SurveyUSA: WASHINGTON (Obama +20), (Inslee +6)

"The mask of sanity is slipping from the GOP" by Paul Rosenberg at al Jazeerah

Hoekstra: Lack of 'outside' spending has hindered Senate bid

Lawsuits part of effort to get state officials to comply with (MI) medical marijuana law

Bet the fact checkers are out in full force tonight! How about we DUers count the lies!

If we had known more about Reagan

he's bound to have gas...

Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis raise concerns

Warren on Brown: Post Debate (From her Facebook)

Love The Internet And Social Media... The Learning Curve Is Steep... More From Florida VReg Scandal

Home From Will-i-am Rally

Magic Underpants

YO Money Boo Boo, hope ya do well tonight

Chuck Todd looks so excited to be there

Pope Benedict's butler accuses Vatican police of inhumane treatment

Do American's really want corporations to run this country?

Romney's "Bucket List"

Simply wishing my President good luck.

Watching some of the news today got this Yellow Dog growling!

Preparing for the MSM's "fair and balanced" (read: lies) coverage

Did anyone just see that ad from

To get you in the Debate mood I thought I would post this debate photo classic......

Pretty good assessment of debate. Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren Debate Debacle

"Unfunded Mandate is TWO WORDS, not one big word" Another golden Sorkin moment

Jacobs Warns Obama's 'Anti-Biblical' Policies have led to 'Floods and Fires and More'

Good luck to the President and to us...

Bus boys and poets in Shirlington

10 Totally Fake Stories Bannered By Drudge This Year

Break a leg, Mr. President!

So, a "friend" posted an interesting statement on her facebook page ... is there a difference???

Got my "Before I go on Stage" email from Pres. Obama...and Sooooo

Where are you watching the debate?

OK so won't limiting deductions to 17k kill sole owner businesses?

****LIVE DEBATE THREAD**** BBQ Sandwich & Cheesecake Factory Spaghetti Edition

The Problem With Bipartisanship... They Eat Their Neighbors...

Miguel Cabrera. Triple Crown. Discuss.

US Census: The wealthy have BENEFITED from the recession.

Harvard vs Harvard

Community, Workers, Want Living Wage in Long Beach; Hyatt Says No

Recommended live blog for the debate: The Guardian

What channel/stream will you be watching?

Unions Going Green

HELP! What Ch can I watch the Debate on here in Tucson?

X-Post: What channel/stream will you be watching? (link to GD discussion inside)

Presidential Debate 2012 Live Stream from ABC News and Yahoo News: The Candidates Debate - 9p

This proposed IL state constitutional amendment I just got official notice about.

In a hypothetical debate with Michelle & Anne

Mitt Romney Plays Jenga Backstage Ahead Of Debate (PHOTO)

Good Luck to the President of the United States Barack Obama tonight.

Hit one out the park, Mr. President.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Rumble in the Rockies


Outside money coming in to tight Senate race {Arizona}

LOL !!!

This Upcoming Debate is Going To Be a WIN/WIN No Matter What!!!

AFL-CIO Endorses Boycott of Crystal Sugar for 14-Month Lockout of Workers

Intrade starts at Debate time Obama 70 Romney 30 After one hour 69.6/30.4

Here are the fifteen professions that drink the most coffee. Guess who’s number one.

What are we drinking tonight?

Tweety just made one heckuva vulgar remark!

CNN is going to show the squiggly lines from the focus group at the bottom of their screen...

Michelle Laughing Before Debate

*Sigh...* - Personal Admission... I Regularly Hate Presidential Debates... Nerves I Suppose...

Mitt looks nervous...really nervous

Romney to outsourced workers: Drop dead

Mitt's smirk is working overtime.

The President is speaking and ABC/youtube doen't even have him on.

Mitt took something out of his right pants pocket....

My DVR is paused while the Mrs walks the dog, yall hang on for a sec

Romney made a joke. Got a laugh. Good start. Then he moves on to a homeless person story.

I'm not watching debate tonight

Can ya help me Mitt?

They both have 2 mics.....why?

And we're off.....Rmoney seems nervous..

Platitude #1: "Trickle down Government!"...

Mass. firm tied to outbreak suspends operations

Debates make me nervous... Come join me....

Mitt, smiling because he just farted.

First zinger: Trickle down government!

C'mon Obama go get him

Let's play pander to the 47%.

WilLIARd needs anger management classes

lol...I fear freeperville is in a meltdown.

The Debates .... IT'S A TRAP!!!!!

The Mittster has learned to count. It is going to be a night of lists. should be fun (zzzz)

Mitt: "I like coal....."

I like coal.

willard is doing his etch a sketch as he speaks....

OMG! Mitt is going to lie his way thru the debate

Mitt Romney is not making any sense, and lying

Obama seems defensive

How do you think mittens is coming across to low info voters?

Smirking sack of Mitt... n/m


How long will it take for the Romney campaign to walk back the no-tax-cuts line?

The prez is rambling....

Mittens just lost it

Mitt channelling Lawrence Welk. Numbah 1...and a numbah 2.....

Romney already defensive!!

Mitt Romney is losing his cool and repeating himself

Did he just goof on his grown kids as being liars?

"I have five boys"

Mitt raised 5 compulsive liars. He just said so. n/t

Chris Hayes Tweet...Mitt on taxes 'bald faced lie'

Don't change horses in the middle of a stream

*zinger #1* "I've got 5 sons...."

Did Rmoney just say that he is use to his 5 boys lying to him all the time?


It's Arithmetic! Zing!

Lowering tax rates is NOT a tax cut....

Prez is making distinction between his definition of small business and

Romney looks wild eyed and crazy

Are My Ears Lying to Me

Obama brought up Donald Trump. Will Donald's hair stand on end?

Why is Lerher

Trump!! He went there

Mitt Romney stores his tax plan's math in the Cayman Islands.

Mitt the CEO listing off numbers and percentages

Well, my Comm. instructor was right:

And now, a musical interlude for the American League Western Division Champions . . .

Who's drinking tonight?

I'm not sure what that smarmy sideways look with creamy eyes is

What's with the frozen stare Romney has while looking at Obama?

Gawd...Mittens already bust a CEO gut

Can't stand Mittens and have to mute him out sign in thread

Mitt Romney is lying... a lot about his own policies.

Obama is kicking his ass.

Did he just yell at the moderator?

Outta the park!!!

Obama is tied to Clinton and Romney is tied to Bush...


this sucks for me

OMG - Mitt just told Leher what the rules were going to be!

Obama is leaving "Michelin" on Romney's head.

Sinking like an anchor.

"food stamps"

Jim Leher is letting Mittwit steamroll him.

Does Mittens have a freaking elephant on his flag pin!?

Is it just me? Or did Romney just "flip flop on his own tax plan?

Zinger alert: Big bird!

Somebody's . . . getting . . . prickly...

He's losing it.

Question President Obama and Jim Lehrer Should Ask Mitt Romney

Talk about safe in Ohio...


I thought I had seen it all...

Romney is a fucking bald-faced liar

Rmoney is sweating alot....that did work so well before...eom

Is It Me... Or Did Romney Just Tell The Moderator That He'd Be Fired ???

Mitt just promised that if elected he will kill Big Bird.

Two wars paid for

Who is winning the first half-hour...

did DU just go down?

in case of emergency

Mitt's Planning to Kill Big Bird!!!

So if saving the economy for the *future* is a 'moral' issue according to the GOP...

wow. DU just limited access to logged in due to high volume. Had to log in.

Bad news for Romney:

Romney’s Economic Exaggerations

Romney: Why haven't you passed this before?

A bead of sweat on Romney's brow, with a lump on his back

Hey Mitt we aren't in a recession.

Romney: "Raising taxes slows growth"

Romney wants to kill Big Bird!

The utter assholiness and arrogance of Romney is showing. This man cannot be president. Cannot.

How soon does Red Bull (or some such) wear off? Mitt seems lit.

Maybe Rmoney should PAY MORE TAXES!

Rmoney is losing it!!! YES!!! n/t

Romney keeps talking over everybody!!!!

I don't know that I can take another hour of Asswipe

I just have to throw this out there about small business...

Is someone tracking the time each candidate is getting to speak?

I despise this man.

CNN's squiggly lines. Obama speaks, women's line goes up. . .n/t

romney tax plan fails

annnnndddd.. here we go...

Romney makes NO DAMN SENSE and he 's acting like a ZIP DANG FOOL!! Maybe it's just

Why are Mitt's eyes so glassy?

Obama is kicking Beldar's ass, but

A plea to other posters.

Romney/Ryan wants to do away with min wage. Romney is double talking People will not be

Mitt Romney rules out revenues, he admits it!

Did mitt just write off revenue increases as a solution to the deficit?

Ugh. Four of these.

romney is ready to lie, cheat and steal this election....he's doing the lying part tonight

Updated Tweets....

The problem with the debate

Yes! Attack corporate welfare!

Romney is saying something completely different than he has so far in the campaign.

This debate SUCKS!!!

Lehrer might as well just get up and walk out

Say what you want

I like Green Energy...


Mitt denies you get a tax break for shipping jobs overseas.

Mitt's is just pulling stuff out of his ass.

Does Mitt sound presidential?

I doubt many of you recall this, but Obama was once pissed off at Joe Lieberman enough that...

Mitt sounds like Dubya after a few glasses

2-3 billion dollars vs 90.

Obama needs to counter about the oil subsidy with the real number.

States Caring for the poor? How's Mississippi doin Romney?

It's 9:40. Where are the zingers Mitt?

I can't watch this anymore. Very disappointed in Lehrer and Obama

I don't know what Romney is saying

Obama just blew it.

Romney is doing very well

Did Prez just say that he and Romney have somewhat the same position on SS?

Clean coal. He said clean coal. Full on pandering mode.

Obama says his medicare policy is close to Mittens?


What's the CNN squigly lines sayin?

A first rate bully

The days are getting shorter, and sunset comes earlier, so it's harder to knock

Romeney On Medicaid: "For YOUR Poor"

"what is called "entitlements"

How Many Oil and Gas Companies have Failed?

"the split screen is going to hurt Romney"

Pres. Obama explains how Romney's 30 percent cut in Medicaid funding will hurt families

Mitt never heard of getting a tax break for sending business overseas

Can't wait to see what the fact-checkers are going to say about Mittens' claims tonight.

I am concern about Obama saying tweek Social Security. I am concern he will raise the age.

Mr president get out of the weeds.

I'm glad to hear him talk about his grandmother

I shouldda taken my own advice!!!!

US women may stage hunger strike in Pakistan in anti-drones protest

Sooo....59 is a "younger worker"? Yep, you're getting close to retirement and they're getting ready

romney is promising anything and everything to get himself elected....

Come onObama slam this arguement shut! Talk about the FFREAKin waste that 716 Billion IS.

Lots of folks coming on to piss in our wheaties

"...You don't have to listen anymore."

unhinged mitt... he is out of control

DAMMIT! OBama wake the hell up!!!!!!

Romney doesn't know of any companies that


Mitt - Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies

Mitt is bouncing up and down like he is on crack

Got him

Based on what I am reading it sounds like Obama is not doing well. The truth is if he loses

'So if you're 54 or 55, you might want to listen . . . .'

I keep hearing the term "current retirees"

Havent got the debate here

David Shuster tweet: Split screen is going to hurt Romney

Sorry folks, but this isn't a knife fight in a cage like some here want. Pretty much a draw. So

I'm 55 and say fuck you to Mitt's Medicare plan

i believe obama is behind right now because he can't keep up with all the bullshit...

Obama looks like a college prof . . .

As U.S. Death Toll in Afghanistan Passes 2,000 Mark, Phyllis Bennis on America's Longest War

how creepy, romney hasn't stopped grinning the entire debate

Romney Looks Like He Didnt Empty His Bladder

Mitt's body language is visually very similar

Rmoney blew it big time on Medicare

Mitt just blew it on Social Security: Admits it should ideally a private plan. n/t

How much is directly deposited...

YES he supports vouchercare and furthermore

Why didn't Obama smack Romney silly about the $716 Billion 'cut to Medicare'?? N/T

Mitt just admits that he wants to privatize Medicare.

#CantAfford4More is trending on Twitter. Guess who paid for it?

Are there any debate moderators

I love you Obama, but PLEASE stop smiling while Willard tells his lies

I think Mitt's making all this shit up. He's saying whatever he thinks will go over.

Is it just me, or are the trolls out in force tonight?

I wanna SMACK that smirking bastard....

Batman Charged With Obstructing A Police Investigation In Michigan

Concern trolls don't even wait till a debate is over anymore

Romney: current retirees will see no change

If you have twitter and follow TheFix

Romney's condescension is sinking him

Notice Robme is not wearing his tan tonight!

Is that a blood drop on Rom's Flag?

Why is Romney being allowed to run the debate?

I think its turning toward Obama now

My 88 yr old dad is watching with his eyes shut. Says "Mitt claims both sides of everything"

Jim Lehrer is incompotent

I'm Sorry But Rmoney Is Taking Positions Tonight That He Hasn't During His Whole Campaign....

romney allowed more time

Where's Romney's Tan? nt

Romney told the $716 billion Medicare lie and Obama did not challenge it

Romney just showed his disrespect for others by out speaking Jim. I know some people who would

Mitt is on crack!

Did Rmoney just say that regulations are needed?

I can't objectively assess the debate.

For those saying the Prez isn't winning, see, those are just facts slowing him down. Lies are fast.

'you have to have regulations' romney lie number_______!

Romney has lied and bullied his way through this debate.

Mitt just stepped in it on medicare

LOL: "let's not"

Do not mistake spinning and spitting as winning, however, Obama steady as a

Romney's like a red-eyed meth head on a rant, talking over everyone.

What the fuck is wrong with Lehrer?

"No, Let's NOT".

I don't think Romney knows there is something called YouTube.

Has anyone been keeping track of how much time Romney's hogging? Lehrer is letting Romey run all

It sounds like the President is getting his ass kicked.

In the back story of the debates...

Can't wait for the fact-checking to come out later on.

I see Calm and Measured vs. Rattled and Sputtering


A rmoney pic just for fun.

God! OBama quit letting Romney interrupt you!

Why is Obama letting that arsehole inerrupt him and take the floor?

Why does Rmoney support local and regional banks?

Obama needs to stop nodding when Romney is lying/talking

I want to reach through my TV screen and....and....

What Do You Think The Analysis Will Be Post Debate?.....

Obama smiles like a happy man... Mittens is a smirking ass... n/m

OMG Obama is wiping the floor with Romney AND Romney is helping him

Jim Lehrer isn't doing a good job moderating this

i can't even keep track of how many lies Romney has told

I think Keith Olbermann needs to host the next debate.

Have you turned it off yet?

Romney wants to repeal Dodd Frank, Obamacare and what else?

Could someone PLEEEEZE interrupt romney? I'm sick of him interrupting everyone.

Have you noticed that Romney's microphone is louder than Obama's

Obama is talking factually,

This is the most dysfunctional debate ever

Romney has changed his positions and is sticking to Obama like glue

Fuck "The State Level"...MY state leads the nation in uninsured.

Robme is huckstering; fast talking and sounding as if he has something going

ARRRGGGHH!! STOP letting Rmoney interrupt you and STOP letting him have the last word!

"Unelected board"... OK, who had "death panels" in the pool tonight?

Romney just mention Death panels! How About the heath insurace companies that have the "Death panel

Romney is talking fast and interupting and sound like a maniac

"Oscar the Grouch" trending on Twitter

I don't understand why the president is acting like he doesn't even care.

Our Press. looks right into the camera

How do you spell f-i-i-b-u-s-t-e-r?

Obama is spanking Romney slowly, its why Romney is getting irritable.

BAZINGA! "we've seen this model work really well... in MASSACHUSETTS! n/m

BOOM! He want there on Romneycare

Oxygen. Slowly breathe. Our President is who he is, and will rise and fall on his own sword.

"in the course of about 75 seconds he goes from saying he and Obama agree on Medicare "

Mitt's word salad

SUDDENLY Leher cares about the 2 minute limit???

Obama down 7% on Intrade since debate started.

How Many Zingers So Far?


Debate Poll- Obama doing good, Obama doing bad

Please Mr. President. Call him a liar. Just freaking once!

Arrrgh!!! Why won't Obama call Romney on all of his lies??

Can there be any clearer argument for including 3rd and 4th party candidates than tonight's debate?

That Romney sure talks fast

Romney's got nothing to lose - debates are last chance - that's why he can afford to go crazy

Fuck Lerher

This debate is an unmoderated clusterfuck. End the game, start drinking now.

"If the Democrats in Massachusetts would give Republicans in Congress

Disabled rape victim should have expressed her lack of consent

This is exactly what Mitt did during the primaries in the debates...

Neither one of them is doing well.

It is painfully obvious that Romney does not know what to do with his facial muscles

DU Pulse

Is that a ruby in the middle of Mitt's lapel pin?

Mitt agrees with ObamaCare, but wants to repeal it

Obama ate Romeny's lunch on healthcare!

the number of low-post-count concern-troll threads is astounding

Mitt's pants are on fire. nt

Economic Update commentary right after the debate

Why did they turn around? Did Romney fart money?

Prez is sharp and nimble on health care

I thought I'd help the Freepers out. Everyone that can, try and login there! :) I think

Kids under 26 is already on private insurance because of the marketplace? Really?

welcome to the rmoney filibuster 90 minutes. enter at your own risk. that's all. n/t

The Prez is obviously boiling under the surface

McCaskill surges; Akin abortion comments draw fire

A "draw is a Romney loss.

I've never....

CAN'T romney afford a decent HAIRCUT where straggles of hair don't

Romney killed Big Bird and Elmo...

"Polling shows debates don't affect elections, despite myth of Kennedy-Nixon"

"Mitt Romney’s Five Biggest Lies of the First Half of the Presidential Debate"

The constant looking down is going to be Obama's "sighing" "looking at watch" moment

Is there a problem with DU? I cna't get the pages to display properly all of a sudden.

47% anyone?

Our President is NOT going to get in the weeds with Romney....Romney is baiting him and it ain't

Yankers win

Finally he went there

SLAM! Obama gets him between the eyes!

Most Annoying Republican Presidential Candidate in recent Memory

romney, moderator and participant, how interesting

Is Romney keeping his plans secret because they are too good?


Ok team STOP arm chair quarterbacking

Mitt is starting to hyperventilate


romney is talking fast and erratically... cant believe some people think he is winning

Was Romney interrupting Obama and/or the moderator part of the drinking game?

There is always some moment in these debates

Triple Crown!

I appreciate observations, but isn't it a little early for GIANT CONCLUSIONS?

Romney just said he wanted a state-run healthcare plans?

My opinion, Romney is winning this debate :(

Michael Moore tweet: Eastwood's chair would do a better job moderating this debate.

Go Pres. Obama. He has NO plans just a bunch of lies

Lots of foamers here wanting a knife fight. Doesn't happen like that. So just chill. It's a draw.

Obama is beating rmoney like a rented mule!

"Mitt Romney says his it would take too long to describe his health care plan."

Time to wrap this up

Dear God... This reminds me of Bird Cage...

Omar Vizquel closes out storied career in style

State states states states, blow smoke up your ass, states states states

Why the hell is Obama alternately scowling and smirking at the podium?

It sounds to me like Willard is trying...

Rush Limbaugh darkly hints at conservatives needing to commit violence against liberals

Panicking Romney Attempts To Lay Off Debate Moderator

Romney's a really bad actor with his chuckles

Rmoney's response to the role of government was pathetic

Modest advantage Obama, but neither man did all that well

"Latest" page not loading--defaults to forums & groups 10/3 10:18 PM ET

Which media source are you using to watch the Debate? C-Span here

Anti-teacher film opens to WORST movie opening of all time.

I think that the mics should be cut off once the time limit has been hit.

New path, my ass!

So Romney is basically abdicating federal responsibility to the whims of whatever State you live in

Over talking and not following the rules of the debate (Romney) is not winning DU.

I think Obama is doing fine!

HELP! head exploding and think am having stroke

Everyone said the moderator or Obama would bring up the 47%

Obama is defensive, not offensive on the Economy

Romney on special needs education

One of the worst debating performances of a sitting President I've ever seen.

"It wasn't very detailed... seems to be a trend"

MAJOR FAIL !!! - Romney Finishes With A Flourish On The Constitution By Quoting The Declaration...

Politifact is making Romney look like a psychopath. Obama seems to be doing quite well...

Now Laher is inturupting the President.

So we added 12,000,000 more people on food stamps because Obama crashed the economy?

"Trickle down"

Post Debate Plan

How fast was this parody Twitter account made?

Lehrer not doing his job puts Obama in a predicament

Romney Backs Away From Own Tax Plan

Lehrer Cutting President Obama Off

I would like to file a formal complaint, this so called debate has been handled horribly.

Lehrer needs to grow a spine and tell Robme to STFU!

Anyone getting sound drop offs on PBS feed?

Bill Maher tweet...

Finally 10:22 an actual zing.

Romney doesn't know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and The U.S.

Mr. Etch A Sketch is tacking to the middle. He's going to continue

Debate Almost Over - Even More Confused On Romney's Positions

Romney said you put your money where your heart is

Romney Backs Away From Own Tax Plan

"I most certainly am not planning on doing all those things I've been saying I was planning to do."

Sweet Jesus

how do you debate someone who changes their positions at whim?

is Romney coming off as Likable ?

They need to send in the regular moderators, instead of the scab jim

"Latest" page not loading--defaults to forums & groups 10/3 10:18 PM ET

I like Big Bird and I cannot Lie!!

Romney's been practicing making his voice sound like Reagan's


Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet:

Romney could drop trou and take a dump on the carpet,

Great! Mitt is running on MORE MEETINGS!

Lies didn't really work for them at the GOP convention

Romney sounds like a suck up, but......

What was Romney's approval rating as Massachussetts governor?

#JimLehrer is trending on Twitter, and the comments are not kind

Romney spent the entire debate on the verge of hyperventilation

OK<...I claim ignorance...

It's 10:23. Romney is spewing like Bill Murray's character in groundhog day. Debate making me ill.

When Lehrer and asshole don't interrupt him

"Massachusetts has union teachers"

I think Motormouth Mitt wins a trophy for speed-lying tonight.

there are 3 debates... romney showed a lot of cards tonight...

Bad Moderation ruined the integrity of the debate, in my humble opinion.

78 year old Jim Lehrer ...

Romney Supports Education!

I have never seen as many critical low class criticisms of a Dem nominee on DU

There are two more debates

"I'm concerned about America." Ladies and gentlemen: Mitt Romney, The Ultimate 'Concern' Troll!


The trolls are in force tonight

Obama is going up on Intrade

LOL, YouTube just cut off Romney in his closing arguments, an automated hard-cut.

Those of you who think Obama lost tonight

I do not want your America you lying creepy robot!

Explain Intrade to me -- because Romney is losing big time there

When people compare what Romney said to (a) the facts, and (b) what he's said previously

Obama started slow and finished strong

The loser of this debate: The Commission on Presidential Debates

Romney was a rambling, hyperventilating wreck

Before I say goodnight, Fuck you Mr. Robme fuck you

When you're winning in the 4th quarter, you play it safe, run the ball & run out the clock

Mitt Romney's closing argument!

Can we please get DU back top normal now? Will the traffic slow down?

On CNN's graph, mittens is flatlining with female undecided voters

forty seven percent was never once mentioned.

The President Did Just Fine- Now Chill and Let Him Get On To the Rest of the Campaign!

So did that dumbass reality show help the dozen undecided voters out there pick their horse?

Romney didn't win the debate, Obama lost it

From now on, rMoney's new nickname is Creamsmirk! N/t

Suddenly, Beldar's discovered Massachusetts!

Because poor, inner city parents can choose where their children go to school.

Fuck Jim Lehrer

boring as hell

Moderator SUCKS

This the first time the Rmoney family has ever seen black people in person, by the way....

Rachel: We saw this debate format die a slow death on camera tonight

Jim Leherer acted like an NFL replacement ref

For the record. Mittens did NOTHING for Massachusetts.


Obama Wins by Fighting Every Single Day for All Americans

$716 billion cut in Medicare, $716 billion cut in Medicare, $716 billion cut in Medicare

YES! Rachel!!!

Biggest loser: Jim Lehrer

I forgot how much I hate fucking debates!

I thought Romney acted like a tweaked out bully

plastic face plastic smile

After the Debate tonight, all I can say is...

That was not a debate - it was a Rmoney Monologue

I am not a troll.

Face it friends...Mitt won this one.

Gish Gallop

Go, Ed! Telling the truth about Obama's SS comment!

Obama did fine!

Big Ed:The President was horrible

I'm a coward and admit it, I turned off TV--what are the pundits saying?....

MSNBC - Ed saying the President made problems for himself tonight and I agree. The SS was

AlJazeera saying...

Romney wanders at the end. Tosses out random talking points.

Those of you who think Obama lost...

Is something going on that has Obama preoccupied?

Mitt wins the debate until the fact checkers are heard tomorrow morning

Mondale won the first debate in 84

Debate polls thread

The only one who seems to understand what he's suppose to do on MSNBC, is Sharpton.

Obama held his own. The MittTwit got NO game change. No major mistakes on either side. DRAW.

The reason the debate wasn't that great ->>>>>> Jim Lehrer


Obama's always too goddamn nice to Republicans. And we saw that again tonight.

Romney is being crushed to a pulp in this debate

Gore was bashed by the same Whores for being Aggressive

When I press "Latest Threads" or "Greatest Threads" I don't get the list

You know what? It doesn't take more than 30 seconds to say: "Hey

Romney was as bland, uninspiring, and robotic as he's always been.

WOW! Tweety is foaming at the mouth.

Tweety is beside himself

Ed on MSNBC is pissed..

If Obama wins this election, it's because of us, not him....

Wow . . . Tweety is blowing a gasket!

Where was Obama tonight? Tweety

Tweety Is On Fire

Nothing Romney said was true

Oh boy... here it comes...

Matthews is dead on about the debate.

Romney just shook his etch a sketch...

Ed says Romney won.... would you disagree?

Any snap polls yet?

Well, that was disappointing.

My favorite Romney fuck up moment...

People, ROMNEY WAS REHERSED FOR THIS, he doesn't have an original thought about anything

Romey told Leher "I'm coming after you and Big Bird" PBS going down.

Is there really ANY room to favor Romney over President Obama in this debate? On what?

Yahoo Debate Poll

What is President OBAMA'S October surprise?

I'm in a state of shock/sadness

What are the shots Obama missed???

I think Romney DOMINATED the debate, rather than winning it....not the same thing

I was watching the pre-debate show on C-Span when an older woman, Republican called

Joe Madison:I though the President was Presidential

Intrade is calling it a draw

Dennis Kucinich...Ten Years Ago Congress Began Debate Over Iraq War.

Dear Obama Re-election team....

President Romney

CBC onscreen debate poll

geez...when romney talked about working with dems in MA - just bullshit

When did Obama hit the asshole with 47%?

Played it safe and had a very bad night.

Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell

My wise, more moderate husband said this:

Why did that debate suck so much?

So how many ads can be made juxtaposing Mitten's latest flip flops?

I'm just amazed. This is the first Presidential Candidate that has gotten away

He will be indicted for perjury.

MSNBC is crucifying Rmoney

Romney trying to miraculously reinvent himself as the friend of the middle classes...

While Obama lost some opportunities, Romney seemed unhinged..Very me.

So yelling over your opponent and moderator is winning? Bullshit.

Romney made a good testimony, but

I just donated to President Obama.

Romney installed a 1tb lying chip for tonight, Obama forgot his fact checking chip

Why was Romney smirking when Obama spoke?

Fact checkers are going to have a field day with Mitt.

October 11--VP debate--Biden vs. Lyin' Ryan

Ed Schultz & Chris Matthews angrily questioning where was Obama

Joe Madison:The President was Presidential

Josh Marshall, TPM, Liveblogging conclusions:

Regarding Big Bird...

SNL's spin will be

Watching grass grow would have been more exciting


This is not a fucking game!

Obama cleaned house tonight

In The First Presidential Debate in 1984, Walter Mondale Crushed Ronald Reagan

Governor O'Malley: Mitt's promises were like eat cake, lose weight

I know we wanted Obama to obliterate Romney but a draw is a win for Obama

Has anyone else wondered if the reason the President seemed so out of it

It is vaguely *possible* this was the right debate strategy.

Tweety looks like he is going to have a stroke right there on camera.

My teenaged daughter on Facebook --

A theory on the 47%, and why it wasn't brought up tonight by Pres. Obama.

President's surrogates are doing a much better job having this President's back......

Romney: I’ll Cover Pre-Existing Conditions, Obama: No, You Won’t

Thanks for creating the next etch-a-sketch ad, Mitt

Free money! Go to Intrade and buy Obama shares (freepers buying Romney shares which'll be worthless

Cutter: "I sometimes wondered if we even needed a moderator because we had Mitt Romney."

How can Pres Obama respond to 100 lies in 1 minute? C'mon MSNBC!

Did Mitt Romney Just Call for My Death?

They're saying Obama spoke 4 minutes longer than Romney

Death by Split Screen: The First Presidential Debate and the Romney Smirk

Take the leash off of Joe Biden....

Mitten's car salesman delivery isn't going to win him Ohio



I thought President Obama was reasoned, patient and presidential during the first debate

Mitt Romney’s Five Biggest Lies of the First Half of the Presidential Debate

Honestly, tonight was great for us. Here's why...

Bully's always win

As I feared earlier today, Romney performed better than Democrats thought he would

Obama's game: box Romney in. Pin him down. Get him on the record.

my two cents...i see what concern`s mittens wife

OMG. DU this damn MSNBC poll from Ed ie: who won the debate


Obama's campaign: "Romney on defense all night (and testy) Over tax, medicare plans..."

This is how you play the long game folks...

Almost Everyone is Missing the Two Biggest Take-aways from the Debate that Will Help Obama

This is the future of our nation-not a TV show: Pundits are not the General Public.

In the end, few people change their vote based on...

Mitt Romney’s Five Biggest Lies of the First Half of the Presidential Debate

Now here's some good news - check out this ad by Allen West's opponent.

I do not think the President did well tonight.

Romney, for the first time in his life, was pumped with caffeine

I think what is important is how many minds were changed..

After tonight's debate performance I'm going to...

Three Preliminary Observations

Now I get why Romney changes his position. It was in prep for the debates.

President Obama stumbled thru his words & Romney sailed thru his lies.

Did anyone else see Romney wipe his lip?

As Gregory just let slip - Mitt served up a big plate of ads and stump talking points for Obama...

Depressed after the debate

Romney did not win votes today

" He flip-flops like he's been tasered"

While Jim Lehrer wasnt looking, Romney hit Obama with a folding chair

Obama Camp: Romney Won On ‘Style’ But Got ‘Testy’

Mitten's car salesman delivery isn't going to win him Ohio

MSNBC Needs to Take a Chill Pill

Anyone hear Romney repeat that line about eliminating some deductions?

Police: Woman shot by border agent tried to flee

rmoney came off as a complete phony, his smile was beauty contestant

Come on DU!! Lets raise some money for the President!

Looked Like A Draw To Me, Ladies And Gentlemen

The debate clip aired on my local news.,,,

MSNBC! I AM The President of the United States! Shut the fuck up!

FACT CHECK: Presidential debate missteps

Romney according to CNN was more agressive in first debate

Romney was way too aggressive -- looked like a bully and a NUT.

Romney with his red upper lip, his beady eyes tearing up, and the weird way

I did not think the President did very well tonight.

Hey, Mitt Romney: You F*&king LIAR! Where! Are! Your! Tax! Returns???

Relax. Obama Won Because He's Honest

After Debate Music


Ugh! Here comes Rudy Giuliani, just hit the mute button! On MSNBC.

CSpan had a split screen. The expression on Romney was a smirk..

In 2004, Senator John Kerry won the debates hands down... Remember who won the election?

Rudeness wins!

Rachel's got a live republican - she must be so excited!

Romney: I’ll Cover Pre-Existing Conditions, Obama: No, You Won’t

* Yawn* - As Predicted Romney Wins On Points, But Will Lose - Let Me Explain

Maybe you just don't realize how smart Obama is

The Huffington Post is already slapping down Romney...seems the little prince toldeth some lies

Rudy the Skull is on lying on MSNBC

Romney was a real dick to Jim Leher, how is that going to play with the Seniors?

Let's be freaking honest, damn it

alot of newbie threads tonight wonder why nt

My impression from the debates is that Obama is saving up for the last ones.

post debate fact checkers will kill Romney

Do people here really think these debates are going to alter the underlying dynamics of this race?

Only one question remains after the debate

Mass was #1 in everything when Mitt was gov

It's easy to win a debate if you can make up your own facts.

Romney is a LIAR - relax

Next debate, people will have high expectations for Willard

If Romney won't cut taxes what's the Fucking Point?

"Male person's conservative kind of middle of the road cotton undergarment"

Why were there no questions on women's rights, gays or immigration in tonight's presidential debate?

Remember how Kerry's ass kicking debates lead to victory?

Just found this - haven't read it all yet - NY Times debate live blog

WTF? Did they see the same debate I saw?

In terms of securing votes tonight. Obama clearly wins.

Gas prices have doubled during Obama's term? Um, NO Mitt - that's a LIE -

any of those "concerned": tell me one soundbyte that will hurt Obama

Stop Panicing people. Be calm.

Would a GOOD JOBS REPORT Friday make up for ...

R-OPMoney's smoke and mirrors tax plan - Mostly False

It's a shame Mitt didn't show up tonight.

Oh shit, Chris Hayes just punked Rudy!

Chris Hayes is doing a better job debating Guillliani than Obama did debating Romney.

Mitt just threw the Tea Party under the bus -- his entire base, in fact.

Romney won on style and Obama won on substance. This is becoming more and more clear.

Romney: I’ll Cover Pre-Existing Conditions, Obama: No, You Won’t

Is there anyone here who really understands independents / swing voters?

So,...I can't decide, MSNBC a bunch of jackoffs or a circle jerk?

I Have a Nuanced Take on The Debates

Watch the polls . . . none of the superficial, performance judgments about the debate will matter

This debate was NOT a game changer for Romney

Fleecydale Road


Psst! Pass it around. Mittens Wants to Kill Elmo

WTF..Why does Rachel have Gulliani on..

What happened?

CNN is doing fact checking!

I would like to apologize to Mitt Romney

Obama: Romney Won’t Say ‘No’ to Extreme Parts Of Republican Party

CBS Instapoll Results of Debate Winner

Networks didn't do snap polls this time?


Playing defense was a mistake IMHO

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers, first Triple Crown winner since Yaz of the '67 Bosox

Mitt Romney Said He Likes Big Bird At Tonight's Debate, But Will Cut PBS Subsidies

CBS poll of uncommitteds: 46% say Mitt won, 22% say Obama and 32% call it a draw

Mitt Won

The etch-a-sketch moment

Here's why the media seems to think Romney won the debate, and it should be familiar to all of us.

The source of my "concern."

Obama was deeply affected by...

Why didn't Obama bring up Mitt's missing tax returns or foreign investments?

I have seen this line..Bullies Always Win...It isn't true..NO

romney was too manic, obama too understated

Why didn't he take off the gloves?

Tonight - Romney told middle class/middle aged voters that he is eliminating Medicare as we know it

47%, woman's rights, immigration, outsourcing --- Obama will slam Mitt on this next time, right?!

CNN’s Factcheck for the Ages

CNN’s Factcheck for the Ages

Where are the flash polls we got 4 years ago on debate nights

Everybody chill

Question - Based On Debate, Are You More Or Less Clear On Romney's Agenda?

67% of registered voters in CNN poll say Romney won the debate. Only 25% say Obama.

CNN Flash Poll: Rmoney 67% - Obama 25%

Wait a minute, DU!! I take back everything I said. President Obama has a BRILLIANT strategy...

Panicking Romney Attempts To Lay Off Debate Moderator

CNN Poll Results

The lack of zingers didn't bother me, but I coulda used a few more slobberknockers

Obama started well ... but got his ass handed to him after the first segment.

Please, just wait until you see the ads that will come from tonight's debate.

David Plouffe is a lame-ass

Wait--I get it. Rev. Wright Tape and Romney Extreme Lies and Goading---Provoking Angry Black Man.

Dang, Obama didn't start yelling "Bain" and asking for tax returns!

Mr. Shraby isn't particularly political and he had one thing to say about half way

No, we did not have a surplus in the '90s.

Romney Sure Can Sell Used Cars

Romney, of course, lied about everything

"Mitt Romney Gives Obama All The Lies He Needs to Hang Him With"

imho, Obama lost tonight, but he will get a bump from this debate, I am pretty sure, here's why:

Obama needs to win big on November


Where were you negative posters during the debates 4 years ago?

"I simply couldn’t be prouder of my husband tonight." –mo

Romney wants to kill Big Bird.

Jennifer Granholm predicted that Mitt Romney would win the first debate

Cracked "If Mitt Romney Had a Kickstarter.

Did the first presidential debate do anything to influence who you will support in the election?

You don't address a bullshitter with wonk

Hey, Shitt face Romney...You said tonight that i DO have to worry about my

Weird how nearly everything that came out of Romney's mouth was a lie

Con artists are smooth talkers, but lies catch up with them eventually

I hope Joe Biden dominates Paul Ryan in the VP debates.

So what were people expecting?

The Flip-Flopper-In-Chief Flip Flops once again...

Chuck Fraud: Mitt established himself as a "credible" alternative

So Mitt Romney Was The Moderator

re: Flash Polls. More Republicans watched the debate.

CBS snap poll: 69% Obama cares about their needs and problems up from 53% before debate

so. What exactly has romney done for a living since 2008?

So Romney won the debate. Who was right? Who told the truth? Who was more accurate?

Transcript: First 2012 presidential debate


"No, Romney didn't make any major fuck-ups, aside from"

Axelrod: Romney layed down a series of positions that are troubling to the

why is the media focus tonight on Obama and not on Romney's deficits??

Why so many threads saying mitty won?

Let me get this straight. People think the guy who said he would get rid of Big Bird won the debate?

A Complete Disaster for Romney

shit just got real

People, this was exactly right tonight... Mittens showed himself to be...

God bless Steven Colbert. nt

Was Romney on cocaine tonight?

TONIGHT was the Set Up.

Top Romney Adviser: States Will Have To Cover People With Pre-Existing Conditions Under President Ro

4 Pound Hair Ball Removed From Girl's Stomach

What we saw tonight was Mitt Romney's Gish Gallop.

Most memorable part of debate.

A debate on domestic issues that didn't mention

Tonight, Romney again pledges to kill Big Bird.

Are Mormons allowed to take speed?

How do you handle an aggressive bully who lies? What advice would you give

Jon Stewart Slams ‘Drudge-Con 1 -Sized Fox News Reaction To 2007 Obama Video - video link

Of all the MSNBC gang, Reverend Sharpton had the best take, IMO


Obama and Romney, in First Debate, Spar Over Fixing the Economy. NYT

Mitt wants to fire Big Bird AND take away his health insurance!

ED on MSNBC keeps saying the Obama never said

(47%) In the debate why didn't Obama skewer Romney with the remarks Romney has made in recent weeks

The Eye of the Beholder

What debate was MSNBC watching?

KitchenAid Tweets Joke About Obama's Dead Grandma

California's Historic Opportunity to End the Death Penalty

55% say Romney would better handle the economy. Romney swept the flash polls of

Biggest winners and losers from tonight's debate

Favorability rating didn't change from before the debate to after the debate for either Obama

The Debate Lasted 1 1/2 Hours, Liar Checking Is Going To Go On For Weeks

The first 2012 presidential debate: President Obama vs. Mr. 47%, #15

Any debaters in the group?

Well it's over and done with and there is nothing more we can do...

CNN just said they sampled more republicans for the post-debate poll! Carville calls bullshit.

I LOVE Ezra Klein

Only the swing states matter at this point.

Smart take from Josh Marshall

We are now officially changing "Where's Waldo?" to

Thank you Mitt

After Two Years I post here again...And I must say I miss you all in the DU Lounge the most!!!

I challenge you to name the defining moment of the debate.

Romney's condescending sneer and Romney's lies

#BigBird trending

Nobody will care, But Romney said something UTTERLY DISGUSTING

Whatever you think of this debate, I totally disagree with the comparison with W.

Of course, this debate sucked for us. Felt awful. but not because of the president - ponder..

If you are disappointed or worried about tonight, there is one thing you can do

Obama campaign needs to get an ad out highlighting all the Romney lies tonight

Romney was aggressive, sure.... but he has now placed himself in a box

Anyone here remember the 2008 debates?

Mrs. Plaidder's comment on Obama's low affect: "He didn't want to be there on his anniversary."

"Mr. Romney, you are running for the office of the United States of America not the divided States..

Why Romney LOST this debate:

Plouffe 47 percent comment "called Romney's problem is because it wasn't a gaffe"

It was a debate of expectations.

The President did perfectly fine, and exactly what he was suppose to do...

Low point: when Obama took a dig at Romney when he said that for 18 months

MSNBC has as much vested interest in drama and panic as the next guy.

Kos:A loss, but not a game-changing one

Can no one else see the rope a dope...

Is Mitt Romney an Etch a Sketch?

What would Romney do if he HATED Big Bird?

So does anyone know what percentage of Americans actually watch the debates?

Obama needs to get his ass in gear or he will feel the crappy end of an inauguration day.

Romney Spent 90 Minutes Spewing GOP Talking Points. Lehrer Set Obama Up By NOT Doing His Job.

Top Romney Adviser: States Will Have To Cover People With Pre-Existing Conditions Under President Ro

The debate was awesome

Is debate performance really a good basis for a voter to choose a candidate?

Hey, Mr. President didn't make one peep re Mittwitt's tax returns. Why do you suppose he didn't?

I wonder whether Obama failed to challenge Romney on his lies because...

16 of 39 of the CNN undecided voter focus group made a decision

Did the President say that his Social Security plan was similar to romneys? I hope not, because

"silver lining for Obama in post-debate poll"

Style Vs Substance.... Which one counts more historically?