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Archives: October 27, 2012

How 'they' get away with it...

Lawrence Wilkerson, Former Colin Powell Aide, Blasts Sununu, GOP, As 'Full Of Racists'

Anyone else going to Halloween parties or other events this year?

Mitt Romney beating Barack Obama handily in Missouri, poll shows

Poll finds McCaskill narrowly ahead of Akin, Romney with big lead over Obama in Missouri

Happy birthday Hillary in pictures.

Swing state TV ad fatigue.

Rachel Maddow - Biden Obama ticket's stalwart of integrity authenticity

What number is Organize for America calling from?

I am old enough to remember John Sununu

Amid bumper crop, families could get PB&J break

Romney has

If Mittens skirts any media from now till Nov. NOW is the time to introduce ALL rumors/questions ov

Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Lawrence Wilkerson, Former Colin Powell Aide, Blasts Sununu, GOP As 'Full Of Racists'

Help please! Gluten-free Christmas pudding.

Favourite Pot Recipes?

BREAKING: Judge Says Mitt Romney "Probably" Guilty of Animal Abuse

This is what Romney supporters say about him

Nixon has slight lead; most other statewide races toss-ups

Another dumb jackass for Romney Ryan

Cash-strapped Europe nations are not shy about taxing the rich

Rachel Maddow - Romney's willingness to say anything makes integrity an issue

Awesome book shirts

What about the other 4? Huh, Mr. Cat?

Evolutionary Psychology and anti-intellectualism.

Well... The Debates Are Over, But... The Talk Of Climate Change Is About To Begin... Again... And...

Birther Thrifty Car: Buffalo Rental Cars Sport 'Vote For The American' Bumper Stickers

validating study of purported GOP vote flipping in 2012 primaries

Bob Denver "Ho Daddy!"

Just wandered over to

Insiders: Democrats More Confident in Ground Game

My chiroprator cc slip had a "tip" space, like a restaurant!

New Video for Obama - "Forward" (Official Video)

McCaskill only up by 2 over Akin

Obama 74.4% chance of winning, Romney 25.6%

83yo man gets probation for beating 94yo roommate to death at rehab

Committees Leaving Maine as King Looks Poised for Win

Can we all take a moment to give Howard Dean thanks for the 50 state strategy?

There's a political metaphor in here somewhere

"$2.5 million to a party who's repeatedly voted to maintain their subsidies is a worthy investment"

The 'welcome' mat is out, the door is open.

EXCERPT: GOP Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says racism is basis for votes against President Obama

As a woman I'm sick and tired of a bunch of men making decisions about my body

My rebuttal to claim obama "had two years of total control with the Senate and House"

Meatloafgate Day 2

Weathergirl goes rogue

PPP National poll (10/24 through 10/26): Obama 48, Romney 48

Matt Harding is still dancing around the world

Middle of the Night Hello Post that No One Will See...

Why Election Day no longer matters

Romney MUST APOLOGIZE To Chrysler Workers For Spreading LIES!!

If McCain won in 2008, who would be the (D) nominee this year?

Obama Going On 'Morning Joe'

how do you report a troll other than an alert?

Everyone who can vote early should, including absentee

ABC Nightline: Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

It's still a man's world,

By Tuesday, Romney will begin pulling up stakes in Ohio

What can anyone tell me about Hulu

Romney: Corporations are people, but women are not

Who among those in this year's election are the best liberals?

Wells Fargo sends refunds to some FHA mortgage customers...

Look who I met tonight.

Letterman calls out Trumps' bluff, twice!

Ice Cream

David Letterman - Donald Trump: Made in China

Hey Nate!

Sherrod Brown Wins National Title as ‘Progressive Hero’

Let's get this straight Republi - fucking - cants....

Mitt Romney Liar Liar, Pants On Fire!

Has anyone else seen Mumford & Sons live?

How well do you know your feminist firebrands? (II) Elizabeth Cady Stanton:

Mitt Romney Like George Bush Only Scarier

Democrats up 7% in early voting in Nevada 10/26 with about 30% vote in.

NM court rules against family given brain in bag

NEWLY UNCOVERED Paul Ryan Staff EMAILS Show Sensitivity To Stimulus HYPOCRISY

Can we get back to Mitt's tax returns?

Soldier Accused of Impersonating a Cop

Important Email from Obama campaign

Which states have we not seen any polling for this year?

How can this election be so close ?

The best way to avert shenanigans in the vote tally is to vote absentee....

Why the concern about Sandy?

Jack Scalia Arrested at Airport - He Forgot the Gun

Romney spends big on firms tied to aides

A Britsh WWII era woman recalls living under the constant threat of being bombed

Welcome home dad

Is America now a plutocracy? Interesting commentary. . .

Tribune endorses Obama: Our children's America

help! fox news going crazy about benghazi attack ~ 'requested help three times!'

Rand Poll Update: Obama, 51-44.5.

The surge continues in RAND tracking poll. Obama now leads Romney by 6.3 points.

Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corporate Donation

Detroit Free Press - "Romney returns topic to auto industry bailout, his weak spot"

It's 4:30 A.M. and I've been up for a couple hours

Mason-Dixon claims MO-SEN race has tightened (McCaskill 45, Akin 43)

Take a couple minutes, we're not all that different...

FYI: Darius Rucker Was Inducted Into The Grand Ole Opry

So, I'm really into trying new things, the latest new thing - massage therapy session.

Oct 27, 1838 Gov. Lilburn Boggs issues the Mormon Extermination Order

JoCo grand jury dismisses obscenity question involving arboretum statue

The One Line From "America The Beautiful," That Romney NEVER Sings, NEVER recites -for good reason-

This is offensive and sick

-- ## HAPPY BIRTHDAY, that's MR SCORPIO to you! ## --

Romney, Cheney, Rove, Franks Raise the White Flag on Iraq

Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran. (citing international law)

Meet 8 Romney-Backed Senate Candidates Who Would Force Victims to Have Their Rapists' Babies

How Wealthy Billionaires are Trying to Destroy our Schools and Silence our Voices{CALIFORNIA}

Fukushima fish 'may be inedible for a decade'

I'm going early voting today and

Deepwater corals may be key to restoring damaged reefs, survey finds

Bill O'Reilly, busy not helping things…

Meningitis: drug firm escaped tough sanctions before outbreak, files show

Fifth Tibetan in a week dies from self-immolation

My Mom is the smartest and most grounded person I know. Today she said

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Can the company fire you for the way you vote?

California's death penalty ballot: Prop 34 makes economic and ethical sense

Patti Page - For Sentimental Reasons {love her}

Sandy is coming…

Did NOT expect this from a Guardian representative !

Nevada Early Voting Analysis, Week One

Don't bogart…


AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks


Don't fuck with The Dorothy

More Tigers In Captivity In US Than In The Wild Some In Private Hands -- No Decent Regulation

The day I give a happy damn about

Texas rejects ethics complaint against Sen. Wendy Davis

What is a Veteran?

A Picnic 65 Million Years Ago Would Have Been A Dicey Affair

It's what they're not telling you that speaks the loudest at times

Corruption Is The Chief Business Enterprise When GOP In Charge.

Progressive Outrage Over Gaza Rockets?

Is it just me or what

Toshiro Mifune has had it up to "here" with your shit…

Gloria Allred. Not what you think.

Lucy Kirkwood: 'Boys are force-fed this very plastic sexuality on a mass scale'

Question for your Republican friends.

You got ectoplasm on my popcorn…

A view from the reddest of red states - Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

I have an idea DUers -send these two links to your parents and older

Why Romney has already won this electronic election, unless…

AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks

Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? Yes.

You haven’t seen anything yet … wait ‘till he’s done with the presidency

President Obama warns GOP not to undo Wall Street law

Weekly Address: Protecting the American People with New Wall Street Reforms

Chomsky: America Acts Like It Owns the World, While Endangering the Planet from Nuclear War and ....

Muslims treat Paris to pastry protest on Eid

Nate Silver’s Model vs. “The Morris Law”

Battle of the Talk Show Hosts

Ian McKellen: Being Gay Made Me A Good Actor

Koch Linked Group Launches Ad That Targets Tammy Baldwin on Paper Jobs

AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks

Krugman: NYT Op-Ed: romney's 5-point plan is a sham

Pennsylvania: (Obama+6) Obama 49%, Romney 43% (Philadelphia Inquirer)

President Obama condenses argument against Romney in new ad

An argument settler - your opinion please

If my early voting experience here in FL is any indication

Puppy Love

GOP USA The Land Of Landrieu - Ala Star Trek

Should the President do the Sunday shows next week?

Women pregnant from rape are no more deserving of access to safe, legal abortion

hush hush sweet charlotte - patti page -- great pics of bette davis

Congress shall extend Medicare to all Americans

Picture of Reagan and Obama

The Military Is Calling On These Robots To Do Things It Never Imagined

In northeast SC, it looks like a hurricane is coming.

Republican Strategy Headquarters


Coconut Israeli Couscous Studded with Pomegranate

MUST SEE - Look Up Abbot And Costello - Susquehanna Hat Company On Youtube And Watch -----

AARGH! Can somebody please explain this to me?

Who Owns the World? Noam Chomsky on US-Fueled Dangers From Climate Change to Nuclear War pts 1-3

SW Iowa political TV ads 10-1 Republican over Democrats.

Yeah right.

The Office AssHAT Popped My Cork Tonight

Prop 34: Ex-Prison Warden Jeanne Woodford Backs California Measure to End Death Penalty

YouTube channel: BarackObamadotcom = subscribe = 257,239,412 video views

Women smokers who quit by 30 'evade earlier death risks' (BBC)

Polls of Ohio w/Cell Phones Show Significantly Bigger Leads for President Obama

Remote US Base at Heart of Drone Wars Revealed in New Report

Racial dog whistle letter published this morning

The Surge Continues /Rand Poll -Obama (D) 51% Romney ($) 45%

Policing Privacy: Seattle police to deploy spy drones?

WSJ etc

Keiser Report: No science behind economics, just voodoo

Unintended Consequences and the U.S. Military by Tom Engelhardt

Golden Dawn has infiltrated Greek police, claims officer

Ah, Saturday morning....

Remote US Base at Heart of Drone Wars Revealed in New Report

Chevron Gives $2.5 Million to Conservative Super PAC

Dick Cavett writes about Ali

A Miscellany of Buses

If you want to wish me a happy birthday today, listen to and rec my B-day mix

Binders Full of Generals

Possessed cat!

Norway's New Foreign Minister 'Exploitation of Arctic Resources Will Happen'

The newest symbol for the Republican Party

"#uppers is the number one trend in the country!"

From The What Could Possibly Go Wrong Files:

Density Toronto: Why the skyscrapers on steroids?

***** Official Pre-Election Electoral College Vote = Predictions Thread *****

The Right Disappeared The Iraq War. We Can’t Let Them.

Billyray-Cyrus dedicates new song to Romney "Change my mind"

Top Corporate Tax Dodgers/Job Destroyers Bernie Sanders (Pdf)

Sheldon Adelson Pressures Casino Workers With Pro-Romney Voter 'Guide'

Politics brings out true depth of Facebook 'friending'

I can now smell it.. what BARACK IS's a can of closing deal WHOOPASS


Remember - Obama for America TV Ad

A Viagra follow-up? Drug used to treat glaucoma actually grows human hair

"Super storm" Sandy regains hurricane strength


Chicago Tribune Endorses President Obama

Ohio Rep. ACCUSES Romney of TROLLING the Internet for JEEP LIES

Almost 1.4 Million Pledge For Jesus as Write-In Candidate in 2012, as Disgruntled Evangelicals Vent

"It was the election of Ronald Reagan that started the Grand Reversal." He was a member of ALEC

Like New Balance sneakers? Guess what-they're made in USA!

Early voting begins in Florida - early tweets about it:

Emails shed light on Ryan, Walker relationship

Richard Feynman’s last interview

There is only a 5% chance of Romney


The Big Blow A' Comin' Next Week: Commander In Chief Versus The Vulture-Capitalist

Sandy My Update Down East NC

Let the Panic begin: Sandy regains Hurricane Strength (ahead of schedule)...

Big Romney Supporter Caught In Voter Fraud? Texan Meat Loaf seeks to cast ballot from former LA home

Sununu Did EXACTLY What Romney Wanted: To BLACKEN Powell & Obama

Randi Weingarten answers “anything”

IN: Donnelly (D) now leads Mourdock (tea party) by 1%, after nosedive by Mourdock

Judge: Passing out religious materials at school OK

Paul Ryan Labor Day Promise To American Workers: Candy & Packer Schedule

Palm Beach County Florida Still Having Election Trouble: Today's Votes of Incompetence

This wingnut "music" video is amongst the funniest things I've seen all year

Al Qaeda's Zawahri calls for kidnap of Westerners

Romney’s Cold War Ponzi Scheme

How Did The Polls Do In 2010?

I don't know what The Grio is, but they have idiots working for them. 1 was on Chris Hayes today

Shhh! Homosexuality still in the closet in French classrooms

Super PAC Stops Support of Walsh

I'm at a poll monitor training session in Pennsylvania.

Like Gangnam Style? Check out Mitt Romney Style!

Souls to the polls in Florida

Romney not only plagiarized "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts" line for speeches - he's now selling bracelets

Bill Maher: Mitt Romney would be a freakshow

Windmills Overload East Europe’s Grid Risking Blackout: Energy

Shinto (in four parts)

Scariest Halloween Costume Of All --- Dress Like A Republican And Act And Talk Like One.

Cause of death

romney's coming to Quad Cities. Apparently proves he is a coward.

Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 89%, Prediction 97%

Obama, Romney line up elite lawyers for potential election disputes

Did AOL turn into a REAL news channel?

Really Really Defining Moment where we should show it to them


Boeing invites suppliers to conference on outsourcing to Mexico

Making a type C triode vacuum tube.

Col Lawrence Wilkerson says the Republican part is filled with racists..


The Bradley Foundation in Wisconsin

UPDATED: If you missed Melissa Harris Perry this morning (now w/ link)

Kansas City Star endorses President Obama

The Real Cost of Citizens United, Explained

How Can We Ever Live With The "Eddie Haskell" Party Who Make -----

From the Department of Silver Linings...

Do you think the "superstorm" will affect the election?

Burma: HRW satellite images 'show Rakhine destruction'

Romney Campaign Poo-poo'd but Third Party Candidates could tilt in Battleground

Melissa Harris-Perry: Wow. Must watch when available online!

President Predicts End to DOMA

One really stupid reason some people support Romney - it makes them feel rich.

Who sucks the most?

Melissa Harris Perry just read her open letter to Mourdock.

Miss. Grand Wizard heralds rise of new KKK, calls for segregation

Bernie in Montpelier Nov. 4

How Will the City of Milwaukee Swing Wisconsin?

MTV goes where the MSM feard to tread. Asks Obama about Climate Change.

Ghosts of Ole Miss

In veteran-heavy states, military issues magnified

No More Wire Hangers!!!!

"Just say it already; you hate women."

The Last Word - Rewriting GOP outrage over Obama ad

Inside the Early Voting Numbers

Chicago Tribune Endorses President Obama...

Bronco Bama WINS!

Mitt Romney Style!!!

Sex crimes hearing set for Fort Bragg-based general

Report: Ryan spending millions to keep his congressional seat


A tropical storm in Lake Onatario in November?

'Super storm' Sandy regains hurricane strength

Genetic Roulette 1hr 24min documentary about our health and GMOs

Does anyone know where President O, FL Michelle & VP Biden

Sad storm forecast and sad ironies

the prevent defense

More about costumes...

Will the Republican Gov.s of NJ, VA, & PA ask for federal disaster relief $$$ from Obama?

The Republican Party is Richard Mourdock

IMPORTANT Michigan: Absentee Ballot Postage

The right wing has lost the election of 2012.

The Last Word - Confidence test: Romney won't face the press, Obama does

The Last Word - State of The Race: Romney remains silent

Cantor topples Powell in fund-raising

OOPS: Republican Senator Accidentally Endorses Obama

Ann Coulter doubles down on "retard" tweet. . .

Why defense spending mysteriously surged 13% last quarter — and boosted GDP

Know your BFEE: Chinese and American Ruling Elites In Bed Together for Fun and Profit

Three Mile Island, The Susquehanna, and Sandy

"Love Free or Die"

How likely is that Romney will politicize some imagined flaws in Obama's response to Sandy?

The President's "reckless spending"

So about the abortion amendment on the FL ballot...

Sununu probably thinks I'm supporting Obama because

Today's College Football Thread (10/27)

The Republican Plan…

The September Surprise: Blowback from Benghazi threatens Obama’s Lead.

The AP poll which indicates the majority harbor prejudice against blacks can be laid directly at the

At the Obama rally in Nashua. Ask me anything. K

Run Silent, Go Deep: Drone-Launching Subs To Be Navy's 'Wide Receivers'

How about using your cell phone to make a snap shot

Maher: 'When You Elect Mitt You're Electing Every Right Wing Nut He's Pandered To In Last 10 Years'

Please encourage your Republican friends and family to write in the best person for the job:

Diving dogs

Romney Claims? Frankenstorm Product of Russian Climate Manipulation

Can't Decide WHO To Vote For?

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: Mitt Romney, of Course!

Lisa Lampanelli pledges $5,000,000 if Obama calls Ann Coulter something

'You Can't Be a Princess'

Cat has a head cold, sneezing all over the place

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 27, 1969

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I wish repuke voters could get a taste of what a R$ prez would be like...

Robert Bork? John Bolton?? 9 Advisers Who Have Romney's Ear

The electoral college is such a shame! Voting for Obama today in Kansas.....

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 27, 1969

GOP-Write in "Jesus Christ" for president...

Romney and His Etch-a-Sketch?

NYT: Powerful Storm Systems Continue on Collision Course

Paul Ryan is Dracula!

Obama grows Electoral College Lead


Lena Dunham's 'your first time' Obama ad: Too racy?

HBO's "Hacking Democracy" is still relevant! This must-see will erase all doubts about vote rigging.

Romney's Republican Serial Rapist BFF Commits Suicide While Out On Bail

Biggest problem with Rasmussen state polls

It is fall, the China Berry trees leaves are starting to turn color.

Conservatives want Sandy to interrupt Obama campaign days

Let's ask some of these pukish Republicans who think a child conceived of rape

Melissa Harris Perry Talks about Rape

Melissa Harris-Perry, a victim of sexual assault, narrates an open letter to Mourdock. Powerful...

Romney bluffing on Minnesota--Obama leads 53-45 in new Poll

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Obama 47% - Romney 45% (LV)

Human Events found VOTER FRAUD: Vans of non-whites who talk funny observed VOTING! gak

Romney and Rasmussen Spin Abandoning Ohio

Larry Summers: Romney's Auto Rescue Claims Don't Add Up:

A Rmoney victory would be a disaster for the gun industry

Hershey's Charity for Children Became GOP Slush Fund

How to tell if your eggs are fresh

"Anti-Business" Obama Is the Best President for Corporate Profits Since 1900

If the superstorm does major damage Obama can actually do something about it



Early voting in Indiana started Oct 9th M-F

Activists say religion is key in combating female genital mutilation

Meatloaf "would do anything" to avoid military draft

bluesbassman, white courtesy phone: From the BBC, it's Lowell-era Feat, "Fat Man In The Bathtub"

Will an Obama victory mean an end to the Electoral College?

“Where’s Pauldo?”

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Pelander fights effort to oust him

Obama's stimulus bill

How long til Rush blames Romney's loss on Sandy? And,

The Issues are the Distraction

Must see and share: A Very Quick Look at President Obama's First Term

BRILLIANT: A 'Simpsons' Animator Works His Magic On A Rousing Obama Speech

"How Obama Really Thinks" Esquire

LA Times Poll of CA: Obama up by 14...

Have Voting Machines Already Made their Choice for Prez?

Why I Don't Think A Mormon Should Be President

Is there a new face of atheism?

Anyone expect Corbett's DEP to honestly report on storm related fracking pond overflows?

The best graphic on the GOP of this entire election!

I was watching MSNBC and they were talking about Iowa. If I'm not mistaken, they said that Bush

Can Austin Keep Itself Weird? (NYT)

Billy Graham made decision to endorse Romney, son says

Hey cheerleaders: Forcing your faith onto others isn’t ‘religious liberty’

At little history for those Sooner fans too young to remember:

Missouri Dems Counter Mason-Dixon With Internal Poll

Halloween Party tonight to benefit Sedona Pride I have no fabulous costume.

I noticed that RCP doesn't include the PPP tracking poll...

Just Saw The Early Voting Line At My Precinct -- Now I've Got An Election Day Buzz!

Live NOW: Coffee Party Radio: End of Debates-Where Do We Go From Here? Sat 12–2PM Central

Will this storm makeup it's DAMN MIND!!!!

GOTV in NoVa is going strong! Just ran into three wonderful ladies in my neighborhood!

Had to do something today

One Term More - a political parody

Radical Religion – Common Threads of the Lunatic Fringe

Enough with the "Send $$$ Emails!"

Is Romney Supporter "Meat Loaf" Caught Up In Voter Fraud?

TCM Schedule for Monday October 29 - Star of the Month: Spencer Tracy

Republican Father-of-the-Year

You know what I want for my birthday?

Why Romney has already won this electronic election, UNLESS…

The campaign to free Don Siegelman

Unless Meat Loaf said something nasty about Obama, I can't stop liking him.

Poll Shows Solid Lead For Obama, Casey In PA

Anybody really think we're that much more advanced than extreme Islamic societies?

Texas Trooper Kills Two Immigrants--Thought They Were Drug Traffickers

Georgia black turnout on record pace!

Early Voting in Gwinnett County, Georgia

went over gazillion page ballot

Red State Roadkill

Obama Restored Faith in Voting - Jay Z

VP Biden: Romney "Can't Even Get Up the Gumption to Condemn" Offensive Statements

Ignore National Polls...

RAND Tracker -- Intention to vote line

Gallup wants us to believe Obama's approval ratings swung -4% in one day

Ofa North Carolina tweets: Super stylish ponchos make canvassing for @BarackObama even better!

At the risk of having my tin foil hat adjusted a little too tightly, are they stealing it?

Smoking Gun: Mitt supporter Meat Loaf not registered in TX, trying to vote from ex-residence in LA

what's the deal with peppers, onions, sausages?

Mourdock is no different on abortion than most repubs in Congress.

@OFA_FL tweets Help get out the vote in Florida, make 5 calls with our online tool

Why we should NOT advocate for the end of the electoral college

Romney's Campaign has Directed $134.2 mil to Political Firms with Business Ties to his Senior Staff

President Obama Speaks Before Record Crowd in Nashua, NH (Video)

"Due to the impending storm, the Governor’s conference on Emergency Preparedness

Brian Normoyle Tweet

Wingnuts pinning their Libya hopes on PETRAEUS but which PETRAEUS, the Romnesia one?!1

Employment meme I'm seeing all over the net today: Obama destroys jobs.

Early voting lines in West Palm beach

If you made the same vote-by-mail mistake I did

Reuters-Ipsos Obama 47-45 , Romney was ahead by 1 two days ago - 3 point swing

51.47% O 48.53% R EV: 281 O 257 R

something is wrong with vote tabulations - the Flipper

Here's the deal: I will donate $25 to the candidate of YOUR choice. Most compelling argument wins.

Republicans Filibuster Everything, Romney Blames Obama for Not Working With Congress

Greg Sargent:State polling averages support Obama camp’s view of the race

Polling Averages Show Obama Near Victory

Nate Silver, the geeky statistician who is singlehandedly dismantling the myth of Mitt-mentum

How Cheap Is Trump?

POTUS and the Teamsters in Manchester, NH

Just Got Back From Early Voting in Florida and The GOP Plan is Working....


Are Americans Really This Dumb?

What do you think will be your fondest memory of Election Night?

Sandy likely to be a multi-billion dollar disaster for the U.S.

Voted early today in Florida! with my daughter :)

Black voters spent the night sleeping in tents and recreational vehicles near the elections office

Colin Powell’s Former Chief of Staff Explodes on the GOP: ‘My Party Is Full of Racists’

This Teen's Joy Of Getting Into Harvard Became The Gateway To An Absolute Nightmare

Gallup tracker, Oct 27, 2000: Bush 52, Gore 39

Trustworthy polling aggregators?

A Message To Those Who Would Reverse All Of The Progress We Have Made

Have To Turn MSNBC Off..

Among Israelis, Romney Appears The Favorite

i'm in tennessee, my sample ballot has a republican at the top of each election category.

Who is canvassing/calling today 10/27?

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

Raufoss, Lapua, BMG...

I just voted in Maryland

Three trackers are for Obama today--one is a tie--two pro-Romney (guess which ones?)

Why doesn't Michael Steele just come out of the "Closet"...

Votamatic Obama 336 EV Romney 202 EV

Repubiicans trying to distort the abortion issue totally

Early voting is down from 08 in GA for rethug Counties big time

Melissa Harris-Perry's Open Letter To Richard Mourdock on Rape!

Real Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A.

Considering the Source...

Key to winning FL and NC and beating odds

One of my favorite examples of album cover art is the display of all the instruments and amps...

"My Party Is Full Of Racists."

"Protesters disrupt Seattle police public drone meeting"

the MSM

Julian Assange is the tech world's Donald Trump

New Freeperism, from a far-right militia site!

San Jose (CA) Mercury News Endorses Obama--Mitt doesn't even come close in 'honesty...'

Pssssst... Florida voters:

Michelle Rhee Gives $500,000 to beat Unions in Michigan

Pug factory

Kansas City (MO) Star Endorses President Obama

I agree with my right-wing friends: Vote for Obama

Arizona Democratic Party recommendation for voting on Ballot Propositions.

About the candidate order on the ballots...

SUNUNU must step down. He did not walk back that remark depsite

IBD/TIPP Confirms Romney only strong in the south.


World War II Veteran Ralph Maxwell says 4 More Years!

McMahon U.S. Senate campaign spending hits $42.6 million

Went to vote early last weekend and there was no line AT ALL!

Battleground California: Find local events, make calls, stop Super PACS (no on 32)

MUST SEE - "The Future Children Project" video from two brilliant ad men

Dallas Police Found 15 Assault Rifles in a Suspected Illegal Immigrant's Car Yesterday

I sure did see a lot of White Women @ the rally in NH

10 Filthy Rich Tax Dodging Hypocrites( and how they're trying to get rid of SS, Medicare & Medicaid)

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! This is Hilarious! Obama Kenya birth video. Come in for a good laugh!

Man arrested on assault weapon charge

Clinical name for extreme RW nuttery?

Give me a hug if you can Mr. President...please?

Your Prediction for Today's 538 Numbers

Awesome poster! Let My People VOTE!!

Share this if you agree:

Obama Abandoned Americans Killed at Consulate, Lawmaker Says at Romney Rally

God Distances Self From Christian Right

Hey, it's The Micro Machines Man explainin' what Obama has done...

WOW! Batman has a special message for President Obama

I can't type that fast

15 Things Neither Romney Nor Obama Is Brave Enough to Stand For By Bill Quigley

Catholics sign up, will show up, for same-sex marriage

Have Americans *really* become meaner and crueler?


U.S. (OBAMA) Set to Sponsor Health Insurance (the public option sought by many liberal Democrats)

For anybody who cringes when they hear "Take a listen"

It is fall, ten days high temp less that 90 deg F {32.2 C}

See any Mongols?

Maddow Blog: ‘Susan B. Anthony would be appalled’

Take a friend. Please.

Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion

I Have Zero Tolerance For People Who Don't Vote

Scientific experiment

I learned something this morning

Take a friend.Please

In Honduras, the International Criminal Court May Be the Last Hope

Obama ad airing in California!

Scientific experiment, part two:

Adam Leit: My First Time


Adam Leit: My First Time

My response to Sununu "just because you vote for the white guys based on race, doesn't mean that..."

UP w/ Chris Hayes w/ Nate, I didn't quite catch this

Aug. 2009 - MSNBC's Interview With Obama "Birther Queen" Orly Taitz

'Remember' - Obama for America TV Ad (New Swing State Ad Put Out Today 10/27)

The Media Is Really Working The Obama Low Expectation....

D.C. Sniper Court Victory Helps Reform Gun Industry and Save Lives

Sununu pic

one woman's account of ROMNEY AS GOVERNOR (from Facebook page)

Anatomy Of A Frightened, Desperate Scumbag

I hope...

Next vinyl to CD, "Heart"

You can be a paranoid, nasty extremist in the Gungeon...

Obama hits Romney on Wall Street, Medicare, education

So, the local (Republican) County Commissioner made $63k in fraudulent charges w/ some going to

Bogus callers telling people they can vote by phone, N.C. officials say

The first two years

Target Gun Trafficking

Here's some early voting news for West Virginia and surrounding states.

RALSTON: Obama & Dems "Absolutely Crushing" Romney & Republicans In Early Vote

Long Voting lines at my small neighborhood Library. It seemed like it is election day in NC

How many posts do you need to start a thread? eom

40TH Anniversary of American Graffiti (Pictorial Cancellation STAMP and ENVELOPE)

Frank Rich: Right will rage if Obama wins

Nate Silver tweet of the century:

On Bizarro World (which I think orbits the planet Kolob),


Juan Cole:Candidates flee East Coast as Frankenstorm takes Revenge for their Ignoring Climate Change

New Poll shows President Obama with Small Lead NC

Why Republicans Say You SHOULDN'T Vote for Romney

Obama hits Romney on taxes, Massachusetts record

Voting Question

Rmoney's backup plan (since he is loosing in Ohio)

Thousands of Israelis mark 17th anniversary of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination

X-post: How Will the City of Milwaukee Swing Wisconsin?

USA students petition for non-lethal weapons for campus police

What are the contingency plans if Sandy impacts next Tuesday?

How the GOP’s Voter Suppression Laws May Have Inadvertently Cost Them Florida

"Life is a Pre-existing Condition" - Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)

Are billion dollar campaigns going to be the new normal?

Just voted for Obama and so did my 18 year old liberal daughter!!!

Bain Brain: Does Rmoney Think He'll Make $102-mil Even If He Loses The Election?

This is dedicated to the news ...specifically Faux Snooze and CNN We all know Crap is King

'When You Elect Mitt You're Electing Every Right-Wing Nut He's Pandered To In The Last 10 Years'

Please forward this article to everyone you know...Especially fence sitters

Willard in Florida: Ich bin ein single mom

A DU-appropriate use of the B-word (those who've struggled with cancer may want to see this):

OK. I'VE HAD ENOUGH! No more Republicans in my life. If you're greedy enough, dumb enough, selfish

We just have to make sure we vote!

Don't Worry...!!

Islamic Fundamentalist or "Christian" Social Conservative? Can you tell?

Great 70s oldie dedicated to Mitt RMoney.

BILL MAHER on getting into bed with Mitt Romney. Ewww!

On The Tightening Poll Numbers Re: Women... To Paraphrase JC Watts Father...

Hey, Lounge, what'cha doing today?

Being Crazy May Actually Be Contagious!

The world of the un famous????

Early voting in Maryland

George Carlin sounds like a well balanced introvert.

Obama Vid, Attacks Romney Mass Record, jabs to birthers


Melissa Harris-Perry: "Rape is more than physical-Rapists strip women of our right to choose "

This is gonna be bad. It's gonna be really, really bad.

Romney spends big on firms tied to aides

Romney adviser dismisses auto rescue as 'one-trick pony'

Predicting Hurricane Sandy's path is actually quite Easy

The Road to November 6th: President Obama in Nashua, NH

I passed the 10K post milestone (millstone?) yesterday.

Just to keep you going until election day!!!

Martin Sheen on Mitt Romney

Santiago de Cuba, birthplace of their revolution, basically destroyed by Sandy

Who will get credit for Obama's economic recovery?

why doesnt gallup use their registered voters poll?

Cast Defends Timing of Bin Laden Raid Movie

Birther Morons Tout Faked Video of Obama Birth as Real

ROMNEYSIA is truly a Deadly Disease....

Obama Reaching Out For Your Vote. Nashua NH 10/27/2012

Georgia Store Offers Gun Raffle Tickets To Voters

GOP Can't See The Bull For The Shit

Early voting in Florida (video)

basic firearms knowledge can save lives?

Rubio said on plane that Mourdock had apologized and it's about control of the senate, not one man

Gravis Marketing: VIRGINIA: Obama - 48 Romney - 48 (Tie)

Faithful flock to miraculous image of deity in Nebraska Kitchen

Just voted

Mitt's Glasses: Lost & Found

If a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt ..........

What are you reading the week of October 28, 2012?

The Daily Show: American Pickers

Oh Ya ! Obama hitting RobMe HARD on his MA record. FINALLY ! RobMe SUCKED as gov. of MA.

Early voters overwhelm polling places in D.C., Maryland

I voted by mail this week (here in California)

GOP Presidents Have Been the Worst Contributors to the Federal Debt.

Really GOOD crusty bread recipe for the breadmaker

i just voted with my whole household and a few friends! it was awesom!

Just came back from a Thank You rally for Sherrod Brown in Yorkville Ohio

The Daily Show Picking Winners & Losers

SurveyUSA: NEW YORK: Obama +29 (Obama 62, Romney 33)

Heh. The Onion Weather Center Advocates the Overthrow of Capitalism. (video)

November contest ideas

Four Colorado votes delivered today ...

GMU Early voting updates for IA, NV, NC and CO.

The Election And The Rape Exception

YEEHAW!!! Ride'em cowboy!!

Just voted in Gwinnett County Georgia. Stood in line for 2 1/2 hours.

Boy Scout Leader at WalMart today

Oh, Pickles is stumping for Mittens...

NYT endorses Obama. Hardly a surprise, but it's a good one.

A simple guide, explaining how taxes work.

Voted Yet?

NYC activating Hurricane evacuation shelters

Does anybody know about terrier-poodle mix?

WATCH: The Reagan Gay Sex Joke That Puts Lena Dunham to Shame

If Children could vote they'd vote for President Obama (pic heavy)

R. Crumb- Women Voting Republican (from FB)

FB PSA re: Northeast/Sandy

New York Times Endorses Barack Obama

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? YES! YES! YES!

The Man With a Million Acres

Like I said during my show last thursday, the GOP have a creepy obsession with rape

Funny Romney supporter sign

xPost: As I said in my show this past Thurs. The GOP have a creepy obsession with rape.

Greg Mitchell:Weekend Newspaper Endorsements

Determined Firefighter Taking On Illegal “Boleteras”

Autumn rose

America will get EXACTLY what it deserves

The Lena Dunham ad that filled countless fainting couches

Maher: Romney thinks a blow job is how the Pep Boys clean out a carburetor

DU is glitchy today. Thanks for the replies, not just me

Why is NPR claiming falsely Romney is leading "the polls"

"We Love You Barack" President Obama stops at the Common Man restaurant in Merrimack, NH - pics

Why isn't the use of the "n" word considered hate speech?

What is the 1 most important issue to you?

I voted early in Florida - Big Turnout!

Boy Scout leader at WalMart today

Judge and Proposition informatiion

Barack Obama for Re-Election. NYT

IBD/TIPP: "Among all women, Obama's lead is now 14 points"

Gawd, don't turn cnn on.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil..." - 1 Timothy 6:10

more info with graphs on GOP vote flipping

Our Anti Gay people are just as dumb as yours.

My wife and I just voted for the Moslim Kenyan black guy, he has a foreign sounding name...

State vote margins in '04 compared to '12 polls...

My Phone has rung off the hook today! More calls than I've had in a long time.


Sheldon Adelson Leads Super PAC Mega-Donors To Dominance In 2012

Lets quit kidding ourselves, the only reason Obama isn't up by 20 is the fact that he's black.

Beau Biden trades campaign event for storm response

What's so "harsh" about this ad?

So, will you be attending an adult Halloween party?

"at the track"

Philadelphia Inquirer Poll of New Jersey Obama 51% Romney 41%

Mother Jones - "What Would Romney-Ryan Mean for FEMA?" - Notable In Light of Sandy

Non-toxic radiation levels from Japan found in NW tuna

Ohio not a toss-up... And very few of battlegrounds going to rep, historically!

Brutally honest. the issue of race in the race. infographic

Lubbock Dem Assaulted By Sign Vandals On Tape

Satellite images suggest airstrike on Sudan site

Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) says the mother belongs in the home.

Seen online--the best argument ever against absolutes

I know, but this IS the right forum - Kitteh PSAs

"You can't reason with people who lack the ability to think reasonably."

This is long but well worth the read. Restaurant workers face a lot of dangers w/o health insurance.

San Diegans, if you hear a lot of sirens or see many FD trucks on I-8 EAST or WEST bound

It's one thing to make tough decisions, it's much harder to be right

Obama attacks Mitt's MA record at NH rally before 8500

Hidden public option in Obamacare?

Poll: Are you a 'Pollaholic' ?

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Endorses President Obama

Elizabeth Warren lands endorsement from Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno

Obama wins massive endorsement from ... Mormons?

Regarding Charles Woods' Recent Comments

I saw three people walking

Myth: There isn't much racism against Obama b/c Clinton was hated too

Obama campaign courts youth vote with Reaganesque sexual innuendo; hypocrite Limbaugh goes ballistic

My electric company NStar called my home to warn about the storm.

What happened to the "conservative" GOP?

Anybody feel like they are living in a Twilight Zone episode?

I am having a Supernatural weekend.

Republicans, Hurricanes, and Disaster Relief: Was Paul Ryan One of Those

How to Watch Election Night

Biden just threw the election away. Damnit!!!!

Ct. orders cease and desist, to un-freeze funds to townships that challenged fracking preemption

State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right (By NATE SILVER)

Post Your Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm Photos

nate s. 538 updated ---- Nowcast 297 - 241 ---- 78.6% Obama to win ---- (Link attached)

No Enthusiasm on Dem Side? Early voters overwhelm polling places in D.C., Maryland

Clip of Obama in Nashua New Hampshire today Poking Fun at Birthers

Marco Rubio's daughter injured in car accident

Do not answer this thread, not neccesary.

New York Times: "Barack Obama for Re-Election"

Check out this cute little video I posted to Video & Multimedia last night.

Nate Silver: Ohio is not a toss-up

Ohio is not a Toss Up Nate Silver

This is actually funny for a change...

The West Wing parallels of the 2012 Election

God Distances Self From Christian Right

Anyone watching "Survivor?"

Wow! Ohio almost beat Miami!

Alabama To Vote On Segregation. This Is Not A Repeat From The 1960's

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 7, add ~4,000 to gains, closing in on insurmountable lead

Washington Post Poll of Virginia Obama 51% Romney 47%

Nate Silver: Ohio Is NOT A Toss-Up.

How will the MSM explain how wrong they were?

Romney's Campaign Efforts DESTROY The MSM Talking Point That The Country Is More Conservative

Anybody feel like they are NOT living in a Twilight Zone episode?

GOP Rape Crisis Hotline

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

A bewildering combination of lawn signs ...

Catholic Bishop: Democrats support evil, will go to hell

Post a song that was ahead of it's time!

I need help with ballot, please

A possible explanation for MSM "close race" rhetoric

Christian conservatives or Islamic fundamentalists, can you spot the difference?

This is the first year I will not working early voting or the day of the election.

Obama's 1 st term accomplishments in 1.55 minutes. This is Great!

Donald Trump releases proof that Barack Obama was once a Somali pirate

Why the hell is this Ineligi-Bowl on ESPN???

New video for Obama - Tyre, U.S. Naval Veteran: The first Democratic president that I will vote for.

USC {University of Southern Califonia} #9

The Bush Tax Cuts and Iraq War Caused the Deficit:

Thinking about being in the purple zone of Hurricane Sandy

How can this election even be "close"?

WAPO-VA POLL-Obama (D) 51% Romney ($) 47%

Buzzfeed: President Obama's rally in New Hampshire today the largest rally in NH history

Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift Model 87%, Bayesian Prediction 96%

Oct. 26: State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right

I've got a stock pile of black beans

Toon - Election Movie Marathon!

Has Any MAJOR Newspaper Endorsed Rmoney?

Voiting in person with Florida Absentee Ballot

My Dad Made a Good Point

I noticed that Nevada is blue on Chuck Todd's map.

Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden

Only poll keeping PBO from leading nationally is the bullshitter Gallup poll who was off by 7% in 08

DesMoines Register endorses Romney

An appeal to Independent Dog lovers to vote for Obama, think of Bo

Sherrod Brown: 'People who work in diners can't work until they're 70!'

FL absentee ballots... good news!

I never watch Fox news but on election night I will, just to watch them squirm.

Huge turnout today in Hillsborough County, FL.

Mayor says Obama effigy doesn’t belong in central Utah town.

DAMN, I don't know if I can wait another 10 days for this election!

$55 Billion if the NYC Subway floods. Current forecasts have it flooding....

More proof Romney is a liar.

We Should Have Early In-Person Voting Nationwide

To the Romney supporter who vandalized my car by pasting a R/R sticker over my Obama/Biden magnet:

Best 30 seconds of Mitten's Massachusetts taxes and fees! LOL

live sock-puppet

Grabbing a pint with President Obama

Twitter Universe Reacts To Des Moines Register Endorsement

10/27 Update on early voting NC and IA, good news, not great, and possibly great hard numbers.

I find it more patriotic by what it says inside of the hat, than what it says on the outside

Wow... Looks Like People Are NOT Messing Around With Hurricane Sandy

If rape's just another form of conception, murder is...

Kitty Calzones

DMR endorsement of Romney: Obama Stimulus Worked; Now We Need Romney To Let Congress Have Its Way

Marco Rubio's daughter hospitalized after accident

I just did a beehive hairstyle on my daughter for a Halloween party.

I was invited to a house warming as well as a halloween party tonight...

A good sign, I think

About the President being on the Morning Joe show on Monday. I'm speculating of course:

Whats our buffer against WI

Someone stole my Obama yard sign. Went down to the office to

German politician smokes a fat one on live TV

The Colbert Report with Tom Hanks

10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America

Holy CRAP! Meatloaf?

Sunday Talk Shows

McCain & Kyl Praise Dr. Richard Carmona (D) In New Ad

This is going to be the least watched World Series ever.

Saturday, October 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

'I Can't Tell You Who I Voted For': Obama Casts Early Vote on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System

Romney Has GOT To Be The Most Cynical Lying Sack Of Shit Ever To Have Run For President!!!

Anti-Government Economic Orthodoxy

You've Been Trumped (2011)

How do we love you.Let me count the ways! Jon Stewart: The Fetus Club

Call from the RNC

Most of those commenting on the Des Moines Register endorsement are smarter than the editorial board

Obama clings to slim lead in Virginia, according to poll

Is there any way Mittens can win without OH and VA?

"Notes for Remarks to Carleton University – September 5, 2012" by Allan R. Greg

Study: Voucherization Would Destroy Medicare:

The Des Moines Register has it all wrong. Endorses Romney.

The new campaign slogan for Romney and Ryan in 2012

Powell sees Condi Rice in a whole different light

Happy Halloween :)

GOP Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Laments Working Mothers

Obama Administration To Sponsor Nationwide Health Insurance Plans- to Introduce Competition

Obama kicking Romney's ass in Virginia!

Wow! Record Early Voting Turnout In Fla

RCP adds new WAPO poll showing Obama (+4) in VA - now TIED in the Average

Just a reminder

My father is 90 years old.

I hope the people of Iowa write a ton of letters to the DesMoines Register asking...

Meat Loaf -- I Love Mitt Romney, But Can't Vote for Him

Language: "Clinging to a small lead"

Conan O'Brien sends a correspondent to last debate

Absentee ballots may have been destroyed in crash

Convinced my devout Christian, Right Wing, GOP friend to vote for Huntsman

Obama: "I'm surprised it [climate change] didn't come up in one of the debates."

On my Daughter photos page

Republican agenda based on slave days?

New York Times: "Barack Obama for Re-Election"

Momma Tiger makes her own line

Voted for President O. today. It was the only thing that went right.

Are Gallup and most other national polls wrong? Matt Barreto says yes. Must read!

Howard Fineman: DMR endorsement means Obama may lose the race.


Des Moines Register Taken Over by Fox News (updated)

Obama to rally in Cincinnati Halloween, get your tickets online

What movie captures the true spirit of the Romney campaign?

$500,000 payout to charter principal sparks outrage, call for probe

SHOCKING! Planned Parenthood Patients Receive Fewer Abortions Than General Public

Howard Fineman Goes Off the Deep End

How will the "storm of the century" effect the election? My thoughts. Yours?

In honor of the University of Oregon's 70-14 victory over Colorado today....

Iowa GOP chair says " newspaper sales must be bad" about DMR endorsement

WTF - Des Moines Reguster endorses Romney?!?

It was all I could do to keep from crying

Oh no I'm scared I just bought gas for $3.17 in Cleveland

Got a tiger by the tail

"Rasmussen and Gallop vs. the Rest" by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast

Oh, My God. This Rise of the Zombies on Sci-Fi is the worst thing ever!

One On One: Andy Greenberg, Author, “This Machine Kills Secrets”

Springsteen sings support for Obama at rally in Oakland(Pittsburgh)

The Battle of Hill 2525

The 'Angry White Male' and a possible solution.

TYT: Goldman Sachs Director Gets 2 Years in Prison

Howard Fineman -You Are Sounding Like An Ass Clown

"Romney's Other Credibility Problem: Glenn Hubbard" by Charles Ferguson at the Huffington Post

Rate Howard Fineman's Political Acumen

meatloaf in ny

I am a victim and a survivor...

Obama MTV Video (energy issues):

"NC Early Voting Day 9 (Oct 27) : Yes Virginia, Obama Really Can Win NC"

From the animator of The Simpsons: Why Obama Now

Interactive Map of Newspaper Endorsements from Across the Nation

"Obama clings to slim lead in Virginia, according to poll"

Ohio Vote Flipping Petition- Got this in an email.....they were able to pick the locks....

United In Nashua

Anyone got any good ideas what to buy that can be eaten without cooking or opening refrigerator?

Song for the night: tammy wynette stand by your man

Ok what's going on with gas prices? I just got home and

Give Me A Reason to Feel Good About NC!

Comapre and contrast the prose of the Grey Lady's endorsement of the President....

Sandy in Virgnia

Romney/Bain Record of Picking Winners Much Worse Than Obama's

Down goes Florida! DOWN GOES FLORIDA!!

so what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?

NEW AD: "Because food is love, food is life, food is family," VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 37.

The MSM is getting ridiculous

It's that time of year again

Mitt the Drowning Man

I think Mitt Romney should win an Academy Award for best actor in a science fiction movie...

Rattner to Ohio for President Obama

To right-wing bloviators: How can I miss you if you don't go away?

Obama just canceled upcoming campaign events

The career of the best running back in South Carolina history may have ended today.

Question: If Either Party Were To Possess An October Surprise... When Would You Spring It ???

To show you how stupid the Des Moines Register was earlier: their GOP-caucus endorsement of Romney

Last time Des Moines Register endorsed a Republican...

Where is Rmoney during Hurricane Sandy? Okay, I'll go first

One good reason Democrats should work with Republicans...?

Obama and Dems ‘Absolutely Crushing’ Romney and GOP in Early Voting in Nevada

Washington post poll: obama +4 in VA!

OK the good news about Hurricane Sandy

4 nights to Halloween!! This is for those that likes spooky romance!!!

Jim Cantore, where did the Weather Channel place him?

If your favorite Forum is Meta

A Federal Judge Speaks up about the Tragedy and Shame of our Penal System

I Have A Lil Gift For Lurking Trollls

What do Atheists do for funerals?

Hey, East Coasters, is S N L worth staying up for tonight?

Gov. Jan Brewer, shown touring an Amazon warehouse in Phoenix last year.

The last authentic ninja?

Don't Tell me What to Say by Leslie Gore....Get your Rosaries off my Ovaries!

"What America will we pick?" by Eugene Robinson at the WP

Nate Silver

Ann Romney: "Throw out" the American public education system

Howard Feinman gets pushback on Twitter

Look where Romney has his campaign baseball caps made!

If You Live In The Path Of Sandy....You Better Vote Monday...

"Young, drifting but back" the Economist

Record turnouts for early voting lift Obama campaign's hopes in Florida

The final numbers in Florida have the Democrats at a 535,987 Registration advantage

LOl..found out how chimp spends his time nowadays...


10,000 Baby Boomer's a day will retire for the next 19 years. Lets discuss this....

Obama's War on Coal

Landry Jones....

I sprayed mosquito repellant on my right eye by accident

Willard stump speeches are all the dems words - lies for a republican


TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 30: The Projected Image

Breaking 7.7 quake on Queen Charlotte Islands

Learn how to read auras.

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your alert

Weekend two of GOTV....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 31: Classic Horror

How long before Romney tries to politicize Hurricane Sandy?

Tsunami Warning for AK, British Columbia, US East Coast and US West Coast

In the face of Hurricane Sandy....

Husk-a-doodle doo !

Two sitting presidents...

I have about 10,000 votes locked down. I need 3,000 more to win.

Any mechanically inclined Loungers. Need suggestions for mounting a bike sensor.

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits Canada's British Columbia, USGS reports

I need to make something Halloween themed (but not sweet) for a work party...

Hah, I'm officially old I guess!

Heads Up: Rachel Maddow Will Be on MTP Tomorrow

Wanna see something local

Giants kicking butt!

Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign: Wisconsin Becomes The New Ohio

Giants up 3 to 0 !

Tsunami Warning for AK, British Columbia, US East Coast and US West Coast

SNL skewered Mittens and Bain Capital tonight

As any infantryman knows....

Recording to CD a record, "Milwaukee Sampler."

First I've seen..Romney had his paws in the meningitis fiasco when Gov

For Mira, Celebration and other Aiman and Sofia fans

This is absolutely crazy!

"Thunder Trade Harden To Rockets"

"Democrats Showing Momentum in Early Voting" by James Warren at the Daily Beast