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Archives: October 23, 2012

Absolutely Positively NAILED IT

Obama wins debate by 11 points in swing states

I just did my first tweet (replying to Ann Coulter)

Fox just said, "They DID use horses in Iraq."

Even Drudge can't spin away Romney's massive loss tonight

Anyone fretting about the online polls, just ignore them

You know what makes me happy?

Remember the debates back in 2000?

So, whats the over under on how many horses hanity finds in the military by tomorrow? N/t

"It's (Almost) Morning in America" by Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast

Eric Cantor’s opponent to face court in December for alleged legal misconduct

The Debate Abbreviated and Approximated .... EPIC ROMNEY FAIL / EPIC OBAMA WIN

Horses And Bayonets Tweets and Pics

My take on the debate... bullet points

Turn the sound off, just look at the visuals: Has Willard Romney ever "negotiated" anything but a...

Is Tweety Live now or a repeat?

CNN: campaign decision: spend in Florida or fire wall in Ohio

Americablog has a bunch of poll results and media comments etc..

Serious question: If I compete against someone else in three contests that make up a series...

another response to Romney's 1917 defense (from twitter)

Ready for the Conservative insider spin...

Calvary Men For Romney

How many web polls are you wasting your time with?

Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox News For ‘Not Optimal-Gate,’ Offers Diagnosis: ‘Baracktose Intolerance'

Robert Reich: Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Romney as Dithering Bully

"Stick to my knitting" by Roger Ebert

A cue card for Mitt Romney. Share freely!

DU love for Huff Post Poll

DU the NBC News poll

After this debate I now think that Obama will win well over 300 EVs.

Consolation prize for Romney?

DU love for Huff Post Poll

Did I hear this after Mitt's last speech in tonight's debate?

Willard: “Syria is Iran’s only ally...

President Obama calls Romney ‘all over the map’ in foreign policy debate

Romnesia and Bayonets

michael steele is earning his money tonight trying to spin for romney

Carville: How do you win by agreeing with your opponent; also Romney forfeited Libya

It would be interesting to see how foreign newspapers and news programs take on this debate.

Reagan won the 1980 election at the final debate

Bob Shieffer can not retire a day too soon.

Nate Silver just updated His Model. Obama just gained nearly an entire Percentage Point Tonight

Any word on amounts of time they spoke tonight?

Obama: "Here's one thing I've learned as Commander in Chief...

Excerpts from the transcript from "the 1980s are calling" "horses & bayonets" "teacher love"

Gotta give Sheiffer a HUGE nod for cutting Rmoney off

Will the media cover Mitt's major gaffe on the geography of Iran and Syria?

Did you know

The Debate's are over: No mention of LGBT rights.

New Nate forecast just up. Slight bit better.

On what planet is CNN?

It was kinda like watching the first debate in reverse.

The five big elections which will determine the extent to which lgbt has arrived

A couple Ohio debate polls that could use a little love.

9 nights till Halloween! Here is a treat for the Lounge!!!

Who can post the best picture of Sweaty Mitt???

EtchaSketch had a bigger flag pin..

Ann Romney helps her husband after he chokes in the debate... (photo)

Bette Middler PWNS Chris Christie

Those of you who can do photoshop well...

CNN: Giants-Cardinals Tied in Game 7...

and here is how the pundits spun it on Charlie Rose on PBS....GREAT news for Obama.

Had to be said:

Did you hear about the new class of ships the Navy is going to build? The "Romney Class"

Legalized Marijuana and Gun Ownership in Washington State

One Trick Pony

There's no way Romney hurt or lost his base tonight. Those freaks hate PBO so bad they dont care

We are fighting our wars in the desert and he wants more ships?

Karl Rove LYING about PPPs Poll Tonight

Now don't get pissed at me but I always thought Obama

Reality: Romney needed one extra push to put him over. He didn't get it.

Post-debate dance party

So did Romney try to nail Obama on Benghazi?

Roger Simon says Obama takes Romney to school in the final debate

Video Of The #1 Snarktastic Zinger In Presidential Debate History

Posts do not have post counts???

Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell

Help me with Proposition 1, please

Public Policy Polling Oct 22nd:

Am I the only one who thinks Romney always looks to be on the verge of tears?

Undecided panel on MSNBC 7 Obama win 1 Draw No Romneys

These undecided voters on MSNBC are crazy

Msnbc undecided voter panel: 7 say Obama won. 1 says tie. 0 say Romney won.

Focus Group: Obama drew blood among "Walmart moms" in Florida.

Re: This nation is the hope of the earth

DU this Politico Poll

This is President Obama after tonight's debate...

One of the debate photos of Obama reminded me of a photo of Obama at the WH Easter Egg event

I am finding this shit boring.

why interview dumbasses who are undecided at this point

The MSNBC unfocused group

all three national polls: Obama wins

These people on the MSNBC undecided voter panel shouldn't get to vote...

Anyone else have problems with Romney saying "WHEN I'm POTUS"

Fuck Horses and Bayonets... it's VETS VETS VETS 'Romney failed to mention Veterans Once!'

Holy crap, Obama DESTROYED Mittens.

MSNBC Undecided Panel Up

CNN Focus group?

Momentum is clearly gone from Romney/Ryan now

DU this Fox poll, but Obama is winning it big time! 61 to 38

Wow--Palin's had some major plastic surgery screwups.

Mitt sounded like a peace-nick tonight. Did that cost him some radical right support?

Romney on the Air Force (infographic)

"The '80's are calling to ask for their foreign policy back"

Curious Romney Strategy. I disagree with the idea he just needed a draw.

Guess Donald Trump didn't like we he saw

Didn't Queen Ann look like she was walking her dressage horse post-debate?

Roger Simon: Obama took Romney to School

"Syria is Iran's route to the sea"

Referring to a transgender person as an "it" is OFFENSIVE.

I thought I was going to hear a knock on the door of my hotel....

Here's my take on tonights' debate.

in case nobody's noticed...

DU this Orlando Sentinel poll

Worthy repost if you missed it -

NYT Editorial 'Mr. Romney sounded as if he had read the boldfaced headings in a briefing book'

Who do you want on your side in a bar fight - Mitt or Barack?

My son was bullied today, but here is the difference.

Mentions of Veterans during the debate: Obama 6, Romney 0

BBC World Service opinion poll: Obama favored over Romney

Romney Supports Gender Equality!

interest comment from my friend on Comment

Romney admits he thought the Warhorse movie was about Desert Storm!

DU the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina poll!

Walmart Does NOT Want You and Your Friends To See This

Pictures of Romney sweating during the debate?

Albert Brooks is going to sue Romney for royalties

Mitt getting sweaty...

Ok, just came home from missing kid story that actually ended happily

Bigtime help needed on this Detroit News poll...

PBS Charlie Rose pundit wrap on debate, part 2.

How pissed must Obama be that the polls are even close?

So Romney trots out his mythical bi-partisan success in Massachusetts again tonight. One question:

Visited my transparency page today via my profile and found..............

Soooo....will this FINALLY move the polls strongly into our favor?

Caption the sweaty Mitt.....

Ann Coulter once again shows how classy she is...

I think Romney is self-wicking...

CBS Poll: Sizeable win for Obama in final presidential debate (video)

Here are some "pointers" or "reminders" you might find useful:

facebook question

Thinking about George McGovern tonight ...

Please DU this poll San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley's major newspaper)

Share : President Obama - Courage in his soul, compassion in his heart, steel in his spine

CNN's Soledad O'Brien: Obama won undecideds

No, it's not funny that Romney totally supports Obama's foreign policy positions...

The Romney/Ryan Ticket!

Mitt is now subMITT, submissive description going around in the internet

US Navy vs World (infographic)

For a while tonight I couldn't see anyone's post count, high or low. It was wonderful.

POLL: Who's the Sweatier Debater? Nixon or Romney?

Romney rushed to hospital after debate!

"Syria is Iran's route to the sea." Bwahahahaha!

Weathervane President

Eugene Robinson: Obama outpoints Romney in third debate

So have any of the pundits commented on the sweaty Mitt?

After Tonight, Mitt's Debate "Win" Has Become Old News

Fivethirtyeight Late Night Update

"When I went to Israel I didn't take donors. I didn't attend fundraisers."

Conservatives not happy with Romney's debate performance

Ancient Alien guy weighs in on Romney

It wasn't the Horse & Bayonetts that was the winning zinger - it's what he said after that

I was on a jury just now and the blue box kind of just froze.

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Fails Commander-In-Chief Test

Chuck Todd: POTUS controlled the tone and tenor of the debate . . . And Romney simply let him do it. will now allow anyone to use their platform - profits over priniciples anyone?

Obama won 2of 3 we'll hear that debates don't matter

Bishop Mitt came to the gunfight tonight armed with a plastic spoon. nt.

I can see SNL's opening next Saturday...

Yay! Caption!!

The battle of the thumbs up!

Obama's Performance In The Debates Should Matter And Put Him Over The Top ----

"Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, ..."

Paul Ryan was overheard at the debate asking someone who he had to talk

Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor To Be Closed

Obama Had The Chance To Bring Up Senesta Again Tonight.....

DU the Yahoo poll

Chris Wallace over at Fake News

Do you think Romney's team think they're ahead based on internal polling?

Some people thought the President's best line was offensive...

Buncha polls to DU - lifted from Freeperville

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Oct 23rd

About Nixon and that first TV debate...

Mitt has done NOTHING but criticize Obama's every foreign policy decision and yet tonight

Anybody notice all the rMoney Posturing at the end

How many times has Mitt Romney visited the troops in Afghanistan since running for Prez?

#ProudofObama trending on Twitter.

Progressive MA host David Pakman: Obama Domination in the Debate

Third presidential debate: Obama wins foreign policy encounter (from the Guardian, a UK publication)

Did I do a bad thing by not speaking up?

Tonight I perused the channels and flipped on Fox news to see their voter panel

I'm coming up for air now. How'd the O do?

When Gore sighed, it was all the pundit talked about for dayyyyyys......So Now,

Now the debates are over I will not miss interviews with "undecided voters".

Local Fox affiliate calls it a tie..

Mitt: I love teachers. Scheiffer: Shut up, Mitt. We all love teachers.

Funny thing . . .

26 Things We Can All Agree On

'Fantasy Slut League' ending in Piedmont (high school)

Tagg Romney stares creepily at the President tonight...

Doesn't Romney remind you of this guy?

Now Folks What We Have To Do Is Win Back The House And....

In a warming Arctic, US faces new security concerns

Is Yahoo (news) supporting Rmoney, or the President?

Sandra Day O'Connor courts S.F. audience

Cavalry Men for Romney!

Mitt's Meltdown

Howard Kurtz: President Obama Slams a Passive Mitt Romney

Toon for those who feel Rmoney won tonight's debate ...

"Give him two more weeks he'll may even vote for me" - Sen. Ted Kennedy

Mitt Romney does not know where Iran and Syria are.

World Party - Ship of Fools

OK, I'm going to be completely blunt, but...

Todd Akin Arrested on May 9, 1987 with Radical Anti-Abortion Group

Pussy Riot band members sent to remote prison camps

Glenn Beck Might Not Vote For Mitt Romney Or anyone else for that matter.

Doofus Romney Nearly Fell Off the Stage at the End of the Debate.....

Andrew Sullivan basically says Americans will disgrace themselves if they don't re-elect Obama

Correcting Obama's Debate Comments on the United States Navy.

CNN's John King: Trend Line Is Moving Governor Romney's Way

The President refuses to spend any money on Defense ...

Mitt Romney unloading his farts in someone's face again

NYT: Romney "had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost."

Mitt Romney was unprepared for debate

It has occurred to me that this election's results will be a super accurate litmus test

Us be needin new debate formats in 2016 cuz else folk gonna stop watchin

For the folks that may have forgotten: Pres Obama majored in international relations...

Intrade giving Obama 85% chance to win Nevada.

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready: "Life is a pre-existing condition"

"I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one..." Says it all...

BREAKING: Romney Endorses Obama

only poll I can find that needs some love (other link to it here on DU took to poll for last debate)

Mitt Romney Will End the Spanish American War

Not that it matters much in Indiana, but I asked a friend why they were voting for Romney...

Guess who else never made it to Israel?

Obama / Biden have won 3 out of 4

Archeologists find offerings in Machu Picchu

BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama

Mitt Romney looked unprepared for the presidency

Hello, Mr. Romney? This is 1985 calling...

Funniest Memes from the 2012 Debates

Ironically, in the non-Monty Python Universe, it's the PRESS who keep calling this a draw.


Eli and Seth Lovell - Twin Brothers and Veterans Who Support President Obama

Did Mitt sweat a lot more in this debate than in the previous two?

March 6, 2012 Romney said Iran’s ‘route to the sea’ Gaff

Was Romney supposed to look confident with this look?...

Mitt the Shape Shifter Falls on Obama’s Bayonet

Pampered son of privilege, knows zilch of foreign policy, lets his neocon advisors do his thinking..

What was the best in-flight meal to you?

Tonights, or rather last nights debate, reminded me of the way

Romney Pledges To Replace All Foreign Policy With Jobs Right Here In America

Ptui, Rick Klein on ABC WNN just gave the debate to Romney as a "big win" since Romney basically

Romney not ready.

Battle of Westport, October 23, 1864

Romney was against going after Osama, now he’s for it

Yet Another EarlG Classic Goes Viral! 3,710 Likes, 415 Comments In Less Than An Hour

Krugman: The Secret of Our Non-Success

Really America? Really?

The Biggest Zinger Of The Night

(Shuster) "Best spin moment: Confused John Sununu hectored on-camera by Triumph Insult Dog.

"Flash Verdict: Obama Strong, Romney Didn’t Answer Debate Questions" Tweets from Across the ..

The "study" Romney referenced re: the number of naval ships? Attacks Cheney's and Rumsfeld's tenure!

Real Clear Politics is saying Grayson a likely win!

Israeli Mossad "Romney is Mortally Destroying any chance of a resolution without war"

Rmoney LIED about not fundraising in Israel

European Union debate due on women board quotas

Another WTF moment in my life yesterday: Really? Seriously, Doc, Really?

The best line of the night. President Obama: We Have Fewer Horses and Bayonets

Complete Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy 2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: ‘I’ve learned that John Sununu has no sense of humor’

Mitt knew there was no way for him to win the foreign policy debate, and it really showed

Juan Cole: Romney's Major Flip-Flops in the Third Debate

Washington Post poll of Maryland (No Suprise) Obama up 60-36

New Jersey Poll has Obama up 53-38

Here is President Obama’s closing statement during the third and final presidential debate.

Colorado Tax Enforcer Tells ’60 Minutes’: Weed Beat the Recession in Denver

Washington State Poll: Obama +13; Governor's race tied.

Why Are There So Few Female Plutocrats?

Richest People in History Can't Stop Whining About Oppression

The excuses for Mitt Romney that are pouring in this morning are pathetic. Pseudo

Not a very crowded debate watch party tonight

GOP Pollster gives Warren +3 margin in Massachusetts (says Brown attacks have backfired)

Even The American Public Has A Limit To....

The only qualification you need to become President

Joe calls Romney a Realist on Morning Joe!!

Antoni Dobrowolski, oldest Auschwitz survivor, dies

European Union debate due on women board quotas

Exercising in your 70s 'may stop brain shrinkage'

Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds'

Bloomberg television is really carrying the water for romney this morning. They are really pumping

Mike Malloy - Scott Brown Lies About His War Record

Brilliant photos bring film stills to life

Mike Malloy - Romney´s Military Advisory Council

The revolution will not be televised (where talking heads lie and spin), but it

Iran says may stop oil sales if sanctions tighten

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob - Vuja De is showing "Out Foxed" and "Koch Brothers Exposed" - free

Obama Camp Releases New Ad

Problem Solved: Romney Aide Says World Court Would Arrest Ahmadinejad

Paul Krugman is up early:

Romney’s Final Debate Message: I’ll Be A Better Obama

Joe says that Romney lost two out of three debates, but won the season

I heard nothing but crickets last night

Swiss Mitt: Syria is Iran's route to the sea.

Romney's submarine

"Barack Obama clearly outmatched Mitt Romney" -- Morning Joe

Right tone??????

Oh, Snap!

It is important to vote, even in states that are the Presidents so we win both the popular and

Did Morning Joe's Mika just say Romney got through the night without a gaffe??? Seriously??? nt.

Funny twitter posts on "bayonets" --with Ann Coulter AND Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell!!!

As a Floridian, I want to thank South Carolina for being our valuable route to the sea.

In this day and age of early voting and mail voting,

The October Surprise Mysteries

The last 3 elections have each gotten more and more depressing.

"The Cold War has been over for 20 years!"

Chuck Todd is an "Asshole"

Where the candidates are today...

Rich Folks Hoax

Mullah Abdul Rahman, Taliban Commander In Northern Afghanistan, Captured

Tweet last night: "Wait... you mean Tumult isn't one of Romney's son's names?"

AT&T Park Fireworks in Heavy Rain Hail SF Giants Move to the 2012 World Series!

Brace yourselves for Mitt 4.0--complete with new and improved lies on steroids!

Good Lord "they" are spinning hard this AM that Romney won the debates ... random thoughts

Joe S. said the president made the

LIBOR scandal, Pt. 2: Class-action suits claim losses due to bank rigging of benchmark interest rate

Recent Study Reveals That Children Equally Benefit from Heterosexual or Homosexual Parents

Akin Adviser: If A Dog, McCaskill Would Be A ‘Bullshitsu’

Dr. Brzezinski just shut up Tom Brokaw and his drawl for Romhey. It was a

Did you hear about the new feature on the Romney submarine?

Chris Coons: ‘Once Again, A Completely New Governor Romney Showed Up Last Night’

Since Romney now agrees with President Obama

Loungers, I need nutrition advice.

How can he be with someone else already?

IS the media in the tank for romney?

Scientists found guilty of manslaughter for failing to predict Italy quake??? WTF???.....

Chuck Todd mocks Romney

I am so glad that this doddering old fuck, McCain isn't in the Oval Office today

If mitt agrees with everything the President says, who is running on the rethuglican

I Voted here in Maine yesterday, therefore preserving my right to complain!

Marco Scutaro named MVP of NLCS...

Polls question: How is President Obama polling with military

8 year old's notes on the Debate

Prediction for SNL this week: Sudeikis (as Romney) will endorse Obama during the debate

Nothing but Net

The San Francisco Chronicle: Obama barely breaks a sweat in final debate

Does your cat snore?

Biden: I'm 'surprised' Romney agreed with us on foreign policy

Scene: ‘Minang atheist’ appeals conviction

And so here we are - 2 weeks to go and this is the picture.

So, let me see if I have got this straight . . .

Russia's War on Gays and Lesbians Intensifies

Chuck Todd: Romney's "We did what we had to do" means "we didn't win the debate"

I had to turn Morning Joe off

Atheist Group Argues In Court For Right To Perform Weddings

Holy cow, this Ryan interview on Today show is a disaster. He is just spewing lies ...

John "Bomb, Bomb Iran" McCain is having a hissy fit

Following an interesting Twitter smack down

Ryan: "I just don’t understand" battleships/bayonets reference, "And, yes, the ocean hasn’t shrunk."

Couple’s love bridges Myanmar religious divide

Heileman: "The audacity of Etch" ---- hahahahaha


What Repuke do you loathe the most?

Mitt W Bush

Heilemann: "The audacity of etch"?!?!

Loves me some Obama / Romney's cute grandson shows he has no hard feelings toward Obama (Pix)

The Blowout in Boca

Ladies: looking for a great idea for a halloween costume?

Mile-long lines reported for Obama rally in Delray Beach, Florida


Today's "Non Sequitur" toon

Nate Silver: Obama Unlikely to Get Big Debate Bounce, but a Small One Could Matter

ATTENTION, if you are STILL undecided, you're too stupid to vote, period.

Determination - Obama for America TV Ad

Beau Biden was great on Morning Joe

Does anyone have a clip from after the debate when Ann wrapped her arms around mitt

Speaking of Binders...

DemConWatch - "Who Was That Guy"

So, Walnuts thinks the president was "mean" to Mittens

Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays?

Houston Paper poll needs some DU love

John Kerry: Romney is the ‘Wikipedia candidate’

Whoopi Goldberg needs our help!

Feeling pretty good this morning!

It's Official - Presidential Election Cycle Will Now End With No Mention Of Climate Policy At All

Los Angeles Times: "Romney endorses Obama"


Which part of the debate will be most influential:

Burning "Stuff"

Cops all over the place outside. UPDATE!

I don't think Mitt is an etch a sketch candidate.

The biggest Global Threat not discussed.

I said this the moment I caught the highlights from the first Republican debate over a year ago.

Leaked Report Suggests Long-Known Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants, Safety Advocates Say

Los Angeles Times EDITORIAL: Presidential debate: Romney endorses Obama

Leaked Report Suggests Long-Known Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants, Safety Advocates Say

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Young Mitt Romney, High-School Prankster

It sucks going to the beach in San Diego...I'm always having to drive through Phoenix

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

if last night didn't move the needle, it isn't movable

More Horses & Bayonets

CNN Debate Review article comment - Education

Peak oil review - Oct 22

rob portman thinks romney won....bwhahahahahahaaa

Peak oil review - Oct 22

Romney's answers last night made me think of that beauty contestant's answer..

There Once Was a White Whale Who Tried to Speak to Humans{audio at link}

yeah, stick that up your ass...

Seems value of debate 1 was 100....debates 2, 3, 4 was closer to 1. So weird -

what voting apparatus do they use in NV and can Adelson rig it?

Ok! Debates are over! Get ready for the "bombshells!"

The Real News: Wilkerson and Prashad on Foreign Policy Debate


faux news spin on debate.....

Romney Exchanges John Bolton For 'John Lennon' in Foreign Policy Debate

The Funniest Thing I Heard Post Debate

Climate silence: It’s the Right, Stupid

Tom Toles: The 'Two-Headed' Mitt: Yes, it's a trick.

The Media Should Focus On Romney's Flopsweat Like They Focused On Gore's Perceived Tics

I voted yesterday afternoon, on the first day of early voting. Proudly

Difference Between Obama/McCain and Obama/Romney (Debate 3)

Romney showed once and for all last night that being President would eat him alive

Pink Floyd on Romney

Agent Orange: In Vietnam, a CEO tackles a 'terrible wrong'

Kofi Annan on Maddow: Iraq, Syria, R2P and the Bush disconnect with the rest of the world

Murdoch a psychopath, says Black

Should Romney be watching his back where Ryan is concerned?

'NO nation in its right mind would put its foreign policy in the hands of the Romney who showed up'

Company that paid Lance Armstrong bonuses wants money back

BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama (50% vs 9%)

Joe Scar stood up and yelled at the audience today!

Just saw a new ad this morning----

Spot On Tweet from Bill Maher during the Debate Last Night

'we have these things called aircraft carriers'

Climate Change Not Mentioned In Presidential Debates For First Time In A Generation

Invention of cooking made having a bigger brain an asset for humans

Presidential debate: Romney endorses Obama

post deleted by author as dupe

A new campaign song for Romney....

Geography Lesson for Mr. Romney.

Does anyone have a link that shows

Pick a side...

Insane: Fux accuses Anna Wintour of pressuring designers to steer clear of Ann Romney

Moments people remember best from each debate

I think this singling out of Lance Armstrong is bullshit.

Pentagon Seeks Air-Combat Brainstorm on Future After F-35

I give it about 1 day after mittens loses the election for the republican

Biden: Romney proved he is ‘not ready to be commander-in-chief’

Wow, Mitt's desperation shows in his lame ad

"Work Hard! Millions of Obama Supporters Are Depending On You!"

Alright, We'll Call It A Draw...

Identity theft--serious topic.

Okay, not to be shallow, but does anyone think of Phil Dunphy whenever they see Paul Ryan?

Seriously, what was with Ann's awkward hugging thing at the end of the debate?!

Is it just me or was Romney's main zinger really lame.

For a while now I have been referring to romney as mittens or lost mittens...

Leaked Report Suggests Long-Known Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants, Safety Advocates Say

Hey John McCain, you wouldn't know what Presidential is. You never were President.

British military to double its armed drone fleet in Afghanistan; pilots to fly them from UK

TOLES!!! Ding Dong


Obama loosing democrats What the HELL!!

Noam Chomsky: An Uninformed Electorate Votes Against Its Best Interests

Satan Pie

Gar Alperovitz - America Beyond Capitalism

If a state is at "At Will" employment state, can an employer demand that you work 2 weeks notice?

Need some shopping tips for your handyman? Here's your one-stop coupon center:

Ann Romney Insults Military, Compares to Mormon Proselytizing

Rmoney beat his 'fastest flip flop' record last night

"It's an honor to be your president."

Frankenstein Economics is killing capitalism: Final 8 body parts for Adam Smith’s mausoleum

An Army Of One Booth: Service Downsizes At AUSA

Compiling a List of Romney and Ryan's Anachronisms

"We need to nuke the Middle East and turn it into a parking lot."

My Sister's Boss said "Tell Your Sister to Calm Down"

Nuclear weapons still have the power to instantly destroy the world

Mitt Romney is just like this animated gif

Romney's erratic debate behavior

#horsesandbayonets is trending on Twitter

Grilled pierogi

Fox's laughable case for Romney

Navy, Air Force To Win Budget Wars Over Army

BREAKING: Hells Angels Sue Toys 'R' Us

Here's the latest from electoral-vote

Romney's Moderation Is A Lie. He Will Be Very Extreme Should He Get In Office.

Billions At Stake As Army Opens Competition For Rifleman Radio

OK, Ohio...tag,you are it! Feeling sorry for the ad barrage you are about to be hit with...

I said the exact same thing

Watch the Texas vote closely.We had Hart machines.

Earl G's birds, binders and bayonets just mention by Jackie Schectner on

Shrinking Army, Trying To Handle Everything, Spreads Itself Thin

Mark Halprin is a certified twit...

Has anyone put together a collection of clips that show Mitt's sweating, squirming, near-burping

Kids Elect President Barack Obama

Everyone keeps talking about how stupid a voter must be to still be undecided...

Attempted ‘lynching’ no joke say parents of Black boys in Arkansas school incident

Barack Obama is a bad Socialist

Arizona ballot measure contests ownership of the Grand Canyon

Disgusted with the way so many pundits are trying to spin this as a win for Romney.

I think the Obama team should use the Who's song "Who are you?"

Paul Ryan said about the President, "We got sort of a defensive, you know, he tried to

Charlie Crist warming up the crowd for Barack Obama in Delray Beach

Ohio GOTV question

My very non-political son called this morning to let me know he watched the debate last night. He

Obama's lumping together of Navy ships with "horses and bayonets" could harm him in VA

Romney with a shovel...

Doping Destroys Sport

This is a good looking map from Sabato's Crystal Ball site

Has anyone seen the numbers of how many people tuned in per each debate?

Trump Promises 'Very Big' Political Bombshell Wednesday

Breaking: Iran holds naval exercises in Sea of Iraq

TPM: Obama Releases New Ad 'Determination.' Asks for your vote.

"Romney is whatever you want him to be"

Get this press release!

Dog will not get off bed.......

NY Top Court Says Lap Dance Isn't Art, Is Taxable

Seriously! Are all the polls completed by phone land lines?


The Karl Rove Debate Strategy

please someone explain me.. why investors disappoint

The "hugger" just introduced the President in Delray Beach, FL...n/t

Did anyone catch this Mitt Goody last night... "8 to 10 years to balance the budget"

Awesome... Bear hugged pizza owner intro Obama

BIG battle in NC. If Dems win big in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) then we can pull through

Republican memes

Well, I'm feeling stronger and my heart rhythms are back to normsl... (Wed 10/24 update)

I got a "voting guide" from Americans For Prosperity - update

WaPo Maryland Poll: Gay Marriage supported 52-43, Against Gambling Expansion 48-46

Response to Charlie Pierce and all other weak ass whingers - OBAMA CRUSHED MITT LAST NIGHT

Obama killing it in Delray: Doing Jeff Foxworthy

Looking for debate cartoon that has Pres. Obama supporter on left

Does this make me look presidential?

Error-filled Instructions Are Sent To Ohio Voters

Obama continues the beat down of Romney that he started last night.

This One Picture Sums Up Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Knowledge

Glenn Beck-Post Debate: "Why Vote?

There's a very optimistic statistic buried in one of the snap polls from last night

Let's not forget: Romney Cheats At 2012 Presidential Debate (video)

Romney micromanaging his own campaign is going to bite him big time

MFM's nurses learn that he wants a byebyebedbath......

Does anyone here actually know Ann Coulter?

'Ugly girl': The negative messages we send to our daughters

What's your favorite thing about the internet now that most of us have had it for 10 or more years..

MITT: "I Love Teachers"

Chronic Romnesia, debate edition

Everyone should see this (Ann, Mitt, and dressage)


Dreaming of Duvets

Chuck Fraud fact checks President Obama on use of bayonets

Obama! "last night was stage 3 Romnesia! Romney can't remember his positions

North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp now ahead of opponent:

Jennifer Rubin: Criticizing Bush = "Apologizing For This Nation"

Romney: “Syria is Iran’s path to the sea”

Todd Akin’s militia ties exposed

Meat prices and the sequester and your money

Log Cabin Republicans Offer “Qualified” Endorsement Of Mitt Romney

Reasons Why Election Might End Up Being Close. Obama Should Be Able To Win In A Landslide.

LA Times Lead Ed: Romney Endorses Obama

Family Values? Ann Romney's brother files for bankruptcy, stiffs investors.

Photo of Woman in Underwear is an Open Invitation for the Entire Internet to Judge

I'm going to a swing state to Volunteer/Anybody else doing so?

My mom told me she went canvassing in Aurora, Colorado and ran into rampant racism.

President Just Finished Speaking in Delray Beach, FL

OHIO: Help Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) (and Prez Obama) fight ads in Columbus, Ohio:

Just moved, and I confess I'm a low-info voter on local issues.

Shroedinger's Candidate

Romney: 'A weak, vacillating nothing who will be what he's told by Dark forces of American fascism'

WARNING: Symptoms of Romnesia may include

Dear Religion... Yours, Science: The Joke That Needs to Go Away

The air in Elisabeth Hasselbeck's head has now infected Barbara Walters. She shut down the

#Romnesia is trending again on Twitter, which shouldnt be surprising. We saw a massive amount of it

Survey USA CT: Obama +13; Murphy +4 in Senate Race

Well, It Would Have Been A Good Religion Question. . .

11,000 Greet President Obama in Delray, FL

College Rape Survivor Told Not to Report Her Rapist, Drops Out While Alleged Rapist Graduates With H

Romney Was Afraid of Something Last Night

The "Me Too" Debate

Does Romney's Religion Condone Torture?

TIME: The Third Debate: Obama Wins on Style and Substance

Obama wins debate by 11 points in swing states

Obama: Romney Didn’t Mention Veterans In Final Debate

Obama: Romney Didn’t Mention Veterans In Final Debate

Obama Care covers stage 3- Romnesia, because Romnesia is a "PRE-EXISTiNG CONDITION"

The Neocons' Long Game

Mr. President - Please Slap Mitt In The Face With THIS:

Just found out Romney is going to be at our high school on Thursday. Need help

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 23, 1915

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 23, 1915

Romney's Mythical Momentum

ARG Poll of NH: Romney 49% (-1) Obama 47% (+1)

I voted!

Mitt has a sandwich named after him

I VOW to work for the president's re-election in any way i can over the next 14 days. Will you

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's "Foreign Policy" Debate

Waaa bayonet man mad and crying because he miss understood what the POTUS said last night.

ARG Poll of Nevada: Obama up by 2--leads with early voters (9% of sample) by 14

From Reddit: Obama To Romney: "The 1980s Are Now Calling To Ask For Their Foreign Policy Back"

The Policy To Undermine Women’s Health Abroad That Romney Didn’t Mention Last Night

An Ohio Disabled Veteran's Letter to the Editor

I voted! (Chicagoland)

Frankenstein Economics is killing capitalism: Final 8 body parts for Adam Smith’s mausoleum

So, the Prez sees these local kids as he was driving into this morning's event

This Is Why You Should Just Throw Out The Results Of Pollsters Who Exclude Cell Phones

So, if Mitt Romney won, what were his best punches against Obama?

Remember this? Exit Polls Made Easy

Obama puts out closing 60-second ad in 7 battleground states

Papantonio: Romney Presidency Could Spark Social Upheaval

We believe we're leading nationally, says David Axelrod

Ron Reagan Jr on the banal blah blah of Romney's debate performance: if you gave him a sash

Fox Poll is finally up, and could use some DU

Oct. 23, 1995: First Computer-Network Wiretap

Ron Reagan on MSNBC: Obama A- | Romney D

What the hell is wrong with Barbara Walters today? She was so mean to Whitney HOuston's family,

Early Voting NC Day Five: Young Voters Are Psyched - Age 18-24 Turnout Up 39.7%

I don't understand why the MSM IS saying that Romney is ahead

Guess this is Trump's deal?: Oct Surprise - Man Claims "Obama Sold Cocaine in College"

Political Halloween Costume Ideas?

Just in time for Halloween - Create a Zombi Portrait

It's Foreign Policy, Stupid!

Ex-staffers to face trial in McCotter petition fraud case

hey good and informed DUers...

Romney camp releases photos of landlocked Iran's Naval Fleet...

Editorials from numerous sources praise Obama (daily kos):

Received my Absentee Ballot in the mail yesterday

Would a jury let a post stating "So many Jews, so few gas chambers" to stand?

How is the media coverage today?

Did anyone hear Romney throw Reagan under the bus?????

How In The Hell Does One Donate $ To DU These Days?

Bob Schieffer Makes 'Obama Bin Laden' Gaffe During Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

Boston Globe endorses Tisei for the 6th district, calls him a moderate Republican

Obama’s eleventh-hour pitch: His ‘morning again in America’

This is why Obama is ahead in Ohio

Lay off of poor Mitt. He was only using the official Fox News middle east map.

When was the last time a party's ticket carried NEITHER the home state of its nominee or VP pick?

Just Made this Poster--Feel Free to Use and Pass around!

NYT's Bruce Bartlett: The Health Mandate Romney Still Supports

OHIO: Help Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) (and Prez Obama) fight ads in Columbus, Ohio:

Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a Bluf

Kevin Bacon Knows Exactly How To Destroy The GOP's War On Women


President Obama in Delray Beach, Florida - Full Speech - 10/23/2012

Tagg Romney – Couldn’t Punch the President, so He’ll Rig the Election Instead

So MFW sends me a link to this article about foreign dictators supporting Obama…

Miss Otis Regrets -- The Divine Miss M!

I know Obama got one vote in Tennessee!!!

What is the quickest way to delete cookies?


Charlie Cook: Romney's Steep Path to 270

Toon: You KNOW that this is how Fox News will be spinning it today....

H2Omen's DU Exclusive !!!!

Admins - how many posts until a new member can RECEIVE a PM?

Sneak Peek at New 2012 Interactive Election Game

A Festival of Gibberish (on the final debate)

Did anyone notice the candidates hugging their spouses after the debate last night?

Is Romney Winning or Bluffing?


If all they got is misquoting Obama saying we have "fewer horses and bayonets"

Romney now saying he never said "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

A caller on The Stephanie Miller Show about Mitt Romney


'Horses and bayonets': Did Obama zinger sink Romney's battleship?

Think Progress: Romney Foreign Policy Adviser Struggles To Articulate Iran Policy

ABC Discussion on who won the debate needs some DU fighters

YouGov/Economist: Obama 48 Romney 46

My colonoscopy on 12-20-11 cost me $1306.00 by the rules in effect for Aunt-Thumb Insurance.

NV:Democrats increase raw vote lead to 19,000 in urban counties

UPI/Cvoter Poll O48 R48

Two commercials

Is this shit being done on purpose to sink the economy

President Obama in Delray Beach, Florida, Post-Debate - Video

Why ppl think Obama = "communist": boils down to religious circumstance... ?

There's a new product hitting the store shelves today!!

Help, please. I need the link to last night's thread...

Medicaid: The Forgotten Issue

Romney Foreign Policy Debate Notes

Why are DEMS (Rendell, Wolfson) on tv saying ROMNEY "cleared the bar" last night??

Caption the anemic duo.

No matter what any poll might say I believe Obama's coattails got longer and Mitt's got shorter.

rMoney apparently has the MoviePhone guy doing robocalls.

Gay Republicans who the fuck are these people?

Bob Kerrey TV Ad "Abuse of Power"

Big Ed is going to cover the Tag Romney voting machines tonight

Final update: The Romney Christmas catalog

Tax the Churches!!

Juror #5 got it wrong but jury overall got it right...

I finally figured out what Romney's face is telling us.

Glenn Beck tweet: I am glad to know that mitt agrees with Obama so much. No, really. Why vote?

Pres. Obama Gets Deafening Welcome Visiting Overflow Crowd In Delray Beach

Before 11,000 in Florida the president invokes trust

Charlie Cook: Not all tossup states are equal.

319.5 hours until polls close in the midwest. Do you smell Romney desperation?

Into the Home Stretch (Drew Linzer, Emory University)


Wow! The President has quite a schedule over the next 48-hours

Gravis Poll fraudster Doug Kaplan informally interviewed on Logarchism. Editor lets him off easy...

President Romney and Vice President Biden?!?!?

James Lipton to be on MSNBC with Alex.

US Patent Office invalidates major Apple patent

Romney/Ryan "We only give a shit about ourselves plan"

Another Crazy Taiwan Animation take on the Debate

Mitt Romney's lady plan

That's it. I've taken to calling them The republic Party.

Day after debate focus: Mitt's sweat problem & the "horses and bayonets" response

PBO appeared to talk to Tagg onstage last night after the Mittard pistol whipping

I donated $500 to Obama's campaign, I got a

Navratri and the lessons of fasting for atheists

I'll bet Ann Rmoney is worried about Mitt's "mental well being" this morning....

The so called "huge gender gap"

My god, I love this group:

James Lipton on Romney: flop sweat. stage fright, no timing, sounded old.

Tell the Department of Justice to investigate voting machine company tied to the Romneys

Reality Vs. 'Reality' (Michael Tomasky)

Halloween Link to "Sister Mary Dracula"

Tell the Department of Justice to investigate voting machine company tied to the Romneys

Seniors on Medicare

Where are Obama's Flip Flop Commercials?

Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Ancient New Zealanders

NLRB contracts with FMCS to provide mediators in Board Alternative Dispute Resolution program

Rolling Stone - "The Final Presidential Debate: Four Punches that Knocked Out Mitt Romney"

Mitt Romney--My kinda General

LOL, the 'Baggers are saying Obama was "condescending".

This morning at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Colorado)

Terror-aid bank suit (Chinese bank sued by Israelis)

Oh my. So perfect.

We have these things called aircraft carriers

Romney says he's winning : It's a bluff

Hasselbeck "He (Rmoney) passed the Commander-in-Chief test"

A fired up opposition leading late polls, a fallible incumbent = Change is definitely coming.

Conservative Media Ignores GOP Voter Registration Fraud

Indiana Planned Parenthood Ruling: Federal Appeals Court Says State Can't Cut Off Funding For Organi

Michael Steele said before the debate...

CNN focus group of 25 undecideds-11 chose Obama, 5 Romney, 9 undecided.

Nothing Is Foreign to the Liar Willard Romney Anymore: A Report from the Flippy-Floppy Final Debate

Poll--Florida 47-47--Obama leads with early voters

RSVP: Honor Paul Wellstone. National memories call.

Tommy Thompson Caught on Tape Describing Social Security and Medicare as Welfare

IMAGES: Romney -- Inspiring or Perspiring?

Tuesday post Debate toons

So who's watching the debate tonight

Dear PA, FL et. al. voters, If you want your vote to count in the presidential election,

More dumb ass teabaggers.

new Charlie Pierce article on JK 2004 and 2012

Signed up to make phone calls to FL tonight

Andrea Mitchell is a Romney Sweat Flop Licker

Voter suppression efforts in PA still alive and well

Did Scheiffer say "Obama Bin Laden" last night?

Axelrod on FL, VA & NC

Ed Schultz is talking about Tagg and the voting machines and he says there will

Reuters 47-46 Oct 23

Russia Today asks New Yorkers: Could Romney Steal Presidential Election?

Dinesh D'Souza dated Ann Coulter!!!! ROFLMAO!

Oral Sex, Yoga, and God's Eternal Wrath: Inside the New Hipster Megachurch ...

LMFAO Andrea Mitchell is Hammering Former Sen. Jim Talent

Voter suppression efforts in PA still alive and well

Romney, "Yes, That's Exactly What I Said: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

Can we talk about living wage for a minute?

Axelrod: ‘We’ve Doubled Down’ In North Carolina

I'm Glad I Don't Have A Goober Like Jim Talent For My Senator/nt

At The Last Presidential Debate: Romney Told 24 Myths In 41 Minutes

Why isn't the "Ahmadinejad thinks our economy is bad" comment by Shitt not getting more play?

Andrea Mitchell is staunchly standing up for Obama against this Republican asshole who is an


Pollsters and robocalls are calling daily now (I live in NC).

Check in here if you're concerned about the ways our military has deteriorated since 1917

For those wondering Why "Mitt has Momentum" stories keep popping up

Why working class people vote for conservatives.

The Two Trillion Dollar Question: Mitt's Military Budget

I have a baby mouse that I think is in shock right now 1:30 EST

President Obama's chair photoshopped with Biden quote - image

The Multi-Million Dollar Question: WHERE ARE MITT'S TAX RETURNS? #wehavebindersready nt

"Our military still uses horses and bayonnets..."

Changing evangelical responses to homosexuality

What Romney Wants You (and Ohio) to Forget About the GM Rescue (Jonathan Cohn)

Well Mitt, how much "more" now do people pay for Romneycare in Massachusetts...

Fradulent letter in Duval (Jacksonville), Fl says voters must prove citizenship

Just because Budweiser still owns Clydesdales doesn't mean that's how beer is delivered

Gallup: Romney 51, Obama 46

Gallup Tuesday--48-47 (reg voters, no change) 51-46 (+1-likely) big improvement on job approval

Cato climate report tries to dupe media with gov't copycat

Autistic kicker makes game-winning field goal

GREAT PIC! President Obama Shakes Hands With Mitt Romney's Grandson

What?! No speculation thread on Trump's Twitter Bombshell?

Mitt's 'Extreme Makeover'

Error-Filled Instructions Are Sent to Ohio Voters (Wrong Date & Wrong Time To SEVERAL Precincts)

October surprise? Rumor or not? But something we should keep our eyes & ears open for....

No matter what Mitt says or anyone does, America will go the way of Greece

gallup getting tighter... R+5 lv, R+1 rv, O+6 approval

Put A Little Love in Our Hearts

That seals it!

Why did no one tell me about the post Romney-win uprising?

LOL! Tweet from the NBC show The Revolution - #horsesandbayonets are our specialty - pic

Halloween Link to "Sister Mary Dracula"

Reuters Poll Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 46%

NC Early Voting Day 5: Young Voters Are Psyched - Age 18-24 Turnout Up 39.7%

CBS Focus Group in Ohio Believes Romney Won Debate

The 2012 Presidential Debates According to the Internet

Joe Klein's sociopathic defense of drone killings of children

Ask A Feminist #5: Victims of society?

So many nonvoters in this Country

When I think of Mitt Romney,

Flaming Faucets: When Fracking Goes Wrong

Apple product announcements underway

The most basic rule for any Commander in Chief is to understand national and global

IBP/TIPP Obama 46.5 (-.9) Romney 44.5 (+1.1)

Allow me to translate “send Medicaid to the states” for you

"I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." Ann Coulter 10-22-12

#1855 ballot for Barack Obama at early voting place on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill today

Caesars joins Wynn and Adelson in funding pro-Republican group

So A Photographer I Know Could Not Tell Me..... About Obama

Ever wonder about the people who refill the unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden?

Obama holds to 48-46 lead in updated (10-22) Rand Corp. poll.

Mitt Romney Is Dolores Umbridge - Harry Potter-obsessed 9-year-old watches the presidential campaign

This "failure of the last 4 years" crap

Cynical hypocrisy winner! The contest is over, folks.

Guess who now supports the right for gays to marry

Undecided voters

How Canadian business is taking advantage of the weak greenback

The whale that talked - Captive beluga was able to mimic speech

Did anyone notice in debate closing that while Obama said he'd work "for" us, Romney said "with" us?

Sad Media Fail: No One is Picking Up Romney's Syria Path To Sea Gaffe

US may soon become world's top oil producer

What it's like being a teen girl

READ THIS : Interesting take on why polls are diverging


Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a Bluff

People should be very concerned. Both Romney and Ryan have no international credentials

Nevada Early Voting Stats - Day 3. Dems voting 3 to 2 over Reps (UPDATED)

What Romney/GOP has planned for women if he wins

Pumpkin Cobbler. Easy and delicious.

Just wondering...Is Rush Limbaugh

'SNARKY CHEAP SHOTS"? - Senator McCain, Time to Brew Yourself A Cup Of STFU!

Did we get the potential juicy 'race changer' details from Omaha Steve yet?

"I'm Talking Now"....BOY

Ohio County Mailer Sends Wrong Voting Location And Date To 3200 People

The Kinder, Gentler, Mitt last night was planned with the right wing media.

Ryan doesn't understand what he doesn't understand

DU tradition... DUers and the slogan avatar...

DU tradition... DUers and the slogan avatar...

Thom Hartmann: More Republicans arrested for election fraud...

Wow, I frequent an antique tractor website

More wingnut FAIL - morans

No social skills, ignorance, no math skills, and a heavy dose of racism = Romney supporter

Does John Boehner still hate non-smokers?


MFW weighs in on why Romney won the debate:

Do you have a landline or a cell phone?

There is no ambiguity on the issues this election. Because the issues are so clear, if we win,

Next up in Arizona: An attempted land grab including the Grand Canyon


Romney Logo

Billboards: Why Was Corbett So Quick to fire Paterno and so slow to prosecute Sandusky?

5 million Colombians suffer from malnutrition: UN .

At The Last Presidential Debate: Romney Told 24 Myths In 41 Minutes

Apple unwraps mini-iPad to take on Amazon, Google

INTRADE getting worse for Obama

What about a graphic of Ann on her horse holding a bayonette dressed in armor

Is this Trump's bombshell? That Obama used and sold coke in college?

I shared an Obama poster on FB and this was the first reply....

An incident at my gym today...

25 Things Romney Supporters Like About President Obama:

This nation has been modified...


Another case of a newbie asking a question and being called a troll

Iron Man 3 - Official Trailer #1

Remember when the Romney campaign said they were leaving NC? They moved 1 staffer

Schieffer: “I said to my wife, ‘Did I say that?’ And she said ‘Yeah, you did.”

Ohio sends out voting notices with WRONG election day date, 11/08 instead of 11/06.

Toons Time ....on the debate and more.

Saw a great tweet today. Jesus had no campaign staff, and he ran one of the best campaigns...

Renewed Focus On Romney’s Bain Record In New Priorities USA Ad

Despite a Strong Debate Campaign, Romney's Path to 270 Remains Steep (Charlie Cook)

Just early voted in Tennessee! n/t

Just wondering why Mitt is coming to Pensacola, FL this Saturday?

Musically, are you stuck in the past, or moving forward?

Romney Debate Strategy: Pretend to Agree with the President (Obama Ad)

Just learned they are postponing trick or treat in our town because....

Climate Deniers To Release Rip-Off Report

Does the level of absolute crap ever stop rising?


Ha! Romney Drinking Game.

"I was paid by NY Police to Bait Muslims," Informant Says.

Binder #3

Enthusiasm Gap Update

Qatar visit breaks Gaza ice, delights Hamas

Leaf blowers need to be banned!

No-Drama Obama vs. Sweat Romney

These Lily Livered Liberals On MSNBC Are Making Me Apoplectic

Obama is winning Ohio in early voting...

Matt Miller said WHAT about seniors?

So the repukes are making it harder to vote....

Bad News for Romney: OHIO Early Voting Turnout is UP for Obama, DOWN for GOP

Nothing Is Foreign to the Liar Willard Romney Anymore...

Thom Hartmann: Did Darrell Issa Commit Treason?

Obama Sweeps!


Anyone else watching MSNBC currently?

Google "Romnesia"

Poll finds 20 of 21 countries strongly prefer Obama (exception: Pakistan)

MSNBC Just explained the "national poll"

PPP/SEIU/KOS Weekly national poll Obama 48% (+2) Rmoney 48% (-2)

A ryan administration.

Please offer ideas or advice.

POLL: Obama Won Debate In Swing States, Every demographic,

Thom Hartman Show with Mike Papantonio blistering analysis re Mitt Romney's foreign policy on NOW!

Mitt and Ann personally gained at least $15.3 million from the auto bailout

Drop what you're doing. Make some calls. No excuses -- do it right now.

I voted yesterday and noticed that the ballot has 'Mitt Romney' on it.

Has Anyone Seen The Environment?

Another Octogenerian Vote For Obama In Ohio!

WOW! from WAYNE POWELL,TWO WEEKS OUT and putting eric cantor on the ropes!

Romney Rolls Out New Ad Doubling Down on Pants on Fire Lie About Navy

Too bad Obama didnt catch this

Clerk shoots, kills violent career criminal, wounds apprentice criminal.

Early voting growns in Ohio, yes "growns"

TOP Headline: "Both Trying to Look Like World Leaders" from the Tacoma News Tribune.

Big crush on Krystal Ball

WOW! from WAYNE POWELL,TWO WEEKS OUT and putting eric cantor on the ropes!

"Jesus put me on this Earth to make babies"

WOW! from WAYNE POWELL,TWO WEEKS OUT and putting eric cantor on the ropes!

Donna Brazile: Hey folks . . .

The Liberal Media, in Love With Our Narrative

Programmes offer assistance to children living in the violence-plagued slums of Caracas, Venezuela

Thank you, MIRT (azurnoir) and jurors!

Mitt Romney Avoided Military Service While He Supported Vietnam War and Draft

LIVE: Obama, Biden rally in Dayton, Ohio

Oh Dear God...HOW can this even be legal???Forget the fact that it is just wrong...

Does your employer do this?

New York Court Throws Out Challenge to Marriage Equality Law

Falling pump prices could give Obama a lift

A collection of Horses and Bayonets

Lessons of the Paraguay Coup

Biden makes stop at Schmucker's Restaurant (Toledo, Ohio)

Could we put a moratorium on posting bullshit generated by Donald Trump?

Jailing of a mentally ill woman exposes El Salvador's tough abortion laws - rights group

Mine's bigger than yours

Obama is running up margins bigger than Kerry in '04 in almost every state...

Ideas and Individuals

Nate just raised Obama's number to 70.3% Obama is soaring! n/t

Sam Wang: Romney has 'Ro-Mentum' not Momentum

Maybe it's just me..

Great crowd for Obama in Florida today.

will SNL have Sudeikis (as Romney) sweating profusely?

***UPDATED***What is going on with InTrade?

Bruce, Live

Romney campaign turned his lies into ad

Last night’s debate can only help Obama

Eleven EU nations get go-ahead on 'Robin Hood' finance tax


Sam Wang (Princeton Election Consortium) debunks the myth of Romney momentum.

Big crowd at Mitten's Daytona Rally!

Marlins just fired Ozzie

My daughter just texted me her roommate long time Republican is voting for Obama.

can guess what the 'wings' are made from?

I see all of these Obama is leading in absentee ballots in this or that state. I ask how?

I am NOT better off than 4 yrs ago, I am still voting Obama

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Romney

Romney lost the swing states last night--for good !!!

Martin Bashir starts now on MSNBC


How a Mitt-Style Increase in Military Spending Might Cost You Your Job

Did I miss something?

Most Political Pundits are less useful than a Carnival Fortune Teller

Ryan live on CSpan, Biden live on CSpan 2. You should see the difference!

"Bigger Than the Sky". What a sweet movie.

Mitt does Liberace.


Please visit the Lounge T-Shirt Shop for today's special........

Why are Romney/Ryan holding a rally in Nevada today?

The Doctor is in...Prognosis..


Julian Epstein Is Kicking Ass

Republicans figure out that Citizens United sucks...when Citizens United bites them on the ass.

Epstein on Bashir's program: Romney trying to play the game of an illusion of momentum but

Bill Briggs NBC News Contributor - MSN - Employers Reluctant To Hire Vets -----

Harris County sets new record for early voting

Breastfeeding thread

It is now really coming down to GOTV operations

Obama Reelection Odds Increase In Prediction Markets Following Foreign Policy Debate

UK Daily Mail: Donald Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’, claims

BREAKING NEWS about Donald Trump......

Bucket List

Hey Kids...

Breaking: As reported on MSNBC the Republicans are touting Romentum - fake momentum but Obama

Twice in the past few days I've turned down offers for gatherings with conservative friends

Trump's Hair Voted for Obama!

Wisconsin Mass Shooter Exploited Background Check Loophole That NRA Says Isn't A Problem

Based On Recent Developments Could American Business Be Guilty Of Extortion By ----

The Gun Industry Is Making A Killing

Domestic Violence: A Month of Awareness but a Daily Occurrence

Obama live in Ohio (CSpan 2), Romney live in Nevada (CSpan). CNN was covering

Well, there went Romney's Halloween costume...

Papantonio: GOP Adopts Firm Anti-Worker Agenda

LOL! John Kerry called Mitt's foreign policy, "Rosetta Stone" foreign policy..

So nice watching the debate with my DEMOCRAT daughter and son-in-law

Court: Indiana can't defund Planned Parenthood

Over 20K People Out To See POTUS Today -- Just 6K for Romney

What was Romney's"big surprise" that was tweeted about before the debate?

Good job MIRT!

Romney-linked Voting Machine Company Will Count Votes in Ohio and Other Crucial Swing States


Best Picture Yet of Romney's New Army....

President O sure does have good music at his rallys....n/t

The Crazies are trying to take over the World.

Really Sad That Wounded Warriors Have Become Invisible Warriors

Handy flow chart - Mitt Romney's "Lady Plan"

Election software company Scytl on the run from the Free Press, from one fake address to the next

October Surprise Revealed: Gloria Allred Heads To Court, Attempts To Unseal Mitt Romney Testimony

what I think Obama's "horses & bayonet" comment shows...

Paul Ryan Budget Would Cut Medicaid Coverage In Half: Study


Right-wing talkers believe the "post-debate" is more important than the "debate".

New ARG NH poll has Romney up by 2

Gloria Allred will be in a Boston area courtroom Wednesday to unseal the sworn testimony

Congratulations to the Giants for winning the 2012 NLCS

Kaine leads Macaca by four pts.(DSCC poll)

Check out this link

University Of Illinois Election Model -Obama -294 Romney -244

K&R if you have never posted the results of a poll on DU

TEXAS: Business Owner Stakes Out His Own Store.

Ralston projects 70% to vote early in Nevada.

Romney's remark about the ships was a lie

Thom Hartmann: Why the UN is sending election observers to the US

Rove's American Crossroads Shares Address, Legal Firm with Sproul's Strategic Allied Consulting

Trump adviser knocks down speculation that Obama revelation is about cocaine

Who has voted? and what state?

The Let's-Sell-Our-House- And-See-the-World Retirement

Obama Jobs Plan Voted Down By Senate

Any clue why something called AVG Secure Search took over my homepage?

Will you be attending geardaddy's annual pumpkin harvest?

A treat-O Cantor Where Art Thou bluegrass tour w WAYNE POWELL+Ralph Stanley

270 To Win Probability /Obama 74% Romney 26%

Hell has frozen over...

Vanity Fair EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Photos of Young Mitt Romney, High-School Prankster

Princeton Consortium- Obama: 290 Romney: 248

"Anybody who thinks those states are in the bag is half in the bag themselves."

What I think we need to think about when we vote this year.

MSNBC host shuts down Romney surrogate: ‘I fact checked the apology tour… it didn’t happen’

The policy we can't afford another four years of

Joe Klein: The Third Debate: Obama Wins on Style and Substance

Hello Heathens, Infidels and other assorted evil spawn.

Odd pattern in Republican yard signs, southeastern PA.

"A wolf in sheep's clothing!"

If You had a choice and you do..... Who would you vote for?

MSM Takes On Possible Intrade Manipulation (Two Very Interesting Articles)

Randi Rhodes

Any cavers here?

Missing man, last seen wearing Teletubby costume, turns up safe and sound

It's funny because the guy is supposed to be homeless?

Does Trump Have Obama Divorce Papers? And If He Did, Why Would He Release Them?

Lost Teletubby found safe

Mitt's Military

Romney's debate performance has his base confused about his foreign policy

woman shoots registered sex offender

President Obama in Richmond on Thursday 10/25

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick to death of the phrase "doubling down"?

McCaskill Cancels Campaigning To Be With Ill Mom

THE CHOICE (The New Yorker's Endorsement of President Obama)

In Feb. Romney told Sean Hannity that a military action in Iran is "what's needed."

Battleships, Bayonets and Binders Full of Women

UNH - GOVERNOR (Hassan +8)

Any New Polls Expected Out Tonight?

Doughnuts. It's what's for dinner.

Photo of the day: President Obama with schoolchildren in Florida today

what michael jackson did to kids, obama did to america. a bumpersticker i saw yesterday.

Do you think seniors truly understand that Romney wants to voucherize them?

Officials: Burn victims claims false


Caption Mitt

Oil Price Drops Below $87; Pump Prices Down Again

Bill Gates Donates $500,000 To Marriage Equality In Washington might want to DUCK!

The Fox circle Jerk was funny to watch

Indicators, statistics, and the UK election of 1992: Why President Obama WILL be re-elected.

Seriously, Why does the media take Trump seriously?

Romney changed his view of the Detroit bailout in a desperate attempt for Ohio

Martin Bashir - GOP whining, sweating over Romney’s poor debate performance

"The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd" Why Obama is winning AND will win this race.

The President just got a new Supporter last night!

The Reverend Jesse Jackson visits Bainport

FBI Investigating Hoax Letters to Voters in Florida

A question about Republicans that's been bothering me for years:

DU tradition... DUers and the slogan avatar...

How you should dance and how you should dress

Prof Sam Wang from Princeton Election Consortium on today's probabilities

CBS: Obama campaign confident for final stretch

FUNNY, The ME according to Mitt

Some pics from our weekend in Georgia (dial-up warning)

Why Romney wants to build up the US battleship fleet

Russia to Veto Any UN Motion for Strikes on Iran

Doctors, Hospitals Nationwide Adding (Non-Covered) Fees to Medical Bills

I'm So Ashamed

Martin Bashir - Debate fact checking: Romney, Obama on the auto bailout, Israel

For a change, this is the feel good story

Joe Biden just talked to over 70,000 retired people on a conference call.

White supremacist running for VP disguised as little old lady.

The President knows how to relate to kids...

Open Letter From America's Progressives to America's Libertarians: Vote Obama

Krystal Ball sums up the debates perfectly:

Barney Frank hammers LGBT Republican group for endorsing Romney

Explosions, fire at arms factory in Sudan's capital

Gloria Allred "October Surprise" may involve a mistress . . .

One Single Heartbeat From the Presidency? Is This a Joke or What?

I think what we're going to see is a blow out by the Obama/Biden team

The debate, in one pic:

Sam Wang (Princeton): NO Romney Momentum --- Ro-mentum

3 (edit -- now 5!!!) Southern Alabama senior citizens w/ a change of heart!

Al Sharpton Just said on Politics Nation that Romney is not campaigning at all for the next

a fantastic 2 minute video from the BBC - "What a Wonderful World" - David Attenborough

In Post-Debate Rally, Obama Says Romney Has ‘Stage 3 Romnesia’

ABC News/Wapo has a new national poll out

Pizza Owner Fatally Shoots Robber

Who ya gonna believe? A Princeton professor of molecular biology and neuroscience or Wolf Blitzer?

Another picture of the day (Funny) . . .

News From Obama Camp...

Martin Bashir - Why hugging Obama’s policies doesn’t make Romney presidential

Ohio Democrats protest misleading mailer with wrong election date

Martin Bashir - Obama sinks GOP battleship over ‘horses and bayonets’ line

Variety of electoral votes...

Just said on news NC early voting OUTPACING '08!! 3 Times more D's than R's

Mark Critz (D) from W. PA is trashing the President in his ads to get the conservative vote.

Fox News host: ‘Bayonets’ zinger means Obama has ‘gone native’

Romney and Ryan solution to Iran nuclear weapons...

Romney lied about the number of ships in 1917

Lake Michigan level touches record low for month

58% of Jewish Israelis endorse use of the word "apartheid"

Has anyone heard the "supposed" news Tump has? I have

Funniest Memes from the Presidential Debates

New Yorkers Against Fracking Launches New Round of TV Ads in Southern Tier

Please DU the poll in my local paper. Poll ended... Thanx DU!

Who is more overzealous, the pumpkin or bacon lobbyists?

Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a Bluff

Adorable photo of kissin' and lovin' and the President

San Francisco Toothpick Game

Obama aides: We’re staying in North Carolina

I DETEST Brent Bozell... But I Did Enjoy His Tweets Last Night... LOL !!!

If there had been an "apology tour" the GOP would have been running video

Dr. Richard Ragsdale died 10-23-2004. He was a true warrior for women's right to choose.

I know the President is rather busy these days, but

Don't forget the false flag effort the last time....

Megyn Kelly: Press Room ‘Erupted’ In Laughter And Applause At Obama’s ‘Horses And Bayonets’ Line

Informant: NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims

Now they put dogs (bitches) in a binder

Romney & Company Shipped Every Single Delphi UAW Job to China

Painful, impractical, and perverse: the shoes designed to bring women to heel

European Union postpones women quota on boards plan

why isn't the media asking the teabaggers about romney's desertion?

Yahoo "News" the day after the 3rd debate....

UK support for US drones in Pakistan may be war crime, court is told

Debate: 59.2 million saw Mitt sweating

The Romney Had A Paramour Story And The The College Aged Obama Sold Coke Stories Will Go Nowhere

How in the fuk can ABC News have..

Just viewed 6 bullshit ads by Repubs in a row here in red Indiana...

I was rude over the phone to someone at "cardmember services." Now I feel awful about it.

Obama-stare puts a spell on Romney

Tonight on PBS: Climate of Doubt by Frontline

Fox News just called the election for Romney

Jim Greer is on Rev Al about ReTHUG voter fraud, Sproul

BOMBSHELL: President got a divorce and remarried

POLL: Majority of Voters Just Want Election to be Fucking Over Already

Harry Reid is a Bad Ass!! On Mitt Romney's Taxes: I'm His 'One-Man Wrecking Crew'


School of Romney map of the Middle East (He's got Ohio in there!)

Was There a Bankruptcy Alternative for the Automakers?

Troy (MI's Teabagger) Mayor Janice Daniels argues with award recipient while reading proclamation

I'm Not Sure Which Debate Picture Would Be Better To Caption... You Choose...

Bain Capital's Weather Channel changes name, lays off 7% of workforce

I joined the night of the second debate when access was restricted...

I have a question about voting in Nevada.

What you think you saw in last night's debate was *NOT* what happened

I'm Watching My Senator (Barbara Boxer) Put The Beat Down On E(R)in Bu(R)Nett

Developers want to build a $1.4 billion dollar 'convention center' in Buffalo, NY

Oh My God - NBC Grew Some Balls

How are Democrats' chances looking of regaining the House and keeping the Senate?

One of the greatest threats to America: teachers unions

Romney says debates have 'supercharged' his campaign

Reid calls himself a ‘one-man wrecking crew’ aimed at Romney

Al Franken wants you to volunteer!! (HILARIOUS)

Horses and Bayonets Meme: Mitt Romney

The Gawker Endorsement: Mark Clayton for Senate (D-Tenn.)

(Picture) 'The Way My Dad Watches The Debate'

CNN really is trying to pump up Romney.

Funny Quote Re:Intrade

U.S. developing new blueprint for hunting terrorists

More Rethug "fun"....

Did not know RV polls are more accurate than the LV polls

Papantonio: Romney is a Foreign Policy Disaster

Huffington Post Electoral Map - Obama: 253 Romney: 191


Donald Trump to reveal "Obama divorce papers"

Cenk Causing Mischief Re: Horses And Bayonets, On Twitter... Hilarious Responses !!!

Lets say, shudder, that Mittens wins

Mitt Romney: The Man Without a Soul

OMG ! I voted today and just realized that it was on a Hart Intercivic

Republican consultant predicts Obama, Heller will win Nevada

No charges for woman who removed Obama-Hitler sign

One more analytical model

5 Penn. towns disbanding police forces to bust union

AMERICA 2050: Here's How The Country Will Look Three Decades From Now

Hey, why not give back a little?

Todd Akin was arrested at least three times during '80s abortion protests

Gloria Allred Heads To Court, Attempts To Unseal Mitt Romney Testimony

Cuban Missle Crisis: Three Men Go To War. PBS tonight at 9 p.m.

Romney supporter tries to manipulate Intrade

What If ? What If?

If you contribute tonight to the DCCC your contribution will be tripled!!!

Obama To Sit For Live Interview With MTV

Congressmen Want Justice Department To Probe GOP Voter Drives In Florida, Virginia

Donald Trump's big reveal: Obama an alien or wears a wig?

“After this election, Karl Rove is going to sit down for breakfast with 17 angry old white men,”


Please Help Spread THIS !!! 'Romney On Auto Bailout In 2008: 'If You Write A Check, They're Going To

Oct. 22: Ohio Has 50-50 Chance of Deciding Election

Don't expect everyone to love, or even like you...

Mitt Romney IS Dolores Umbridge!

I live in Norfolk, VA, a Navy town, and just received a Robocall from Mitt, himself!

Gloria Allred 'October Surprise' About Romney

PBS NOW: Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War

Sandoval’s political adviser predicts Romney will lose Nevada

Donald Trump Weakest October Surprise Ever

Out-Smirking the Smirks

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Obama and the world Study up!

We have our share of religious whackjob politicians in Canada, too

Where does all the campaign money end up??

Records set in LA's 1st day of early voting

Republicans are the party of "small business"? Well, not really....

Presidential debates need referees not moderators (toon)

somebody needs to make a meme...

From the Daily Kos. Ohio sends voters to the wrong time and place!

Today's final update from Princeton Election Consortium: No change.

Mourdock: Pregnancies from rape are "God's will"

Donald Trump, Gloria Allred Rumored To Have “October Surprises” for Campaigns

Pic: Rainbow Over Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on day they gift $500,000 for Marriage Eqaulity

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Republicans Try To Stop Gloria Allred As Mitt Romney 'October Surprise' Drama Builds

The creepiest thing you'll see today...possibly ever

Is religious extremism fading?

Americans United Urges IRS To Investigate Texas Church That Urged Votes For ‘The Mormon, Not The Mus

Matt Taibbi: Finally Liberated From Facts, Mitt Romney the Pure Bull Artist Takes Flight

Reuters-Ipsos 332-206 Why GOTV is the name of the game now

Freeperville is DOWN

eVoting Without Proof

Joe Walsh Jr. son of embattled congressman begs Tammy Duckworth to take down ads!

What's not being reported: This is becoming a disaster for the GOP on multiple levels

Union Plus Mortgage helps locked-out Con Ed worker

Bwah-ha-HAH, O'Loofah is letting his overall OBAMA/debate disgust spill over against SCHIEFFER

Bogus Voter Purge Letters Showing Up In Florida

Immediately after the debate.

Detroit Answers Romney

Obama Vs. Romney Finale -- My Reaction


Nina Turner just on the Ed Show....

I know the contents of Trump's bombshell.

"Respected Financial Pundit" Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle & Barack Obama’ (Respected?

Help me understand this

The football cheerleaders at my daughter's high school wear interesting t-shirts

Who Was Dragged Down By The Kochs??? (EVERYBODY! Sing Along!)


Bill Moyers Essay: When Bosses Push Their Politics

South Florida DUers - did you see this from NOAA

Colbert very funny on bosses telling workers what they should politically do.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Silent Spring & a new kitty gif

i guess with just two weeks to go, the media will start hounding mitt about his TAX RETURNS

6.6 Magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica. (CBC TV News)

Study: Americans Roundly Reject Tailored Political Advertising as Politicians Embrace it

List of prominent Republicans (divorced)

Obie then and now

Mitt Romney Is Dolores Umbridge

Donald Trump announces his big news.

Could Gloria Allred's client be one of these children?

Yet Another Linda McMahon RoboCall-They Just won't listen!

Mitts Diary... from the Daily Kos

I will now admit that the Prez's first debate performance left a lot of room for improvement

Wacko (R) sues Pete DeFazio for telling the truth

Got a robocall from Mitt Romney here in NYC today. He asked for me to give as much...

Someone forgot to tell David Gergen

Romney campaign takes politics to the lowest depths of blatant cynicism.

How Would a Conservative Christian, Home-Schooled Kid's Policies Stack up Against Romney's?

Regarding Donald Trump...

Donelly: The God I believe in does not intend for rape to happen.

'Fantasy Slut League' - high school male athletes earn points for sex

If you missed the inaugural episode of "Making Sense with Steve Leser, here is a link..."

Dan Rather is a guest on Maddow's show.

Why is the media concerned about Romney

It is probably my paranoid mind: Ever since my wife got selected for Grand jury duty We've been

Can I watch any of the MSNBC shows from today without killing myself?

Voted today and scared the crap out of the conservatives!

Hey Harry Reid

DO NOT Allow Romney To Muddle The Auto Bailout/Bankruptcy Story !!! - Please Read This Article !!!

Laugh of day on my social media

Bad News for Romney: Ohio Early Voting Turnout is Up for Obama, Down for GOP

How many faces do you see? Twelve (so far) for me...

CARVED Zombie from Pumpkin

GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Calls Rape Pregnancies A ‘Gift From God’

Anyone familiar with the University of Alabama? What's behind their postal policy?

Charitable Gift Giving that Makes a Difference

I need an internal medicine doctor in Albuquerque

Nice Map at (leaving out Rasmussen): O 303 and Senate 54 Dem

2008 Footage Shows Mitt Romney Was Against Auto Bailout

Who Was The Slovenly Guy Debating Charles Blow On Piers Morgan?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Here are reasons why I don't mind going out to rake leaves

The ED Show - Tommy Thompson's attack ad

Politico's Roger Simon: Donald Trump couldn't be dumber if you cut his head off.

The ED Show - Obama ahead with two weeks to go mention on any MSNBC shows about Allred's 'October Surprise', isn't it news? Even....

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Vice-President Joe Biden to visit UW Oshkosh campus Friday: Update

Barney Frank hammers LGBT Republican group for endorsing Romney

Something many seem to be missing about Gloria Allred.

CBS NEWS just showed Horses & Bayonets" clip but removed the studio audience laughter

Teabagger and GOP Ind. U.S. Senate candidate: Pregnancy From Rape Is 'Something God Intended'

To all the confused punditry we've been told before (re: debate "wins" and what Undecideds want)

"NC Early Voting Day 5: Young Voters Are Psyched - Age 19-24 Turnout up 39.7%"

We won the debate. We should be thrilled and posting happy news for democrats. Let's all go looking

Help with termites hatching

Three Great Korean films..

Excuse me... Sen. candidate Murdoch (Indiana) Conception from rape is something God Intended...

The most important difference between them

Its Movie Night in the Lounge! Tonights Feature: My Sassy Girl (Korean with english subs)

Nate Silver on the Strange Intrade Numbers Today

Nothing Worse Than A President That Can Work Through Hard Times

Recent polling shows Romney momentum is actually Obama’s

STEVE RATTNER: Auto Companies "WOULD HAVE DIED" If Romney Had His Way

Romney responds to Obama on foreign policy:

The Crack Spider... This one had me LOL

My Ohio Math

Even After Being 'Schooled' By Obama, Romney Still Doesn't 'Get Smart'

tree cutting

Etch-a-sketch comment was aimed at piss poor news media

Paul Ryan falls off edge of earth.

Colorado's voting mess

RW Sex Police Lurking ---

Report: Akin was arrested multiple times outside abortion clinics

The ED Show - Romney tries offense ends up playing defense on China

The ED Show - Romney says Obama has no plan; Obama talks up his plan

Mittstique, a shape shifter-image attached

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Flip Flops

"Fact-checking the third presidential debate" By Becky Bowers, Angie Drobnic Holan at PolitiFact

They can dish it, but they can't take it, that's for sure.

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Horses & Bayonets

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Hypocrisy

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I Bet on American Workers. I Bet on American Manufacturing. And I'd Do it Again

Weird Intrade Swing

Fact Checked My Teacher

This how pathetic our national discourse is becoming; I have heard the right's snarky talking point

Determination (new Obama ad)

You Can Vote However You Like

Anybody else watching "The Men Who Built America?"

Romney link to teen sexual & physical abuse

Buying American -- Does It Matter?

GOP Senate Candidate Calls Rape Pregnancies A 'Gift from God' (Think Progress)

8 nights till Halloween! And what is Halloween without a Wolfman?

Conservatives Panic Over ‘U.N.-Affiliated’ Election Monitors

Romney's son apologizes to Obama for 'swing' remark

NH Labor Walks this Weekend

Question regarding police stops

NH Labor Walks this Weekend

Buying American -- Does It Matter? Unions Say Yes!

Whatever Happened to the Potential...

Looks like I will be out of the country Election Night...

Two national polls not on RCP...

How come the [h3] [/h3] tags no longer make my font bigger. I want the

Republican Aide Thinks Romney Will Lose Nevada

Unemployment arbitration fight.

Could this be the break Donnelly needs?

Theocratic Totalitarian State Has Been A Long Term Project. Bill Moyers ----

Allen West: Obama Obviously Doesn’t Know Military Still Uses Horses, Bayonets

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will reveal that....

Okay, which one of you killed Free Rethuglic? Fess up!

You Don't Own Me PSA

"Obama embraces positive strategy as he battles for votes in final stretch"

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter (RE: Retard)

It's too late to turn back now...

Word going around Mitt banged the CEO of Staples wife

For Debate Analysis, Fox News Leans On Former Bush Officials (And Herman Cain)

Just saw my first Romney commercial here in Indiana...Not for the Romney campaign, but actually

Once again, the Lounge rescues a post banished from another Forum.

Some have said that the Gloria Allred story is that Rmoney licks Trumps hair piece nightly

Anybody know anything about lake trout?

Turn it up!

Betty Fletcher Dead: Liberal U.S. Appeals Judge Dies At 89

Backyard squirrel hunting - bad idea

Romney distances himself from Mourdock's comments

Uruguay plans to legalise marijuana under state monopoly

I am unable to find any significant moral difference between people who think a pregnancy . . . . .


Uruguay plans to legalise marijuana under state monopoly

Shadow Money Group (supporting Romney) Discloses Adelson Donation...

The best guitarist is a title all too often bestowed in haste

President Obama MAKES a 3am phone call...

No Charges for Driver Shot at by Austin Police While Fleeing Sixth Street Mob

Obama asking for volunteers for Florida -

A Special Young Man Responds to Ann Coulter.

Romney Praises and Endorses Mourdock (R) in Indiana Earlier this Year

Rachel Maddow - Romney signals he's not serious about commander-in-chief

Article from '08 asserts that Mitt misrepresented Staples value to cheat Maureen Stemberg

Indiana R Sen candidate Mourdock implies that his god wills rape

"Obama Unlikely to Get Big Debate Bounce, but a Small One Could Matter"


Republicans must be deflated right now

Maricopa County Puts Out Another Spanish-Language Flyer With Wrong Election Date

Is This New Information?

After all their trials with adversity, ya GOTTA be rooting for Detroit.

Debate poll needs DU'ing

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers Methane On Mars - BellJar

Why are the worried about how many ironclad the navy has of horses and bayonets?

*Update* I don't need to get a divorce

Romney skips foreign policy on campaign trail

Battleships now in game with Mitt's dog on the roof

Gallup just polled me at 8:03pm PST

Don't Drink The Hemlock- Brand New Ohio Poll -It's Obama 47% Romney 44%

Rachel Maddow is on Letterman tonight.

Don't Drink The Hemlock- Brand New Ohio Poll -It's Obama 47% Romney 44%

Larry King At Third Party Debate: “We're On Drugs”

After Romney's Worst Debate, Right Wing Still Pushes Meme of Romentum!

Rachel Maddow - Romney disdain for foreign policy risks Bush level disaster

"Iran is 4 years closer to a nuclear bomb" -- enough!!

TMZ: Court Battle Over Romney's Involvement in Bitter Divorce

Stewart Mocks Romney’s Foreign Policy Debate Message: ‘Follow Me! I’ll Be Right Behind The President


I run Norton 360. Do I need a malware remover also? nm

Washingtonians -- Here's a link to The Stranger's Voting Guide.

Romney Family after Debate had an "It's Ending" Feel To It

"President Obama to take questions in MTV special" By Lisa de Moraes at WP

How come this s*** like this never happens to me??

Maddowblog - "The 'inevitability' phase gets underway" - Explains Romney Momentum Talking Point

Study: Romney-like plan cuts $1.7 trillion in Medicaid

New Romney campaign ad.

Dude is manipulating intrade again

Dave Letterman Getting a Dig in at Romney for Refusing to Come On His Show

I can safely say that if anyone calls themselves an "undecided voter" at this stage in the game…

Reuters Predicting OBAMA LANDSLIDE

Atlantic - "Why Romney Is the War Candidate"

Being recorded to CD at the moment...Pink Floyd, "Animals"