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Archives: October 22, 2012

Had a dream about Mitt Romney.

I've noticed, of late on DU...

Taxes? Only the little people pay taxes in America!

Details Regarding Monday's 3rd Presidential Debate - 9pm Eastern (Updated)

Just a rant on not being able to trust corporation, products, politicians and people in general

McGovern's Patriotism -- And How the 2012 Campaign Dishonors It by Will Bunch.

I hope Obama says that Romney's tax cuts will not allow him to pay for the wars he's threatened

Jacobson Park

Gift for the Trolls: Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses

Steve King: Comparing Immigrants To Dogs Was 'A Compliment'

Akin: We've Got A Commie President

52% in favor, 43% against. That is the latest WaPo polling about Maryland's marriage equality bill.

Early Voting starts Tomorrow in Texas

Mitt would let me die, again...Tragic Romney secret!

DOJ to Monitor Early Voting in Dallas and Harris County

"More Problems for Romney" by Josh Marshall at TPM

You Can Get It If You Really Want It

An Affair or Immigration Shenanigans? hmmm

San Diego media baron promotes conservative causes

Romney & Bain owned a facility that tortured, molested, and even killed children.

Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!

Nate Silver: SENATE - 87.6% Chance of Democratic Majority

Colorado Pot legalization support drops in new poll.

Was Mitt Romney a Vietnam DRAFT DODGER?

Photo: Milk of Romnesia

The More You Watch & Listen The More Obvious It Is That You Are Dealing With----

New Yorker endorses President Obama:The Choice

A List of Links of Links to Good Stuff for Political Junkies

With So Many People Believing The Romney/Ryan Campaign Pack Of Lies It Is ---

If there is only 2 weeks left

Government to rip up rulebook and subsidise new nuclear plants

In the next debate, Obama should highlight the role of the military-industrial-congressional-complex

Former President said this...

Spokane Officer Barry O'Connell Gets One More Chance

What Romney's Hiding: 'It's the Amnesty, Stupid'

How would you rec Obama weave Mitt + Bain involvement in Sensata (horrific wk cond) at Mon's debate?


Viewpoints: I'm ailing, gay and now an ex-Republican

"George McGovern Saved My Life"

NV: After two days, Dems have 53%-31% lead in Clark County

Kansas Teen Files Climate Change Lawsuit

GOP Logic on Rape and Pregnancy and "Voter Fraud". . .

Tasks everyone could do this week.

Message to FR and other Cons who have jumped into bed with Douglas Kaplan from Gravis Working Group

Questions from a newer voter in Utah...

Do juries follow a "Jon Stewart rule?"

Someone asks a question requesting information and everyone calls him a troll. What's up with that?

2 votes for Obama and against Arpaio in AZ

UN: Romney presidency would be ‘1st in history to be able to claim a democratic mandate for torture’

Why Greg Smith Left Goldman Sachs (Former Goldman Sachs VP New Book Released Monday)

Being pro-life doesn’t make me any less of a lefty

My neighbors have their Xmas tree and lights up already..

I'm done my treatment, and I feel worse than ever.

china begins oil extraction in afghanistan--debate topic?

Oddly, I think the Official Halloween Mask Poll might be spot on in its popular vote prediction...

George McGovern: What It Means to Be a Democrat

The interview with Kim han sol, "My uncle is a dictator"

bluster & blunder : Romney's foreign policy incompetence

President Obama to chat with Jay Leno on Wednesday

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Fired up Rmoney rally in Chesapeake! Standing room only!

Freepers are WORRIED

I'm in an alternate universe from Chris Matthews and his guests

Police and crime commissioner elections November 15th

Report: In the Debates, Romney Broke the Rules More Than Obama

UPDATE: Mitt Romney Pals Around with Child Molesters

Trust the pollsters

Pill Fails to Cure Occupation

for those who are following the Tagg/voting machine story

McGovern on the highest form of patriotism

Obama holds to 48-46 lead in updated (Oct 21) Rand Corp. poll.

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing

Cuba's Fidel Castro attacks 'lies' about his health

Cuba's Fidel Castro attacks 'lies' about his health

What questions should be asked in the foreign policy debate?

Absentee ballot postage confusing voters

South Korea bans cross-border launch of propaganda leaflets in balloons

Those videos on Youtube on Mormon rituals are well worth viewing.

Are we guilty?...

Japan's Okinawa Assembly Protests Rape

Race for sheriff in Ariz. draws national focus

Paul Ryan's soup kitchen photo-op wrecks charity organization: Doors may close

Milk of Romnesia--

Look what's heading our way

All right ... need some more good vibes for Pres. Obama tonight!

Osama Bin Laden Discovery (BIN LADEN SHOOT TO KILL)

The GOP’s Secularism Problem

Humanists Mourn Death of Paul Kurtz, Humanist Philosopher and Advocate

Props to my fellow agitprop street theatre Seattlites.

See what i mean..

Mormonism is no weirder than any other mainstream religion. Yes it is.

Image: Classic quote from Noam Chomsky as we go to vote

Trickery in Florida State senate race

Chris Hedges: McGovern: He Never Sold His Soul

Mitt Romney Blimp-Like Aircraft Crash Lands in Davie

Americans in Jordan: The Goal Is Syria

Greece Austerity Diet Risks 1930s-Style Depression

Nevada Early Voting Report

The MSM Has Become Public Enemy #1 And A National Security Risk Because ----

LA mayor Villaraigosa: Between the Tea Partiers, the climate change deniers, the birthers and the

Hillsborough investigation should be extended to Orgreave, says NUM leader

Frances Fox Piven: The Left needs to proudly support social welfare

WEDC: Walker's Economy-Destroying Cronies

Permit given for fracking near nuclear plant

Los Angeles Times Endorses Obama

bogus poll in the news and observer

Wisconsin: GOP Senate Majority Provided Shills for Redistricting Hearings.

Which was the last general election that wasn't "even" or tied?

After domestic violence arrest, suspect kills 3

Wisconsin: Early in-person voting starts today!!!

Obama certainly has aged well, hasn't he?

NYT: Lance Armstrong’s Wall of Silence Fell Rider by Rider

Today's Non Sequitur

Morning Joe

Fund for the New American Century targets the British Police

Samurai Vigilante Draws Sword On Phoenix Light Rail

Ohio - Quinnipiac = O up 5 !!

I hope Obama finds the appropriate moment tonight to point out that not one of

Heads Up, Stephanie Cutter on Morning Joe

6 Things We Need To Do To Repair America's Crumbling Democracy

ZOMG! Teh Main$tream Media FINALLY get adversarial with the Romney campaign

14 Most Extreme Candidates

An obituary written by E.B.White for his dog, Daisy

Romney's history of shipping American jobs to China is relevant tonight

Because someday this election will be over.....................

Advocates of Universal Healthcare Protest Obama and Romney


Lance Armstrong Is Stripped of His 7 Tour de France Titles

Cat discovers 2,000-year-old Roman catacomb

I'll say it again, people have to be reminded.

The real news: New robin hood tax introduced in congress

Romney flips a coin into the sand -- Is that normal?

Politico Daily Tracking-Romney +2

Some Truth about the polls....

Tonight will be mostly about gaffes, sadly

Obama's #1 debate goal?

Princeton Election Consortium 8:00 am update...

NBC/WSJ Poll - Only 9% think economy will get worse in next 4 years!

Oil, Geo-Political Experts Say Attacking Iran Poses Huge Risks

Unabashed racism on FR - they don't even bother to hide it.

Romney's loss in Ohio can be laid at the feet of Gov. Kasich.

Poverty: The Election Issue That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Giuliani displaying serious #Romnesia on CNN just now. After giving Bush a pass on 9/11...

Lorca earthquake 'caused by groundwater extraction'

The New Yorker's endorsement of Obama for president...

Please! Send good vibes to a fellow DUer who's healing!

Check In When You've Voted!

Brain change link to anti-social behaviour in girls

Senate Democrats are planning a meeting behind closed doors?

Rise in child throat infections treated in hospital, study finds{uk}

Brilliant republican ad

Pres. Obama Used Executive Powers to Press the Most Sweeping Attack on Air Pollution in U.S.History

After the Boom in Natural Gas

Swiftboating 2012

Intrade Bumped Up To 61.5% On The OH POLL

Conflicted voter says as small business owner can't afford Obama Care.

Now we have Romneybots on cable news saying Romney always wanted diplomacy with Iran

Jordanian soldier killed in clash with Syria-bound militants

Why I Voted, "Freedom, Liberty" vs. "My Rights"

Obama Fans, Check In

Sean Penn vs. Kid Rock

Obama’s not-so-hidden second-term agenda (updated)

Obama 1990 interview at Harvard

Michael Bloomberg Invokes 'Socialism' In Criticism Of Elizabeth Warren

Dolphin 'sponging' spans centuries

Tibetan mountain finch rediscovered after 80 years

"Tax returns? You don't need to see no stinkin' tax returns!!" Please come CAPTION Mitt Romney!!!!

The real Mitt Romney "figure out who the best players are and take 'em out early ...

Drug ‘shooting galleries’ to be tested by France

Seems polls do not point out to a Romney's victory. At least if you believe Mark Halperin who pretty

Something to share with Republican friends and family before they vote (video). . . .

Toon: The Winner of the Debate

Pesticides put bumblebee colonies at risk of failure, study finds

Big, BIG number for Obama

On MSNBC right now, Chuck Todd reports that CIA Briefings released on Friday

lindsey graham is disappointed america didn't get in another war.... Buy-out announced

Every part of our society depends on energy. Yet we don't have a plan{uk}

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Oct 22nd

Lindsey Graham. "Arm the right people". "Learn from Bush's mistakes"

Stephanie Miller is blasting this talk about Obama losing ground on Women

UK intelligence officers knew of CIA's rendition plans within days of 9/11

AP Had A Story On Friday About Romney "Expanding the Map."

Toby needs a forever home

Five startling facts about Mitt's Investments

Fox "News" deceptively edits Obama's statement on Benghazi

Church cites Scripture in barring gay musician from performing

Huge Democratic Advantage In Nevada Early Voting (Absentee, too)

More Lee Enterprises Nooozepaper Lies: Wisconsin is NOT Split 50/50

The Rand Shift Among Candidates Has Taken A Dramatic Turn

Just a friendly reminder - what this year's Republican candidate looks

If possible the President should link women's rights to international policy. /nt

Poll: Obama Leads By 5 In Ohio

Quick Question

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rmoney still stinks

Sickle cell trait...

Monday Toon Roundup 2- pre-debate

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Taliban and Scouting

Obama should point out all of the former Bush administration criminals who are

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Obama to chat with Leno on Wednesday

A facebook post I saw yesterday: President Obama is going to charge everyone $1.50 to use Google.

Skyrim nerds: Shadow marks.

From The "Liberal Media"?

Hmm. Foreign Policy debate. Since much of Mitt's money is hidden in foreign countries...

NOSE Poll out today:

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports

Hidden camera inside the Salt Lake LDS Temple!!

Chris Hayes on voter suppression: Offensive to American System

Nate Silver: ‘Gender Gap’ Near Historic Highs

NEW YORKER Strongly Endorses Obama: "The reëlection of Barack Obama is a matter of great urgency."

Poll shows McCain in 5-point lead over Obama (Aug 2008)

Nearly 30% of Vets Treated by V.A. Have PTSD

WH Invites Bear-Hug Guy To Tonight's Debate

Romnesia is too kind

I just voted for President Obama--first day of in person voting--Madison, WI!!

Armstrong stripped of Tour de France titles

George Bush explains: The Bush Tax Cuts created a "Depression Greater than the Great Depression."

Akin compares McCaskill to a 'dog'

"Keep Going Towards the Light" !!!

I'm starting to think I was quick to judge Honey Boo Boo and her family

Tom Tomorrow: The End Is Near! And It All Comes Down To...

Romney's policies will crash the economy just like Bush's

Believe What You Will About This Anti-Romney Hidden-Camera Mormon Ritual Footage

2007 - Mitt Romney's real record in Massachusetts

Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell

Republican Politician Found In Cemetery (Alive) With Sex Toys,Viagra, And A Prostitute

Registered voters vs likely voters

Experts: Attacking Iran Would Open Global "Pandora's Box"

Of Course Monsanto Says It’s Safe

Lets see – which state ALEC legislators (past and present) - have brought Wisconsin to where they


*** Gets out her staple gun and posts sign *** New Books in DU Library

High fives, hugs, and handshakes

Rebuilding - Obama for America TV Ad

Early voting question (relating to security of machines)

Marco Rubio Helps Demonstrate that the GOP Simply Opposes Paying Women Fairly

THE END IS EXTREMELY F**KING NIGH because of birth control, according to one Ohio order of nuns.....

Spain waits for US to finish nuclear bomb clean-up

In the Mormon temple video, can anyone explain why women are fully veiled like a burqa?

There are still some medical procedures that MiddleFingerMom will decline as "just not necessary".

I'm not saying that MFM's nurses have labeled him a "big whiny baby" but, if the bronzed shoe fits?

On day of debate, new Obama ad hits Romney on foreign policy

The doctors at his hospital have learned not to give MFM certain instructions.

Words can't express just how much MiddleFingerMom HATES hospital gowns, so he's gone non-verbal.

MiddleFingerMom confesses that tagteam bedbaths are not ALWAYS all they're cracked up to be.

pretty a.m. pic

Best Buy has $50 iTunes Gift Cards for $40 with free shipping, Today Only.

BREAKING: Lance Armstrong no longer allowed to ride a bicycle.

Secret Rituals - We haz them.

Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life Episode 1 Richard Dawkins

Israeli Mossad "Romney is Mortally Destroying any chance of a resolution without war"

UN VOTE MONITORS Draw Outrage from the GOP’s Voter Suppression Groups

Keep this in mind, tonight it is Romney who has to change his style, not our President

National Journal: NEVADA Breaking Early For Obama!

Today is the first day of early voting in Texas.

Tribal spokeswoman says former American Indian Movement activist Russell Means dies at 72

McCain voters defecting to Obama are older white males

Watching the news before the debate is like preparing to attend a wake. The funeral directors are

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 22, 1983

Unique Feature of HIV Helps Create Antibodies, Researchers Discover

Children With Mental Health Disorders More Often Identified as Bullies

Tell me about PC laptop docks, please.

Latino voters highly engaged in presidential election, support for Obama rises

Ohio voter fraud billboards to come down, sponsor stays unnamed

Now Murdoch aims to buy the Los Angeles Times

Democracy Corp National Poll: Obama 49% Rmoney 46%

Breaking:Government Spokesman Says Security Guards Stop Stabbing Attempt on Finland's Prime Minister

My prediction on tonight's debate

I voted. In SC.


Rebuilding - OFA TV Ad (combines foreign and domestic policy ahead of tonight's debate)

Freelancer growth giving rise to 'slasher' careers

Photo: Final Prep for the Debate set:

Newest wingnut myth: Democrats registering/shuttling "112-year-olds" to the polls in NC.

A Simple Fix for Farming

Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions? - Yale Enviro 360

Las Vegas Sun Endorses President Obama

Who Created The Voter-Fraud Myth? - The New Yorker

How to Crash an Economy and Escape the Scene

A caller on the Stephanie Miller show just stated that Dan Senor hinted that Robbedme will attempt

Lederhosen and dirndl dresses make a comeback

The Feminist Manifesto

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Sandra Tanner ExMormon Exposes Mormon Temples 3 parts

O’Brien to Giuliani ‘You Like To Push if' 'Question is Unfair...It’s not. I’m a journalist'

Soledad O'Brien To Giuliani: " You've Got To Stop Putting Words In My Mouth Sir "

Pennsylvania poll: Obama 50, Romney 45

Obama should accuse Romney of bullying tactics

Pennsylvania Newspaper Owned By Top Right-Wing Funder Falsely Claims ID Is Required To Vote

Obama has lead in nearly every Ohio poll since last December

Mitt Romney seriously ill with “Romnesia” (video)

Does this mean George W. Bush will also be stripped of previous titles due to his past drug abuse?

Are Teabaggers Racists?

Hindsight: new American Bridge video on Ryan, other Republicans cutting funding for embassy security

***** People something Epic is happening in North Carolina *****

sucks that we have to miss the first part of the Lions/Bears tonight

Another Romney Twitter Fail

A lovely letter to the family of a Lockerbie victim, from the family who found his body (poignant)

Russell Means, Indian Activist, Actor, Dies at 72

Romney Camp Blurs $2 Trillion Defense Spending Goal

I wonder if this character will be in the audience tonight

Who Created The Voter-Fraud Myth? - The New Yorker

New Poll has Obama up by 5 in Wisconsin

Unique GOTV effort- Free Pot offered as incentive to vote

Going up to the Twin Cities this weekend

Politico/GW Poll Confirms: Obama winning Electoral Battle (Romney winning only deep red)

National Journal: First Weekend Of Early Voting Favors Obama In Battleground Nevada

Official Mitt Romney Issue Response Graph ( #Romnesia )

I saw Asia last night in concert. I have to say this about Steve Howe & Carl Palmer

FedEx to add 20,000 seasonal workers, sees shipping up 13 pct

Crackpots and Evolved Traditions

Oct. 30, Anti-bullying day considered gay indoctrination by conservatives

Host a Screening of It's a Girl

CNN anchor Carol Costello tells Bryan Fischer she is proud to be a member of the Gay Gestapo

Florida Republican, 71, Arrested For Penny Attack On Democratic Party Office

Pres needs to shut down Willard again Libya, crush him on Iran, remind OBL would be alive if Mitt

Are you watching the debate tonight?

Charlie Cook's latest on the Presidential race (we're uncomfortably ahead)

Three second adolescent view of Mila Kunis on a vintage Lisa Frank Commercial.

I’m not going to watch tonight’s debate

Why I Voted Against Mitt Romney

Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Papantonio: Foreign Money Buying U.S. Election

L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter

My response to the "Jesus is the foreign-born socialist giving away healthcare" meme photo

Greek Football Team's 'Brothels Kit' Banned

POTUS - pic

Are Teabaggers Racists?

Extraofficial: 316 cadavers entered in Bello Monte morgue for October so far (Spanish)

Watching Stephanie Miller right now . . . excellent parody

I figured out why they call him Mitt.

Latino Decisions Week 9 tracking poll: Obama up 71-20 among Latinos (up from last week)

Does the truth even fucking matter any more.

Sorry, MIRT, but you're being totally unfair.

Got This

Amendments on Ballot

Is this normal procedure for absentee ballots?

Which Channel will you be watching the debate (pre/post coverage) on? to be sold for $1.6 billion (to a European private equity firm)

Mickey for President!

I blocked Faux News on my hotel room's TV

A President Romney would mean the nation's first polytheistic president.

Controversial ‘Voter Fraud is a Felony’ Boards Come Down & New Ones Go Up

New variation on "moran"

Obama's Firewall

The way Atlas Shrugged II is pulling in money they should make ASIII...

Heads up NOAA, you're next.

Women set on fire by KKK, police investigating possible hate crime

The YOYO candidate

Penn Newspaper Owned by Right-Winger Falsely Tells Voters They Need ID

***** Official Pre-Debate Electoral College Predictions Thread *****

Atheist billboard attacks Romney’s faith, but Mormons say it's misleading

Something stunning that I just heard about Benghazi from Geraldo (of all people!)

People with no religious affiliation less likely to vote, poll says

So, anyone hear from Gloria Allred this morning?

WSJ, NYT articles give Obama breathing room on Bengazi, blame CIA for not altering assessment.

How Scott Brown Sold Out Fair Pay For Women For Lobbyist Cash

The Gospel according to Obama

If Romney wins, what should happen to the first Democrat to work with him?

Tithing is not a charitable or generous act to devout Mormons.

Question about Walking Dead.

NC Early Voting Day 4: African American Turnout Doubles White GOP Turnout Sunday

X-Post from LBN: Russell Means has died

The righties are saying Sandra Fluke had a campaign stop that only drew ten people

Has anyone seen/visited ...

The Lost World of George McGovern

Putting Women Back in the Kitchen

So what's Donald Trump got up his sleeve?

"They still buy CDs"

Post your favorite spoonerisms and mondegreens!

List of Newspaper endorsements so far (kos)

Valles Marineris: The Grandest Canyon of All

Poll: Obama Tops 70 Percent Support Among Latinos, While Romney Falls To 20 Percent

In Texas, a Legal Battle Over Biblical Banners

Republican Party paid firm connected to voter-registration fraud in Florida $400,000 in September

GOP Jumps The Shark: Congressman Suggests Obama Doctored Libyan Intelligence To Win Reelection

Gorgeous Glenelg – ‘Promised Land’ Panorama on Mars

Philosopher, secular humanist and religion skeptic Paul Kurtz dies at 86 in New York

Colorado tax enforcer tells ’60 Minutes’: Weed beat the recession in Denver

Randy Hopper busted again!

Romney enters a foreign policy debate with

‘Gender Gap’ Near Historic Highs

Alex Karras hated Webster

Voter Fraud Billboards To Be Replaced Following Controversy

Todd Akin Compares Claire McCaskill to a Dog

Former WI state senator Randy Hopper busted again...

LOL!- Romney’s LIMP BLIMP Crash Lands In Florida (VIDEO)

Quite an opening segment on the Ed show today by Mike Papantonio

HELP please to counter Security Dwindled before consulate attack:

Newfound Meteor Shower May Spawn Meteor Storm in 2014

David Shuster tweet: US military personnel have given nearly twice as much campaign $ to Obama

On my way to vote & check out the graphic ...

Does anyone have Down ticket polls havent seen very many lately ?


Colorado tax enforcer tells ’60 Minutes’: Weed beat the recession in Denver

George McGovern: "When people tell me they don't like liberals..."

Pew releases new foreign policy poll just in time for the debate

Unseen, but Looming Over the Race

U.S. stance on marijuana unchanged by legalization votes: official

UN to Monitor GOP Voter Suppression at Polls

Monmouth poll shows Romney up 3 points

If you have a Twitter acct, please help highjack #CantAfford4More

What will Gallup have for us today?

Android apps used by millions vulnerable to password, e-mail theft

If You Have The Ability to Create Your Own Currency, How Can You Ever Be Broke?

My crystal ball says Gallup will show a small Obama move at 1PM

Karl Rove gets all huffy when NYT asks him about Bush

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama leads by 45 among Latinos

Free Beds (and Maybe Board) for Veterans (USA and Canada)

Two Pillars of Skepticism — Leon Jaroff and Paul Kurtz — Died This Weekend

Comprehensive timeline of Romney's foreign policy

Pondering getting a Nexus 7 Tablet....convince me why it is a good idea.

The New Yorker endorses Obama

NC Early Voting Day 4: African American Turnout Doubles White GOP Turnout Sunday

Early Vote report from Iowa 10/22/12

Texas early voting starts today

So I am *CRAVING* somp'm GOOD for lunch

Yippee! I just voted!

Denver Post Slams Romney’s ‘Drill-At-All-Costs’ Energy Policy

A well spoken young woman tells why she left the Mormon church...false prophets...

Pic Of The Moment: Third Debate: Foreign Policy

11-year-old accused in Maine baby death arraigned

VOMIT!..."You don’t get that way unless you have a strong man that allowed you to blossom.”

What Did Liberals Do That Was So OFFENSIVE To The Republican Party?

I don't understand people or the US in general

Will the ball game tonight hurt viewership for the debate?

Chuck Todd on MSNBC just said Romney can't win FL without Hispanic Vote

Disabled War Vet Gets Rude Treatment

Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney 2012! I LOVE YOU MITT! JaclynGlenn

A foreign policy debate against the guy who pissed off the entire UK.

Pissed, Need to Vent

OH's NO's!!! 'Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell' revealing Wed via tweet....

WOO HOO! Pestka ahead of Amash in MI-3 race

D'Souza Resigns As President Of King's College

Biden in OH, twitter photo, follow on twitter @OFA_OH + hashtag #OHVotesEarly

The dynamic in political punditry today and what might end up making the difference in the Prez race

The GOP, as they are currently organized, motivated and led, simply aren't to be trusted...

British Columbia

Ol' Harry Harlow (famed monkey psychologist) used to say

A Message To The MSM

Markos at Kos with a tease via twitter

I was #2709 @ 9:00a.m. today, Harnett County, NC! 4 More Years!

Should Austin rename its Lance Armstrong Bikeway

GOP Rep. Steve King Triples Down On Comparing Immigrants To Dogs, Won’t Fully Disavow Birtherism

Are the pollsters deliberately manipulate results...

50 years ago today. President Kennedy tells the nation about the missiles in Cuba...

Funny Pet Names Either you or Someone else came up with?

Besides president, are there any other races that will make you think twice if the GOP candidate win

A public swayed by opinion and wish-thinking rather than evidence can’t support democracy

New email: NBC News/WSJ Poll shows Democrats winning both houses of Congress 45% to 43%

Pretending the GOP aren't cheaters is like pretending Lance Armstrong wasn't a cheater.

Mitt needs to fall off a stage, a-la Bob Dole - That'll do the trick

The Rude Pundit: What Obama Should Say 2012, Part 3 (Rude Version)

USNews&World: Tonight's Debate Topics Released

A nagging question about Romney and the Mass Heath Care situation....

cause i think there is a something important here --

Whitest White Man

Foreign Policy: President Obama's Strong and Steady Leadership vs. Romney's Blunder and Bluster

Today is a very Special day for me....

I drove my sister to a Dr.s appointment, then we went to vote.

Fake Addendum by Contrarian Group Tries to Undo U.S. Government Climate Report

Obama surge in Gallup guaranteed after debate tonight. Bank it.

I early voted for the Keynesian Muslin today in TN

In advance of tonight’s debate between the guy who killed bin Laden and the empty suit.

John Kerry CHALLENGES Romney with 6 QUESTIONS He Must Answer at the DEBATE

Spanish quake linked to groundwater pumping

Exclusive photo of MFM getting some exercise in the hospital...

Willard ain't got a Soul

My final bitching about RCP

Today's IBD/TIPP Tracking poll: Obama 47.4, Romney 43.4

Lindsey Graham "The time for talking with Iran is over"

There's A Birther Born Every Minute

Akin Adviser: If A Dog, McCaskill Would Be A ‘Bullshitsu’

Debate preview

Russell Means has passed away.

shizzzzam! according to media, all tied going into tonights debate....

Mitt Romney has a serious advantage over President Obama in Tonight's Debate


damn! David Shuster holding little back on twitter

"Deliberate Misinformation": Fox Host Juan Williams Debunks His Own Network On Libya Attack

Reuters/Ipsos race tied among likely voters, Obama up 3 points among registered voters.

The cellphone issue

The New Pot Barons

The cell phone issue

Prediction: Bob Schieffer is going to taint moderation in rMoney's favor.

Did DU just crash for a minute or was it my phone??

F*ck you, Ohio,’ for hogging presidential race

The cool President vs. the angry, fraud used car's sales man, aka Mitt Romney

New Romnian Strategy: Take Future Credit for What Your Opponent Has Done In the Past (CHINA)

The word you're looking for is "populace."

I'm to the point where I'm skeptical of any poll...

Think our justice system is screwy? Six Italian scientists have just been convicted of manslaughter

Eli and Seth Lovell - Twin Brothers and Veterans who Support President Obama

About That Monmouth University Survey USA Poll

Most companies won't be early adopters of Windows 8

Authorities confirm "KKK" written on burn victim's vehicle

Battling reckless Romney

Romney Didn't Build That: His Olympics Were Bailed Out By Taxpayers

Toon: Mittman and Ryan


Pollers forbidden to call cell phones by Federal law??

My new "I Voted" avatar!1 & I could spot the TeaBaggers in line!1

Obama Regains National Lead In Our New Pre-Debate Poll — And We’ll Tell You Why

Beware of Romneycare

Will Obama hit Sensata tonight?

Vice President Biden:"They're like shaking that little tablet out there.'We are seeing the remaking


Allan Lictman's take on the first Presidential debate

UN independent experts urge Colombia to reconsider proposed criminal law for military

Reince Priebus kicking off a big #Commit2Mitt movement today! Please #Dems do not tweetjack it

"Desperado" -- who did it better?

Greg Palast: "Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit"


Anyone else having a problem with the streaming software?

I recently joined the Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi in Raleigh NC.

Yahoo News. What is UP with them???

Early Voting tightens in Swing States Washington Post

Support thread for the "concerned"

Did "Untrace-able" $1.5 Million Donation to Corbett Violate PA. Campaign Finance Laws?

Just couldn't help myself today.

S.E. Cupp on MSNBC

Help Wanted signs are back. The economy is improving.

In person early voting started today in Colorado: I Voted!

Donald Trmp's big announcement

Corbett Failing in Efforts to Remove Local Oversight of Charter Schools

Does anyone here find this Religion group a relaxing place to go...

Romney Channels Eastwood

Romney's Five-Point Plan

Michael Bloomberg compares Elizabeth Warren to Soviet Communists

Shenanigans in Texas

Street interviews this morning about today's debate - people want to hear about the economy

Forced-adoptions conference calls for federal inquiry

I keep checking the polls and I see Rmoney just took a slight lead in CO. What gives?

Man's neighbors banned together to buy high-tech surveillance cameras to catch him in the act

Did Darryl Issa Commit Treason?

32nd Senate Republican candidate Bill Feehan was an obnoxious jerk during the Saturday (10-20)

Any early voting updates out there?

Man beat ex-girlfriend in a 'rash impulse,' he says (despite restraining order)

Time once again for "Name that book!"

Is Mitt Romney Mentally Ill?

The education of women...

Media push 11 misleading attacks (now Romney talking points) on Obama's energy policies.

The most important thing for the Republicans ISN'T that they win elections…

Heitkamp internals: Dem leads Berg by 3 in North Dakota

Is there a simple way to correct all the wrong information on the Internet?

UNH New Hampshire poll - Obama 49 - Romney 41

Voted! Day 1 of early voting in Chicago...

Mitt's Mental Meltdown (Ann Would Be "The First Stabilizer")

About those Medicare vouchers

On The Cycle today Toure reported...

Toon: Speaking of Binders

Newsmax is weird.

Stop looking small, focus on the big picture!

What do you want President Obama to achieve tonight?

Mitt's "HOT AIR ONE" Crash Lands

why I just deleted two op's I posted on the secret ceremony Mormon video

Catholics want more focus on poverty than abortion: survey

Toon: Ever wondered what happened to the NFL replacement refs...

President Obama has to do well tonight

Amazon Broke the Internet Again

Abercrombie jet rules covered underwear (how the 1% like to be served)

A lot of the internet is down.


I've been out of the country. Please tell me how DU is feeling about the election campaign for the

Tonight's debate is taking place a mere 3 miles from where Romney gave his 47% talk.

Solyndra bankruptcy plan approved despite objections by Alameda County, feds

Everyone should keep this in mind when they go to vote!!!

Gee, it looks like Romney, fox, and the republicans really blew the Libya faux outrage. Issa

This was an interesting quiz

Keiser Report: David Cameron, King of Chavs & Yobs

Polling by Cell Phone Area Codes

"This is naked, raw terrorism."

up, up, and away!

Milwaukee Salon Shooting - What the Friggin' Hell?!

Viet Nam during Romney's years of "service"

Amazon closes woman's account and wipes her Kindle, refuses to say why...

Bug in LBN

New Yorker Announces Presidential Endorsement

Libyans protest Bani Walid gunfight

Will rain in SF delay the 7th Game of Cardinals vs Giants?

At this point if Mitt Romney wins the election one of 2 things happened

Even Fox News Admits That Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Doesn't Add Up

In The Future With The GOP - Women Arrested For Possession Of Contraception ---

A company responds to a negative post on their facebook page with humor. Priceless.

Governing like it's 1949

Election Night...We'll Know Early Whether It'll Be a Late Night...

Italian scientists found guilty of manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake

Despite EU Nobel Prize - radicalism and nationalism on the rise in Europe

"...the Republican just doesn't know what he's talking about"

Tommy Thompson thinks the Chinese pay for our Social Security

Kerry will be on Al Sharpton's show at 6 pm - just mentioned on MSNBC nt

Nobody wants to back a loser...

A company responds to a negative post on their facebook page with humor. Priceless.

*****The Official Obama/Romney Debate Donation Game*****

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!Donald Trump big bombshell leaked

Study declares Obama winner of 'interruption debate'

News about "Kate"

Winning Arizona?

The Stupid Romney signs behind DW Schultz (on Martin's show)

Kenyan workers stage dramatic rescue of baby elephant stuck in hole while fending off momma (video)

Women Voting GOP Are About To Give Up Almost 100 Years Of Progress On Women's Rights.

I think Romney is going to see stars tonight

New Hampshire Poll With Link/ Obama 49% Robmeandscrewyou 41%

Rogue electors threaten elections' integrity (some R's say they may not vote for rMoney)

About George McGovern

Early voting started today in Alaska

Well DU, brace yourself

Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney

Toons Toons Toons

The Giants have never, repeat never, won a game seven. They are 0 and 5.

My 8 year old son

Drop the mic...

Howard Fineman obviously thinks Romney is a Jackass.

Ronna Romney posts pic of killed ambassador with caption 'Obama killed him'

Mobile "yard sign"

Early Voting

Ronna Romney is SCUM. Did you see what she did?

Chris Matthews just now: "Women should talk about

Kids re-elect President Obama by a landslide in Nickelodeon's poll

In an election where every little edge counts....

I'm sure it's been asked but I can't find the thread... If the repukes steal Ohio...

Romney's 47% Tape on Israel/Palestinians

Keep the City City — Honolulu Mayoral Candidates Talk Vision

Coyotes pose danger to pets in Indianapolis suburb

Greg Sargent/How should Obama handle Romney’s foreign policy Etch-A-Sketching?

Thom Hartmann: Have Voting Machines Already Made their Choice for Prez?

A True Army Responds to True the Vote Threats

Armed Forces Overwhelmingly Support Obama In Donations....From the Daily Kos

ABC Tracking Poll: Obama 49 Rmoney 48

Portland voters: Any thoughts on Mary Nolan vs. Amanda Fritz for city council?

Yeeaaah! Obama kicked Rmoney's butt in this last debate tonight!

Bengahzi should be a wash, at worst tonight...

7 Reasons Romney is a Terrible Choice for Veterans, Soldiers and Their Families

Fake letters saying people ineligible to vote reported by Collier elections officials

Any Auburn Fans?

Gold Star Mother: Romney Skipped Funeral, Left "Bullying" Messages

5 Facts To Commit To Memory Before Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate

Martin Bashir - Report: Rep. Issa doc dump exposes Libyans working with U.S.

How women help to contribute to unequal pay in the workplace..

I'd love if someone on TV would say "If according to the GOP, Bengahzi is all Obama's fault...

Being pro-choice means being, on some level, for bodily autonomy...

Obama should acknowledge Romney's experience with foreign policy

What republicans are telling my hair dresser here in the heart of Mormondom (its good for us)

Where we are right now using real clear's numbers

Early Voting from Republican Country

Bill Olson is voting for President Obama...

This is not the way a great country behaves

Jesus f-----g Christ. This is beyond disgusting.

Gloria Steinem has operated a steamroller

Ipsos projects Obama will carry Florida, Ohio and Virginia

Voted today in Chicago...

'I'm Praying Obama Kicks Mittens's Ass'

Hacked by Mitt Romney

The President Needs A Good Debate Tonight (DUH)

My older, West Point grad, veteran, brother is voting for Obama this time

James Carter IV - Here's what Mitt said about foreign policy on the 47 percent video

Burma signs deal to recover 60 buried WWII Spitfires (Still in Their Shipping Crates) link

The District of Columbia

Do Businessmen Make Good Presidents?

Ric, 'The fix is in???'

007: Meet the new Q (video)

Why a Romney win would be bad for America

Oh Gawd....Romney supposed to have a "surprise" during

Papantonio: Obama Could Decimate Romney With Sensata

Found a fantastic E-book search web site.

Obv 2012 (Epic Romney Takedown Video)

Martin Bashir - A Trump surprise and a Romney foreign policy that recalls George W. Bush

Here is some good poll news

Tennessee Commissioner of Ed cuts a district's funding for board vetoing charter school in rich area

Obama +24 On RCP's No Toss Up States Electoral Collage Map 281-257

Martin Bashir - Romney has senior moment on Libya, defense spending, neocon advisors

Obama Winning Social Media Vote, Romney Trails On Twitter And Facebook

Did the Dark Money Group that Spurred a Landmark Ruling Mislead the IRS?

Photo of WWII Veteran Casting Vote Captures Hearts



Of these 2 outcomes (ONLY), which would you prefer and why?

Shall we trend a message on twitter during the debate?

NC Early Voters Look Very Blue!

Good image from Tom Tomorrow on the end of the presidential election season

"Obama’s Bear-Hugger Invited To Debate" Cool! Republican Scott Van Duzer will be there!

So tonight's debate is up against Monday Night Football AND Game seven...

Martin Bashir - Romney, the original debate ‘Flipper’

Is Romney winning Ohio?

Sen John Kerry... Romney practices ROSETTA STONE style Foriegn Policy

What a Gross Facebook Page Tells Us About a Woman’s Need to Be Desired

Obama's response if Romney tries to bring up Benghazi again tonight

Antarctic climate facing 'rapid' changes: chief scientist

Ha! Kerry says he was chosen from a "binder of Senators" to be the Romney stand-in

I saw an ad here saying "democrats voting for Romney" click here

Mitt Romney La Jolla Beach Photo: Californians Reenact Photo Romney Staged For His Wife - pics

I am worried about Kerry's seat if the President wins, because I expect. Scott Brown to

Mitt Romney: Day One Magic Man!

Lysistrata 2012! Or Motivating The Lazy Male Youth Vote

A sign that irritates me

Today's Post poll didn't ask horserace question of all RVs

Will this be the first time the Debates are silent on climate change?

Anyone know Romney's responses to the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983?

Fear for the future - lack of Republican depth

Thank You Senator John Kerry !!! - "This Is The Most Inexperienced Ticket On Foreign Policy...

I'm really curious as to whether you think the "fix is in" as far as the voting machines

Anyone have any info on coin toss tonight? no football comments1

Does anyone know who won the coin toss

Al Sharpton is breaking it down - Early voting NV +22/ IA +17/ OH +15

Excellent song for the 2012 season. "You Don't Own Me" PSA From Leslie Gore

Other drivers have been more aggressive around me lately

Please go vote on "the fix is in" re: voting machines

American Atheists To Display Anti-Mormon Ads During Florida Presidential Debate

I saw the greatest bumper sticker on the way home tonight!

Ex-Mormons infinitely outnumber Ex-Gays

Has anyone noticed in their area that some politicians are not declaring their party affiliations?

Higher Education is really becoming a scam these days. (Includes a free PSA about law school.)

Jimmy Carter Claims Israel Creating ‘Catastrophic’ Situation With Palestinians

5 things to commit to memory before tonight's debate...(from ThinkProgress)

OMG it was you.....

Have they released yet who gets opening/closing statement and first question?

Russia Condemns United States For Human Rights Record

Debate Gender Gap Girl Slut-Shamed by Right Wing

538 UPDATE: Chance of winning 69.3%

Romney vs. Obama -- Pt. 3 Prediction

538 Update: Obama Moves on Up

John Harwood gives some insight into NBC/WSJ LV screen

Battleground Watch--Does Anyone Use this?

Romney's Defense Budget Plan - Failing the Commander-in-Chief Test

If Romney uttered a racial slur I would like to think it would be over for him, but with what the

Nate Silver tweet on RCP state poll averages

Nate Silver: 538 forecast stable based on data through this afternoon

New CBS NEWS poll Obama 48 Romney 46

What are your bad driving habits?

Heads Up for Stephanie Miller's last pre-debate, special Talking Liberally Show 7pm EST

The "Men Who Built America" on the History Channel

Operation defend and promote Obama via centrist msg boards and twitter! Who's in?!

Voted for President Obama absentee yesterday, felt great !

Why is there no receipt for voting?

List of national polls released today Changing - Site to allow corporate, GOP and anti-abortion

History quiz - "The Men Who Built America" quiz from the history channel.

Have they announced who will go first

Romney won't accept a popular vote win / EC loss

Why can't I find much on this new CBS poll that has Obama up two nationally?

Billionaires Are Busy Subverting California's Once-Great System of Direct Democracy

Regarding Voting machines vs early voting, etc: What would Andy Stephenson do?

IBEW Goes for the Green (good jobs and sustainable environmental practices go hand in hand)

What happens if Fidel Castro dies?

Living in Portland Oregon?

I take back what I said last night about Brighthouse Networks.

Has The Media Declared Their Winner Of Tonight's Debate?

Rush Limbaugh invents new Obama conspiracy, fabricates totally false claim about his own source

Here's to putting out good vibes for our President tonight!

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Obama’s not-so-hidden second-term agenda

Obama Destroys Romney in 3rd Debate...

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Sasha Reuther - Bring Back Labor Union Classes! Part 1

Something I wish Obama would bring up when Romney talks about the military and his

As I did last time, I'll remind you all before I go dark at 9PM

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Sasha Reuther-Here's Who Started the Middle Class P2

aw poor doggie

Now Piers Morgan’s Mirror and The People accused of phone hacking

Who has a link to the debate so I can watch online?

Well well, accoriding to CNN this

Romney Campaign Buys Today's Top Twitter Hashtag, Hilarity Ensues

Walmart Chairman giving big $$$ to Obama SuperPAC

Pope Ratz Is No Fan of Russian Punk Rockers (Pussy Riot)

Yay! Martin Bashir Is Doing MSNBC Pre-Debate Coverage!

I expect, tonight, very little good . . . . .

DCCC pledge a dollar a Romney lie.

Isn't This Starting to Look Good?

It has been reported on nbc that Romney and his chief of staff were given a private tour of the

Drone Fleet To Expand- Civilian Death Statistics

Obama leads Mitt Romney by 70 to 25 percent in a poll of Latino likely voters...

I sincerely hope Rmoney's Chickenhawk Vietnam draft deferments are brought to light tonight.

"utterly vacuous" Martin Bashir referencing Romney

Its been asked before, but, who would be your ideal Debate Moderator?

Just saw my first "Yes on 6" ad for Maryland on MSNBC

Iowa college student receives his absentee ballot--and it was partially filled out!

S. Carolina's Haley Slams Door on HIV Prevention

More Out of Our Leaders (defeat Rep. Bachmann and stop her dangerous agenda once and for all)

Let's be honest....Rmoney can flip flop on ANY issue....

When will new PPP poll drop?

Who do you recommend following on Twitter during the debate? more..

Paul Begala claims Obama Campaign is Giving up on North Carolina; Jim Messina Disagrees

Some Good Jim Messina Tweets to re-tweet, etc.

Dispatch, Plain Dealer Split On Presidential Endorsements

Obama needs to bring down the Boom!

Got my Republican friend to vote absentee for Claire and Obama in MO

So I get a notice of levy from the IRS in the mail for nearly $15,000

Visual Learner Poll Revisited

Why doesn't everyone early vote if their state offers it?

A Comprehensive Timeline Of Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Positions During The Campaign

Another 258 Democrats and 24 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/21

Grilled cheese donut, but where's the bacon?

Listen now! AFGE responds to Social Security Administration’s reduced office hours!!!

Chris Matthews OWNS stupid kid about Benghazi


Breakthrough {sorta} in world's oldest undeciphered writing (BBC)

Five startling facts about Mitt's investments - Salon article dated 10/20/2012

Collier County FL Elections Comm.

Damn, Matthews just spanked that ignorant fool.

McCain bashes Obama’s foreign policy while Wesley Clark praises president.

ROMNEY Foreign Policy: Speak Irresponsibly & Let Other Folk's Kids Carry The Big Stick

Just waved hello to someone who I helped send to Charlotte as a National Delegate...

Ronna Romney has Something Disgusting to Say... (graphic image)

Recession Weary

ANOTHER Joke going around on the Internet today...

The Omen


South Florida LGBT Group Launches ‘Boca Bigots Run City Hall’ Campaign

Darrell Issa needs to be brought up on charges

Charlie Rose has an army of guests lined up for post-debate analysis tonight

Elizabeth Warren reiterates her support for the DREAM Act.

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Halloween candy

Parents refusing to pay for their kids' college, even when they can afford to pay?

Republican Party paid firm connected to voter-registration fraud in Florida $400,000 in September

I hereby give DU permission to baptize me when I'm dead.

The one simple statement I hope to hear from President Obama tonite

CWA: Romney Campaign Relying on Filipino Call Centers?

Records detail final conversation between Salon shooter, wife

"I'm sick of the election and want it to be over"

Jeremy Bird Tweets...

Sometimes you just have to fight...

We were just told at a Montgomery County PA Dems meeting that we have +40k+ registration.

Can Pollsters start adding gary johnson

"You Don't Own Me" PSA

We gonna fuck him up!

Obama's GOTV brilliance

Gergen: Obama will make this a choice between war vs peace; Romney to make it strength vs weakness

SCGOP chairman kicked off House candidate's office property

MSNBC: Former election official: Tagg Romney’s stake in voting machine firm ‘doesn’t look good’

The Manchurian Candidate vs. The Genuine Candidate

"The Voter-Fraud Myth" ....... by Jane Mayer --THIS is a must read. Hans von Spakovsky

#AdmitItMitt now trending

Hernando County Democrat uses robocall to narrow mail-in ballot gap

Toxic atheism drives people apart

Good luck tonight. Mr President.

Yes Mr. President, NC got your back. Voter enthusiasm in NC in pictures (heavy)

Judge declines to stay ruling striking down parts of state's collective bargaining law (WI Act 10)

War on Democracy: Quick Shots 10/22/12 DoJ, U.N. observers deployed; Clear Channel takes down offens

Rachel really pushing the tie bullshit

Question about pollsters and conflict of interest.

2,200 voters in Democrat-leaning Ohio county given wrong date for presidential election

I've been wondering about the Obama campaign and all the NC rumors

Romney's debate partner for the third debate

The transparently perfect Manchurian candidate...

I created a Twitter list for the debate if anyone is interested

Baha'i is most persecuted religion in Iran - U.N. investigator

Tetalman for Congress - DUMP Issa!

Foreign Policy Heavyweights: Romney not ready (re: foreign policy)

Check out what Michael Moore has just posted on his FB page...

Simile OR Metaphor

$716 billion... $716 billion... $716 billion...

Etch-A-Sketch Shaken: Mitt Romney in favor of diplomacy wrt Iran

Wow-Ed Schultz Became "Mr. Foreign Policy".

What is the one thing you want Obama to say? I want obama to tie

Did Gregory really say that Obama would not be the Commander in Chief tonight??

Social Policy and Poverty: Don't Fear Europe!

Steve Schmidt (MSNBC) is delusional again.

Is it just me, or is there a sense of disinterest about this debate?

Preacher who delivered anti-gay rights diatribe at a town hall meeting is my new hero.

Why are we so worried about polls now when voting has started almost everywhere?

They get everywhere : "UK Police commissioner candidate bankrolled by US neo-cons"

'Romney Blimp' Crash Lands in Florida

Deleting a hidden thread

Vote No, Baby

***Jesse (my sick feral) is IN THE HUMANE TRAP!!!***

Prayer for O: Please Mr.President-

update on the skunk shooting story - woman asked her son to shoot it/ shined flashlight

**warning - extreme profanity** Wyoming Coach Dave Christensen suspended and fined $50,000 for this:

LOL! Luckovich's cartoon for tomorrow: "It's Come Down To Ohio. Specifically, Fred In Ohio..."

UFW sues State of California for systematic failure to enforce heat regulations (remember Maria?)

MSNBC: Sensata worker calls Romney’s ‘hypocrisy’ on China ‘mind-boggling’

Romney won all three coin tosses before the debates...

We gotta remember this no matter what

The Campaign to Steal Ohio Can a former punk rocker and other local Republicans win the state for Ro

Akin calls McCaskill a dog and an aide refers to her with profanity.

Best place to watch debate online?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Democratic Early Voting Edge In Nevada Is Troubling For Romney

Let Obama know you've got his back: Can you donate before the debate?

Send good vibes to Obama before the donate: please donate if you can

Want a Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!

Slideshow: Photos of Mitt Romney Appearing to Fake Emotion

Just saw a Tweet from a Romney supporter

2,200 voters in Democrat-leaning Ohio county given wrong date for presidential election

Carlie Fiorina, you ignorant...

RIGGED: Vote Flipping Gave Romney 57,00-Vote Victory Over Santorum (a reminder from Michael Collins)

Remember when Maria was voted to the top of the R page? (17 and expecting when she died)

I've got it all figured out...

Poll (Quinnipiac): Obama 48, Romney 46

Trump Planning to Destroy Obama this Week (rolls eyes)

Let's Have A Poll Dance....

Police taser blind man, because they thought his walking stick was a samurai sword .

Anyone know what has happen to Chuck Todd lately?

Chuck Toad: "We are officially putting NC in the Romney camp"

Gravass Illinois Poll -Romney (R) 113% Obama (D) -13%

Wal-Mart faces wage lawsuit as walkout threat looms

Five Things To Be Aware Of Going Into Tonight's Debate

Rachel Maddow Is Depressing

I think I'm SLOWLY bringing my "undecided" mother over to President Obama

Todd Akin (R-F--kstick) calls President a commie....

Rachel seems to have drunk from the Repuke Punch

Youtube or C-Span link for the debate?

If an atheist who's NOT a Militant Atheist(TM) is falsely accused of being a Militant Atheist(TM)...

Anyone see the wives? Michelle looks confident and happy and Queen Ann looks sick and nervous!

Blinky is on cspan

Top Ten Republican Myths About Obama and Iran

It's homework time. I'llhave to catch the debate later.

Did anyone know that Rachel Maddow is a Dr.?

Is anyone else feeling like me right now?

The Romney Presidency: A (Plausible) Look Back

GD peeps - you've chosen the right forum

The name Willard begins with a dubya,

official debate thread yet? nt

Romney Supporters Make Push for Evangelical Voters

Debate thread.

Brace yourselves!

Woman claims 3 men set her on fire, wrote racial slurs on her car in northeastern Louisiana

This is why Dog owners must go out to a steak dinner. If not, they would never get to have any.

Looks like Mrs. R got some bad news...

self delete

Current TV is a great channel to watch the debate tonight if you get the network.

Join me on my new blogtalk radio show tonight at 8pm EST to recap the debates, discuss the election

"The Choice" - The New Yorker

NYT: The Uncomfortable Truth About American Wages

CBS Ohio poll, did anyone notice this:

Fox broadcasting will not air the debate !!!!!

Looks lkike the witch brought her broom

Let Detroit Go Split Screen

Intrade at 60.2% for the start of the debate

David Axelrod Tweet

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Final Countdown & a new kitty gif


debate thread link to official

The crowd is with the president...

Let the Robmey lying begin !!!

I'm very glad Mittens get this question first so Obama can clean his clock

Bengazi right out of the gate. n/t

Go Bob Schieffer!!!

Yup, its Moderate Mitt, gonna school us all like a Daddy today

We can't kill our way out of this mess...

"We can't kill our way out of this mess."

whoops....thought i was in a thread

What kind of question is that?

Is this a battle of lapel pins? n/t

Blah Blah blah Blah blah....

Goofy has gone to the middle!

Did that phony SEAL make a big ad buy?

What is the "image/symbol" on Mittens lapel flag the stripes area?

Woohoo! Only 80 more minutes till these STUPID DEBATES are OVER!!!

Obama is staring him down

Iraq and Libya were the most secular of Muslim states

Wait, what channel is the Obama ROMNEY debate on?

I already dont like the moderator.

Mitt's strategy is to go after bad guys!?

Romney doesn't want "another Iraq or Afghanistan"! Flip flopper.

Wow- It's Moderate Mitt Night

He's better when he's not behind the table...

MOLLY ????

Wow....he's babbling bad


Mitt: "We can't kill our way out of this, but my plan is to kill the bad guys"


"The 1980's are calling to ask for their foreign policy back."

Gender Quaility!

First "we can't kill our way out" then "we have to go after the bad guys" and "kill them"

Snap! The 1980s are calling to have their foreign policy back.

Romney sounds the FOOL.

"The 1980s called - they want their foreign policy back"

Don't you hate that stupid smirk that Mitt always has on his face?

Holy hell

Mitt burn!

the cold war has been over for 20 years

"Foreign policy of the 1980s, social policies of the 1950s, and economic policies of the 1920s"


Economics of the '20's Social policy of the '50's, foreign policy of the 80's..

Mitt is going after gender equality in Islamic nations?

Put.A.Fork.In.Him.Mr.President!!!! N/t

Interesting, the president is going on the offensive immediately. Good

Obama is grilling him!

What a difference.

Twitter peeps...please post good tweets

"Don't attack me! Don't attack me!" Mitt the freakin' victim, once again. nt

Obama is already gotten under Mitt's skin

The 1980s called

I can't be the only one who's not watching because of being DEATHLY AFRAID, can I?

Mitt needed to finish debating himself before he started debating the President nt

A blog recommendation, and a taste with flavour

He is not attacking you, he is pointing out your inconsistencies. /nt

This man has NO SHAME!! He'll lie with a straight face to God....

Twitter Sentiment Visualization: Presidential debate, Oct. 22

Commander in Chief! Nt

Mitt, you're a liar

Obama trying too hard

Kick him in the groan, Mr. President !!!

The "Don't attack me" is no doubt a plan to make Obama look mean! n-t

Hate Romney's disgusting simpering expression YUCK wish I could punch him n/t


"Every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong."

Photo of debate so far

smirking asshole

I just got in ... who gets to close tonight? thank you

Mitt's Smirk..

The sound on my )()*&%^^# streaming isn't working!

What Was Gloria Alred's 'Ocotber Surprise?"


ARRGH! Satellite just went out. Heavy rain in thunderstorm

Mittens is a foreign policy neophyte ... He's floundering !!!

The difference between terrorists and teabaggers is ...

No matter what he does, Mr. President, keep pointing out his inconsistencies!

I like the townhall format better. This format is like Sunday's Meet the Press.

Stuttering Mitt

Mitt does know that Hezbollah is also in Lebanon, right?

Looks like Freeperville is crashing on yet another debate night

Obama sounds like the Commander-in-Chief, Romney sounds like he's reading an encyclopedia (nt)

Mitt doesn't want to get drawn into a conflict in Syria but

Bill Maher: Aside from talking points, Mitt doesn't know his Assad from a hole in the ground

Call him "The Man Behind the Curtain"!1 - do it NOW!1 n/t

Romney looks terrible. His eyes are red and he looks tired. nt

Syria is Iran's route to the sea???

Romney is repeating all Obama's steps in Syria n/t

syria is Iran's path to the sea? whaaaaaaaa

Did Romney Just Repeat And Agree With Everything President Obama Just Said On Syria???

Syria is Iran's Route to the Sea...

Rmoney wants responsible parties in Syria to lead? Anybody heard of any?

He just mimics some of what the president said.

Syria is Iran's route to the sea???

Syria - Romney just repeated what Obama said - almost word for word

Dealers call Tesla factory stores illegal

Ramblin' Romney

Mitt just slipped a note to Scheiffer.....

He says he doesn't want war with Syria, but he'll fight everyone else?????

President Obama looks confident.

Romney knows how to get the arms and money to the "good guys" in Syria?

‘Every time you’ve offered an opinion, you’ve been wrong’

Track the probability of Obama winning the debate in real time on Intrade (currently 86%)

Beldar's terrified - just trying to avoid another beatdown

Anna Maria Cox Tweets -

FL female undecided voters on CNN's tracker seem to like what POTUS says . . .

Don't know where to post.

Ew. Mitt is gazing at Obama

Florida's "undecided voters" are flatlining/troughing for Rmoney on CNN's tracker PBO's OWNING it!

Staying Classy

Does Mitt have Egyptian women in a binder?

Why Syria, Lybia and not 3 years of success?

I want to see Mittens get so flustered he says ....

Obama looks and sounds presidential...

Mitt is the guy who'll be different on foreign policy: He's just going to be vague and contradictory

This debate is a snoozefest so far

Romney has no interest in foreign policy, and it shows.

mitt has nothing. nothing whatsoever.

Is Romney gonna cry? Or...

Is Mitt Rmoney trying for O's Vice President? Sure sounds like it.

President Obama is being so calm,

The CNN lines are going heavily for PBO.

R***** is mimicking Obama.

Mitt should sent his sons on a mission to the Middle East...

"our purpose is to be peaceful" WTF? He wants to got to war with everyone!!!

Seriously Rmoney is awful here

"peaceful planet" - uh, would that be the PLANET KOLOB?!1 Weirdo!1 n/t

He just quoted Achmejinidad about our economy

rMoney is not really attacking the POTUS . . . wtf?!?

Amadenajad said it, who said it? WTF!?!!!

Romney is mixing up names a lot. Sleepy... He's very sleepy. nt

Has Wolfie and the crack journalists called it for Romney yet? No?? nt.

You forgot Poland!!

Mitt is rambling. He's stumbling. He's bumbling.

Robme is turning RED and SWEATING profusely

Exclusive Image of Mitt Romney Discussing Foreign Policy

"Tremendous soldiers" ... None named Romney !!!

Romney is talking out of his ass, he is out of his league, and

Mitt is losing it

rMoney gets to go last and first WTF

Did Rmoney just say Syria was Iran's route to the sea?

Obama seems confident and intelligent


Mitt is embarrassing himself.

Mitt = Word Salad

Can someone please tell me why I get so excited watching these Debates?

Willard is all talkingpoints

This is the Obama I voted for

Bill Maher: Mitt's entire debate strategy: What he just said, but from a white guy.

obama needs to kick it in the ass.

Romney steering the debate again.

Romney suggests that he disagrees with Obama on foreign policy, except for all the details.

Romney's Strategy Is To Avoid Exposing His Inexperience and Extremism By Saying "What he said..."

Folks, the issue is NOT whether President Obama wins the Debate...

Bob Scheiffaer is as useful as nipples on a boar hog.

Well, looks like climate won't be discussed this time around either

chuck todd tweet:

Pardon me, but I thought the subject is foreign policy, not the economy, Mitt!

Is Romney the Peace Candidate now?

Romney keeps bringing up the economy, desperate to get away from Foreign Policy

Who the fuck is this guy????

MittTwit keeps AGREEING with Obama. Gee, wonder what that is doing to his base? The Freepers?? HAA

Could Schiefer's questions be any more useless?

Is Robme's strategy not to disagree?

WTF Schaffer in the bag for Romney

Holy shit, Obama could walk out now....

Romnet wants world peace like Miss South Carolina

He's just babbling....

Mitt Must Think Iran is Trying to Put Together the Old Persian Empire

Romney's like a drunk bumbling around the bar's parking lot

Is It Me... Or Is Romney Starting To Sweat ???

Mitt: America's role in the world is to give American jobs…

is Obama winning this debate more than he won debate #2?

Did that fucker just say that there was NO MENTION OF TERRORISM AND A YEAR LATER are they going to spin this debate as a tie, draw, win for Romney because he didn't puke?

You got to love Obama!!!!

It's nice scheiffer finally let the Pres talk.

"Strengthen our Military"?

"Arming the right people...making sure they don't get into the wrong hands..."

Obama just lit the fuse Romoney looks like he will explode any minute

LMAO now PBO is talking about jobs, exports, energy policy and Romneys tax plan!

The 'surprise' Rmoney promised on Twitter

I think Queen Annie cuts Mitt's hair....he's so cheap he turns down the water heater when they leave

Did anyone else catch Romney's comments about having 42 allies? That sounded like a reference

Giants 7 to 0 still bottom of the 3th. Cards bringing in 3rd pitcher. Two outs based loaded.

Mary Ann Huntsman calling it a tie because Romney agreeing with Obama.

Romney is as pale as a ghost and I can't take that smirk another second, not to mention the lies

Mr. President, BRING UP SENSATA NOW!!!

Just trying to get back on domestic issues because Romney has no plans for international

Robme has sweat pits down to his belt !!!

Obama used the B word!

wrong and reckless policies...

Romney SEEMS to be saying something about foreign policy

Rmoney: no rules for me! I'll just talk economy and change the topic

Holy talking-points Mittman! 5 point plan for the loss. N/T

See Mitch. See sweat. See Mitch sweat.

I thought this was a foreign policy debate?

Where does this 5.4% come from?

I know how to create 12 million jobs

I won't have trouble sleeping tonight.

Put teachers first, but put their union behind them?


mitt mitt full of shit.

Hey Scheiffer!!! It's a debate about Foreign Policy. How about reining Mitt in?

WTF is Rmoney talking about

He just tossed off Teachers Union...

I'm going to jump through my TV and

#romneynotready is trending on Twitter. Tweet early, Tweet often. nt

yeah, Obama is calling attention to mitt's rotten record in Mass. n/t

Increase take home pay

Todd Akin aide adds profanity to Claire McCaskill 'dog' characterization

I'm sick of this creep saying 'I know what it takes'

Debate poll

If we're going to have a foreign debate' about jobs, let's throw in Sensata & outsourcing please PBO

Bad on both of them.

I thought this was supposed to be a FOREIGN POLICY debate

Hey, aren't we OFF TOPIC???

Debate so far...

Is it just me does Willard look unhinged

sounds like mitt is the alpha male running away with the program nt


Mitt keeps coming back (even in a foreign policy debate) to higher paying jobs.

This is a foreign policy debate

MEN are terrible moderators

Romney has a huge forehead!

I want to smack the shit-eating grin off Mittens' face.

what a bozo

Romney is sweaty. Needs a towel.

"That was 10 years before you were in office!"

The Prez Sez...

Yes, Mitt. Massachusetts is a smart state...who are they voting for, Mitt?

Romney: "And the teachers union is gonna have to be left behind."

why do the moderators let that fucker steal the last word on everything?

"Ten years before you came into office, governor" BOOM!

Is this fucker even trying?


My take on things so far... (I will be making new memes throughout the night :0)

No one goes on your website, twit. Get real.

4th graders and 8th graders?

Yeah Romney - where are you going to get the money? nt

"Where are you going to get the money?" "Come to our website and find out."

Three turns in a row. What the fuckity fuck.

Romney is a bloody pillock, he is making me nauseous watching his song and dance

Do you notice all the questrions are based on

Rmoney want to have a military government.

He's just babbling now.. off topic -- diarrhea of the mouth... n/t

Hey Nit Wit the question is about the military!

Schieffer. Stay on topic! Foreign policy! Do your job. nt

42 friends and allies?

Foreign Policy! n/t

This fool said he's going to fund the military by cutting health care

BOB it's NOT The Mitt show. Moderate already

Scheifer just woke up Where do you get the money?

Did he really just say " go to my website'?

Mitt, just because you talk and disregard anyone else doesn't mean you know anything


"For the poor..."

Romney phyisically transformed (think greedy villain) when talking about trade with Mexico.

Why is Obama going back to domestic policy?

I guess he figures that he can do whatever he says only because he's the white guy

Obama IS the moderator

Mitt is rambling, incoherent. He sucks.

Lets see what Mississippi does with Medicaid.

All over the map is an understatement

whoa! CNN dropped low while ROmney was talking

OMG! A piece of hair is out of place on Romney's forehead--he's nervous...

IT's POOR Mitt

Where is the fucking foreign policy debate????

cut medicaid obamacare and who knows what else

HOLY SHIT!! El Supremo has no avatar and is back to being a Tebow Fan!!1!!

I live in Boca Raton so YAY to Lynn University - Great School!


Such a bully!

Mitt's ready to cry

I'm d-o-n-e

Why in the world do voters give Romney the edge on the deficit issue???

WOW!!! Nobody likes what R is saying about education or econ.

CNN Focus group really likes what the President

Please post tweets from the pundits!

Bill Maher -- Mitt's entire debate strategy: What he just said, but from a white guy

Fuck you MITT for saying that Az is doing a great job at managing Medicaid!

I'm sorry, was there a foreign policy debate scheduled for tonight?

Mitt is drowning


Schiefer's letting Mitt talk domestic policy instead of foreign affairs.

Mitt is developing a facial tic; also frowing, swallowing, flushing

Bad Mod.

Son of State Senator Neal Kedzie Attacked

I smell bullshit!

Stop having old guys moderate debates please

What's the time split between Mitt and Obama?

Mitt vows to give us back the navy we had before 1917 nt

Romney is so stuck in the 1980's that.....

WTH Is Willard talking about? This is supposed to be on foreign policy not schools, not unions

Our NAVY is now smaller then any time since 1917?

I've heard Mitt mention that he

Romney is writing a lot?


OK. Enough. I've Heard Enough. Obama Has Consistently Made It Very Clear What The Choice Is

Chris Rock Tweet:

Scheiffer is a horrible moderator, as he is not even moderating this debate.


fewer horses and bayonets...bwahahahahahahaa


"We have fewer horses and bayonets."

"We have these things called aircraft carriers."

No more male moderators please

We also have fewer horses and bayonettes! GREAT ONE!

We have these things called aircraft carriers

half way point!

This is how Rethugs Govern....FUCK THE RULES !!

"Not a game of battleship!"

Future bayonets and horses!


TRANSLATION: "Mitt, you're an imbecile when it comes to the military."

Romney's Flop Sweat - Welcome to the pits of despair!

Ba ha ha! Less bayonettes and horses than in 1916

We have less horses and bayonettes!

Less horses and bayonets!!

Boom!!! This is 2012 not 1916

President kickin' some azzzzzzzzzz !!!


'We have these things called aircraft carriers' . . . HA HA HA

"Mr. Romney, We Have Fewer Horses and Bayonets, Too."

Yay, Obama snarks smirk romney over his outdated military knowlege

This is Not a game of battleship Mitt

horses and swords... not a game of Battleship!

Mitt just conceded

"It's not a game of battleship"

We also have fewer horses and bayonets line of the night ! Nt

Bayonets and horses!!!

Best line...we also don't have horses and bayonets!

Ari Melber: Scheiffer is either subversively undermining the topic of foreign policy, or he's not


INCREDIBLE quote about Romney's "small Navy" claim

Less bayonets and horses?

Obama is teaching Romney a lesson in leadership tonight

rofl that was great

Audible laughs. Awesome. Mittens is on the ropes!

More Bayonets!

I heard noise

I for one am calling for more Horses and Bayonets


Mitt could see the Olympics from his house!

Total pwonage on the President's part. This is almost sadistic to watch. nt

They really need to consider soundproof booths for these events

Ed Schultz on Mitt Romney's Performance

OMG I never laughed so much during a debate

"I will stand with Israel if they are attacked". Good. (nt)

Horses and bayonets

President's lecture to the baby on military is highlight of the debate.

Pres.Obama is CLEARLY wiping the floor with Mitt Romney

Mitt is melting

Ok so that Rmoney grin..seriously, is the guy drunk? Cuz' I've seen that bar stool grin

The Horses Quote just killed Mitt

"spent some time on that website.. STILL doesn't add up". . .giggle . .n/t

Romnesia Map of the Middle East

He's already melting. Someone please throw water on him

Mitt looks like a tight lip smug A-Hole He is not winning any votes

Mitt's face appears almost to be melting as he sweats, grimaces, and his makeup coagulates.

"We also have fewer horses and bayonets...we have these things called...aircraft carriers...

The president says we have less unicorns... Horses with bayonettes

More dilithium crystals need...the forum cannae take it !

chilling words 'when i'm president'

LOL Mitt repeating Obama's words again re: Iran n/t

THAT is my President talking on TV, now and for the next four years. n/t

When IM president

Mitt looks like he is in physical pain!

I think I heard someone laugh when mitt said when I become pres

Mitt sounds like a robot.

Obama just gave a GREAT answer on Israel and Iran. GOBAMA !!

"We have these things called aircraft carriers"

Why on Earth ARE old white guys chosen to "moderate" these debates?

Robme: 'If I'm president . . .

Romney seeing stars. "If I'm prez, uh when I'm prez"

Awesome John Kerry Tweet!

WHEN, not if, I'm President....does that mean he's starting tonight to run again???

Same as Obama, just earlier and tighter

daughter, who is not into politics at all...came in to me and said...

So now it's down to twit trying to take credit for Obama's policies.

If, there is that word!!!!! Queen Ann must be boiling just about now?????

MITT: I would do everything Obama is doing, only just, you know, earlier.

Obama gets better as the debate goes on.

Mitt's face just got a lot redder

Oops...if I'm President of the United States

Dick Morris' icky tweet: "Romney Looks So Good. Always Does. I Think I'm In Love!"

was ' We need more horses a la 1916' Romney October debate surprise?:roll:

Robme agrees

Funny as shit...

Split screen: Notice Mitt's "deer in the headlights" expression when the President

Is it my british polite nature, or do I detect Romney getting his bottom tapped.

I just started watching the debate. Who's winning so far?

Romney and his wife's dressage horse

91.5% on InTrade

I just got home from work, please tell me this is going well

Did Romney really ask if Iran is the big Flock of Seagulls hit from the early 80's?

CHUCK TODD mad that Romney didn't get a chance to respond to #battleship

anyone looked over in Freeperland to see if their heads have exploded yet?

More Ed Schultz Tweets

Obama keeps getting stronger, more confident, funnier.

How is the CNN focus poll on FL undecided voters looking?

We broke Current TV's website

Just ONCE...

Mittens looks like he is going to cry


rMoney tracking higher on Iran . . .

Trending on Twitter: Obama just sunk Romney's #battleship!

You'd do the same thing we would but only louder.

Time for the mercy rule

Im at work

Point of fact re: aircraft carriers...

12 years, 12 presidential debates, 12 white moderators, 0 non-white moderators, 1 female moderator

Romney's Steps

So Auggie, have you turned back to the debate?

David Corn: Is Romney sweating through his makeup under his eyes? Really Nixoning.

Twitter responses to Mitt's military arguments

CNN half time live poll - go vote!

The President is sinking Mitt's Battleship

Rmoney is troughing in the CNN thingies...

10,000 centrifuges...oh really mitt?

Here we go with the fucking stupid "APOLOGY TOUR"!! This sumbitch has no shame WHATSOEVER!!

Hey Mitt, if you think Obama's weak on Iran, just ask Osama how he feels, oh wait

Trump pissed: Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. Navy Seals killed Bin Laden. #debate

Someone needs to tell MittRomney that "Me Too" is not leadership.

How many times is TWIT going to parrot Obama? OMG?

Ann looked worried & unsettled before the start of the debate & Mittens is shitting himself

Whoppers anyone?

you LIE! Mitt. Obama just (almost) said it

Romney is really grasping at straws

So Mr. Romney just woke up. To no avail. nt

Did someone steal Mitt's binders filled with horse and bayonets?

"Nothing Mitt Romney said is true"

Jennifer Granholm tweet:

"This has been the biggest whopper of this campaign".

somewhere Tagg Romney is making a fist

POTUS just called mittie out . . .

George W. Bush George W. Bush George W. Bush George W. Bush George W. Bush George W. Bush!!!

Did we spend this much time discussing North Korea possibly getting the bomb?

Place yer bets when does FOX start bashing Bob S?

"Nothing Gov Romney has said is true"

Mitt keeps licking his lips. He's way nervous

Intrade Odds (Real-Time) on 3rd Debate

line of the night: "this isn't a game of battleship"

Whopper (TM) aka stinkin pile of shit.

Yes, Obama called out Mitt for his Whopper, and mentioned Mitt's Bain deals with Iran, in violation


oooo jesus He mentioned Romney working financially with Iran and China.

This debate is getting painful - LOL

I will be unable to pick a best moment in this debate.

Mitt: I'm concerned that we don't have enough ironclads to keep the Persians off the Mediterranean

Michelle I love your husband. Nt

ZOMG, they're spinning centrifuges! Obama hurt Israel's feelin's. :(

Regarding the horses and bayonnets -- can someone please give me the setup?

go ahead Mr. President....between the eyes. between the fucking eyes.


Someone get the guy a towel. He's sweating like crazy

Oh. You wanna talk about trips

Bob, let me just respond. Nothing Gov. Romney has said is true.

Wow. President Obama just nailed Romney with his response on his trip to Israel as a candidate.

Romney has lost weight in his face.

BAM. Yad Vashem. Game over. Nt

Mitt tries to get tough - My President reminds him who's the shit

Holy shit, great response to a trick point by Rmoney


"Governor, let's talk about trips..."

We are four years away from outer space alien contact. We are four years away

Mitt Romney is in a tough spot in this debate.

KABOOM - I did not take donors

Zing! Great response by the President

If we attach muskets to the wings of our fleets of bi-planes, we can have trained chimps

I suspect that once again the GOP surrogates will say that Obama has been 'mean' to Mittens

POTUS spanking Robme on his trip to Israel

I ALMOST feel sorry for Romney

Rmoney tried getting tough, Obama swatted him away

Watching on CNBC now.....tweets going across the bottom of the screen....

ZING BANG POW! I didn't go to Israel with donors to attend fundraisers

That was a fantastic story for American Jews just now. Perfect Mr. President.

That's f***ing it, man!

What wears Grecian Formula and goes "quack quack"?

I bet Tagg Romney wants to punch him.

Have to say it.. Obama is totally kicking Robme's ass!!! he's totally out his league.

Just a quick score!


"Let's not go into hypotheticals of that nature"? WTF?

What did we expect?

Romney: "I said 'tumult' again - I win, I win!!!"

A vote for Mitt Romney = a vote for WWIII

This is frigging BRUTAL... Someone get Rove to throw in the towel... n/m

Oh Mitt.......Same old shit.

Intrade has the good guy winning the debate at 92%

Love How President Obama is Looking Rmoney Right in the Eyes when addressing him

So they will call this a tie? nt

So, will CNN call it a TIE tonight? n-t

Tumult Romney


Romney's Sweaty Moisty-Face is too distracting. Just listening now.

And I think to myself, what a terrible world

North Korea?

I saw the Nixon/Kennedy debate.

Does anyone know Iran is 4 yrs closer to a bomb????

What's a "Democrat Senator"?

Nunn-Lugar? Brings back memories of Dingel-Norwood

DEMOCRAT??!! WTF happened to DEMOCRATIC?? Is he trying to be insulting?

Fox News: President Obama--I decimated our nation's cavalry.

Mitt Romney: an upset kid that loves to complain about everything

What the hell is money talking about?

Rummy wants this over so bad.

have any of the analysts say anything so far>?>

Does anyone understand Romney? What is he talking about, and what is his point?

Romney's argument is I would've done exactly the same as The President, but better?

Robme never found a moderator he couldn't run roughshod over. Oh, and by the way....

POTUS: 'I'm pleased that you are now endorsing our policy!'


Obama hitting him on all the FLIPS AND FLOPS !! Getting him on BIN LADEN !!

despite robme trying to bully his way over everyone and Bob being weak as moderator, Obama is kickin

Mitt looks like a boy be scolded by the teacher

Here comes the OBL smack down...

Apology tour: What Romney will need to do for his top donors after he loses the election.

Obama's delivery - his voice - is just more listenable. It commands your attention.

Obama beating on mr flip flop

More Horses, More Bayonets!


Chuck Todd desperately trying to spin in Romney's favor on Twitter

Our President is KICKING.ASS.

CNN Women Focus Group really

chuck Todd tweeting pro Romney stuff

That was fucking awesome...Obama just took Romney apart on the travel issue.

Watching on CNN and it looks like Florida undecideds


You were just as wrong as Joe Biden!

Obama getting cooler, more in control, while Mittens

Faux News fail (horses/bayonets)

Weird creepy laugh.. Weird Willard. . .n/t

I think Romney just swallowed his tongue.

Thank you Bob


Schieffer finally steps up: With all due respect, Governor,

Smirking ASS tries to bully the moderater

Eww, awkward Romney laugh

Schieffer Just took a massive dump on Mittens. nt

NYT, July 3: Romney Courts Campaign Donors in Israel

Way to Go Bob...Finally put the Asshat Rmoney in his place!

Surprise of surprises

Intrade now at 96.. whew!. .n/t


mitt will end afghanistan in 2014...where have i heard that before?

Now Mitt agreeing with Obama's Afghanistan policy n/t

"Ann, Bring me Brioschi!"

we will catch you up

Damn Obama is killing this debate. Mittens looks like he just shit himself after that last exchange.

ANy Bill maher tweets tonight?

Mitt just got dicksmacked, again

Obama went there!


Ed Shultz - "This is worst performance by any Republican candidate on FP... "

Paul Ryan

President Obama: ‘Apology Tour’ Is ‘Biggest Whopper’ Romney Has Told In This Campaign

John Fugelsang: Somewhere in Hell Richard Nixon is embarrassed over Mitt Romney debate sweat.

When a wealthy businessman like Mit Romney tells you about...

Toon that says it all

Romney: stop doing what I do for interviews... Name drop terrorist groups you learnt last week!

Well no f'n sh!t you idiot

"Other people not you. Mr. President (''sir" added by me). Mittfalca's just been humbled before our

what the hell is mittens talking about? i can make absolutely no sense of

On Twitter...@rolldiggity

"Guys, Al Gore just burst into laughter & said "Mitt's endorsing all of Obama's policies!" #current2

Romney is going to pull off his flaming head

Was Romney fighting back tears there?!

CNN Undecided Line

Geography for Mitts

Bill Maher Tweet....LOL......

The president knows this shit inside and out . . .

Is Romney trying to piggyback on obamas foreign policy?


Obama is closing the deal.

O kicked ass REGARDLESS of the weak mod.

You sunk my battleship with a binder full of horses.


Bottom Line... Mr. Obama is more Presidential...

Hell. It looks like Mitt now wants to vote for Obama himself!

#horsesandbayonets now trending...

Narcissistic Liar of the Day

Ok, I now understand why the republicans rejected this guy as their nominee-4 times???

"Obama's Bin Laden"

O kicked Robme's toukis on Afghanistan!

It seems to me that romney is getting a lot more time /nt

"Obama bin Laden"????????????

Obama bin Laden?

"To catch Obama bin Laden." Schieffer said that and didn't correct himself.


Why do they say Democrat (fill in the blank) rather than Democratic (fill in the blank)?

Really Bob? Really you old Fuck? Obama Bin Laden?

WHAT did that moderator just say?!

Obama Bin Ladin?

Bob just said "Obama bin Laden"...

FUCK YOU Schaeffer Obama Bin Laden?

"Obama Bin Laden"

I'm SO GLAD Fullashit Mitt relies on Fox "news" to stay informed. . .

That damn smirk is annoying the hell out of me.

Seriously, Sarah Palin would be better in a debate than this clown

Did Bob say "...catch Obama's bin Laden?"

Obama To Romney: You Said We Shouldn’t ‘Move Heaven And Earth’ To Get Bin Laden

"the terrorists can grab their hands on those nuclear weapons"

Bob: Time to 'Divorce Pakistan?' . . .

Romney sounds like Bush on Pakistan

Double talk????

Willard's Out Of His Depth...

So freakin' true...

Rambling-mitt just insulted the government of Pakistan.

Oh so now Romney said getting bin Laden was the right thing to do?!?

Mitt is too soft

Bob said: Obama'S bin Laden. He added a 'S'

New drinking game: a shot every time Romney says centrifuge

Just to be fair...

Did Bob just say Obama Bin Laden?

It really is becoming Sarah Palin word salad out of Romney

mittens comments re the middle east: word tabouli

Romney has flop sweat and is smacking his lips a lot


I can't decide if this is funny, sad or frightening!

Does Bob Schieffer have massive amounts of stock in Halliburtn/Carlyle/the MIC in general??

I REALLY want to see Queen Ann's face

"we gotta kill bad guys"

Getting bin Laden was the right thing to do ... Mitt 10/22/12

Rambling-mitt we need a new plan Stan.

This is what happens when your only foreign policy experience

I Hope Tagg was Frisked...

Me Kill More Bad Guys!

Romney is sounding exactly like

How many times has Mitt said "tumult" tonight?

In all fairness, Senator Dick Durbin from IL once called osama bin ladin, obama bin ladin

Obama has kicked more ass in this debate than I've ever seen him kick before.

robme believes that the use of drones is very important.

Romney's big idea for foreign policy----Create Puppet States

VIDEO: "Horses and bayonets"

Bob must have a speaking time clock on his desk

Mitt Romney looks like a beaten man.

Mitt: "I love drones, I speak their language…"

Mitt Romney "I believe investors will respond positively in our dedication to continued war....

What are some things we are four years away from?

Not sure if someone else did too

Obama should mention Malala

One of my favorite sayings is coming true right now...

Veteran unemployment is 6.7% vs. national average unemployment 7.8%. Post-9/11 Vets faced 9.7%


Next topic: Bain Capital's partner, CHINA!

Anyone Remember Biden...

Bravissimo, my president/ my candidate!1 How many times has the upstart *agreed*?!1

CHINA???!! Get out the POPCORN fellas!! I being the rum, gin and soda pop!!!

I think I'm gonna crack open a beer

That weird smirk/smile on Romney's face - he looks like he has a man crush on Obama

he's starting to look like "Mist Romney" - sweating visibly! (Dissed Romney?!)

CHINA! and tires...

Report Card: Obama A- / Romney D

10:1 that wolf blitzer calls this ass-kicking a draw.

Just got Home, whos winning?

Barack Obama to win the third Presidential debate (according to CNN poll) 95.1% INTRADE

Mitt looks like he's trying not to cry!

Did Mitt Romney decide to disengage on the Libyan conspiracy?

FFS! Pleeeease let's see a Bain/China comment while we're talking China/jobs

The real headline from this debate: WilLIARd Rmoney endorses President Obama's foreignpolicy

So, basically, Mitt's foreign policy is, "I will do exactly what Obama does but it will be me doing

Obama crushed Romney

Obama's got a trap waiting for the con man

Unless Obama says something memorable soon we are not going to get anything from this debate.

The greatest national security threat the world faces is the election of MITT ROMNEY.

last week mr romney you were declaring economic war on china....kumbaya?


We need to partner with China

Mitt does this weird thing with his eyes, scrunching them like he doubts you believe him.

Apparently Mitt knows more about the Chinese economy than he knows about the American economy nt

Oh shit... is Romney going to cry?

You'll be using this video - You Sunk My Battleship


The only thing worse than Fat Goateed Hog, Chuck Todd, is Luke Russert. . .

No way the news channels can spin this as a "tie", or "close". This is a wipeout.

I've Been Told That Americans Use These Debates To Determine Who They Want In Their Living Rooms...

"You want economic trouble? The maids in my Caymans house want a raise!"

Mitt "the Echo" Rmoney. nt

Romney opened the door on job stealing China,..NOW PBO NOW!!!!!!!!!

This is a complete reversal of 1st debate

Rove tweet on Romney

Keep going Mitt.

"We can be a partner w/ China" M. romney 10/22/12

Rmoney is perspiring like crazy. President Obama is not. n/t

Currency Manipulator. Perfect! n/t

scheiffer throws romney a softball over the center of the plate

Romney created trade imbalance with China!

Dear Mr. President, PLEAAAASE call him out on his China hypocrisy!

What wrong with mitt mouth

I think

Mitt's tongue is white! That can't be good, what would cause that?

Sensata, Sensata, Sensata.

HAIR OUT OF PLACE WARNING !!! (front, left) Mitt's in trouble !!!

Bob gives Romney two questions in a row, He's done that over and over.

Chutzpah to the nth degree: Mitch is saying we need to stop sending jobs to China.

More time and questions to Romney

No wonder, Mitt????

Hit him with Sensata, Mr. President. ... Please!

WOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! atta boy PBO nailed Romney on shipping jobs overseas!

KA BOOM!!!!!

Good night!

Time to bring up Sensata and Bain and nail this liar

Well? Who's winning?

I confess: There is no more attractive debater on earth than President Obama tonight

Boom!!! Romney stuck his ass through the door he opened himself . . .

Boom . . . 'you are familiar with jobs being shipped overseas . . .

You couldn't trust Romney's tongue even if it notarized.

WHAM! Right between the eyes!

Mitt already has a great relationship with China.

Romney: "I'm going to declare China a currency manipulator on day 1"

BOOOOOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo Mr. President!!!!!!!

Oh ouch.

Is there a "no Sensata" clause in the debate agreement?

Split screen on C Span, Romney's expression is FROZEN while listening to O.

lights out mittens

Mitt Romney looks like a goddamn muppet while Obama is speaking.

I walk out of the room when romney is talking, I walk back in and he is still talking.

Too bad Obama can't do the mike drop (re: SNL).

Its actually quite a bit of fun watching CNN online with no sound

Mitt Romney's military industrial complex.

Mittens meltdown in 3, 2, 1... n/t

boo hoo hoo.. what a whiner Mr. "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

The best line of the debates - "we have less horses and bayonets"!!!

Let them go bankrupt.....

Is Mitt's mascara running?

my dad was the head of a car company...that's why i pissed on detroit

This is not a debate, this is a slaughter

"I like American cars."

Buh bye, Ohio!

6 minutes

He's running against Bush!

Maher's on fire! -- we have fewer catapults and barrels of boiling oil than we had in the crusades.

The stop picking on me mime again.

"I like cars"

Mitt doesn't give a shit...

He's not attacking you, he's pointing out you are wrong.


Is Romney kidding? I would never do anything to

Wolf Blitzer is declaring that ...

Look, O's criticizing your policies, not you. If you don't like it,

check the record.

Now the media will say that Obama won but it does not matter. nt


Romney just threw Bush under the bus

The trees in Michigan are jealous because Mitt would rather talk about cars than how high they are

POTUS to Robme . . .

Obama: I’ve Helped Workers In Ohio And Pennsylvania, Against China

'let detroit go bankrupt'

Then people of Detroit don't forget!

Did he bring his special handkerchief tonight?

Schieffer is useless why is Romney getting all this time?

Romney you fucker-in Michigan we haven't forgotten your auto deal crap on us BS.


Romnesia strikes again

SHUT HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all fairness to Mitt. There are probably lots of horses and bayonets....

Governor romney you keep trying to airbrush history

Bill Maher tweet...

airbrush history

"Airbrush history"

There was NO CREDIT AVAILABLE from anywhere in 2008. Car Cos would have been LIQUIDATED!

"Research is great!"

OMG! Romney wouldn't do anything to hurt Detroit

DU this Republican poll about who's winnng the debate

If CEO Daddy Romney was so great, why did American Motors fail?

Shut that fuck up! Obama kick his ass. Quit being polite!

Let's check the record mittens, airbrushing history

WoW, in the middle of the debate turned off the page for NON Star Members.

Mitt: your wrong, oh your right, LOL mitt you fail

President Obama has mopped the floor with that idiot this evening.


I can see it tomorrow morning...Romney wins, HANDS DOWN!

Governor you continue to airbrush history!

"People WILL look it up."

In case you missed it: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

If this were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped the fight.

Why won't anyone call RobMe's Detroit plan what it was?

Oh, Mitt.

Pounding him hard on 7 trillion Romney would spend on millionaire tax cuts and unwanted military $

More stories about "meeting people" . . . . .

Mitt's rambling again!!!!!!!

How many times can he mention the unemployment rate?

Romney now switching gears from foreign policy

Weeping to Ann!! Liar!

what utter bullshit


Good grief.... W era politics caused this mess....

Mitt: I'm lying out of my @SS

i love teachers

Mitt's Twitterpatting, LOL.

Big Bird... Binders of women... Horses and bayonets

“Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” Mitt Romney

Mitt's face says it all..

Romney meltdown! n/t


I think we all love teachers

"I think we all love teachers."

Rmoney, the con man is off his game tonight...

Take a gander at freeperland

"I love teachers""

The lying lair lies again

Why was Romney given all that time to lie on

holy fuck schieffer....not a shred of rebuttal to all that bullshit????

No bob republicans hate teachers.


Holy fucking shit! He went all "I love lamp" Brick Tamlan. nt

Hey Mitt. Teachers DON'T love you

I think we all love teachers!

Jesus H Christ. Wotta night.

"I love teachers!" Jesus Christ, his language module has MELTED!

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt! By Mitt Romney

I fucking loathe Romney and his crocodile tears for those unable to find work. fuck him!

Shut this JACKASS UP!!!!

Romney loves cars and teachers and he knows Iran is 4 years closer to a bomb

Romeny on the Auto Bailout...

Ok, going to bed. Its obvious there is not debate here. All Schieffer/Rmoney

We all love teachers

Hey mitt, guess what? your done

Transcript of the final twenty seconds of the debate

Bob Schieffer's brother was an ambassador for George Bush

what does Mitt Romney like most?

Boom:Obama: Romney Is Familiar With Jobs Being Shipped Overseas

Biggest lie of the night:

Horses and Bayonets Meme Collection

I suspect we won tonight

How did Rmoney get both the opening question and the closing statement?

Ann watching Mitt debate tonight..

This is a family of loving people?????

The right is already calling this a tie on the Twitterverse

Dear Mr. President,

Debate Round 3 - OBAMA WIN!!!!!!!! Romney fails! 4 more years!!!!

I can't wait to see Ann's face at the end.

romney the pacifist...bwahahahahahaa

trust me, mitt does not want peace, HE WANTS WAR!!!!

Rombot's closing statement: Peace. Peace. I remembered to say "peace" again, didn't I?


I have never been more proud of my president...

Romney's performance in the debate. Hint: He's the guy on the surfboard.

I think Bob did okay. Gave Romney enough rope to hang himself

Sweaty Platitudes as a closure.

Who is making book on Tagg ...

Miss South Carolina is back and such and stuff

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd . . . . not a single FUCKING WORD on climate policy

12 millions

He told Big Bird He Loved Him, Too! (Romney Loves Teachers!) nt


Anyone who says that the President hasn't spelled out his plan for the next four years is a liar

CNN Focus Group of Romney's closing - flat reaction. nt

CNN Line ... Not liking Mitt's closing.

Chuck Todd tweeted that Obama "controlled and came full of zingers and Romney simply let him do it"

Mitt, nobody cares about your canned closing statement. They just saw you babble incoherently.

Obama soaring on CNN instapoll.....Romney flatlining! Nt

Mittens looking in the camera is creepy.

Obama conquered, only one or two trolls, very little beefing about moderator.


Mitt Romney Morphed Into Sweaty Richard Nixon Tonight.

So who won?

Robme's closing statement:

President Obama delivers the knockout


6 love

Romney's closing statement bombed with CNN focus group

Undecideds aren't impressed with Mitch

I have never heard so many words uttered that meant absolutely nothing at all...

"hope of the earth." WTF?

"I'll lead you in an open and honest way". . . . "as long as you don't ask me to be open and honest

peace is war to GOPers. MITT is saying peace so much, I think he thinks he running for a pageant.

DU appreciation thread

Dominion to decommission Kewaunee NPS in Carlton Wisconsin

yahoo poll:

Hey bob, I'll leave you with these words from my mom:

a romney family reunion on stage? wtf?

God How many relatives does Robme have Theyr'e ALL UP THERE

I love how Mitt avoids to invade his wife's personal space while kissing her nt

The MitchMobile . . . careening from curb to curb . . . .

Ann kept Mitt at arms length no hug like Obama got from his wife

yahoo poll:

The slap felt round the world!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL!! Mitt just mangeled his closing statement!!!

Why didn't this Obama show up at debate 1?

ReallY, the whole Romney clan has to come out on the stage? n/t

Tagg with the Pres?!?

They let Trigger, Trip, Tagg, Biff, or whateverthefuckhisnameis near the President?

Josh Marshall: auto bailout is Romney’s greatest Etch-a-Sketch

Wolf: "they agreed on almost everything"

I do not think the right will be very happy with romney agreeing with the President

Instant polls. Obama won big

And that wordsalad, my DU friends, was the Gish Gallop

The Romney's are like the frakin' Palins.

Looks like Tagg just apologized or something to Obama.

"Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" Mitt Romney Video

Even Romney's grandson wanted to go to Obama!


I was hypnotized by Obama's beautiful brown eyes.

The slap felt round the world!

David Brooks Called it A Tie! Shields not so much!

Romney chuckled loudly in the beginning of Obama's closing statement...what a rude f*ck!!!

Is it me, or is Rmoney running on "Hope & Change"? Hmm... Also...

Spin shit.

Kind of odd Romney backed off on Libya


It looks like Romney's grandson keeps wanting to go to the President.

David Brooks says "slight edge to Romney." But he says it looking beaten like Romney.


Mitt wants to KILL EVERYTHING HE LOVES: Big Bird, Teachers, the Auto Industry

What the fuck is Queen Ann doing grabbing Mitch?

why is ann romney holding mitt like that

Oh No


Tweety: 'Nothing said about the drug trade, Europe, Latin America . . .'

O is giving the punk ass kid a chance of being stupid

we need to work across the aisle? nice talk, stenchy

Now that the debate's over, let's hear what the talking heads who MATTER have to say.

"Any jackass can talk about bombing Iran" -Chris Matthews on Mittens


I love my president .... he spent time being nice to a little boy

Romney with his awkward self.....Ann had to hold him so he wouldn't fall off the stage!

Who won the debate?

cnn poll is up...

Ann and Mitt know it's over as they refuse to leave the stage

Made the mistake of watching this from work on ABC's stream

CSPAN post debate call ins = the MOST ignorant people in America.

Some will say this is trivial, but I really love Michelle's dress,

(Pic)President Obama won tonight’s debate because his leadership has made us stronger

everyone looks relieved it is over

I thought Romney was going to fall off the stage..

Basically Rmoney agreed with the President on all foreign policy issues

LOL - James Carville!

Need time and #questions for Romney and Obama

What are your final thoughts on these debates, on Romney, etc.

The best #*%$ing moment of the debate!

Obama won the debate handily, but the whole event just depressed the hell out of me.

Mittens keeps yapping about Mass education

Chris Matthews: Romney was "robotic," "any jackass can talk about bombing the Middle East"

George W. Bush should be proud tonight.

My assessment of the debate

CNN - DU This Poll

CNN Poll

pundits on CBS already trying to spin it as a tie

CNN Did Anderson just say Bayonets and Shit? lol

So . . . . how bad will Obama have been said to lose this one?

Obama To Romney: Yes, We Have Fewer Ships Than 1916 – But Also Fewer Horses And Bayonets

Yeah, Romney got his butt kicked again.

steve schmidt on m$nbc likes the new romney...

Mittchard Nixon, Damp debater.

Steve Schmidt is full of shit.

Anyone else getting a PNAC Pax Americana vibe whenever Romney says "peace"?

Mitt was sweating like a pig

Geez, what's Schmidt been smoking??

There is something wrong with Romney

Good Night All

Obama takes swings in final debate. CNN just now on their web page

Climate change is the greatest to our national security.

oservation from all debates: pundits are waiting on polls

Anything media decide who won?????

wonder what freeps think about mitt praising tht UN?

Steve Schmidt is full of shit. Romney NOT presidential

Interesting read on the size of the US Navy over its history:

Queen Ann led RMoney offstage, his arm through hers

Ha ! Romney representative chokes up trying to defend him on Al-Jazeera

cnn better than msnbc for this

Surefire sign Obama won the debate

Hey Steve Schmidt!

David Gregory tweeted a ridiculous statement.

DU the CNBC Poll (again)!!

We need good economic numbers in Friday's GDP growth rate report to help contradict Romney's lies

Talking heads, post debate, are stupid. n/t

Please proceed...

"Obama won the debate hands down" --

Well one thing is damn sure. Willard is NOT a listener.

Remember when W said "I am not a nation builder" ?

Only Barack Obama could make "horses and bayonets" trend on Twitter!

Screw it I am watching football, MSNBC coverage sucks

The spin is sickening.

Championships aren't decided by the first game of the season

Did Mitt look actually sick to you toward the end?

MSNBC just said it's exactly tied 47% to 47 % (Brian Williams and Chuck Todd)

The Mitt Dance


mitt romney has failed his commander in chief test

props to both families

LOL Blitzer's been benched!

Brit Hume on Faux: 'Pres did a good job.'

fact check: syria is the Iran route to the sea... FALSE

nice pre-debate interview with Sen. Kerry

What time is the Republican Rebuttal?

Chuck Todd is a puke pile.

I admit I'm no lip reader--

So it looks like the talking heads are not saying President Obama dominated tonight.

C-span emailer praises both candidates for sticking to the questions

World leaders texting President Obama

Today, I hereby announce that ROMNEY HAS COLLAPSED!!!

The awesomeness of Mitt

Mitt was the Massachusetts liberal tonight

Yuck Yuck---Romney grandkids flock to Obama and Michelle!!!

DU the CNN poll

What your lying eyes saw tonight was a man who was totally clueless about the subject matter.

CNN: Who do you think fared better in tonight's presidential debate?

Will the real Mitt rMoney please stand up?

Did Chuck Todd just say Mitt was too passive tonight?

Where can I get a history airbrush like Rmoney's? There is a lot of shit I did when I was younger

Buy Newspaper Ad For Romney Op-Ed

John Kerry: Apparently Romney had no binders on Foreign Policy!

CNN poll

Even Chuck Todd


ROFL! Great graphic from FB


What the fuck? Media and polls everywhere have this debate tied? TIED? It was an knockout...

CNN poll is 79 - 21 OBAMA!!

Obama's debate performance tonight was...

So unstable Pakistan will soon have more nukes than Britain...

Three debates in pictures

Reported on Current: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog punked Sununu.

Scoreboard: Women 2, Men 0

Mitt Romney: Leading the charge!

Pundits trying to talk Romney into a win

Obama killed it. All the repuke people on facebook are bitching about his word salads, gaffes and

Romney's pitch: "I'm Obama, but I come in White!"

Even if Romney could win on the likability factor...

As usual there are delusional callers calling in on C-Span

Great job Mr. President!

CBS Instant Poll: Obama won 53-23

"Violence. Chaos."

Former top McCain strategist John Weaver says Obama won.

All right, well, I would say that Obama won this one...

Switched over to Fox Chris Wallace saying" Romney is right Obama is wrong" switched back to MSNBC!

Former McCain advisor John Weaver tweets--Obama won it...

Frankly, it seemed a bit like a concession speech to me.

Am I the only one that noticed how Romney wandered into the weeds

And tomorrow America will be counting our horses and bayonets in the military

Obama To Romney: We Have Fewer Horses And Bayonets In Our Military Too

Chris Rock tweet Barack Obama: Preferred by: women, gays, seniors, minorities, teachers, auto worker

CBS snap poll on debate: Obama - 53, Romney - 23, tie - 24

Correction to Rev. Al -- it's Mittzophrenia !

Where's dkf? She doesn't post since Wednesday^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H the last debate.

polls will surge for obama

WP: Fact Check

one clear loser of the debate

Did rMoney appear slightly sweaty?


PPP just tweeted

I think Obama won when he said that when he went to Israel


Obama's Strongest Point...

PPP Tweet on debate

Tweety telling Steve he's full of Schmitt!

Key Points from PBS debate summary - lots to read here (30 min of chatter captured)

Tweety smacking down Schmidt

The 3 B words that define the debates -Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets!

The real winner of tonight's debate?

Tweety made a great point...

Flop sweat of Nixonian proportions


Steve Schmidt: Romney's lies mean nothing--who cares about character!?

Grade the President high!!WSJ ReportCard

Breaking: White Male just switched back to Obama on CNN!

That was a total train wreck for the Romney campaign.

If the numbers were anywhere near 60m I predict a bounce for Obama.

RACHEL: "We're going to see if soulless shape-shifting has a cost."

What amazing Obama's word and won

Hey, Tweety in good smack down with Schmidt

David Brooks: Debate a draw, with a "teins" edge to Rmoney

Former top McCain strategist John Weaver says Obama won.

Tweety finally warms up: Romney owes America an apology tour for being a complete cynic

George Pataki looks like he's having a stroke!

BREAKING: CBS News Instant Poll: Obama 53% Romney 23%

Keep these polls honest: CNN, ABC, MSN, & Cleveland Ohio links here:

Shocker! Krauthammer thinks Romney was the clear winner!

Pataki is the best they have to offer. Fail.

Just a quick note. FR's Live Thread on Debate 3 is not loading. So dumb ass RimJob did not replace

Pataki is a jackass. That is all /nt

Pataki's tone is that of a sore loser

Has Pataki had a stroke?

Steve Schmidt lost credibility tonight. He just another right wing

CBS Poll: Obama 53 Romney 23

Obama wins debate by a blowout margin per CBS undecided voters poll

Make this meme go viral--tweet, etc. Take away from the debate...

Forget #Romnesia! Tonight we saw #Mittzophrenia!

Mitt is having some "Mom Time" right about now

MSNBC Heads In Frames Win Our TV Tonight.

Pataki sounds hysterical

Give this poll some DU love please

Maddow was scathing, along with Sharpton & Tweety. "Soulless shapeshifting"

Alex Castenellos getting crushed on CNN

It was a good, nite for Obama and the Dems!!!!

Washpost: Obama Keeps Romney on Defensive

DU this ABC News poll

Just Perfect

If this debate went for 30 minutes more, Romney would have endorsed Obama!!

Don't you love supposed moderate repukes embracing the radical right /nt

Rambling-Mitt wore his flop-sweater to the debate.

Do You Think Alex Castellanos Is A Smarmy Bastard?

Cnn pulled the quick vote!

Romney lost his base tonight

What is going on in FreepLand? Wonder how they are reacting to RobMe AGREEING with Obama so much??

Fox News declares a debate winner!

What was the hell of the point in Lawrence O'Donnell allowing Pataki to air for x amounts of minutes

Time to watch Chuck Rose and the Racers! n/t

J.R. Celski sets short-track speedskating world record

Half way through the massacre, rambling-mitt needed new magic undies.

Funny Tweet

Van Jones on CNN: "if the debate went on 30 minutes longer, Romney would have endorsed Obama"

CNN: Forceful Obama Bests Defensive Romney

Can anyone get into Free Republic

Complete Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy 2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Oct 22, 2012

Quick quote needed: Romney shipping jobs to China, Obama response

Romney "Obama display's weakness throughout the world - but I agree with everything he said"

Romney: "Syria is Iran's path to the sea." WTF?! with map

A large number of the #CNNUndecideds in the Florida focus group have decided on a candidate after wa

That was brutal

Romney looked like someone who would lose control of bodily functions if he got that 3 AM phone call

Obama to Romney -> "The 1980's are calling for their foreign policy back"

CBS: Obama wins 3rd by larger margin than Romney in 1st

Anybody catch this? Romney: "The government shouldn't be investing in companies..."

LOL, Nice try on spin Pataki. Everyone knows you are trying to spin a total beatdown.

Lawrence O'Donnell was so pissed hearing George Pataki sprout his right wing nonsense about Mitt win

Link to poll? It seems to have disappeared from the front page.

I just have to say, Obama won the HELL out of that debate.

Pataki is a lying asshole

Please DU this debate poll, it's tied!

Pres. Obama dominated tonight

George Pataki always seems to me like...

My favorite part of the debate

Us 3 them 1

The Only Thing That Matters Is If Romney Cooked His Own Goose Tonight And ----

John Kerry: "The President Sunk Mitt Romney's Battleship"

"Syria Is Iran's Route To The Sea" - Mitt Romney

lol Romney delcares his true love in the sand

John Kerry tweeted that Obama sunked Romney's battleship

About those bayonets....


Faux Insider poll has Obama winning the debate 54/45!

A lip reader just told me what Rmoney said to Obama after the debate

DU the Boston Globe poll (Mitten's Massachusetts)

How long until Romney's campaign "walks back" withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2014?

So Iran is a landlocked country that borders Syria

romney's new flip flop....out of afghanistan in 2014

DU MSNBC poll from Ed Schultz

John Kerry Alert...

I was expecting Romney to break into "All we are saying, is give peace a chance!"

My favorite part: watching the 2 families chatting after the debate

Mittens' first name isn't really "Willard," and his middle name isn't really "Mitt!"

In Foreign Policy Debate, Obama Uses Romney’s Past Positions Against Him

I am talking to Gallup Poll about the debate RIGHT NOW!!

Kerry....i'm having an exorcism tomorrow...referring to having played romney in the debates

HuffPo Quick Poll. Who won the debate?

John Kerry: Tonight we saw a commander in chief, and a candidate in total confusion

The Commander-in-Chief Debate: Horses and bayonets

My take away tonight is...

John Kerry: Romney as "the Wikipedia candidate"

Ooo, Frank Luntz time!

BREAKING - CBS News instant poll of uncommitted voters finds 53% think Obama won

It is all about Romnesia

PPP: Swing state voters say Obama won the debate 53-42, and are planning to vote for him 51-45

DU this poll please ..... on fox!! And the Prez is ahead

WTF is wrong with people?

Ahh, tonights new hashtag from The Daily Show, #Baractoseintolerance

Pic:Vice President Joe Biden Watches Debate

John Kerry is having the time of his life.

Okay, I'm Almost Done with A Song of Ice and Fire. Please Recommend Another Fantasy Series of Books

Magick and Mental Health - Complexes

$2 Trillion Dollars will Buy a Shitload of Horses and Bayonets

John Kerry: "Mitt Romney really scared me tonight"

Vote on CNN here -

Great Tweet:

I really wish John Kerry was this clear when he was running for president. He would have won /nt

Exactly how many times did Mittens say "We are 4 years closer to Iran having a Nuclear weapon" ?

John Kerry says Romney policy would be helter skelter etch a sketch

Stop And Think...

I remember after the second debate... MSM was calling it a tie or edge to Romney

What the hell

One flip flop too many

Kinda sad that it was Obama's last debate ever...

Gawd, I wish Kerry had won!

Carville: Clearly, Obama won. Audience doesn't parse every li'l statement and fact...

In case you didn't hear Romney: " I’ll lead you in an open and honest way."

Romney conceded the debate before it began

Rmoney throws Running Mate Under the Bus in Last Debate.

Let's get #romneyflopsweat trending on twitter

Bill Maher's tweets on Obama's "horses and bayonet" comment

Why do the set the bar so low for Rmoney?

Favorite quip of the night?

Carville: If this was Little League they would have called it after 4 minutes

TeamObama - 3 MittTwit/RyAynRand - 1 SMACKDOWN !! Now Let's Go CAMPAIGN LIKE HELL !!!

Romney endorsed Obama tonight.......he absolutely agrees with everything POTUS does

Why do we have fewer Navy ships?

Some one is fucking with MSNBC cable feeds

Allow Me To Summarize Rmoney's Foreign Policy Argument

Nobody asked: How would Romney "replace Assad?"

I had Obama 3 and Mitt 0 on

CNN: 48% Obama 40% Romney in Debate

CNN Poll 48 O to 40 R

CNN Poll Obama 48 Romney 40

Washington Post headline: "Obama Keeps Romney on his Heels"

Did anyone else catch Romney saying he'd create 12 million jobs and then later

48% say Obama, 40% say Romney. CNN poll of registered debate watchers.

CNN/ORC Poll 48% Obama - 40% Rmoney


Going To Donate Whos With Me?

"The 1980's called. They want their foreign policy back ".

Check out this "Liberal Bias". You HAVE to see this poll...

I seriously believe there are some paid callers on c-span after the debate.

NBC Poll has 3 options: Romney, Romney or other?????

All Romney wanted to do was bust the UAW

There ya go Romney

Sir Terry Pratchett: "Shut up and let me finish my story!" (about dealing with alzheimers)

Intrade 60.8/Obama, 40/Romney

CBS: Obama wins 3rd by larger margin than Romney won 1st

Caption contest!

PPP tweets that Obama is winning their swing state poll on the debate...

I'll bet Luntz's focus group loves flop sweat.

cnn quick poll: Obama 75% Romney 25%

What does President Obama & Orlando Cruz have in common?

Breaking News: Romney leads the Charge of the Light Brigade

Romney was stunning.

horses and bayonets an instant youtube classic

Mitt Romney Gives Thumbs Up To His Foreign Policy Debate Performance (PHOTO)

Now I know Obama will legalize it..

Obama To Romney: The 1980's Are Calling To Ask For Their Foreign Policy Back

There is a critical Bayonnet shortage in our military and Obama has been covering it up.

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing

Caption this...

Seal Team Six under a Rmoney Administration

PPP snap poll 53-40 Obama says MSNBC n/t

This just in...

This is the first presidential campaign in my memory where Vietnam didn't come up in the debates

It would be incorrect to say Obama won tonight

If You're Wondering What Obama Has Done In His Four Years As President, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU.

Romney didn't give us foreign policy positions, he gave us a BowFlex commercial!!

PPP: Here's a link to the PDF with FULL details of their post-debate poll

Romney Defense policy

Even on rethugd sites, Robme is losing..

CBS Poll tonight showed bigger margin than Romney's in 1st debate....

Huhhh..that's a deep breath we're all taking, now all we have to worry about..

Well, one thing is clear. The two female moderators

Foreign policy

You don't move to the center two weeks before the general election

A whale with a distinctly human-like voice

Freeky Piglet is taking a long time to load.

I think Romney took the title of worst debate ever from Obama

NBC poll fixed now

Taegan Goddard of Political Wire calls the debate for Obama

And would someone get Romney an atlas? Please?

QUESTION: Was rMoney sweating like a pig before "horses and bayonets comment"?

Stephanie Cutter is rocking!

tweety to stephanie cutter: 'i think you guys won tonight'.

So just being white makes one look presidential?

Forceful Obama bests defensive Romney in foreign policy debate

no fox online poll

NBC News Poll Fail!

Remember after the 1st debate when some here said the President was just not a good debater?

Obama now has won two debates in a row - two decisive wins. Biden has a decisive win...

NRA Steps Up Attacks On Obama

Romney shrunk into his suit - Obama treated him like a Somali pirate

That was the President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief of the military!

Time to DU this poll which is now correct.

Kommander Kitty says....

Romney was sweating like a liar during a polygraph test.

Great headline on (surprise) Yahoo!: Obama rattles Romney in final debate

Top Google Search For Debate: ‘Horses And Bayonets’

Republicans maniacally obsessed with Libya pre-debate. what do they have next?

Mitt turned into

I noticed something about the XBox debate instant polling

Bad news for John Kerry

I can't see post counts..

Hey can you guys please give some DU Love to this Yahoo Debate Poll?

Congress stuck in neutral on LGBT equality

did not see debate, what in the HELL is the "horses and bayonets" stuff about?

The Foreign Map Of The World

How many times did Willard do his lizard-tongue tell? 10? 20? nt

Baby Otter

For me, it all boiled down to

New Obama ad (after a decade of war)

I would not be surprised to see a larger early vote tomorrow in the swing states.

Since Mr President wiped the floor with Willard...

Why did they cut off Kerry so abruptly? He was doing great.

Oh Shit! Number of times Mitt Romney mentioned veterans in today’s 90 minute debate ZERO

Cspan has the debate on rerun starting now

ABC News Poll: Who won the Debate,77% President Obama, 22% Romney

Monsoon alert!

Finally, someone (Howard Fineman) said RMoney was lying

Did you hear an echo??

Here's the transcript for tonight's third and final debate

romney FLAT OUT LIED about government backing for detroit...HE LIED

Obama Takes Out Romney With Mid-Debate Drone Attack

PPP - Nevada poll to be released tomorrow taken right after the debate

in the final two debates of his political life, Obama was outstanding

Romney torpedoed his own campaign tonight

In all seriousness I think Al Gore would be ideal as our next SOS

Here's The Full Debate Transcript For Those So Inclined... From ABC News

So where is that game changing info , romney was going unleash

DU love needed

That was quick:

Tonight, here's what Ann Romney will probably say to Mitt

Please help this poll....currently R = 58 and O = 42

Three fourths of the way in

I'm going to have to get a divorce

Romney was too timid to push his "Obama hates Israel" crap.

Looks like the RNC has a consultant working on SomeEcards

Mitt Romney "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" web link

So The Republicans Have The Same Talking Points Before The Debate As They Have After It

CNN: Forceful Obama bests defensive Romney in foreign policy debate

How is Syria a road to the sea for Iran?

Twitter Hottest Moments Chart: "Horses & Bayonets" most-tweeted moment of #debate

spin it steve, spin it. romney does not pass the 'commander in chief' test ...FUCK NO


No, Steve Schmidt--Mittens did not win 'commander in chief' test...

Political Wire:Reaction to the Third Presidential Debate, President won hands down

Sean Hannity is Baghdad Bob...

So Mr. President won again and my friend, naturalized this year, finally got his voter ID card and

Don't forget Steve Schmidt's Claim to Fame

guy on with Rachel looks like a dog who's being scolded

Romney flop sweat meme

My 82 year old mother watched the debate.........

People on the interwebs are commenting on Romney's Sweat Problem

Lynne Sin gets out her staple gun . . .

How fucked are we? Consider this . . . . .

Romney: America has 42 allies and friends in the world

Rachel Maddow Just said Romney *DIDN'T* Pass the Commander-In-Chief Test

A Deer in Headlights (Photo from Debate)

Little Defection From The Romney Camp

freerepublic has crashed or rimjob has shut it down

The lad's out of hospital and doing fine. Thanks for all the vibes, guys, sincerely. Headline now:

And then he said.....

Chuck Toad says the Rmoney campaign body language tells the story


Why does Romney keep getting away with the 'Syria is Iran's route to the sea' line?

Neoliberal austerity hound from Boca Raton on Chuck Rose

Kerry calls Romney ‘the Wikipedia candidate’

Not to be outdone, Coulter:I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard

The night has gotten even better!!!!!!

Out of all of the debates, the instant memes were stupid things coming out of Romney's mouth

CHUCK TODD: "(The Repubs) just claim Romney passed a bar tonight."

New Romney campaign song: "I'm Over My Head" by Fleetwood Mac

Obama apparently reads Al Franken

Ann Romney was heard yelling at Obama, "I HAVE HORSES!"

It's official: Obama smoked Romney

Mitt Romney's foreign policy debate coach REVEALED!

CBS snap poll: 53 percent say Obama won

What George McGovern won...

Debates, ads, stump speeches, etc.

We visited the website quite a bit, and it still doesn’t work,” Obama said.

Wow - Nile Gardiner from Heritage on BBC world news spewing lies enabled by Katty Kay

Horses & Bayonets,

LOL: What Losing Looks Like!

Ann Coulter whines on Twitter....

Chuckie Todd just called Romney "meek"

Let's be serious. Without Citizens United and Voter Suppression the map is a rout

One thing I wished Obama would have said

I now remember what Gov. Romney's debating style reminds me of.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Monday, October 22)

Up for Some Freeper Debate Woe?

Wow! Chuck Toad actually sounded intelligent right now...

things must be really bad over in the alternative universe..

mitt's not the guy the right elected as their candidate.....Frankenmitt

Posted my completed ballot this morning. Ask me anything.

So David Gergen Has To Be Relied On To Almost Tell The Truth

Typical CNN...

what is cnn smoking?

Another Facebook funny!

Complete comeback! Giants Series-bound

Here come the memes

Well Now, Part Deaux

TPM-A Blowout?: "Seeing a lot of reporters and pundits trying to catch up with the public reaction"

"There was no clear winner of Monday's presidential debate..."

Horses and Bayonets goes viral!

TPM: Obama Speaks With Tagg Romney After Debate (VIDEO)

ABC News Online Poll - DU It

Highlights from that freeper site I won't name...

CNN says "No clear winner of tonight's debate." Who called it?

Vice President Joe Biden and daughter Ashley want to let you know how big a deal this debate win is:

Mitt Romney made John McCain look like a good alternative...

unfortunately this is going to still be right down to the wire and getting out the vote

Ann Coulter hits new low.

So, all that talk about Mitt having a bombshell surprise...

What this debate showed the two extremes..........

Cablevision digital

Horses and Bayonets:The 80 Seconds that Turned the Debate into an Obama Romp

"Arizona county gives wrong election date in Spanish voter cards"

"The Commander-In-Chief Test" = Booby prize

Horses and Bayonets:The 80 Seconds that Turned the Debate into an Obama Romp

CNN is officialy a joke. 48% for Obama and 40% for Romney = Too close to call.

BREAKING -PPP Poll: Obama Won the Debate and NOW Leads 51/45 In Swing States

Polls Need DU Love please!

Keith Olbermann tweet

Obama needs good unemployment numbers on Friday. Last major event that could shape election...

I think we witnessed Romney's "apology tour" tonight, and...

President Obama Speaks With Tagg Romney Following Debate

POLL: Who won the final debate?

I see FOX News and FOX Nation aren't doing web polls this time

Well, the media now has the horse race they want.

Biggest impact will be ENTHUSIASM

Obama won the debate tonight...

CNBC Poll: Obama beat Romney 2 to 1 - John Harwood, WSJ

Number of Times Romney Mentioned 'Mali', Twice.. Number of Times Romney Mentions U.S. Veterans, Zero