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McCaskill internal poll shows her beating Akin by 9 points

Twas the Night Before the Presidential Debate...

Finally some good news for Ann R.

What was the first movie/TV series on DVD you ever bought?

Classic Will Rogers quote on trickle-down economics (FB pic)

I don't understand why Meet The Press viewers keep pining for Tim Russert.

Suggestion: Let's keep reminding people that the GOP company involved with the Fraud scandal

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

Do you call others in your own home on your cell phone?

Family Mourns, Questions Loss of Mother Shot by BP Agent

Mia Love leads Jim Matheson by six.

This was a thread comment and I decided to do it as a separate thread. The now infamous

Re: GOP Election Fraud/Voter Supression & OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions & Human Rights

Cantor, Powell face-off in first and only debate.

Wow...Nevada went blue!

Help Spirit Airlines concoct some new fees: Walking across the jetway fee. Using the armrest fee....

What doe it mean when you have a hot spot under the tiled floor?

Incredible Harvest Moon shots from the fire lookout tower

What the hell is up with Boston?

(Tommy) Thompson's pro bono board work short-lived

"Romney's" Sept 30 WSJ op-ed...

Handicapped parking spots at stadiums are not for VIP tailgating

Ever use one phone to find your lost cellphone.

Kick and Rec if you think Chris Christie about the Debate turning election around for Romney.

David Gregory is so far up his own ass he can't smell Scott Brown's bullshit

Jon Stewart carrying water for the GOP yet again.

nytimes: Offshore Tactics Helped Increase Romneys’ Wealth

Cantor Fends Off Fire From Democratic Opponent.

Todd Akin on women’s issues in Kansas City campaign stop

Diaoyu in Our Heart: The Revealing Contradictions of Chinese Nationalism

The 100 Club meetup at Wrigley

Big Ed had a radio caller today

Hey Obama Camp!! EXPLAIN THE MATH for Romney/Ryan, it would be a great ad!

Big Ed had a radio caller today who feared a tax increase on his $265K income

a note for queen ann on what she should REALLY be worried about

Cantor, Powell face off in spirited debate.

CJ-7 (Dubbed in English) in 9 parts. (Stephen Chow)

So Romney was in Denver tonight.

Albuquerque Lawful Gun Owner and Hidden Criminal Finally Disarmed

MOVIE TIME! Get your popcorn ready!

Someone better tell Mitt the podium isn't going to be as empty as that chair at the RNC....

Lies about the Embassy Attack? Pure Hogwash by Neo-cons!!!

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Oct 2nd

Inspired by another thread (pic) . . .

Virginia: Cantor vs Powell debate video - FULL debate - video link

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, October 1)

WaPo: Two Americans killed in unusual gunfight involving several Afghan soldiers

Taser director contacted Vermont police after man's death

Mike Sciosia gone in 3...2...1...

Syria tells US and its allies to stop 'interfering' in its civil war

Santos reveals he has prostate cancer .

Republican atheist co-worker amazes me...

BBC - "Call the Midwife"

Amid FBI probe, GOP prepares for Rivera indictment, loss and future successors


Anyone who says they are not a troll, is probably a troll

Sergio ‘el Tio’ Robaina charged in ballot fraud scandal (Miami)

Barry Commoner, pillar of environmental movement, dies at 95

State GOP slow to react on charges of voter fraud

Police and fire unions blast GOP attack on Supreme Court

If the French had the First Amendment, The Free Coffee Would Be Great!

Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan could be speeded up, says Rasmussen

OFA TV Ad: Since When

'Won't Back Down' matches backer Phil Anschutz's stake in trashing unions

Use of Handicapped Parking Scrutinized at Arrowhead Stadium

Gun crime statistics by US state: latest data, Enjoy.

Colombia’s Santos to Have Surgery to Remove Prostate Tumor

Letterman Instructs Viewers To Not Vote For Romney Unless He Visits The 'Late Show'

Colombia peace talks to start October 15: FARC

Colombia peace talks to start October 15: FARC

Great Barrier Reef loses more than half its coral cover

GM cow designed to produce milk without an allergy-causing protein

(Radical Muslim cleric) Abu Hamza makes high court bid to avoid extradition

The Zingers Zapper

Leaders at Work on Plan to Avert Mandatory Cuts

Doctor Visits Dropping, New Census Figures Show

Report Sees Less Impact in New Autism Definition

My response to the Obama/Carter meme

Pennsylvania Voter ID: Retired Nuns Criticize Law As 'Very Unkind'

Romney/Bain invested in brutal Chinese sweatshop

Evergreen Plaza Protest: Ed Gardner, Supporters Rally For Black Construction Jobs

Michelle Obama wins cookie contest

Dam evacuation in Louisiana

Republicans Finally Admit Silliness of Obama TelePrompTer Caricature

Playing Roles of Referee and, Increasingly, Target During Debates

Remember when Republicans called Clinton a draft dodger...

#30/ton carbon tax could reduce deficity by $1.2 trillion in 10 years

Offshore Tactics Helped Increase Romneys’ Wealth

Romney Considering Wall Street CEO For Treasury Secretary Who Wanted $10 Million

So, what has Karl Rove been smoking?

Are we just seeing a GOP setback because of Romney's incompetence? ...

Tips for staying awake?


Brain-Damaged Man Wins New Trial In Two-Decades-Old Killing

In North Carolina, Latino Voters Could Be Crucial To Winning The State

Manifesto For the Entitled

Five things that won't be brought up in the debates

Ignorant Suzuki Nobuyuki

Voting by felons latest front in war over ballot access

Flashback: Sen. Scott Brown lied about Rachel Maddow running against him

Worst movie death scene ever!

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Works....

Churches using 'souls to polls' to rally vote

French researcher answers the critics of his Gm research


3rd Graders and war

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban lifted in the US

I'm a Rachel Maddow fan, but I think there are way too many ads on her show.

The Romney States...

14 year old Girl that killed her newborn baby

Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block in the Senate?

Won't Back Down has the worst opening since 1982

Rush Limbaugh fakes a call with "illegal immigrant" to support Romney

Did Lockheed Martin Just Win Virginia for Obama?

Very Funny. Word of the Day Colbert takes on Prison Labor


Fired Up and Ready to Go...

How much of that 8% unemployment figure Romney is using is due to public employee job loss from

Has Joe Scum said anything about the ReTHUG voter fraud scandal

A suggestion for the VP-debate: torture Ryan

Quinnipiac (October 2, 2012) - Obama 49, Romney 45 among Likely voters

Alfred Russel Wallace, 1907: Is Mars habitable?

Wikileaks and PirateBay raided and taken down

Petition to Congress to Cut the Pay of Administrators -- two more signatures needed from Illinois...

I guarantee you this will be one of Mitt's "zingers"!

I understand the mentality of voters in MA considering voting for Brown

Roger Simon at Politico: Memo to Mitt Romney: Kick some butt (actually a savage takedown)

The .01%ers - The Free Floating Billionaires - are TERRIFIED you'll see this:

I'm not a religious person

7 Deadly Sins America Commits Against Its Own People

Poll: Voters Don't Think Romney Cares About Their Problems

Bierleichen Gone Wild: Record Beer Consumption -- And It's Only Half Over

What was the worst album you ever bought, or someone in your family bought?

A Marijuana Revolution in the Making on Election Day

Infomercial characters that really need to get their act together.

Prison Planet: The Future We Live In

Can anyone tell me why?

Corbett administration imposes hefty copays on services for disabled children on Medicaid

JP Morgan Execs MUST BE JAILED, No Deals

50 years of fighting population growth...

What to Watch for in the Presidential Debates by George Lakoff

Morning Joe trashing J. Granholms' DNC speech.

Must read article "Mitt's Mormon Women Problem"

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened

"... crossing the line from independent to incoherent." Barney Frank on Scott Brown (Maddow clip)

CNN's Blatant Bias...

Offshore Tactics Helped Increase Romneys’ Wealth - New York Times tells us how

It's officially Election Day in Ohio!

Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili admits election loss

Quinnipiac Poll - Obama (D) 49% -Romney ($) 45%

Stephen Colbert on Good Morning American TODAY!!

I read in Mother Jones online that Mitt thinks Libya will be his October Surprise?

The world's longest bus seats 256 people

Brown/Warren debate

Irreversible Warming Will Cause Sea Levels to Rise for Thousands of Years to Come, New Research Show

CNN Is To FOX What Phone Sex Is To Sex

Apixaban Superior to Warfarin Across Range of Patient Risk Scores, Study Finds

BP spill settlement talks stall as U.S. demands $18 billion: paper

Callista Gingrich & Mika...on MJ

The ‘October surprise’ happened in September

Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan could be speeded up, says Rasmussen {not the poll}

WaPo Editorial: Paul Ryan’s budget flimflam

Anyone ever have, or know of anyone who did have, a Big Cat as a pet? Not a hybrid,

Cut Deficit, But Not on Backs of Needy by Bernie Sanders

Strangest thing just happened for a second time...

Report: Mitt Romney plan leaves 72M uninsured

Prostate-Cancer Test May Reduce Repeat Biopsies: Study

The agony of a Jets fan

Candidate's Facebook post shows gun, tells Obama, 'Welcome to Tennessee'

Is it just me, or does Mitt give out that awful laugh when he lies or tries to tell a funny?

Look what comic just went hard political

Constantinian shift

Jonathan Tasini: JP Morgan Execs MUST BE JAILED, No Deals

Baltimore Ravens center and bigot Matt Birk speaks out against equality

Health-Care Costs Keep 1 in 3 Americans From the Doctor

Can Obama's tech guru and his microtargeting whiz kids help the president hold on to the Oval Office

Banksters Inc.

Dumb tweet of the day: Good question (Trump gives Mitt Romney debate advice)

What's Mitt saying in this vintage photo?

Anyone ever been Keith Richards for Halloween? If so, do you have a

Elizabeth Warren up to 67% on InTrade

9 years of EU trade agreements based on forest law enforcement, reduced corruption, better governanc

We need to get photos of these fraudulent voter registration forms!

Cuban doctors bribed officials to defect via Venezuela

Bluffs restaurant worker burned in fryer

7-11 Presidential Poll -Obama (D) 60% - Romney ($) 40%

A Chained CPI for Social Security

OH BOY!!!! Samsung is suing Apple because there claiming Apple stole there patent

How Mitt Romney’s Campaign Resembles the New York Jets’ Season

Bad pic floating around Facebook....

Any Guilty pleasure fans here?

ACORN, Nathan Sproul, real election fraud -- and the right's eerie silence

The joys of grading essays

ugggh... john sununu....what a human turd

British men convicted of homosexual offences pre-1967 can clear record


Nigerian gunmen 'kill Mubi students'

Bruce Riedel: Stop the Libya Blame Game

George Will's column today: Voters basically tolerate Obama because he's Black


We priests have earned right to say what needs to be said about state of church

What Obama's Debate Strategy Will (and should) Be.

If sh*t could take a crap, there would be a pile of Ralph Reed in the toilet.

A letter from Lilly Ledbetter

Tammy Baldwin Seizes Momentum Against Republican Tommy Thompson

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened

Romney Tosses DREAMers A Bone On Eve Of First Debate

We Ask America Poll: Obama within two-points in Missouri (senate race tied)

I got me Racist CRAP toon...

Interior Department, Meet Keystone Kops

We Ask America Poll: Obama leads by 10 in Nevada/ Senate race tied

How Romney Is Blowing It, According To Every Conservative Pundit

OK, so what do your feline overlords do when you scold them?

County Attorney: AG Tom Horne broke law

Romney's problem: His plans *really would* benefit the rich . . .

Schwarzenegger still hopeful he can be reunited with Shriver, kids

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Debating the Stench

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Obama Is Closing In On Romney In MO And Pulling Away In NV

DUers - You Built That!! This child's sense of peace at having his Dad home!


Which Romney Will Show Up?

Inside the Obama Campaign's All-Knowing Hard Drive

Advisers Say Romney Will Show Empathy In Debate

EPIC FAIL! Exposing a clairvoyant in 11 seconds.

At some point today RCP should show Obama with 275 Electoral Votes

Please shut off all electronic devices......OR ELSE MOFOS !!!!

Listen to THE BOSS

I don't think that the RNC can marginialize the voter registration fraud they paid for.

The Rasmussen surge is over - Obama down to (+1)

NYT Reports That Senators Are Working On A Fiscal Cliff Deal — And Paul Krugman Is Already Furious

"For Romney, debate prep is key"

It's Gandhi's birthday...

Too bad we cannot have props at the debate

BREAKING: Judge halts Pennsylvania's tough new voter ID requirement; appeal is possible. - @AP

Tattoos I have contemplated getting

Judge Partially Blocks Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Colbert's Take On Prison Labor, Unicor's (i.e., "Escape-Proof Guarantee" and ALEC

Judge halts Pa.'s tough new voter ID requirement

CBS News - "The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP" - Romney Signed It

Singing 'Dixie' at Romney's Denver rally

Political correctness article on Wiki, critiques sought

Yes PA law WONT go IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toobin: If Ginsburg Leaves During Romney Presidency, Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned

‘North Dakota Nice’ Plays Well in Senate Race

Syrian capital sees renewed violence

Home invasion foiled by armed owner

Judge halts Pa.'s tough new voter ID requirement

Catholic Doctors Tackle How to Survive in an 'Increasingly Toxic Culture'

I received a Presidential Platform Survey from the RNC yesterday . . .

Poll: 71 Percent Of Republicans Think Pollsters Are Skewing Results To Help Obama

NONDISCLOSURE:The Trailer (staring the Wall Street Journal)

Why was Bill O'Liely on the Today Show this morning??

Wow! Obama takes 11 POINT LEAD IN NV. NV No Longer Tossup

M$M headlines You will not See After the debates

"whole thing kind of boils down to, do you want someone who’s going to fight against President Obama

Walker's "Economic Development Corporation" (replaced Dept. of Commerce)

What does it take to get someone Tombstoned now?

Why Are Presidential Candidates’ Wives All the Same?

Think We're the Most Entrepreneurial Country In the World? Not So Fast

Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama

It's that the "insights" you speak of spark squarely from the anus of the "theologians"

Netanyahu Bomb Joins Castro Chickens in UN Theater of Absurd

BBC: Meet Syria's female activists

America's war on blasphemy

Anti-Suffragette postcards

White Guys In Politics Just Can't Get a Break!

USA Today: "Unitarian Faith Growing Nationwide"

This song is dedicated to Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Governor Ultrasound and his Republican allies

Stocks open higher as home prices rise

A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of Starfire

Meet Antonin Scalia. Scott Brown's kind of Supreme Court Justice

Run a "Steadiness" Ad

Help answer a Foxbot and CA Repub Assemblyman that are crapping on my FB posts today.

my little birdy was correct

If you want to prevent abortions....

Before anyone assumes Obama has the debate in the bag and Romney is doomed...

Romney/Ryan voting for Obama too

"God will judge America over abortion and Gay marraige."

Mike Lukovich cartoon: The Statue of Liberty Got Deported

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 2, 1869

George Will goes all out racist

Nancy Pelosi: 'Do-Nothing' Congress Does Nothing

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 2, 1869

The Only sensible First Question for Romney in the Debate

Pre-emptive Karma

I love Michelle Obama

Rescued squirrel ...

Election activists blocked from watching printing of Boulder County's ballots

Obama Camp: Romney Still Opposes DREAM Act

President Obama does support it, and so do I....He's got my vote!!!

Warren/Brown II - Out of the Ring and Into the Classroom of National Ideas, Advantage: Professor

Underway in Barcelona: the Global Clean Energy Forum

Americans for Prosperity puts big money on legislative races in Arkansas

Oh please!! This righties posted this, and I need to smack it down, but *I* will CUSS, motherfucking

Online streams of the debates?

"Go nuclear or go home"

Supervising Women Workers (1944)

A suggestion for the "Trash Thread" option:

The Myth of Male Decline

I don't know why people are getting fired up about the debates...

Juan Cole: Top Ten Things Mitt Romney Gets Wrong about US Middle East Policy

How convenient: Mitt Romney won't revoke young illegal immigrant visas

VOTE -- do not forget what a privilege it is....

A Public Service Announcement to Help Protect your Privacy

The MItt Romney who Might have been - good article in NYTimes

Border Patrol agent shot dead, another wounded in Arizona

Spain's job situation worsens

Offshore strageties grew Romneys wealth - another article in NYTimes

Missouri moved to toss up

Songs with very long titles (I have the winner here:)

Fuck John Elway

why did Obama give Woodward access

Judge Blocks PA Voter ID Law for Presidential Election

Pic Of The Moment: The Morning After

Contact Mike Turzai (R-PA) and tell him "NOT DONE!"

Consumer Reports: Apple Maps Provide Clear Directions, Despite What You Read Online

States you would like to see polls

Debate tonight between Texan Democrat Paul Sadler and rightwing crazy tea bagger Canadian, Ted Cruz

One Rich Guy Sees It


Escape the Fire

Maddow: GOP forced to cease voter registration efforts in five of the swingiest swing states

Texas Driver Accused of Crashing $1M Bugatti for Insurance

Angels in America

Ad Blasts Thompson: ‘Who Better Than Me…To Do Away With Medicaid And Medicare’

Worst job in the fact-checker career: Fact-checking Michele Bachmann

please explain to me- why can't felons who have served their time vote?

Work resumes on (new) Japanese nuclear reactor

Hopefully the secret service will pay him a visit!

What the Pennsylvania ruling means today in regards with the election

Detroit water workers defy judge's order to return to their jobs

Chrysler Posts Strongest September Sales Since 2007; Ford Remains Flat

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s parents thought he was gay and tried to ‘cure’ him

Mitt Romney's teachable moment about rich people in general

Fracking as of late, compilation

Eric Cantor consents to first-in-a-decade debate. (WaPo)

Did you see the Colbert piece on UniCor Prison Labor?

Warren Brown Debate Winner: Warren On Top in Mass Senate Debate as Brown Commits Huge Blunder

EarlG has banned MercutioATC

Ukraine parliament votes to outlaw "promotion of homosexuality"

Nate Silver now on MSNBC w Alex Wagner

The US presidential election is no contest

Shell Blocks Employee Access to Activist Sites

The Viper is Back! The Downshift - Episode 35

Anyone had New Planet Gluten Free beer?

Help in classifying some DVDs my wife and I own.

RAVITCH: Michelle Rhee’s Plan to Destroy Public Education--buy conservative Dems

Obama Leads Romney by 18 Points Among Women

vacation check in - "How Romney Is Blowing It, According To Every Conservative Pundit" - BUT...

NC Tea Party PAC hosts ”Machine Gun Social” Saturday as a political fundraiser

In George Will's world, my white side might have agreed with him...

Former N.H. Gov. Sununu: Poll showing Romney losing in my state is ‘a piece of garbage’

My local election division concern.

Hard To Imagine Romneyites Doing This

Want to Bring Down the System?

Omigod. That is all.

I Saw A Statistic That Just Astounded Me

Allen West's Military Record Attacked In New Ad: 'Faced 11 Years In Prison'

Is the Presidential Race Tightening Heading Into the Debates? (Nate Silver)

Army Chaplain Holds Christian Prayer During Suicide Prevention Class, Soldiers Say

I saw a video of Mitt Romney stating he would not support any company who puts out dirty energy.

Lax gun laws in America normalize violence

Rebel Wilson sings on Leno. Pitching Pitch Perfect.

Police stakeout bill for Assange tops £1m as it costs £11,000 a DAY to ensure he doesn't flee ...

Swedish police link cyber attacks to Assange case

Both Candidates Leave God Off The Campaign Trail

"God Will Judge America Over Abortion and Gay Marriage" (and other powerful graphics)

paul ryan is romney's running mate, and that's bad news for Americans.

"that's the sort of mood I'm in today"

The ghosts of Zingers past. And some of them backfire

50 years of Space exploration in one interactive graphic. VERY COOL!!!!

What would you do to raise $ for breast cancer research? Would you strip down to pink undies?

Patrick Murphy fights back against Allen West (R-Crazytown), notes torture incident.

Why Richard Dawkins' humanists remind me of a religion

Marijuana officially decriminalized in Kalamazoo, Michigan

THIS IS CHANGE! - Former Republican Mama got a call from a Romney Canvasser...

Good News From Gallup -Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 44%

President Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Pick, Richard Cordray, Kicking Ass, AGAIN

Allen West's Military Record Attacked In New Ad: 'Faced 11 Years In Prison'

The New Values Voters: Climate Change

Why do the media jaw flappers keep talking about Chavez. I understand the Venezuelan elections are

Time To Deliver The Knockout Blow Tomorrow Night And Put Willard Romney Out Of His Misery

Will Keystone Pipeline go ahead no matter who is elected?

FYI...Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn, off air.

Rape Laws if the US became a theocracy

Luckovich cartoon - The ZINGER Debate

83 human rights activists killed in Colombia since 2010: El Tiempo .

DWTS! Who goes home tonight? I say Bristol Palin.

Motorcycle gang is larger than just Florida.

Obama loses all-important Scott Stapp vote, FOX News gloats

83 human rights activists killed in Colombia since 2010: El Tiempo .

Too gruesome for GD. Farmer eaten by zombie hogs.

In The "Mother Of Presidents" State It's Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 40%

Women Erased From IKEA's Saudi Catalog; Company Apologizes

A Head's Up: Dem Sadler debating Tea Partier Cruz Tonight

Florida to add a million jobs by 2020

Face palm - or why I don't discuss politics with my brother......

This debate hype is propaganda at its best.

What the H*** is Wall Street Smoking?

Signing up to volunteer at the Henderson, Nevada, field office. - pic

Rachel Maddow - Akin opens door to disagreeing with Civil Rights Act

"None of that is untrue," said Eric Cantor

FOX NEWS: Chris Wallace challenges Ryan with tough questions - Funny!

More mind-blowing animal instincts. (With human implications.)

Ohio voters camp out overnight to be the first in line to cast their ballots for President Obama-pic

Rachel Maddow - Scott Brown: Romney who?

Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs

"My esteemed colleague" pool

Disgusting "Fever Dreams of my Real Father": child porn?

Poll: Majority Wants Government To Help Employed Illegal Immigrants Reach Legal Status


Philly Cop Slap---The Cop has prior incidents, shootings, and payouts....

I'll Listen To TV's RW Spinmeisters...Until They Tell Their First Lie

RCP Has National Polls All Blue and 269 Electoral Votes for President Obama

70 Percent Of Wall Street Journal Romney Adviser Op-Eds Lacked Disclosure

Chrysler sales up 12%, GM up 1.5%, Ford remains flat

Colombia has 250,000 displaced seniors: Govt .

Marijuana officially decriminalized in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Three words I'll be listening for Obama to say during the debate:

The Worst One Percenters: Sports-Team Owners

Thom Hartmann: This Election Will Change The Supreme Court for a Generation

Congress: Republicans work against the poor, vets


Personal taxes aside, Romney's wealth built on Bain's offshore tax avoidance

I'm recording a GREAT album.

Newsroom -

Man flying large kite on beach struck by lightning

Brazil marks 20th anniversary of prison uprising in which police killed more than 100 inmates

Sales Plummet for Lottery Game That Helps Homeless Veterans (Thanks Rick Perry)

Woman who rode manatee broke sanctuary law

Sales Plummet for Lottery Game That Helps Homeless Veterans (Thanks Rick Perry)

What would Obama have to do....

ThinkProgress.Org has been hacked

Ok can I be pissed about something the President did 4 days ago?

Update: The anti-Obama sign in the courthouse window in SE KY...

Ryan: Biden won't be rattled in VP debate

DU Host perks they don't want us to know about?

omg how did I miss the Romney Mute Button ad?

The start of a donor 'exodus'?

Romney will shake the first black hand of his campaign tomorrow night.

Once the Republicans get over Obama not being a....

It looks like Arpaio can't keep the truth shackled up in one of his tent prisons

This may be a case where more fiber won't help!

Soldier and her daughter

LYIN' Linda McMahon

Akin: "Giving Abortions to Women Who Are Not Actually Pregnant, Cheating on Taxes"

What a disgrace.

Greek Chicken

Some rich get it

Anger Rising in Valeria Alvarado Shooting Death By Border Patrol Agent

Here is why RCP confuses me

This is How a Blow-Out Starts

David Gregory is weak.

Everybody is talking about Romney and Obama what there going to do in the debate

What the hey?! I just got a call from Costco to not eat the smoked salmon I bought there! TOO LATE!

Kids know--Why not Romney?

Voter Purge Over Citizen Status Sours Floridians on Republicans

Failing Without Honor

Live Interactive Chat with the AFL-CIO Policy Team During Presidential Debate

DAMN!!! Al Sharpton is only turning 58 as of 10-03-12

Gov. Walker on witness list of two trials

R & R Medicare plan would cost current seniors $1,100

Is this crap legal??

Will We Allow Henderson, ACLJ to Use "Teh Gay" As Excuse for "Teh Pedo"?

"Rory O'Shea Was Here"

Romney's Biggest Problem: He Disrespects Most Americans

Sununu says N.H. poll with Obama up 15 is 'piece of garbage'

We have an interesting and bold repeat troll post_rinse_repeat. and 4whomthebelletrolls.

Michelle Obama speaks to HUGE crowd of 6800 grassroots supporters in Cincinnati, Tuesday

What advantages do you enjoy with your Smart phone that you didn't have before?

The President & First Lady will be married 20 years tomorrow (oct 3)

PSA - - -> Costco: Do not eat the smoked salmon

Silly question. Saw a Willard ad and noticed at the bottom it read, Mitt Romney for Pres., Inc.

Ralph Reed is at it again: An Obama Victory Means "He Can Complete America's Destruction"

From this weekend's ramble

I want YOU to stop being AFRAID....

For Our Debate Eve Pleasure: When Our Prez Ate the GOP for Lunch

Some AWESOME reasons to vote Republican

Joan Walsh: How Scott Brown blew it

Please come CAPTION Bill ("Where's all this mad flippin' hatred coming from?") O'Reilly!!!

Jets owner: Country comes before team

Alan Grayson's GOP Opponent wants Michele Bachmann to be Speaker of the House!

Allen West: GOP Rep. Reportedly Asked Wife To Be His 'Porn Star', Demanded 'Non-Negotiable' Sex Acts

OK, I have reviewed the recipe thread. But - what do you like to make that freezes well?

New Hampshire Poll: Obama By 7.5 Points, Plurality Favors Public Option

Cockneys vs. Zombies trailer

Finally got my absentee ballot for Indiana in the mail. . .

John Elways is looking (and acting) more and more like Biff Tannen...

Dreams of my Real Father

Mitt Romney is a Rich Man Who Can Buy Everything But a Clue

Great picture of Mitt Romney with Chipotle employees.

New study confirms what we figured all along -- a GOP Congress is good for the country's 1%

Creed's lead singer Scott Stapp on why he won't vote for Obama

Eric Cantor's district is where half the

Obama's extra debate prep

A Stupid question for ca absentee voters

Thom Hartmann: Why Some of our Cities are being Sacrificed

The Last Word - Paul Ryan dodges explaining the tax math

HERE is one definite FACT:

The Last Word - Mitt Romney under debate pressure

We’re Back On The Air – Thanks To You

Bully calls news anchor fat, news anchor destroys him on live tv

Hi DU friends

Stewart and O'Reilly get ready to 'Rumble'

Part of Harry Reid Speech At 2012 Democratic Convention

Dog in car's grill survives ride from Mass. to RI

"Paul Ryan: Only Business Owners Work Hard," the person who picks up Mitt's garbage disagrees

Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat

Kiefer pear recipes?

In Europe, Speed Cameras Meet Their Technological Match

WOOHOO! I voted for Obama/Biden and Sherrod Brown in Ohio Today!

GOP Voters In The Perennially Solid Red States Are The Ones Who Are Not Real Americans

Shiz BYU Girls Say

Romney seeks extended deadline for overseas voters

So, what's the word or phrase for the debate drinking game tomorrow?

Oh deer. That wasn't chicken.

Teabaggers from across the nation descend upon Ohio to get out the vote for Republicans

I guess Zogby balances out Rasmussen

Rachel Maddow - Fraud scandal ends GOP registration drive early

What the idiots at faux news are writing about Martin Bashir today:

US preparing to strike targets tied to Libya attack

"We need to require a Photo ID for Absentee Ballots"

HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream?

Romney's "Zingers"

Cow Hunt

VP on Channel 13 making speach NOW at 4pm from Asheville, NC

Dave's Worst Limo Service - Philadelphia

Oregon farmer eaten by his pigs.

Lawsuit filed over California gay teen therapy law

Warren win might affect Kerry’s future

From a biopic on Old Money: The question Romney's parents should have asked.

Martin Bashir just threatened to shut Ron Christie down when Ron started to respond to his

Reid starts swinging at Romney on Taxes again

More Than 50 Excellent LGBT Movies To Celebrate LGBT History Month

$34.4 Million Can’t Seem To Buy Prop 37 Opponents Their Own Facts

Piece of Crap Issah at it again. Planning Oct Surprise?

Unemployment has reached 47%?

Michael Moore, Here Comes Trouble, is a real page turner.

The start of a donor 'exodus'?

Romney campaign pouncing on Biden gaffe

Obama is destroying the economy?

Matt Damon brings the fracking fight to the big screen

Romney is asking for help getting to 8 million likes on Facebook

First Will now Horowitz: Obama ‘Would Never Be President if He Weren’t Black’ P

Just cast my vote for President Obama and a straight Dem ticket here in Iowa.

Where We Were Four Years Ago

Papantonio: Mesh Implants Disfiguring Consumers

Has the Dr Who episode shown here in the UK Sept 29th

My dream is probably to get my sons to Canada,

Have you heard what Letterman said about Romney?

Mitt Romney Considering Infamous Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO To Replace Geithner

HS guidance counselor writes sexist book, gets fired, sues

Mandatory - Obama for America TV Ad

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

You know, for about 3 Million dollars the Democratic Party could make Ryan sweat hard

Things are looking up for us! I am almost scared to be excited....

Where are YOU watching the debate?

Another Crazy Todd Akin Comment

Congress needs to fund the CFTC and provide the CFTC with more power, but

Mitt's Mattress Massacre

Cash for Guns – No Background Checks

Thom Hartmann: Occupy DC - a Movement or a Moment?

Biden Says Middle Class ‘Has Been Buried Last Four Years’

Media Coverage Influences Value of Presidential Debates for Viewers, Study Finds is under attack... by being blocked....

Just got ANOTHER Calista Gingrich robo phone call

Why The 2012 Debates Won't Matter

Record number of gays seeking seats in Congress

I hope one of the debate moderators asks Romney how Bain harvested Sealy mattress company

Scott Brown campaign ads and the local news: a Boston perspective

Romney floats $17K limit on tax deductions

Assaulted Mothers Shouldn't Have to Prove They Were Raped (E petition)

Limbaugh sides with George Will and calls Obama ‘an affirmative action hire


CHUCK TODD on hardball - Obama still has to worry because........

Joe Biden: Sex symbol?

he created 10.3 million jobs and he was a "failure"?

I require an explanation...

Thought I'd pass this on. Am I making too much of this? October Surprise or Bullshit?

2012 Debate Moderators who are they ? And how long is the debate

President Barack Obama visits Hoover Dam - pics

Obama campaign: Romney confuses immigration issue

(Mormonism) No other faith ordain every adult and adolescent male - extending authority everywhere

Does anyone know what Hannity and Drudge are talking about re: new video?

Outrageous Homophobic Statements

The end of my show from the Island "Mainau" - onward and upward to new subjects

WKBT Anchor Jennifer Livingston’s On-Air Response to Viewer Complaint About Her Weight

Dumb and Dumber: Trump advising Romney on debates.... guess what Don tells Mitt to do...

Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says

Tortoise shelled in WW1 needs a new home

Climate change expected to shrink fish, warmer oceans will starve them of oxygen

Bill Maher: At it again....LOL

I overheard someone call me "weird" at work today

Hide your Jeebus! Right Fucking Now! Just was forwarded to me from Facebook

Gawker: Peggy Noonan Went to Brooklyn

Climate Change Could Delay Fall Foliage Colors

Syria bomb blast kills Hezbollah operative

Finally considering applying for Disability... reconciling conflicting emotions

LOL: -GOP Has Been Infiltrated & Worse: Grover Norquist is a Muslim-he is a practicing Muslim.

Ezra Klein: Tax plan specifics! From Mitt Romney!

I just received a "voter guide" in the mail from the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Biden Adjusts ‘Buried’ Middle Class Line

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened

Just got back from voting in Ohio. One election official told us that

Damn! October 2nd, and it just hit 100 degrees here!

PPP (PCIntern Philadelphia Poll): Landslide approval for voters rights and to Re-elect the President

Our survival depends on fighting climate change

GOP voter laws getting walloped by the courts

love the Mad Magazine cover take off of New Yorker Magazine -

L.A. City Council rescinds ban on medical marijuana dispensaries (LA Times)

Romney losing ground with Latinos, too

October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

Even the 100th Oreo Includes a Gay Twist

The silver bullet to destroy Mitt Romney in the debate?

RHODE ISLAND: (SENATE - Whitehouse +26), (1ST DISTRICT - Cicilline +6)

"I want you to be my porn star" (Allen West) = "I want to be your tampon (Prince Charles)

Analysis: Romney would send consumers healthcare bill, with benefits

**Survey USA**... Obama +2 in N.C.

Republican Congress Partly to Blame for Embassy Attack--Get the Word out on Twitter, Facebook, Etc.


Rape Laws if the US becomes a theocracy

Elijah Cummings coming up on Rev Al to discuss

Did Ryan aide tell them to "eff" off?

Very short but powerful war story I found on the internet just now

Now who does SH*T like this?

Paul Ryan: 30 Percent 'Want Their Welfare State,' 70 Percent 'Want The American Dream'

Hello from Saskatchewan

RYAN CAUGHT ON TAPE: 30% of Americans Want Welfare

Steve Colbert Tweet...

Yep. You guessed it! The video is more Rev. Wright bullshit! UPDATED

Do we really need to hear from every idiot on Facebook?

Paul Ryan: 30 Percent 'Want Their Welfare State,' 70 Percent 'Want The American Dream'

A Thank You letter from the President and 1st Lady Michelle Obama

Paul Ryan: 30 Percent 'Want Their Welfare State,' 70 Percent 'Want The American Dream'

A Thank You letter from the President and 1st Lady Michelle Obama

A Thank You letter from the President and 1st Lady Michelle Obama

I'm compiling a Rock & Roll chronology. Your help needed.

The page with no name on FB says it like this...

Fall Harvest Recipes: Apple doughnuts, fritters

crop artists sculpts Romney/Ryan on 10 acre corn field

Who Remembers Clinton Rossiter?

How Should The President Respond To Romney's FEIGNED Empathy Approach?

Hilarious Mitt Romney Photo At Chipotle Grill Worth A Thousand Words

Romney Floats $17,000 Limit On Tax Deductions

Miami Hurricanes Football: Miami-Notre Dame Rivalry Lives On

Ryan: Put Gramps to Work

On tcm now "story of mankind" 1957

Biden: "The middle class was buried by the policies that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney supported"

Did Ryan aide tell them to "eff" off?

WMUR/UNH: Hassan (D) (+2) for NEW HAMPSHIRE Governor

Is This The Video Drudge Is Teasing?

Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Mitt Romney Style

Updated: 80% of world CO2 emissions are related to population levels.

Barney Frank spoke to Rachel about the Warren - Brown debate:

Speaking of Whitey tapes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Suffolk/WSVN: FLORIDA (Obama +3), (Nelson +6)

Scandinavian mystery fans: Netflix has Season 2 of the original Swedish "Wallander"

Free advice for Romney

Movie Trailer - The House I Live In

Martin Bashir - Romney ready with debate zingers but what about tax policy questions?

Hilarious! Cardboard cut-out of Obama outside of Colorado Romney rally brings out the best in people

Martin Bashir - Romney stuck at the corner of 47th and Bain

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama maintains lead, but Romney within striking distance (LOL!) - updated

Drudge tweeting re: "curious tape" that was "dropped off" and the "internal debate"

NBC news poll. 51-44 obama

Tribute to Gandhi on the 143rd anniversary of his birth

GOP Congressional Candidate Posts Gun on Facebook-Captions it ‘Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama"

Obama's unfair Debate Advantage

'Taking A Poll' In Order To Screen Out Obama Supporters - BradBlog

USA Today solicits Questions from readers: "What would U ask candidates about the economy?"

"The House I Live In" Pushes the Straight Dope

Bedouin village in Negev to be destroyed, Jewish settlement to be built on site

At age 56, I've never wanted a candidate/party to get trounced as much as RMoney/repubs. Never.

Romney is losing the war on women, thank goodness

Way to go guys! 84-year-old woman rescued after car crashes into ocean

Scott Brown is a nasty, arrogant twit.

Hah! My SIL is a business writer and she was given an assignment...

President Obama visits the Hoover Dam, October 2

US Chamber of Commerce is sure flooding the local channels with rightwing BS.

Stewart Hilariously Ridicules The Obama/Romney Campaigns’ Lowered Debate Expectations - video link


Awesome New Obama Ad! Mitt Romney's Offshore Tax Havens

God, Chuck Toad is a loathsome little

Is the DNC going to run with Scott Brown's "Scalia - my favorite justice" remarks?

New Polls Raise Chance of Electoral College Tie

Best car sales since early '08


Afghanistan should be left 'to get on with things' – British ambassador

Transcipt of FULL VIDEO that will air on Hannity tonight.

Romney’s garbage man stars in new attack ad (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney stopped at Chipotle this morning -- but is not invited to Rosa Linda's

So This is the Earth-Shattering Drudge/Obama Race Video

For The North Carolina voters...Gotta vote: Early Voting

Why the race could be over tomorrow night

Did You Know: The 25 related US Presidents.

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" and What We Need to Know about Fox News Crowd, Guns,Gods,Gays Bash.

Full Transcript of the "damning" video here:

Latest four albums I'm recording...

Suffolk FL Poll -Obama (D) 46% Romney ($) 43%

RYAN:ONLY 70% of americans want THE AMERICAN DREAM-

A scathing ad against Allen West... (the bottom layer of scum in the Republican scum pond)

DVR Alert: ESPN Documentary Broke 8pmEST

Anti abotion thugs shut down clinic in Brooklyn NY NY

Is it just me, or

Just made my first campaign donation this year.

Just think, guys, in an alternate universe, Romney is the one leading in the polls...

West Coast Main Line Deal Ditched (BBC)

U.S. Said to Be Preparing Potential Targets Tied to Libya

iPhone 4S upgrade to iO6

because we all need something to smile about-"wrong direction's disclosure"

Documents Show Huge Increase in Warrantless Electronic Surveillance

When does a corporation stop being a person? When you want to sue it of course!

One step forward, two back for Greece on debt

because we all need something to smile about "wrong directions' disclosure"

I hope this tape that Drudge has really is just an old 2007 tape. Hope he is not...

State polls released Oct 1 and Oct 2

Right Wing In A Tizzy Because Barack Obama Spoke With An Inflection To An African American Audience

Heads up: Special brand new History Detectives on PBS at 8 Eastern time.

THIS... Will Piss You Off... It Sure Pissed Me Off...

a biography of the day--mary ritter beard

Debate ...

News Person Responds to email calling her on her fat..on live tv she takes the writer of email down.

quotes of the day--mary ritter beard

72 Million Will Go Without Health Insurance Under Romney’s Health Plan

Election and ads are making me nuts - rant

There are only two things I'm sure of about the debate, and a few guesses.

today in women's herstory

Appeals Court: Emails of former Walker aide can be used at trial

GOP Congress really does make the rich richer

Don't know about you all, but I'm jonesing for some MFM threads.

Where did my older post history go?

Woman who beat in-laws' dog to death sentenced to 5 years in prison

Mes Aynak Update

I am watching this Texas debate...and it is 3 against 1

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Let's Fight for a Progressive Agenda

Metal Flake Mother appreciation thread

CNN is talking about Rev. Wright? (updated)

Love That Bank Humor

Democrats' voter-registration effort swamps GOP's

Is there a Problem here in META? Folks posting the names of "DU Replies" to catalog?

Prices ROSE after MI's GOPer govt repealed the state's item pricing law. Thanks, GOPers!


Another quick marriage and expected baby for the abstinence-only sex education believing Palin's

Drudge, Hannity Hype Five-Year-Old Video of Obama That Was Extensively Covered in 2008

Record Number of Gay Candidates

Yet another great ad: Women's Voices

47% layabouts? 30% lazy bums? Who's right about Americans? Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan?

Three corporations withdraw sponsorship of Commission on Presidential Debates

NLRB Backs an Employer in Its First Facebook-Firing Decision

Obama campaign: Mitt Romney's Offshore Tax Havens

WTF is Sam Zell doing on Ed Show???

Top 5 Reasons Why Mitt Romney won't release more tax returns

(DU Contributor) Alan Grayson debates Todd Long

When is it 'too late'? (Advice if you've a mind to do so, please) (Kind of long, too.)

State takes over Big Island election operations

Mitt Romney suggests cutting mortgage interest deduction on eve of presidential debate

Virginia Democratic Challenger Dings House GOP Leader Cantor. (ABC)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tuesday Amusements & a new Kitty gif

From Here to Anonymity (Eve of Derision edition)

Dan Savage lashes out: “Tony Perkins Sits On A Pile Of Dead Gay Kids Every Day”

Offshore Tactics Helped Increase Romneys’ Wealth

Reuters - "Romney would send consumers healthcare bill, with benefits"

So There's A Post Here That Says The Right Fears Their Bibles Being Taken Away If Obama Wins...

they bring out a video that brings up religion? do they know who their candidate is?

Paul Ryan: Cut taxes first, balance budget later

Unmasking the most influential billionaire in U.S. politics: Peter G. Peterson

Nate Silver: Is the Presidential Race Tightening?

OMG. Did you hear about the President?

Seven Days that shook the Windy City: Reflections on a Chicago teachers strike

So Lyan was caught on tape telling his rich ReTHUG goons

While ID is not required to vote in PA now, the PR campaign is still running ads that say otherwise.

A day taking pictures

OKAY if the GOP is pulling the Race card on the Eve of the FIRST election can we just stick

Why the Debates Won't Matter

Here's the Daily Caller link (from the front page of Drudge) to the new FAKE Obama controversary...

Tucker Carlson on Hannity - on the *!!!EXPLOSIVE!!!* Obama tape from 2007 (on youtube since ..2007)

General Custer in Blue and Green


"Judge halts Pa.'s strict new voter ID law" by CBS News

Smith says the Rev Wright old tape is diversion

Mitt Romney suggests cutting mortgage interest deduction on eve of presidential debate

Anyone watch the Sadler - Cruz Debate???

What will the October Surprise be?

Really, republicans?

"Imagine a school where the cool kids are the chess team"

U.S. had early indications Libya attack tied to organized militants

Don't pay attention to 'shiny objects' like 5 year old tapes.

Can I Just Say "Paul Sadler Kicks Ass"?!

Mandatory - Obama for America TV Ad excellent ad

just got robo-called

my response to mr. drudge...

Really, what do the Republicans actually have on President Obama?

Mutual Fund Operator Pleads Guilty to Selling Bogus Facebook Stock

It's fun to play around with CNN's Electoral College Map and explore the possibilities. . .

Anybody going to a debate party tomorrow?

Not All Republicans Are Racists But Most* Racists Are Republicans

30 years ago

Cardboard Obama told “Go back to Kenya” at Romney rally

Is there anything we can do about this True to Vote /Tea party group that will be trying to

EU Justice minister seeks legislation on gender quotas for top corporate jobs.

The ED Show - Obama ad hits Romney for investment in China

‘Paramilitary Group’ Called In To Quell Demonstration Of Wal-Mart Workers (VIDEO)

a vagina monolgue--vagina, interrupted

a vagina monologue--vagina, interrupted

Rachel, modulate the news


There was a rumor running rapid across the playground back in 1964...

The ED Show - Republicans and voter fraud

Has anyone seen Tom Hanks From Earth to the Moon? Opinions

OK. I cant take it anymore. What or who the hell is "mirt"?

A Pagan Response to the Affordable Care Act

Rachel Maddow Slams Drudge-Teased Obama Video, Romney Campaign’s ‘Racial Appeals’ - video link

Wow... I Forgot About This...An Oldie, But A Goodie... The Back Cover Of Aqualung...

The ED Show - Billionaires complaining about Obama

Army Chaplain Holds Christian Prayer During Suicide Prevention Class, Soldiers Say

I just clowned Ron Christie on Twitter.

What do you mean that billionaires are swiping the election? (Wow, Amazing Greg Palast Interview)

Romney Camp Leaks Mitt's Planned Lame 'Zinger'

No bad news.

Descendants want justice for Connecticut witches

R$: 47% and cRyan: 30% of Americans aren't worth a damn (146 and 93 million respectively)

Mittens proposes a $17,000 cap on ALL itemized deductions???

Obama's Last Challenger - Post Debate

Just got back from the store, bbqed burgers, potato salad

NEW rules

The ED Show - Romney finally gives details about his tax plan

ACORN etc: Inoculating against Decency

Epic Right Wing Fail: Obama Shout Out to Rev. Wright and Talking to Black People, 5 yrs. Ago.

"7 Deadly Sins America Commits Against Its Own People" By Paul Bucheit at AlterNet

Chipotle Mitt



'Dog is My Copilot' - pretty cool story on the local news

White House secret meetings examine al-Qaeda threat in North Africa

Does anyone have the polls numbers after the Cantor / Powell debate?

Only in Japan...

New Pennsylvania Ad Changes Voting Date for Republicans to November 7

That's all the GOP has... black black black black black.

So why didn't we run a black man in 2004?

Alan Alda was a GOOD Republican!

5 Obscene Reasons Why Richest Americans grow Richer As Middle-Class Declines

Kennedy vs. Nixon - 1st 1960 Debate

Baal's Cedar: Natib Qadish, Canaanite Religion

I've lost count the past four years on how many videos were supposed to bring Obama down...

Debate questions for Mitt Romney

Spider Mythology and Folklore

NYT: G.O.P. Aims to Remake Florida Supreme Court

Ryan Tells Retired Seniors To Get A Job So They Are "Good Taxpayers" In Response To Question

Nate Silver upped Obama's odds in Pennsylvania

Michelle Rhee’s Plan to Destroy Public Education

Skydiver to Attempt Record-Breaking Supersonic 'Space Jump' Oct. 8

Well I got some good news and bad news

Did anyone else go to MACNA this year?

I need to make a hot pack out of household materials to wrap around my injured wrist!

"Mine is the best dog in the world".

Patients, Pressure and Profits at Aspen Dental

What question would you ask at the debate?

Do You Think That The Repugs In Congress That Opposed Elizabeth Warren As Dir Of The Consumer....

Who is Funding Joel Gilbert?

Best of the West Wing

Ezra Klein - "Tax plan specifics! From Mitt Romney!" - Romney's Plan Still Upside Down

Statistical detection of systematic election irregularities

Blog about your HP products and service here - I've had some bad ones

I Want To Be Ed Hochuli

Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists

"Why Obama Is Leading in Swing States"

But, Doesn’t he talk scary?

I'm fixing a hole....

$17K of deductions or $17K of taxes offset by deductions?

wow. just wow. GREAT Yankees win !

Crossroads (Karl Rove) commits $16M to presidential, Senate campaign ads

Colombia receives criticism for judicial process of mass civilian killings .

Colombia receives criticism for judicial process of mass civilian killings .

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 4 -- What's On Tonight: Bob's Picks

If you die after sending mail-in ballot, your vote counts

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 5 -- What's On Tonight: American Politics on Film

Crossroads commits $16M to presidential, Senate campaign ads (Ham Rove - Translucent Pig)

Super PAC Barrage Coming To House Races Across The Country

Awesome Obama Ad: Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama

In desperation, will we hear R$ or cRyan drop the N-bomb?


Walmart Workers Ask For Basic Rights, Walmart Calls Riot Police

I'll be nice tonight: Congratulations, Yankees

OMG Drudge is carrying water for the GOP

Anybody Watching Current TV ??? - Didn't Realize It At First... But They Seem To Be Having A Debate

In graphical form: THIS is what Drudge is up to

The Union Label

(From May 2012) Romney: Ricketts Plan To Use Rev. Jeremiah Wright Against Obama Is 'Wrong Course'

Ok Folks...Three stinky polls have it closing

Disputed election shaped NAFTA

Disputed election shaped NAFTA

Drudge-Hyped Obama Vid Was Public Speech In '07

You can tell they're losing with how desperate they get...

Romney may get a positive bump after the debate tomorrow --


Break out the nerves and high-blood pressure medicine...

LOL Thats their October surprise???????

I think they kept this Rev Wright "Bombshell" in IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS container...

So bad ... yet so funny.

Need some help here: if Romney's plan is 'revenue neutral'

Senate panel criticizes anti-terrorism data-sharing centers

another facebook tidbit.....

Japan: Whaling Group Suffers Financial Loss