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Good Reads (Forum): About This Forum

Post excerpts from articles, blogs, and other recently-published material related to politics, issues, and current events. No posts about Israel/Palestine, religion, guns, showbiz, or sports unless there is really big news. No conspiracy theories. No whining about DU.

Forum Hosts are regular DU members who meet certain eligibility requirements. Any DU member who meets these requirements may volunteer to serve as a Forum Host. If no Hosts are assigned to a particular forum, the DU Administrators serve as Hosts. Forum Hosts have one responsibility: They lock threads which they believe violate a forum's Statement of Purpose.

There is a maximum quota of 30 Hosts. Hosts cannot serve for more than 90 consecutive days and must maintain a 100% chance of serving on a jury.

Current forum Hosts, in the order they were added:

Number Hosts Days served
1 cyberswede 87
2 X_Digger 83
3 fishwax 75
4 In_The_Wind 75
5 azurnoir 69
6 kdmorris 66
7 hibbing 66
8 Bobbie Jo 65
9 Punkingal 64
10 Sissyk 64
11 tkmorris 63
12 etherealtruth 59
13 libodem 58
14 Chemisse 54
15 GP6971 53
16 Warren Stupidity 52
17 Hassin Bin Sober 51
18 geardaddy 39
19 aikoaiko 39
20 Raine1967 26
21 LostOne4Ever 19
22 mcar 17
23 Goblinmonger 15
24 Omaha Steve 10
25 one_voice 8
26 Amimnoch 8
27 Ptah 5
28 uppityperson 5
29 Host needed: Click here if you are interested in serving as a Forum Host. -
30 Host needed: Click here if you are interested in serving as a Forum Host. -

Forum Hosts have the following abilities in their assigned forums:

Type (Forum or Group): Forum

Relevance (Political or Non-political): Political

Status (Active or Pending): Active

RSS feed: RSS /?com=rss&forum=1016

Primary Category: Main
Secondary Categories: N/A

Number of posts, 30 days: 4,579
Number of posts, All time: 158,110

Number of subscribers: Members cannot subscribe to forums.
Number of people trashing: 18

Created: N/A (This forum was created on a previous version of the DU software.)

No members are blocked from this forum.

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