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Fri Jan 4, 2013, 12:04 AM

USA Today & NY Times say some not-so-nice things about our Governor

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From the New York Times Editorial Board:

"If it were possible to compound the reasons for outrage over the serial child rape committed at Penn State, Gov. Tom Corbett took a brazenly misguided step in that direction Wednesday. The governor filed a federal lawsuit to force the N.C.A.A. to revoke the highly deserved sanctions imposed on the school and its powerful football program for a scandal that reached the highest levels of the university.

Corbett barely mentioned the young victims in complaining that the state’s economy, its citizens, students and, of course, the all-important Pennsylvania State University football fans were being unfairly penalized for the abuse and rape of children by Jerry Sandusky, the imprisoned former assistant coach who for years used the football program as a lure for his young victims. ...

It would be hard to imagine a more shortsighted misunderstanding of the scandal that continues to shake Penn State."
over 400 comments posted beneath the NYT editorial in one day, before the comments were closed.

Here's one of those reader comments:

"I am a reminded of Bill Murray's line from "Ghost Busters," when speaking to the Major he remarks, "You, Lenny, will have saved the lives of millions of eligible voters!" That is indeed what this is all about -- a blatant political play to try to garner the votes of every last one of those Penn Staters who will cast a ballot next time around.

Have no doubt that Corbett's political consultants have already done polling to find out how he is perceived vis-a-vis the Sandusky scandal and found that, "Hey, we have to move those numbers." So his lawsuit is both an effort to help his reelection cause, but also a pre-emptive strike against what he knows will be a distressing investigation by the incoming Attorney General. "


Whole article is worth reading.

"Governor's frivolous lawsuit a setback to Penn State"


"It's not a coincidence that the announcement (of the Federal lawsuit) was made right after the New Year's Day bowl games. Corbett said he "didn't want to file during football season to take away from the team's momentum." He actually said those words. Something this vitally important had to wait for the football season to end? If this weren't such a serious topic, if this weren't so pathetic and appalling, it would be laughable. Who is running this state, Barney Fife?

The fact that Corbett has the audacity to say these things with a straight face is mind-boggling. One could even ask why he's still the governor, because his actions – inaction, actually – played an integral part in the entire, horrifying Sandusky saga. Corbett was the attorney general when his office took over the Sandusky case in early 2009. As we know now, even then, there was plenty of graphic and stunning testimony from at least one young man, then known as Victim No. 1, not to mention the story of another victim that had been covered up for 10 years.

Yet it took Corbett's state prosecutors nearly three years to charge Sandusky. Nearly three years.

During that time, Corbett, a Republican, was running for governor, and it is certainly worth wondering if his lack of action might have been caused by his concern for his campaign rather than the children of Pennsylvania."

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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 12:25 AM

1. "Who is running this state, Barney Fife?"

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Response to blue neen (Reply #1)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 09:20 AM

6. Corbett: "I've called This National News Conference to bring attention to my worst screw-up"

So Corbett holds a national news conference and runs around holding interviews with the national media to call greater attention to his worst screw-up.

Yes, the NCAA should not have punished the young football players so severely - because they were not at fault. Instead, the NCAA should have found some way to punish Corbett, who was one of the main enablers of Sandusky.

Because of Corbett's inaction, Sandusky was enjoying the view from his back porch of the adjacent elementary school playground. There easily could have been more victims during those 3 years before Sandusky was arrested.

Corbett had full responsibility for investigating Sandusky starting in early 2009. A credible young witness and his mother came to the County DA, who passed the case onto Corbett because the DA had a family conflict of interest (which is the normal process across the country).

According to several accounts, Corbett assigned one part-time investigator to the case. That investigator didn't even spend enough time on the case to find out that Sandusky had written a book entitled "Touched" that was for sale on Amazon at the time. That book happened to feature most of his victims.

Instead, Corbett was angry with rage that his criminal cases against Democratic staffers in the Legislature were falling apart. Bonusgate was supposed to be his ticket to the Governor's Mansion, but now he was looking incompetent. Juries threw out at least one case. He ordered "all hands on deck" to concentrate on Bonusgate.

Meanwhile, the AG's office had a highly respected Child Protection Unit that concentrated on protecting children from severe abuse. They were not given responsibility for investing Sandusky. Anyone who knows anything about child sexual abuse would have known that Sandusky fit all of the profiles for a serial abuser. Everyone knew that Sandusky spent so much of his time alone with young boys from unstable families.

A couple years later, a state narcotics investigator was looking into steroids abuse at Penn State. He conducted a routine check of the AG's computer system to see if any of his suspects were being investigated by other people in the office. Up pops the cold case investigation of Sandusky. He then pushes for a real investigation, helped by a new interim Attorney General, who comes into power after Corbett becomes Governor. Once the AG staff actually drive to Penn State and look at Penn State's files, they find a mother-load of coverups, and other victims come forward. (Side-note- Corbett then decides not to appoint the well-experienced interim AG (who he had hand-picked) to be the permanent AG.)





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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 12:53 AM

2. I hope Kane gets this bastard. nt

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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:08 AM

3. I say some not-so-nice things about our governor on a weekly basis.

One could ask why he's still the governor only because we have no means by which to oust him.

Barney Fife? Hardly. Corbett isn't at all endearing and he's not funny. He's a mean vindictive bully who rules like a dictator. And we're stuck with him for two more years. I hope Kathleen Kane takes him out.

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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 06:34 AM

4. Can the NCAA countersue Tom Corbett?

As Attorney General he allowed Sandusky's pederasty to continue unabated for three years.

One has to wonder: would Corbett have pursued this if Penn State hadn't gone undefeated this season? If it weren't for those pesky sanctions Penn State would be playing for the national championship.

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Response to jmowreader (Reply #4)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 06:57 AM

5. Since PSU was 8-4 this year, I'm not sure what you mean.

Sanctions aside, Penn State wouldn't be within a mile of the national championship.

-- Mal

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Response to malthaussen (Reply #5)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:39 PM

9. To be fair if there wasn't any sanctions i think they would have gone 10-2 and got a bid

The first 2 games of the season were with lesser football programs with Ohio University and Virginia. Ohio U did have a decent season but PSU was picked to beat them. Virginia had a losing season.

I think there was alot of stress and growing pains in those first 2 games since they were the first after the whole sandusky mess and loss of Paterno. If you look at the rest of the schedule they had a very strong high scoring season with their only losses to nationally ranked teams. And even in those losses they still scored over 20 points.

They wouldn't have been near a national champsionship but they would have gotten a bowl bid and that's where the big money is!


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Response to jmowreader (Reply #4)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:17 PM

7. My theory is donor$

He seems to have many donors from the Penn State Area and he is not very popular right now so how do get them to "poney" up more money!

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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:34 PM

8. This little manuever is gonna come back to haunt Corbett

He's only doing it because he knows he's guilty of negligence during the Sandusky investigation. Corbett is stupid enough to think pandering to PSU supporters will somehow save him.

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Response to JPZenger (Original post)

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 02:18 PM

10. Corbett is sort of right, but for all of the wrong reasons

I agree that the sanctions were overly broad and penalized many people who were not at fault. I also agree that the NCAA apparently over-reached beyond their own rules. I agree that the NCAA's ability to kill college football at Penn State if the University didn't agree to all of their demands does raise anti-trust issues.

However, this is being done too late, and for all of the wrong political reasons. Part of his reasoning is to distract attention from Attorney General Kane's investigation of Corbett's lack of investigation of Sandusky.

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