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Mon Oct 7, 2013, 11:17 AM

"Imperialism & Fundamentalism Have Joined Hands": Malalai Joya on 12 Years of U.S.-Led Afghan War

By Malalai Joya

Source: Democracy Now!

Monday, October 07, 2013

MALALAI JOYA: Underground, I mean despite wearing burqa and have bodyguards, not safe moving from one place to another place, that to not be easy target. As last year on 10 of March, these terrorists attacked my house and office in Farah province, that 12 of my bodyguards brutally has been injured. And this is about seven assassination attempts they do against me. Thatís why I have to be underground. I mean that I canít have office or a house, that much easier for an activist to have it. But unfortunately, for security reasons, itís not only me, there is many other democrat men and women activists that are risking their life, struggling, but have to be underground.

And regarding your question about consequences of the 12 years of occupation of U.S. and NATO, unfortunately, was more bloodshed, crimes, women rights, human rights violations, looting of our resource and changing of our country into mafia state, as during these 12 bloody years tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed by occupation forces and terrorist groups. And they have changed Afghanistan to the center of the drugs. Thatís more than 90 percent of opium produced from Afghanistan, as I believe opium is even more dangerous than al-Qaeda and war as it destroy and spoils the life of Afghans. Around two million Afghan addicted, most of them are women and children. And also, thereís a report Afghanistan is the second most corrupt country in the world. And according to UNIFEM, Afghanistan is the worst place to be a woman. And many example like this, this list can be prolonged, that they unfortunately committed crimes against our people. Still this war, disgusting war, is going on, and even right now trying to negotiate with terrorist Taliban, as these 12 years were saying to our people, "We are there to fight against Taliban and al-Qaeda," but now U.S. officials and puppet regime of Karzai shamelessly publicly they say that Taliban are not their enemies anymore and going to negotiate with them, invite them to join this puppet, corrupt mafia regime.

AMY GOODMAN: The news agency Agence France-Presse reports the U.S. plans to pull out the bulk of its 57,000 troops in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and has tentative plans to retain a smaller force of around 10,000 forces after that. On Monday, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said he hoped an accord on the future U.S. military presence in Afghanistan would be in place by November. Hagel said, "Weíre working with President Karzai and his government to get that bilateral security agreement completed and signed," unquote. However, President Karzai has insisted Afghanistan would not be rushed over the negotiations and has even hinted an agreement might not be finalized before presidential elections in April next year. Letís talk about the U.S. presence now in Afghanistan and the future plan for bases and a base of operations for counterterrorism forces, Malalai Joya.

MALALAI JOYA: Yeah, as I briefly said, as tip of the iceberg example of the brutalities and war crime of the U.S. and also these fundamentalist warlords, even Taliban, who both of them their godfather is the U.S.

And regarding the withdrawal of the troops, just a few thousands of the troops will withdraw, to deceive justice-loving people of the U.S. and around the world, as theyíre under pressure of justice-loving people of these countries because of this endless war there, but their military bases remain there, as nine major military bases now. They are working on it and going to legalize this. And also, that they raise this propaganda that civil war will happen if we leave Afghanistan. Behind of this, also the hand of the U.S., to make afraid the people to accept these military bases. I believe as long as in a country which has foreign military bases, U.S. military bases, they canít expect that they have independence.

Full Article: http://www.zcommunications.org/imperialism-and-fundamentalism-have-joined-hands-malalai-joya-on-12-years-of-u-s-led-afghan-war-by-malalai-joya.html

Democracy Now video and transcript: http://www.democracynow.org/2013/10/3/imperialism_fundamentalism_have_joined_hands_malalai

MALALAI JOYA: Yeah, as I said, U.S. troop is there for this criminal war, since the war, as they occupied our country, will not leave Afghanistan voluntarily soon, as situation for millions of Afghan by presence of tens of thousands troops is like hell, especially in Farah provinces. And women, still they are the most and prime victims, and theyófor example, rapes, domestic violences, acid attacks, burning the girlsí schools, and many other violence is increasing more and more, as right now Iím following the case of Shakila, a 16-years-old girl who has been raped and killed by a member of the provincial council and three other parlimentarian so-called member of Parliament. They are partner in this case in trying to forge the medical report of the raped girl. And even a few kilometers away from Kabul just a few months ago, a young girl has been prosecuted publicly by one of the criminal fundamentalist party, Hezb-e Islamic party, that run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, this terrorist. Also Taliban in different provinces, they are doing public executions, without at least to bring these women to this fundamentalist or mafia court that we have. And many other example like this, that they control Afghanistan day by day, they are getting powerful. Thatís why we want the withdrawal of the troops as soon as possible from Afghanistan, because they double our miseries and sorrows of our people. And if, honestly, they leave, at least these warlords and these Taliban, these terrorists, will not be more powerful, to be easier for them to eliminate democratic people of Afghanistan and suffer or kill innocent people there.

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