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Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:46 PM


What the Bleep is Going on in High Schools Across America? Assault cases & Corrupt Public Officials

What the Bleep is Going on in High Schools Across America?

Assault cases involving High School Students. often with Public Officials siding with the attackers.


School officials accused of not reporting alleged sex assault of student won't be charged

Three members of the wrestling team sodomized a younger player with a bottle, school officials determined allegations unfounded and failed to report it, which is a crime.

"the school board and Lincoln County Attorney Rebecca Harling agreed Monday that the officials wouldn't be charged and that district staff would undergo training to better understand the laws regarding student abuse"

So if you break the law, just cite this case and claim you need "better training to understand the law."


Three Dexter High football players to be charged with assault

At least 12 football players were involved in the assault which the victim,

"his pants pulled down while three players took turns hitting his backside with a polycarbonate bat.

“It’s not the yellow bat at Walmart,” (a mother) said.

“The boy that hit my child backed up several feet and made him pull his pants down and ran six or seven feet to get more on his hit,” she said....

“What happened was the freshmen were chased down by upperclassmen and were held down against their will and beaten with plastic hockey sticks and Wiffle ball bats to the point of drawing blood. There’s no excuse for that.”

There were 5 coaches supervising... but the head coach sent 3 of them home.


Oklahoma or New Mexico?

Police investigate sexual assault on Edmond school bus

Two students forced another on a bus with 30+ students, nobody suspended yet even though video is available.



Milton student fearful after alleged attack

High School Junior, female, assaults another student in school, then after being suspended threatens to kill victim. Victim gets restraining order but, "It seems like principal (Ed) Spurka is quite confident that the protective order doesn't apply to his school and that's quite frightening," the victim's father said.


North Carolina

No charges yet in sexual assault inquiry

The alleged assault involved East Henderson High football players, but (Princpal) Gruebmeyer declined to let the football coach be interviewed.

Students are handling the allegations “very well,” Gruebmeyer said, and the students involved in the incident have not faced a backlash. (Like he's happy the attackers are all still in school and everyone is pretending it never happened?!)



Soccer coach 'aided' in sexual assault of young players in hazing attack at high school

Coach sent you players into shed where they were sodomized with a javelin like pole.



High school soccer coach 'watched boy being sodomized by players then congratulated victim' during hazing ritual

WTF! Bring back the chain gang and give these evil coaches a life sentence of hard labor.



High school football players accused of rape

Football team drugs girl and rapes her at multiple parties. School officials, police department, district attorney all appear to be involved in coverup, to protect the town's star football players.



High school football player, 18, and brother, 20, charged with sexual assault of drunk boy who passed out at wild party

The police and school did nothing for 1 month because they wanted the football team to win the state championship. There was a youtube video of the assault, the police saw it, and still were 'investigating' while they allowed the attackers to roam free.



Questions raised about Twin Rivers reporting of alleged sex abuse

When a student at Grant Union High School accused fellow students last month of sexual assault, it took a week before Sacramento police said they were notified by Twin Rivers School District Police, but the principal admits he knew about the case the day after the alleged attack.


Where is this mindset coming from? How did the adults in this country allow this to come about?

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Response to No Compromise (Original post)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:50 PM

1. Don't forget the lawyers.

Sometimes it's the lawyers for private schools who counsel their clients to allow the thing to get buried under the rug.

One person without connections has little chance to go up against them, unless the newspapers help out by "putting the word on the streets."

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Response to No Compromise (Original post)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:55 PM

2. Too many families depending upon the self-aggrandizing candy shops known as churches to do what

needs to be done.

Other than our recent war on an INNOCENT nation known as Iraq, I don't know what more proof than a significantly violent cohort of our young anyone needs to know that what calls itself "Christianity" is a failure.

Everything begins and ends in families. There ARE problems there, but rather than solve them themselves, parents are passing the buck to churches which ARE BUSINESSES.

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Response to patrice (Reply #2)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 07:32 PM

5. And onto to the various forms of media, which are also a business.

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Response to freshwest (Reply #5)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 07:35 PM

6. We soooooooooo NEED new media! God bless the people who are working on that! nt

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Response to patrice (Reply #6)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 08:04 PM

7. Our problem is the vertical nature of media. We are consumers. Big money promotes anti-social bx.

This has been brewing for a generation, and it was given cover under the First. Which appears to have been twisted from its original intent - to protest the government itself - and protest healthy boundaries between our behavior to each other.

There is always a lowest common denominator to be found selling the insatiable varieties of human emotions. It goes there because it is insatiable, thus profitable, like the vice industries. Higher thinking processes are discarded in favor of dependable Pavlovian responses.

Fox News a prime example of going straight to the subsconscious to bypass the buffering of the frontal lobe. That and a profound lack of civics being taught brought up many to never grow above what's been termed a third-grade level of thinking. It's been said that the news programs are geared for that.

And the widespread acceptance of 'fun' that isn't fun to the one being hurt on public television - like the Jerry Springer Show and Fear Factor that denigrate society. We laugh at people in poverty who are desperate to get paid and humiliate themselves to the callous entertainment of others.

We' have programs couched in enrertainment with supposedly witty people like Simon Cowl insulting young people and those watching it came to regard that as intelligence. It's not. We have enshrined petty, mean spirited behavior and humiliated those who are trying to learn.

That is fine if you have it all and it's a game, but it's a very negative image to push on people. Same with the lifestyles of the rich and aimless - they aren't showing anyone anything but the end result of quick wealth, no matter how obtained. The pleasure of learning or working a profession that is good for all - these have been denigrated by cop shows that make brutality seem the norm.

I could go on but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, although your religion example is a good one as it shows what happens when one hands over one's responsibility to teach one's children to these sources or fall for themselves oneself and they become the family norm. I see a new level of problem because what was once seen as an aberration is now lauded in media, so that those whose have little else, don't have an other way of looking at how the world works. I do understand why some are turning to churches.

The GOP faithful believed Romney would win because their conservative info-entertainment bubble made that victory inevitable. They were satisfied with a shallow business model. It is not our fate to be this way, and it doesn't have to be with these issues of violence, either.

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Response to No Compromise (Original post)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 03:12 PM

3. Why? Rush called Abu Graib a harmless prank. (graphic pictures)

Look at those proud and smiling faces. What did we expect when torture, rape and sexual abuse is treated like a sporting event?

Rush orders Sandra Fluke to provide him free porn on the internet for his pleasure, and is applauded by his listeners.

There is no mystery. This has been pushed on the radio, video games, music, online and series like '24.' Saddam Hussein watched the 'Sopranos' and likely thought that was regular America. Is it?

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Response to No Compromise (Original post)

Response to DearHeart (Reply #4)

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 10:32 PM

9. Courtesy, manners and empathy have always been in short supply amongst high school students

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Response to Fumesucker (Reply #9)

Sun Jan 6, 2013, 11:30 AM

10. children are a product of our society


We evolved beyond that situation, I don't think things are getting better right now...

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